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    Back to the Shoreham “manslaughter” trial of the pilot at the Old Bailey – here come more rehearsed “witnesses” with their ridiculous stories to prop up the movie.

    House husband Paul Snellgrove was watching the show with his family, including his granddaughter when the plane came down.

    He was taking photographs of the Hunter as it performed a loop-the-loop stunt.
    At first he thought it was going to do an ‘impressive manoeuvre’ but then noticed it was going slow and low, the court heard.
    As the plane crashed on the dual carriageway, Mr Snellgrove heard a ‘crunch’.
    He described how he tried to cover the buggy and his daughter.
    ‘I started to feel a burning sensation down my face,’ he said. ‘I was in absolute agony.

    ‘My daughter said ‘Dad, your face and ears are gone’. I shouted ‘Run’.
    ‘Everyone that I had seen before the crash had gone. I don’t know what happened to them.’
    He was ‘on the point of passing out’ but was told to stay awake before he was treated at the scene.

    suuuuuure. Where was he with his extended family? It’s all booooshit.
    Here’s another
    Software engineer Thomas Milburn, from Worthing, had cycled to Shoreham, where he found a spot to take pictures.
    In a split second, he realised the Hunter was going to crash.
    He said: ‘I thought it was going to hit me. From my sitting position I immediately lay down, put my head in my hands and closed my eyes.
    ‘I heard an explosion. I felt a wave of pressure coming towards me. Through my eyelids I saw a bright orange light. I felt extreme heat through my skin.
    ‘I really thought I was going to die. I thought I would be consumed by burning fuel.
    ‘I realised I had been engulfed or partially engulfed by a fireball. Everything around me was silent

    LOL! Who writes this stuff? There’s more of this nonsense…
    A few seconds after that I was able to get to my feet and I stood up. I realised I was in shock.
    ‘I remember thinking ‘Don’t look around’. Immediately before the crash I saw a lot of people sitting on the ground. I was sure all those people were in the direct line of the plane and must have been killed.
    ‘I just kept running down the road towards the airfield.
    ‘As I was running I realised the skin on my hands and arms felt loose.’
    Mr Milburn suffered burns to his arms, legs and back, the court heard.
    He said: ‘I felt I was lucky to be alive. Very weary, a sense of disbelief about what happened. It seemed like a dream.’

    No, like a HRDPAR with a cast of liars and actors, all sitting around on a motorway. Suuuuure Here comes a stunt actor…
    Retired Peter Reed leapt from his burning car while it was still moving to escape the carnage.
    suuuuuuure he did

    He said he began to panic when he heard a ‘massive bang’.

    ‘I had the strong impression that my vehicle was on fire and it was going to explode,’ he said.

    ‘I decided I needed to get out of my still-moving vehicle. I leapt out of my car. I saw my car continuing along the road, finally coming to a stop.
    ‘I felt my arms were hot where I had been burnt but otherwise I felt unscathed.’
    He said there was thick black smoke and cars burning.
    He heard someone saying ‘Where’s the pilot?’ and realised it was a plane crash.
    ‘At the time my vehicle was engulfed in flames I was absolutely terrified.’
    Since the crash, Mr Reed said he had suffered flashbacks and had difficulty sleeping.

    suuuuuuure he has. What a load of garbage.

    We can watch this official simulation of the non-crash – the absurd narrative made even more ridiculous. What a hoax

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    When all the spooks, gatekeepers and useful idiots come together on PPrune forum to discuss the latest aircraft hoax/wild-goose-chase involving the disappearance of ageing Argentiian footballer Emiliano Sala [allgedly off the coast of Guernsey]
    we get pointers to other previous alleged crashes which give credence to the official narrative of the Sala nonsense. e.g. the previously unknown/forgotten Glasgow Cessna “crash” of 1999 which allegedly killed 8 people, all in the aviation industry [check!] with a further 3 alleged survivors.




    The usual pile of scorched junk in an isolated field, but not too far from the airport. [check!]

    Five Airtours stewardesses ** were among those killed when the staff flight crashed shortly after taking off from Glasgow airport in September 1999.

    Detective Superintendent Graham Vance, of Strathclyde Police CID, said…”I was able to see their heads….
    Suuuuuuure he was.

