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    For the last year i’ve been pondering if and why prince Corsini would fake his death. I looked on here and cluesforum for anything on the topic but could find nothing at the time nor since. The royal family of the u.k., whenever they go anywhere, have a forward team a team on the job and a follow up team. No one can get near them. In comparison, prince Corsini the heir of the House of Corsini is supposedly allowed to cycle around London on his own every day. The Corsini’s make the Saxe Coburg Gotha’s look like landless peasants. It makes no sense.
    Anyone who has cycled in London will contend the vast majority of motorists couldn’t give a shit about cyclists, even if they see you.
    Perhaps it’s just me, but i smell a rat.


    Any thoughts welcome.


    I suggest that many of these reported cyclists deaths in London are a way of steering traffic management and transport development in London. A typical deceased profile is someone from Eastern Europe, a 20-30 year old fun millennial fun seeker or people nearing or in retirement. The same old psy-op death profile.
    I suggest that these are people going to new identities for whatever reason.
    Notice a very low key funeral for Filippo –
    and then… the legacy donation to the university
    polo scholarships, would you believe?

    Here’s a very recent staged looking cyclist death crash
    Looks like a drill – London again, just as most of these ridiculous vehicles mowing down pedestrian psy-ops are also in London

    Here’s the follow-up staged protest “die-in” with a cast of useful idiots.
    Whether it is a good thing to reduce motor or lorry traffic in cities and encourage cycling is quite separate from the faking of death to steer public opinion and political will. Perhaps “they” have decided that these decisions need a bigger push.

    The 36-year-old woman became the seventh cyclist to die on London’s streets this year after being struck on Chelsea Bridge on Wednesday, September 27.

    Here’s another one which I found suspicious
    a climate scientist “killed instantly” while cycling in, yes, you’ve guessed it, London in 2013 who used satellite date for Artic sea ice reseach…


    Sometimes, people just want a new life.
    I covered the Giles death here

    Suspicious scientists' death announcements

    Judge for yourself


    Sorry xileffilex, i’ve only just spotted this.

    Especially after reading your belly-giggle inducing work on Giles et al death(s), it pretty much wraps it up for me. Thanks.

    They’re dropping like flies at these elite institutions from which have come more than just ‘a bit dodgy’ alumni.

    I can whiff the clogging, rancid pungent stench of U.N. Agenda 21 all over this regarding personal transport and it’s apparent early stages of a phase-out.

    Why not take the opportunity to ‘kill’ two birds with one stone? Get a new life whilst simultaneously assisting the introduction of the agenda. If/when this ever happens for real, these officially reported ‘deaths’ will be invoked to establish new case law and completely change the use of self driven vehicles in the future. It’s not unheard of for it to take five or more hours to just drive out/in of/to London, i believe this is deliberate. So do many others, however they put it down to incompetence when even i could improve it upon mere cursory inspection.

    Thanks again.


    Another “cycling death” in London – as expected, the fictim is pronounced dead at the scene, which obviates involving the hospital in the hoax. Straight to the mortuary [or the airport!]

    Colleagues in the conservation world are paying tribute to Hilda Denham, 68 a resident of Hammersmith who died when her bicycle was hit by a Land Rover in Warwick Road in Earls Court earlier this month.


    like fellow West Londoner, she has “passed” 8 months after her husband, no doubt back to Costa Rica

    In 1989, John bought 2,000 acres of coastal forest with a goal of protecting nearly four miles of turtle-nesting beach…. he established The Pacuare Nature Reserve

    “Travellers of the year”
    Oh look, she’s been specially photographed in front of the Christo sculpture at the Serpentine Gallery, only in the news last week. So contemporary. So obvious!

    Marriage 2001 to John Lang Mangles Denham, [died October 30 2017 aged 86! to Hilda Mendoza-Coburn, [She was 68] living with an Eton and Oxford educated Rupert J.Denham in W6 [whose mother was Denham’s first wife Madeleine CL Douglas] who’s now in South Africa.
    the above is flat 3 122 Lexham Gardens, Kensington, sold £1,425,000 Flat, Leasehold, 16 May 2016

    who’s a friend of the Pacuare Reserve in Costa Rica….
    Pacuare Reserve

    No comments on death of dad or step mum

    This is the June 19 2018 “fatal accident” scene, as staged, with the Land Rover and trailer and the police tape.

    A??????? ???? AN A @IamAmmanuel
    Ride safe everyone.
    Cycled pass [sic] a RTA 4×4 vs cyclist around 4ish, Earls Court, Warwick Road. Cycled past 4hrs later and police said sadly cyclist has died.
    1:17 pm – 19 Jun 2018 [9:17 PM BST] From Think Apartments Earls Court


    DP04 LOO is actually a 2016 Land Rover discovery with a personalised licence plate.
    Both the bicycle and the Land Rover were travelling north on Warwick Road when the collision occurred and witnesses said she had obviously been shopping as she had flowers and vegetables in her basket.
    Paramedics battled to save her life but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Recipe – take one bicycle, place gently in road, add some scattered flowers and vegetables, seal with police tape.

