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    There’s plenty of scattered information about companies which were said to have space in the twin towers and many of them are said to have had victims and survivors on 9/11.
    Nice summary here of the alleged victims

    Companies with over 100 employee deaths:
    Cantor Fitzgerald: 658
    Marsh & McLennan: 295
    Aon Corporation: 175
    Next comes Fiduciary Trust International with 87, and on from there.
    Fred Alger Management lost all 35 employees at work that day, including head David Alger and most of their experienced money managers. Some were out or traveling, and this small number of employees remained. The few survivors recruited former and new employees to continue the business. From the ashes Windows on the World (restaurant and lounge) lost all 72 staff on duty, along with reportedly 91 guests, 16 of them employees of Risk Waters. Windows on the World did not reopen in another locatio

    Brother Fred Alger retired in 1995
    From the Economist
    September 5 2002

    Alger’s headquarters were on the 93rd floor of the World Trade Centre’s north tower

    who took up the reins?

    …portfolio manager named Dan Chung, is now Alger’s chief investment officer, had been with Tyco International on the morning of September 11th; its chief executive, Dennis Kozlowski, was attempting to reassure investors about his conglomerate. Another employee was dropping off a child at school. A third was on the way to the lift when the planes hit.

    Perhaps we will return to Alger.
    There’s a list of fake companies at CF
    For reference, the Steve Warran list of fake WTC companies is here:
    which BostonTerrierOwner expanded upon at CF:
    I’m particularly interested in Baseline Financial, 77th and 78th floors

    BASELINE FINANCIAL SERVICES, I 2WTC 77 7702 5/1/1998 4/30/2014

    78 Sky Lobby
    FUJI BANK LTD. 2WTC 78 7802A 11/1/1989 10/31/2004
    FUJI BANK LTD. 2WTC 78 7802 11/1/1989 10/31/2004
    BASELINE FINANCIAL SERVICES, I 2WTC 78 7804 5/1/1998 4/30/2014
    FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK 2WTC 78 7868 1/1/1997 12/31/2009

    Those are the least dates, the suspicious companies all piled in towards the end of the 90s.

    How do we define a fake company? According to Warran
    the ,were entirely unknown business entities to the Dun & Bradstreet record keepers
    Does he mean unknown in the WTC?
    The deal is telegraphed here in the ever friendly NYT
    March 10, 1999

    Eighteen years ago, Rob Patterson founded his company, Baseline Financial Services, in the basement of his home in Madison, N.J.
    His space needs have grown considerably since then. He recently signed a 15-year lease for 60,000 square feet on the 77th and 78th floors of Two World Trade Center.

    In addition to the favorable terms, Mr. Patterson said, he was attracted to the Trade Center towers because of their large, 45,000-square-foot floors. The company will have the entire 77th floor, with the rest on the 78th floor. The two floors are connected by an escalator.

    Mr. Patterson said most of the company’s 140 employees would be on the 77th floor, with some executive offices, meeting rooms and a reception area on the 78th.

    Baseline is a software development company that produces products that help financial portfolio managers in making investment decisions. Its clients include more than 700 major banks and other financial institutions, 180 of which were added last year.

    The company hopes to move into the Trade Center in August, leaving its current location at 61 Broadway, where it occupies 32,000 square feet. Staying at that location, where floors are 17,000 square feet, would have meant spreading the company over many floors, interfering with the needed teamwork.

    Yet three years earlier in 1996, Primark had bought the company from Patterson and Bowne & Co. for $40m

    2 World Trade Ctr, 10048-0002 ,

    Phone number 212-855-9300
    Fax 212-855-9200

    It’s starting to look very fake.
    The company is said to have been inactive in March 2001

    President PATTERSON, ROBERT G (search)

    Vice President LEVINE, ROBERT (search)

    Secretary, Director KARGULA, MICHAEL R (search)
    Address 1000 WINTER STREET, SUITE 4300, WALTHAM, MA, 02451

    In 2000 Thomson [Reuters] acquired Primark.
    to be continued..