    ** The stewardesses who died were
    Pauline Anne MacIver, 31, from New Stevenston, Lanarkshire,
    Pauline Moyes, 38, from Renton, We st Dunbartonshire,
    Linda Joy Taylor, 29, from Troon, Ayrshire
    Helen Robertson Steven, 28, from Helensburgh
    Lynn [Rachel] McCulloch, 25, from Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow.

    Captain John Robertson Easson, 49 or 48, from Bride, Isle of Man, and his co-pilot, William George] Henderson, 54 or 53, of Lower Largo, Fife, also died, as did Airtours pilot Colin James Finnie, 32, from Irvine, Ayrshire.

    Any survivors named?
    Capt Hugh O’Brien, 41 [from Rhu, Dumbartonshire], was one of three survivors on board a Cessna 404 that crashed near Glasgow airport shortly after take-off, killing eight people.
    He told a fatal accident inquiry that after hearing the noise from the right engine, he noticed that one of the dials in the cockpit was not in the correct position.
    “There was a normal take-off after which, at about 700ft, I heard something abnormal. “I heard a dull thud, or a sort of bang, coming from the right engine outside the craft.
    Mr O’Brien had no recollection of the impact but remembered a farmworker, John Connell, pulling him and two colleagues away from the burning wreckage.

    Oh! His memory suddenly returned! And we have the key heroic “witness”, Mr Connell…
    Derek Morrison, 25, from Renfrew, entered the court in a wheelchair
    and described how he watched the right propeller slowing down.

    Mr Connell, 25, who was working in a field at Middleton Farm, Linwood, drove to the scene of the crash in his tractor after watching the plane go down.
    He found Mr O’Brien, in his pilot’s uniform, on his hands and knees outside the plane and helped him clear of the wreckage.

    He then dragged Mr Morrison out of his seat away from the plane before entering the wreckage after hearing Kevan MacKenzie, 34, from Glasgow, shouting from inside.

    He told the inquiry that he pulled him from the plane while his clothes were still on fire. Once outside he picked rhubarb leaves from the field and used them to put out the flames on his clothing.

    He wanted to return to the plane to try to find more survivors but by then the heat was too intense.

    “I could hear burning noises, but no other voices, and could feel the heat getting stronger and warmer,” he said. The inquiry was told that Mr Connell had since received a bravery award from the Red Cross.

    From the BBC link, which also told of Tony Blair’s sympathy [check!]
    It is understood that of the three people who survived the crash, one is an Airtours pilot and two are cabin crew members.
    Two male survivors were taken to Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital where they were said to be in a serious condition with multiple injuries.
    Accident and emergency consultant Dr Tim Parke **** said: “They are receiving advanced trauma life support.”
    A third man is being treated at the Royal Alexandra hospital in Paisley but his condition is not known.

    **** we always need trustworthy medical personnel to add their certification to the drill to make it seem real

    Same old shit. Different location, different country, different people, different plane.
    Who can believe a word of it.
    *** standard procedure

    And the verdict – the well tried and trusted trope, thinking the wrong engine had failed…allegedly [July 31 2001]
    Another picture of the junk

    Have we got a memorial for purposes of grieving/history? Suuuuuuure do

    Sited at the Airport, not the “crash” site.

    And talking of junk, some debris allegedly from the Emiliano Sala Piper “crash” has “washed up” on a French beach [lol!!!]

    What nonsense. source
    Plane seat found on beach. Who can believe this shit?

    Part of a seat cushion washed up on a beach in north west France on Monday morning.

    Later that day another section of cushion washed up on the same beach at Surainville on the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy, around 60km from Guernsey.

    Investigators from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said: “From a preliminary examination we have concluded that it is likely that the cushions are from the missing aircraft.”

    it emerges two days later, lol!!!
    Who’s writing this soap opera script?

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    This absurd Emiliano Sala death crash hoax really takes the Sea Biscuit for “black boxedness”

    We now learn that a Remotely Operated Vehicle has prised the sole “surviving” body from the plane [the other allegedly drifted off, as per the above baby blue seat cushions] and brought it to the surface [all undocumented] and it has been brought ashore at… Portland, Dorset because it’s the nearest port to the fake crash site. Suuuuuuure they had to . But, Dorset has a new coroner, a 38 years old Blond Bolton Bombshell, so perhaps it’s a test for her to see if she can handle fake deaths at an inquest. I’m sure she can.
    Coroner Rachael Griffin, age 38 [!!!], the youngest senior coroner in the UK.. only appointed feb 2017. Let’s see how she shapes up. Nee Rachael Clare Walsh. Eee bah guum!