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    More cyclist death agenda steering going on
    A scientist’s alleged death was reported here at Fakeologist
    Days later we have…an 82 year old [sure] pedalling around London’s busiest roads allegedly dying “at the scene” [as expected]
    What are the odds? Other scenarios – He died recently somewhere else/he went into a care home under a new name/he retired somewhere nice and sunny.
    story Evening Standard October 1 2018

    How do we know the age of the unidentified man? “Police confirm” it. Suuuure
    There must be images of the dressed up scene? This is the best we have

    And witnesses? Suuure

    Rebecca Rio, a journalist whose flat overlooks the scene * said: “His injuries were terrible.
    “There was a big group of kids who saw it and they were screaming **. It’s very sad.”
    Francisco Joya, 45 ***, a video producer *, added: “They treated him in the road and his bike was left on the pavement. About eight people stopped to help him.”
    A card from family members left at the scene, where there is a 20mph speed limit, said; “To Grandad, I can’t believe you have been taken from us so cruelly.
    “I love you so very much and just wish I could have told you one more time you were such a wise, strong, independent man who taught me so much.”

    In June, another cyclist, Antonio Marchesini, 52, was killed less than half a mile from Evelyn Street after a collision with a car on June 3.

    The card is signed by 4 people, not one, viz Roxanne Jayden Paul and Taliyah.

    source, Southwark News Oct 3 2018

    Other well-wishers left candles, teddy bears * and notes of condolence near to the lampposts where the collision took place.

    ** suuuure they did
    *** Francisco Joya-Roldan
    The above “accident” occurred hard on the heels of another Deptford “fatal accident” involving a big red bus [check] and a young anywhere funseeker and global traveller
    Source, Standard
    Julia Luxmoore Peto, 27, was struck by the single-decker 225 bus as she crossed a road while out shopping in Deptford.

    She was treated by London Air Ambulance medics [check!] before being taken to hospital with critical injuries but died the following day.
    Her parents Nick Luxmoore, 62, and Kathy Peto, 63, today told of their devastation at losing their “loving and kind” daughter, who was halfway through a two-year speech and language therapy course at City University.
    Ms Luxmoore Peto, who has an older sister Frances, 30, grew up in Oxford and lived in Hither Green, two miles from where she was knocked down.

    She had previously worked as a teaching assistant at Childeric Primary School in New Cross after graduating from Goldsmiths with a degree in International Relations.

    She had travelled to lots of different parts of the world, including working at an orphanage in Mongolia during her gap year.”
    Check the clothing left in road and smashed bus windscreen [above license discs – high res image] , perhaps a sharp impact from a hammerblow.

    Verdict – suspicious relocation.

    But not as crazy as this alleged death caused by… a window falling from a luxury apartment almost next to the MI6 film studio building, being built by the same company which was involved in the highly daring and suspicious “helicoper” crash in Vauxhall in 2013.
    [West Ham] football fan – check
    friendly salt of the earth kind of guy – check
    age 53 – ideal new life age – check
    Plenty of recent facebook uploads, usually with a football flavour – check
    Coach Driver at Clarkes Of London
    Former Civilian Driver at Metropolitan Police Service

    Facebook not yet re-set to “remembering Mick”
    All quiet with Mrs Ferris whom he seems to have married in the past 5 years. The public grieving is carried out by the son and daughter

    all the usual agency rent a quotes
    Scrap metal dealer Paddy Riley said he was driving past shortly after it happened. “There was lots of blood everywhere and other stuff – it was very, very distressing,” the 59-year-old said.


    absurd story.

    source, Telegraph Oct 3 2018

    How we all love football.

    Aha! The “missing window” which must, must have fallen on Mick…

    Most of the flats in the tower have been sold, but the penthouse from which the window fell is understood to still be for sale. **** A source said contractors had been in the flat doing “decorative work” when the latest accident happened.


    Mr Ferris’ widow Rachel, from Hoo, Kent, was too distraught to talk about her husband’s death.

    but not Daniel, son, on facebook

    “Now that you’re gone West Ham are gonna pull it out the bag and win every match of the season just you watch.”

    Mr Ferris had reportedly stopped to use the toilet in the Riverbank Plaza Hotel, next door to the Corniche, and was returning to his vehicle when the accident happened.


    **** the top end luxury new builds are difficult to shift at the moment in London.

    “shattered glass” on the road. suuuuure

    source of the above and many more film narrative images – Mail, op cit.
    Do we need any more clues to show that this was another staged retirement event?
    All quite on Mrs F’s facebook feed.

    The falling window script has been used in 1977 in the building of the Hancock Tower in Boston MA.

    When they built the Hancock Tower—and it started falling apart

    Over to Brian S Staveley….

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