    I hadn’t realised that Steve WarRan had done a further post on this fishiest of fishy companies, Baseline Financial. and the rarely visible founder, Robert G Paterson.
    It’s an odd website which hardly mentions anyone
    You can contact Baseline at the following phone numbers:

    Baseline Financial Services 2 World Trade Center 78th Floor New York, NY 10048
    Main Phone: 212-855-9200 Support : 212-855-9400 Fax: 212-855-9300

    West Coast Sales
    Baseline Financial Services 50 California Street 17th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111 Phone: 415-486-3100 Fax: 415-486-3101

    Headquartered at the World Trade Center in New York City, BASELINE is home to nearly 200 associates. From its offices in New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia, BASELINE’s professional staff has developed a reputation for outstanding service to its clientele. BASELINE’s clients are a “Who’s who” among North America’s finest investment firms. Investment counselors, mutual fund companies, hedge funds, insurance companies, government agencies and corporate pensions all rely on BASELINE to improve both stock selection and portfolio performance. Leading brokerage firms also utilize BASELINE in the areas of institutional sales and equity research.

    Founded in 1981 by Rob Patterson, BASELINE was initially a valuation model based on the work of Graham & Dodd. The expanded product offered today was released in 1991, and has been enhanced annually resulting in explosive customer growth. The company continues to be led by founder Rob Patterson.

    Baseline even provides the amazing lucky escape story of Eric Thompson,26

    So far so fake. However there is a clutch of people who profess to have worked at Baseline. Some are unsurprisingly also employees of Thomson Reuters at other times. Let’s call them out…
    Jonathan F Herbert Applications Consultant Baseline Financial Services/Thomson Reuters 1999 – 2006 (7 years)
    Ed J Zier Executive Vice President Baseline Financial Services 1993 – 2002 (9 years)
    Bruce Branda [various posts 1995-2002]
    Ally Che Data Quality Analyst Baseline Financial Services
    1999 – 2001 (2 years)Greater New York City Area, followed by similar at Thomson.
    Ed Bazzelle Software developer 1996- Jan 2001, followed by similar at Thomson Financial
    Carol Staley Manager of Quality Assurance Baseline Financial Services, Inc June 1999 – March 2008 (8 years 10 months)Greater Philadelphia Area, followed by same at Thomson.
    Sheree Foster Research Analyst Baseline Financial Services 2001 – 2004 (3 years) then Thomson Reuters.
    Bernadette Ross 1994-2003, Research Analyst and Data Integrity Manager, then Thomson Reuters

    Where were all these people on 9/11? I don’t see any other NY area offices.
    There’s another survivor story here from Baseline
    The husband of Cynthia Branco, Brian Branco [on the left] was there…

    His three friends and coworkers didn’t survive.

    Who make up this trio?
    Robert Michael Levine, 66,
    Jill Maurer-Campbell, 31, Middle Village, N.Y.,
    Steven Weinberg, 41,.

    There is still trace of a Baseline Financial company operating from Philadelphia at some time with Patterson at the helm but it looks suspiciously like a virtual office and with a Reuters website.


    One of the very few names associated with Baseline on its website is Jonathan Weinberg allegedly Director of Technical Services

    Jonathan now runs

    Jonathan Weinberg
    12 September 2013 · Jersey City, NJ, United States ·
    In memory of those we lost on 9/11. Bob, Steve, Jill, Ruth, you will always be in our hearts.…/What-did-i…/answer/Jonathan-Weinberg

    Ruth? The other three are listed above, including Robert Weinberg,41.
    Ah, Ruth Sheila Lapin

    Yep, he worked at Baseline

    Lystra Archer wow…they are beautiful. I remember them as babies coming to Baseline’s christmas party.
    11 November 2012 at 15:08
    Staff Accountant
    Baseline Financial Services
    1997 – 2003 (6 years)Greater New York City Area

    followed once again, by work at Thomson Reuters

    Jonathan is impressed by Elon Musk, July 10 2015

    I’m a pretty jaded guy by nature, and I tend to be skeptical of people’s intentions, but I honestly believe that Elon is motivated by improving life on this planet, and what he sees as his ultimate mission in life, which is to make humans a multi-planetary species.