    Strangely her female old boss at Bolton Coroner’s Court, the senior coroner there, “passed” suddenly at age 69 in January 2019. There will have to be an inquest….

    The rest of the plane was left in situ in the “deep” [suuuuure] because the weather took a sudden turn for the worse. Suuuuuure it did.

    This lark was allegedly paid for by GoFraudMe style funding. Eur 400K raised, which is about the alleged weekly salary for about just FOUR top UK footballers

    It now rests with some on-side Forensic Pathologist to come up with a cause of death for the still unidentified [either pilot of Footballer] “victim”, but I’m sure he or she will at the fake “no body” autopsy.

    David Mearns of Blue Water Recoveries [yes…or possiblyt Blue water hoaxes] on the right with “grieving family” members.

    source Evening Standard January 29 2019

    Here’s the widely circulated and only photo of the staged piece of “wreckage”, naturally featuring, predictably, the US registration mark, with a nice “underwater” feel to it, with superimposed location data. So genuine [not] looking!

    And a final hoax clue
    While formal identification is yet to take place, the families of Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson have been updated and will continue to be supported by specially-trained family liaison officers, during this difficult time.
    i.e. the special relocation and witness protection officers, advising and paying for on new life strategy from publc funds to pay for this hoax/public entertainment/major media story.

    A fascinating baby hoax. But a transparent one which will run and run for the lawyers over contractual matters in the corrupt world of fixed footie.


    Oh, here we go [with the script] No sooner had I posted above than….

    In a statement, the [Dorset Police] force said: “The body brought to Portland Port today, Thursday 7 February 2019, has been formally identified by HM Coroner for Dorset as that of professional footballer Emiliano Sala.
    So the BBB is straight into hoaxing action. How would she identify Sala? Ah, she’s seen a picture of him in the Bolton Evening News [not that there was any BODY to identify]

    source BBC 23.00 hrs Feb 7 2019

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    Latest ACT in the Salahoax – the similated brining ashore of a body [of Sala, it later emerges]

    We see the clear advertising of the “private ambulance” of the on-side funeral directors in this hoax [funeral parlours are essential adjuncts to any fake death hoax], AJ Wakely & Sons, who will surely get a drink for their participation.
    The A.J.Wakely & Sons funeral directors head office is located in Bridport, Dorset and we also have branches in Beaminster, Chard, Crewkerne, Ilminster, Lyme Regis, Sherborne, Wincanton and Yeovil.

    Although we are a locally owned and operated family-run business, the services we provide are not limited by geography and we have years of experience handling repatriation both nationally and internationally. We can help make arrangements when a death occurs away from home or if those making the arrangements live out of the area.
    e.g. a fake underwater soccer death in international waters, or say if grieving relatives live in South America, or if the London based intelligence services are asking for arrangements to be made…

    Note how we are NOT shown clear registration plates of the accompanying black intel vehicles at 4:25 in the video. Media were invited along for this staged mini-event

    Grieving latest –
    The Premier League has confirmed all teams will be wearing black armbands at this weekend’s matches in honour of Emiliano Sala.
    source Wales Online

    On with the autopsy and the subsequent huge funeral!


    The grieving FC Nantes website opening page
    We’ll never forget Emi.
    Most people had never heard of him until his fake crash.

    Neil Warnock [Cardiff City manager] – video
    “I just think he was really a Neil Warnock type of player really…a scruffy, scruffy type of player..a good lad, a really nice lad, that would be my memory”

    A post mortem examination will be held in due course.
    where any result is possible. Who will carry it out? My best guess Richard Shepherd, followed by Ben Swift and Nat Cary, all safe pairs of hands in any hoax with good past form.

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    Full size image of that silly harbour “body ashore” drill scene with W26 AKE private ambulance.
    Gotta love the blue helmets! Very drill like.

    The presence of the do-nothing South West Police Forensics van is just another piece of theatricals

    The SWPF was formed by merging all the services in SW England in 2014 to save money – but there’s still money in the pot to waste on hoaxes like this.

    Dorset became the nerve centre of the SWPF hoaxing operation for the men and women in the big white suits and their lab analysts….

