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    Human labour is probably the biggest energy source behind modern society. At least if we look at the development of civilisations historically. Today man is challenged by machines and technology who now present a big part of the workforce, man-hours and energy put into developing tomorrows society.

    The most valuable energy resource that once was man himself has now slowly shifted into newer types of energy, and the owners seem to be the same group of Elite individuals and organizations as before. More and more of the energy input is today made with technology and machines that are driven by fossil fuels and electricity. Green, carbon-emission free energy is the new hype, and nuclear power an atrocity. As much as men have been controlled as a labor force, so are all new energy sources likewise in the hands of the same people. Energy and power are inseparable, and the Elite is quite aware of this and proceed with the same recipe : deception.

    There is a hidden plentifold on Earth and the only way to control all this wealth of nature seem to be the creation of artificial scarcities. When we accept that something is rare we also accept undue labour and less produce. Herein lies the most potent possibility for the few that wish to dominate the many – and our biggest source of concern and exploitation. None of the merchandise and commodities sold as rare and hard to find really are. Nature does not exist because its limited and weak. On the contrary. Diamonds are not scarce in numbers, only in dealers. More fish reside in the sea than we could ever dream of fishing. And more electricity is found in our skies than we could ever hope of harvesting.

    What interest would the Elite have to introduce free energy ? What opportunities would limitless energy give those who could harness it ? Even more to the point, has free energy already been harnessed and sold to us in the form of a rare, valuable commodity ?

    Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel Tower, 1889 Paris – tallest structure in the world for 41 years


    @ Unreal,

    Thanks for putting this one up. Started looking after this material on Aaron Dover’s channel, What a material the man has. Something to think about.
    A hughe thanks for your transgendermaterial as well.


    Thanks for putting up some material from A. Dover.

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    Query: What about oil is fake?

    K Ham

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