    The other three “victims” are here

    The good luck story is supplied by Lara Lundstom Clarke

    who was saved by bumping into Gwynneth Paltrow, if you please and thereby missing her train…
    August 16, 2011

    While Lara did not actually see the second plane fly into the building, she saw her floors rupture into a ball of flames

    Jill Maurer-Campbell has a web page devoted entirely to her, with photos.
    September 2006
    in the comnments…

    Anonymous said…
    I worked with Jill in the trade center … we will never forget her or the other colleagues we lost.
    Mark McNasby
    April 16, 2014

    Indeed he did…,%20Inc.
    From 1996 to 2002, Mr. McNasby worked at Baseline Financial Services where he built custom financial applications for analysts and portfolio managers at major investment banks, hedge funds, and capital investment companies. Mr. McNasby also spent several years prior working at The Washington Post and GE Capital.
    but given here as Thomson Reuters


    From above ^

    Ed J Zier Executive Vice President Baseline Financial Services 1993 – 2002 (9 years)

    who survived at Baseline Financial.
    * Grew revenue at Baseline from $3M to $55M as head of sales and eventual COO.
    * Managed and integrated six sales teams at Thomson representing over $300M in annual revenue as MD of North America.
    University of Notre Dame

    …which university has posted in 2005 a helpful list of alumni who survived 9/11, some with back stories, some with none [Zier falls into the latter category]
    Zier and his wife has purchased this in March 2016, ex- Franklin Lakes NJ. b. 8/28/58

    Perhaps Baseline is a key company on account of its CEO, a position which he also held at Primark which acquired Patterson’s Baseline Financial,

    Baseline was led by a very interesting individual named Joseph Kasputys,

    in a nutshell…

    Joseph Kasputys has a history of being well connected to the highest levels of government, as well as to defense and intelligence industries

    ….Another Primark company, Primark Decision Economics, was located in the 11th floor of the north tower.
    The sheer number of companies involved with Primark, along with the vague business descriptions given (Baseline was described as “an international provider of information”), gave the impression that something more than legitimate business was involved. Primark owned Triad International Maintenance Company (TIMCO), a company that, among other things, modified Boeing 757s and 767s. Primark also owned The Analytic Sciences Corp (TASC), a security and intelligence (spying) company that had contracts with the DOE..

    or perhaps that no business was going on on the 77th and 78th floor of WTC2.

    Ed likes to remember 9/11

    Julie Zier it is too hard to forget
    10 September at 04:01 ·

    What is hard to find is how Zier managed to avoid the impact zone in WTC2.

    Is there a Baseline artefact in the 9/11 museum? Naturally….the shoes of “escapee” Florence Jones

    Very interesting 9/11 individual Kasputys in late 2014…


    A number of large renters of space left the WTC after the 1993 “bombing”.

    Deloitte & Touche

    The firm, the only tenant that never returned to the center after the explosion on Feb. 26, had been considering relocating even before the bombing and said it was not leaving out of dissatisfaction with the Port Authority’s response to the disaster.

    With Deloitte’s decision, the Port Authority needs to find tenants for about seven and a half floors of prime space in Tower One, 300,000 square feet that had been used by 1,200 Deloitte employees.

    These were in the upper half

    The center is 92 percent occupied and has generally been successful in recovering from the explosion. All of the tenants, except for Deloitte, have returned. Many have renewed leases and one tenant, BankAmerica, has signed on for eight floors.