    According to this Spanish video, the fake cavalcade ended up at the Holly Lodge mortuary in Bournemouth to await the pathologist to fake the death with a fake cause.[no body]
    Hard to know if Ford HF55 KHO is a spook car or not.
    which allegedly only re-opened fully in January 2018, with extra pathologists after being shut for a year after a blockage in the drainage system caused dangerous fumes to enter the building.
    Three members of staff suffered ill health for several weeks as a result
    suuuuuure they did


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    PS,oh yes, Ford Focus HF55KHO is a spook car [too scruffy for undertakers…] It’s seen at 4.23 in the above ODN youtube video tailgating the private ambulance carrying the dummy body out of Portland harbour and seen outside the morgue in Bournemouth in the Spanish video.

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    Well, these fakers have to push on with the routine – some pathologist signs off a fake death, and some junior plod trots out the narrative to the inquest. Let’s see…

    Senior coroner’s officer Ian Parry confirmed Sala was pronounced dead at Portland port on February 7 and was formally identified by fingerprints **.

    ** hoax clue number one!! No need for relatives to come anywhere near. Leave it to the hoaxers. The relies are in on it anyway, they have to be.

    Acting senior Dorset coroner Brendan Allen heard evidence as an inquest into Sala’s death opened on Monday that a post-mortem examination had given his cause of death as “1a) head and trunk injuries” ***.

    oh oh oh!!! The new 38 year old blond Bolton bombshell Senior Coroner seems to have been taken off the case – either she didn’t want to get her hands dirty with all this fakery or the intel fakers didn’t trust her to handle it at this early stage of her career….
    *** any old nonsense will suffice.

    Who signed off the simulated death? [They’ll always find someone]

    a post-mortem examination carried out by Home Office pathologist Dr Basil Purdue

    Purdue hasn’t come to my attention so far in high profile fake death hoaxes. In 2017, we read in this obituary RAF Pathologist Ken Mason:
    He spent the first part serving for three decades as a forensic pathologist in the UK’s Royal Air Force. Focusing on aviation medicine, he rose through the ranks to become group captain and director of the RAF’s aviation and forensic pathology department and was regularly summoned to investigate aviation accidents. In recognition of his contributions to the forensic pathology of aircraft accidents, Mason in 1973 was awarded a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division).

    “He was very much a pioneer of aviation crash pathology,” says Basil Purdue, formerly of the forensic medicine unit at the University of Edinburgh and now an independent forensic pathologist on the Home Office register.

    Perhaps some of that “aviation pathology” has rubbed off on Basil….hence his appearance in the Bournemouth mortuary [allegedly]

    Meanwhile the 59 year old pilot’s 2nd wife Nora and daughter Danielle are taken over the jumps by the ever faithful ITV crew

    Strange interview, very up and down, smiles to tissues and back..“we just want him home”
    Dave’s wife #1 now in New Zealand:
    sharing the “bring him home” GoFundMe page for ex-husband Dave hmmmmmmm
    Their daughter Vicki is now in the UAE…a widely scattered first family!


    Nora and Dave’s son is keeping a low profile, working as a legal trainee in a law departent specialising in “accidents” [!]

    The obituaries of Emiliano Sala have been noting he was unmarried yet nobody is questioning the former alleged girlfriend, of whom there exist only a few posed instagram images with him, e.g. why it allegedly “went wrong”, since she’s described as an ex-girlfriend ****. Was she perhaps a temporary girlfriend for the purposes of the narrative and normalising Sala as a typical male footballer in a very hetero sport? Hmmmmm
    **** Model, Berenice Schkair has quietly melted away.

    Another sign of a good hoax is when paywall newspapers don’t put their official narrative stories behind a paywall – this piece on the ocean recovery expert in The Times, for example

    Yes, the man who went to the right spot and found the needle in the haystack straight away….
    After the meeting Mearns sat down with Romina, her boyfriend and her friend. They communicated by tapping messages into their phones and unscrambling them with Google Translate.

    Note -the Argentinian family didn’t show up at the opening of the inquest….

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    So let’s say the airplane death narrative is a hoax.. what has happened with Sala?

    They announced they have his body, and if they’re having a funeral then that must be his body, no?

    If not, where is his body?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’m just not satisfied to say that this is a hoax yet we have no idea what has actually happened.