    Deloitte, whose lease did not expire until March 1995, has given the Port Authority what Charles Maikish, the World Trade Center’s director, called a “substantial cash payment” to get out of its lease now.
    The Deloitte move did not take the center by surprise. By early 1992 Deloitte had more than 600,000 square feet in various parts of the city, far more than it needed.

    Back in 1984…

    The [Port] authority, which is trying to lease space in the 23rd through 74th floors of Tower Two at the center, recently signed two agreements for some 300,000 square feet with Marine Midland Bank and the Aetna Life and Casualty Company.

    Marine Midland agreed to take four adjacent floors encompassing about 160,000 square feet. The bank is seeking to ease a space crunch at its headquarters at 140 Broadway. The specific divisions to be located there have not been selected, but Marine Midland hopes to be in its new space by March.

    Earlier this month Aetna signed an agreement to lease the 35th through the 37th floors as well as part of the 38th, about 140,000 square feet in all. The insurance company will establish a branch office for its commercial insurance division and a marketing office for its personal financial security division. Both offices will move from 155 William Street.

    Aetna and Marine Midland will join Farr, Man & Company, a commodity broker, which took one floor, about 40,000 square feet. The company moved to the trade center in October.

    Both Aetna and Farr, Man signed 10-year agreements. Marine Midland’s lease is for five years but includes an option that will allow it to stay on for five additional years at the same price.

    Guy Carpenter and Morgan Stanley allegedly took much of the space from floors 43 to 74…in WTC2.
    The subsequent occupancy of floor 35 by ABN Amro is contentious.
    Marine Midland was the US banker of Almanar Trading a Saudi firm which had, in all probability a virtual office, suite 2161 in WTC1, subsequently listed against JD Smith Customs Broker

    Aetna allegedly had 350 employees in WTC2 in 1993
    Aetna financed the Virginia World Trade Centre white elephant in Norfolk Va.
    I can’t find when offically Aetna left the WTC, if indeed they had ever been there.
    Marine Midland was allegedly on floor 24 of WTC2.

    Farr, Man doesn’t seem like it took very much space in reality, the address given as merely
    Suite 3050 on the 30th floor, prop. Daniel H Rosenblum Probably another virtual office.

    very fishy.


    Pharo Management said to have had an office on the 85th floor of WTC1, suite 8565
    The firm still exists and has a branch in London
    Pharo is a hedge fund group founded in 2000 by Guillaume Henri Andre Fonkenell.** The firm specializes in emerging markets and manages several hedge funds with a top-down macro approach. As of February 2018, the firm managed approximately $10.1 billion out of offices in New York, London and Hong Kong with a staff of 70 people. Our investor base consists primarily of large financial institutions, such as pension funds, funds-of-hedge-funds, family offices, endowments, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds.

    ** FONKENELL, Guillaume Henri Andre DOB 8/8/64 resident in England
    Prior to founding Pharo Management LLC in 2000, he was a Managing Director at Merrill Lynch in New York.
    Other directors at 9/11 were
    MICHAEL Martin SKARBINSKI ex- Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank
    JEFFREY Burke HANLON ex-Merrill Lynch, ex Barclays Capital

    I came across Pharo in this anonymous 2012 article which may serve only to support the occupied towers narrative.

    “I am very scared for Darren Schroeder **, Michael Skarbinski, Guillaume Fonkenell and the few others at Pharo who worked on the 85th Floor of Building One.”

    At the time I wrote their names, I was sure I was writing their epitaph in my diary. Pharo Management was a relatively new Emerging Markets hedge fund at the time, and I had visited their office on the 85th Floor of Tower One about two weeks earlier, and I had the image of the view from their office in my head at the time I wrote this diary entry. The next day after 9/11, I read on Bloomberg that not only had they survived, but that Pharo had an off-site backup contingency system for all their trade data and Fonkenell, the founder, had managed to get the word to his customers via Bloomberg about their survival.


    I spoke on the phone to Pharo’s Michael Skarbinski about 3 days after 9/11. He told me the first plane struck 2 floors above their office, smoke filled their entire floor, but they survived the impact.

    They started to head downstairs almost immediately. He reported it took them most of an hour to walk the whole way down, but they all made it out of the tower a few minutes before his tower collapsed.


    Mr. Schroeder was a founding Principal of Pharo Management LLC, a $2 Billion emerging markets focused hedge fund launched in December 2000. At Pharo, he was responsible for all non-portfolio management functions, including risk management, investor relations, marketing, and operations. He had been involved in the emerging markets for the previous nine years at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. As a trader at Merrill Lynch from 1993 until 1998, he played a leading role in the emerging market group’s growth, setting up and trading the Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador foreign exchange, interest rate, and derivative books. He also structured several complex derivative strategies and tax arbitrage deals, and was responsible for managing the internal and external business issues that confronted the group as it expanded into new products and regions. Mr. Schroeder moved to Morgan Stanley as a Principal in 1998 where he was tasked with building a joint venture that encompassed the derivative, sovereign debt, and foreign exchange trading groups. He continued to actively focus on Latin American currency and interest rate trading and also gained experience in trading the Non-Japan Asian markets. He holds an M.B.A. in Finance from The Wharton School and
    He is no longer with Blue Sand, apparently, not appearing on the current website.

    How did the team “on the 85th floor” get out? They had drilled for it!

    the team at Pharo Management, a leading macro hedge fund focused on emerging markets. On September 11th, their offices were located on the 85th floor of the World Trade Center, two floors below where the first plane hit! Yet they had prepared for a disaster scenario and were able to execute on the plan, despite having to deal with the stress of the actual terrorist attacks and having to evacuate the building. In the end, they were even profitable during the whole timeframe. This is where skill and preparation combine to generate automatic peak performance.

    Pharo had an off-site backup contingency system for all their trade data and Fonkenell, the founder, had managed to get the word to his customers via Bloomberg about their survival.


    Wealth £190m

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    OK, this isn’t strictly a fishy firm, unless you class all law firms as fishy – but it’s an alleged inhabitant of WTC which hasn’t had the spotlight shone upon it.
    Harris, Beach headquartered in Rochester NY, one of the USA’s top law firms. But we find it colluding in the 9/11 hoax.


    •Harris Beach
    fitzon933Harris Beach puts this out every year. #neverforget #911 #ROC #15years

    Which is strange because all the reports at the time were that they had lost 5 people allegedly, but the sixth * was a contractor
    Here’s the complete list
    Mark A Brisman
    Irina Kolpakova
    Joanne F Weil
    Hector Tamayo *
    Andrew S Zucker
    Sharon Christina Millan

    Instagram source
    Millan and Kolpakova appear on this drill-like list of “missing persons descriptions” washed up in Hoboken hospital [allegedly]
    There’s precious little archived connecting the firm with 9/11
    Here’s a list of Harris Beach’s [then Harris, Beach & Wilcox] New York office attorneys , archived 12/24/01
    There is nothing which shows the WTC address as far as I can see, but we must assume that all the named partners at least,in the above list, will be wise to what was actually going on on the 85thFloor of 2WTC on September 11 2001.
    Allegedly it

    had 113 employees on the 85th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center. Dozens were in the tower when the first plane hit. So far, 108 members of the New York office have reported they are safe, with no serious injuries.
    The firm has started to use space at 1 Penn Plaza, the site of another company that recently merged with Harris Beach.
    Through a large client, the firm has also found fully furnished space at 500 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan. It is to be occupied Saturday and the firm plans to be fully operational at that location by Monday. A mailing has been sent to all clients, and most received telephone calls advising them of the new address and telephone number.

    Managing partner Gunther Buerman described a harrowing week for the firm that was to have been punctuated Friday by a “group hug meeting” of the entire firm at the new Fifth Avenue location. Plans for the reunion were on hold Thursday afternoon, however, because both New York buildings had been evacuated due to bomb threats.