    I don’t think you have grasped what they are capable of for our entertainment. I suggest you start looking at a transparent, broad daylight hoax, such as the Boston Marathon ‘bombing’ or the London Westminster bridge attack and then you can quickly reach a conclusion that bodies, inquests, funerals, crash investigations etc etc are just part of the staged drama. Of course we don’t know where Sala is but you can be sure he’s walking the earth and having a good laugh at the media circus, plus getting paid for doing nothing.


    And now a real gem, found quite by accident – the largest peace time disaster in the Royal Air Force….
    1965, Oxfordshire, England
    6/7 1965 or 6/7 depending on how you look at it.. [July 6] almost 40 years to the day from 7/7.

    The Little Baldon air crash occurred on 6 July 1965 when a Handley Page Hastings C1A transport aircraft operated by No. 36 Squadron Royal Air Force, registration TG577, crashed into a field in Little Baldon, near Chiselhampton, Oxfordshire, shortly after taking off from RAF Abingdon.[1] The flight was captained by Flt Lt John Akin.[2] All 41 people aboard, including six crew, perished in the crash, making it the third worst air crash in the United Kingdom at the time.[3][4]

    A subsequent inquest jury returned a verdict of accidental death. The inquest found that the accident was due to metal fatigue of two bolts in the elevator system.
    It’s got to be a HRDPAR….#NDNGH
    A few tell-tale signs
    e.g.A search for survivors was hampered by a tall crop of barley


    Coming up – one tall crop of barley, same field…

    Do we have “witnesses”? Naturally!
    The first people to arrive on the scene included Arthur Ware, one of the occupants of Little Baldon Farm Cottages, and George Powell, a farm foreman. Ware said:

    “I found wreckage scattered all over the place. I saw many bodies, and a helmet like the ones used by paratroops coloured bright red.[4] Some of them looked as if they had tried to jump. I could see collapsed parachutes with the cords at full stretch. I could see there was nothing I could do for anyone.”

    Another witness was Lily Pearce of Chiselhampton, who saw the crash from her garden at Marylands Green, about 400 yards (370 m) from the site. She called her husband Frederick, who in the Second World War had been a member of an RAF crash rescue team. *** He said:

    “I ran across the field but when I got to it, it was obvious no-one could have got out alive. It was just hopeless. Bodies and wreckage were scattered everywhere; flames were still pouring from the wreckage.”[3]

    *** well blow me down!!! Fancy that!

    The first civilian police and fire crews reached the scene within minutes

    Amazing for a crash in the middle of nowhere.

    More from local farmer Jack Barclay here
    The memory seared into my mind is of bodies but one in particular, a torso with a blue RAF uniform, epaulettes on the shoulder and severed head with black hair covered in blood.

    Standing at the crash site with Terry my brother both of us in shock…


    Let’s see the photo –

    Yep, a standard drill, not a lot of wreckage, and rather “unscattered”. Nothing much going on, just a few bits of junk.
    A commemorative service is held in Toot Baldon church every year, so we “don’t forget”…

    Other sources for this “curiously overlooked” disaster

    The list of ‘victims’ is repeated [or sourced from] here

    Both pages are archived.

    Deaths recorded at Bullingdon district

    Flt Lt John Akin 36 [Captain]
    Plt Off Thomas I Adams 19
    Cpl Dennis J. Baylis 24
    Sgt Graham G. Blake 31
    Cpl James I. Borthwick 31
    Flt Sgt Michael D.C. Boyles 28
    Plt Off Alan F. Canham 19
    Flt Sgt Austin R. Casey 38
    A/Sgt Peter Clifton 28
    A/Sgt Anthony Evans 29
    Sgt Colin D. Holmes 28
    Sgt John Hurry 32
    LAC Michael R. Ireland 18
    Cpl Anthony C. Lee 24
    Plt Off Royston J. Legg 20
    Sgt John J. McGartland 35
    A/Sgt Michael C. Palmer 27
    Flt Lt Christopher J. Payne 23
    M/AQM Joseph W. Robinson 36
    Flt Lt William P. Roden 33
    Flt Lt Herbert R. Scott 35
    Cpl John R. Smith 25
    Flt Lt David G. Stephens 29
    SAC Anthony J. Sykes 18
    Flt Lt George J. Taylor 34
    Cpl Alexander M. Telfer 23
    M/AQM Peter S J. Timms 36
    Plt Off Alan W H. Turner 20
    Sgt Philip M. Way 27
    Jnr Tech Peter G. Williams 20
    Name Age Regiment
    C/Sgt T P. Alderson Aged 40 10 Para TA
    Pte R M. Andrews Aged 18 Para Depot
    Pte A A. Blackman Aged 17 Para Depot
    Pte C. Bassom Aged 18 Para Depot
    Pte T R. Brett Aged 23 Para Depot
    Gnr T. Cooper Aged 17 7 Para RHA
    Sgt H. Ellis Aged 33 17 Para TA
    C/Sgt B J. Hougham Aged 36 10 Para TA
    Pte W G. Hilditch Aged 21 Para Depot
    Pte D J. Stewart Aged 18 Para Depot
    Pte M D. Walker Aged 17 Para Depot

    True to form, the BBC was there for the 50th anniversary commemoration in 2015…
    with a few more images of planted junk

    …and another witness, with the usual “funny noises” narrative.
    Len Smith, who witnessed the crash a young boy, remembers hearing “banging noises” before the plane stalled and crashed upside down in fields.
    “I just remember the engine noise didn’t sound right. Flames just went up like a bonfire followed by the black smoke.

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    Hmm.. good find, Felix! The “crash” happened (i.e. was staged) at Little Baldon Farm, Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon. The farm, at the time, was owned by John Donald “Jack” Barclay, ex-RAF and noted motoring sportsman. It seems that all his farm hands were in-on-it too.


    Arthur Ware, the farm swineman (who, predictably, was feeding his pigs at the time) gave a comprehensive eyewitness statement. As did housewife Evelyn Ware, 54 (busy with her washing). Evelyn told the Birmingham Post that she muttered to herself as the plane flew overhead: “You fool: you are too low”, seconds before it crashed.

    Mr. George Powell, aged 54, the foreman on the farm, which is owned by Mr J. D. Barclay, one of the first on the scene, said: “I was just coming round the corner of a building when I saw it about 100 feet up. It was on its back and falling fast into the ground. There was a terrific explosion and flames leapt up. We rushed into the field but there was nothing we could do.”

    Peter Pring, the farm’s head gardener (busy trimming a hedge), said “I heard an explosion inside the plane when it was in the air.”

    Miss Gwyneth Barnes, aged 18, daughter of [Fred Barnes] the farm manager, of Little Baldon Farm, was on her way home from convent school when she saw the crash: “The plane exploded in the air and caught fire. It crashed into the barley field in flames and then a pall of black smoke went into the air”, she said.

    “I was one of the first there”, she said. “There was no hope of anyone being alive. I rushed home to telephone to the fire brigade, ambulance and police.” (Birmingham Post; front page, Weds 7 July 1965)

    Mrs. Dennis Tutty, wife of the cowman at the farm, said: [of “the hundreds of sight-seers trying to reach the scene of the air disaster”] “It is absolutely disgraceful. You would think people who have a lot more respect for these poor dead boys.”

    <hr />

    Also from the Daily Mirror, we’re told that Coronation Street actress Lynne Carol [aka Josephine Harber], reportedly lost her son, parachute instructor Sergeant Michael Palmer, 27, in the “crash”. Although no mention of this in her Wonkpedia obit.


    The day after, Trevor Henry of the Birmingham Post was taken up in a plane to view the “crash scene” from above. Rather candidly, describing his great difficulty in believing a crash had ever happened. Due to the lack of plane wreckage, and implausible debris field. Scepticism shared by the Post’s own pilot.

    Newspaper images

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    Ab has posted on a modern day “goodie”, an absolute hoax

    A plane crash for all 

    which predictably has all the usual hallmarks of staging.

    Ab notes the handy “UN” conference vehicle for spreading the news throughout the world, owing to the well-publicised variety of nationalities of the recycled “victims”.

    As usual, the almost complete absence of wreckage, a true son of Shanksville, and the perps were too lazy even to produce a piece of fuselage bearing the correct identification number for the plane. A real low-budget op, but which allowed several higher profile people to be recycled, eg
    “Wife, son and daughter of Slovak MP Andre Hrnko plus one “other charity worker”
    Thanks to Anton going straight onto Facebook to announce the “news”

    and a “Nigerian-Canadian” professor

    The usual “mix ups” to give the impression of a dynamic disaster scenario…

    Five German people among the dead were originally misidentified as Dutch people by the authorities in Kenya.

    suuuuure they were.

    This CBS video sums up the hoax.

    Continuing the list of UK victims being dribbled out for maximising news coverage
    Third British victim named

    Sarah Auffret is the third British victim to be named in the crash.

    She was a polar tourism expert who held joint French-British citizenship. She was a graduate from the University of Plymouth.

    She worked for Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) *** who released a statement saying: “We are shocked and heartbroken to learn that our colleague and dear friend, Sarah Auffret, was on the Ethiopian Airlines flight ET0302 which crashed soon after take-off from Addis Ababa Sunday morning, with no survivors.

    “Sarah was on her way to Nairobi to talk about the Cleans Seas project in connection with the UN Environment Assembly this week. Words cannot describe the sorrow and despair we feel. We have lost a true friend and beloved colleague.
    [source – Sky News
    which same source quote the father of “victim” Joanna Toole [the remarried mother and her sisters remain silent…]

    he found out about the crash when he logged on and called her partner in Rome to confirm she was on the plane.

    What say the anonymous “partner”? Nothing.
    Dan Whitehead @danwnews [SkyNEws correspondent]
    The father of Joanna Toole, one of 7 Brits onboard #Ethiopian Airlines flight #ET302, says he is very proud of her: “It’s dreadful she won’t be able to carry on her work” he last spoke with Joanna on Friday…”I don’t think I’ll ever give up expecting her to ring.” @SkyNews
    11:20 pm GMT- 10 Mar 2019/em>

    *** Since only May 2018. b. 1984

    Interesting fact about UK wanderlust victim Sarah …
    Sarah spent two seasons working as part of a four-woman team at the southernmost British post office, at Port Lockroy on the Antarctic Peninsula.

    Strangely her linkedin mentions another job…
    Wilderness First Responder http://www.wemsi-international.org/history/
    April 2018 – April 2021

    aka Fun-seekers’ first responders, ideal for disaster scenarios in remote places.

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    Dad of Joanna rather cool about it, straight onto the BBC..

    Sarah Auffret
    Sarah was a devoted, brilliant and kind hearted woman and she cared about the experience that every one of you had on your trip to the Arctic or Antarctica. She was passionate about sharing her love of polar places with all of you

    We will not forget her infectious smile..

    so kind, smart, and fun to be with in the Arctic.

    but this ” jeune femme originaire de Querrien (Finistère)”
    was also une Ancienne de Japon….est partie étudier la géographie en Angleterre puis l’allemand en Allemagne, après son bac, en 2002.

    En 2007, elle trouve un poste d’assistante puis de professeure d’anglais à l’université de Tokyo. Elle reste dans cette ville pendant 4 ans et demi puis s’envole pour la Norvège où elle suit une formation de guide touristique.

    A true citizen of the globe. hence her Japanese character fb name Sarah ?? Auffret which seems to translate as Good Saki [but what would I know?]

    Younger brother Patrick b 1987 straight to facebook…

    On the left, David Auffret who is silent.

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    The laughable Shanksvillian crater

    It’s an important HRDPARn in view of the large number of higher profile relocations
    Austrian media reported that three doctors who were aged between 30 and 40 and worked at hospitals in Linz had died.
    Es handelt sich dabei um Christoph S. und Armin S. sowie Wolfgang E. aus Wien. Sie waren auf dem Weg nach Sansibar.


    Amazingly, the photos of Ingrid Castle on facebook, showing Sarah Auffret in Japan in 2007 were taken down overnight [citizen of the globe link above] or have been made private. Funny. that.
    this post – – >

    What’s there to hide?

    sounds like a fun place [not]

    This is the easiest plane crash hoax imaginable. And an ex-AAIB deceiver on the BBC said today that the crash “investigators” are much less interested in looking at the crash sites these days, when the have the [easily simulated] flight data recording from the “recovered flight recorder”. You don’t say!

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    Here’s the alleged boyfriend of Joanna
    First Sec & Deputy Rep to the UN at Irish Embassy Rome
    Lives in Rome, Italy
    From Longford

    Started new job at Irish Embassy Rome
    15 August 2018 — First Sec & Deputy Rep to the UN
    Rome, Italy

    Kiernan even comments on his own posts… March 11 2019 4:12 PM UTC
    Paul Kiernan To my beautiful Jo. The most passionate and courageous person I have ever known. I will miss you and love you forever.

    The Irish Embassy joins in aka “in on it”…even grieving for “partners”
    IrelandEmbassyRome ? @IrlEmbRome
    We join in mourning for those lost on Ethiopian Airways Flight 302 & offer deepest condolences to families & loved ones affected, particularly those of ??citizen Michael Ryan of @WFP & of ??citizen @JoannaToole of @FAO, partner of our own colleague @IrlEmbRome Paul Kiernan. RIP

    9:53 AM – Mar 11, 2019

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    More clues for the fakery – the whole Canadian family relocation

    Six members of the same Ontario family perished, according to CNN affiliate CTV. Kosha Vaidya, her husband Prerit Dixit, their teenage daughters Ashka and Anushka, and her parents Pannagesh and Hansini Vaidya were traveling to Nairobi. Kosha was born in Kenya and wanted to show her daughters where she came from, CTV reported. The family also planned to go on safari.

    Suuuuure, go on permanent safari back home in East Africa.

    Additional UK “victims” – Oliver Charles A Vick – born Egypt! [diplomatic birth?]

    Very little to see – cleansed fb page

    Elder sister not grieving

    And yet another anywhere person with little baggage to take to the new life…
    Sam Pegram, 25, from Penwortham in Lancashire, was an intern with the Norwegian Refugee Council, based in Geneva.

    His mother Deborah told the Lancashire Evening Post: “Sam was so looking forward to going to Nairobi. He loved the work he was doing.

    “We can’t believe this has happened. We’re totally devastated.”
    source BBC
    Samuel James Pegram

    He had been based in Geneva since January and was flying to Kenya with a colleague to deliver a training programme.

    suuuuuure he was

    Don’t be devastated Deborah, it didn’t happen. [as you will probably know]

    fb set to “remembering” hmmmm

    Sam Pegram
    30 September 2018 · ·
    Left University of York
    University (postgraduate) – LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice

    Grandparents -both silent.


    Now, it’s being reported that Oliver Vick “died” alongside his Canadian girlfriend who worked for the UNHRC as external relations officer….convenient.
    She wasn’t just brilliant [like all fake crash victims] but….
    Julia GB @Julia__GB
    157 people died in the #EthiopianAirlinesCrash yesterday. One of them was a dear and f***g amazing colleague. A strong, kind, brilliant, no-bullshit and positive woman. Jessica Hyba, you will be missed.
    Condolences to the families and loved ones of all victims ??
    5.28pm UTC March 11 2019

    also, the Ottawan was
    ‘incredibly smart, funny and fearless’
    Hyba leaves behind two daughters, aged nine and 12. According to CARE Canada, her first husband — their father — is still alive.
    i.e. not Vick.
    At the time of her death, she was working as a senior external relations officer with the UN Refugee Agency in Mogadishu, Somalia. In a Monday statement, the agency said Hyba took on this latest posting in February after working in Geneva, Switzerland and Iraq.
    i.e. travelling light without children I guess

    Meanwhile Canadian Transport Minister joins in the psy-op
    Mr. Garneau said at a news conference that the step had been taken after a review of newly available satellite tracking data — presumably available to aviation regulators elsewhere — that suggested similarities in the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday to the crash last October of a Lion Air Max 8 in Indonesia.

    The minister said that on Wednesday morning his officials and experts had compared satellite tracking data showing the vertical path of the Ethiopian jet at takeoff with similar data from the Lion Air flight.
    A former astronaut and engineer, Mr. Garneau said that there were similarities that “exceed a certain threshold in our minds with respect to the possible cause of what happened in Ethiopia.”
    “This is not conclusive, but it is something that points possibly in that direction, and at this point we feel that threshold has been crossed,” he said.

    source NYT March 13 2019
    suuuuuure What a load of BS

    This character seemed to be aware 12 hours ahead of everyone else in reporting the “death”
    “crash” occurred at 5.44 am utc
    His tweet at 11.31 pm utc. the same day…

    Although not as lightning fast as the emergence of the poster-“death” of Joanna Toole, which was rushed out at 5.42pm utc the same day. I guess all relatives would not have been shocked to discover it from the media, as “specially trained officers” or Joanna herself would have warned them in advance….

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