    Source Wall St Journal 9/14/01
    So, it seems the firm could already manage without the space in the WTC.

    More information from Rochester sources for the 10th anniversary..

    Recalling the impact of 9/11 on Harris Beach

    In the spring of 2000, Harris Beach moved its New York City office into the 85th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. The view was spectacular, and one of our attorneys exclaimed, “You can see forever, and we will be here forever.” The office was fondly known around the firm as “our acre in the sky.” On Sept. 11, 2001, that “acre” was taken away.

    and where we also learn that

    Hector Tamayo, the construction manager supervising the office’s renovations, was the sixth victim. In dedication to their memory, we established the Spirit of Renewal Remembrance Award as an annual Harris Beach scholarship fund that also recognizes the resilience, optimism and spirit of renewal demonstrated by Harris Beach and the country.

    Right,so the streets should have been full of escaping attorneys as well as money brokers. And they all would have escape stories, wouldn’t they?

    And the renovations after only just moving in? *** Hmmmm

    The firm’s own comment on 9/11 is here

    Within seconds of One World Trade Center being hit, Gunther K. Buerman, the firm’s managing partner, had reached an employee in our office on the 85th floor of Two World Trade Center by phone. His instructions were clear: Get out now.

    Of first and most immediate concern was confirming the safety of each of our 113 staff and attorneys who worked in the World Trade Center (WTC). The firm’s Rochester headquarters generated a list of all WTC employees and distributed the list to those handling disaster-related phone calls. We prepared for what was to be an onslaught of calls from concerned families, clients, and the media. In compliance with the firm’s media policy, all media inquiries were directed through the firm’s communications group in the Rochester, New York headquarters.

    Unreliable phone service in the New York City area made contacting employees by phone difficult. Utilizing the firm’s intranet, where personal information for employees including home and mobile phone and e-mail addresses is stored and routinely updated, made the task easier. This crisis stressed the importance of maintaining such information, and we were grateful to have built such a useful communications tool.

    Each time a New York City employee was contacted or was able to reach Rochester, his or her name was crossed off a list of those not yet accounted for. We would cross names off the list only after receiving direct contact with each employee, confirming each person’s safety. Slowly the list dwindled from 113 names to 72 to 22 to seven and finally to five. Sadly, Harris Beach lost three attorneys and two staff members in the collapse of Tower 2 on September 11. A contractor working on the firm’s renovation project was also lost.


    *** here’s the “renovation”

    It looks like they’re just pretending it’s occupied and erecting a few internal dividers in a derelict, empty shell.

    And 9/11 was quite a pay day for this firm, because…

    I also represent several environmental consultants and construction companies in actions filed by thousands of rescue and recovery workers who allegedly developed respiratory illness as a result of exposure to nanoparticles, heavy metals, asbestos, dusts, fuel oil and other toxins at and around Ground Zero.


    who was a partner in the NY office on 9/11…
    and there’s more from another partner allegedly in the WTC on 9/11 Cynthia “Cindi” Weiss Antonucci in this 2007 article, which I’ll address later.

    In the meantime, here’s the firms supremo from 9/11, Buerman retired in 2010 to devote himself to vintage cars….as owner of the Newport Motor Museum, located in an ex-Raytheon building in R.I.

    Buerman to leave law firm

    “Our office was on the floor that the second plane hit.”
    A number of Harris Beach’s New York City staff members had not arrived at work, he noted, so the firm’s 9/11 casualty list was limited by the early hour of the attacks. Still, that fact offers scant consolation, he added.



    Continuing this brief visit to Harris Beach one can plainly see that all the other people alleged to have worked for just this one firm at this location are in on the scam. And they are clearly REAL people.
    Comparing the list of lawyers in December 2001 [there is no earlier archived page] with those in post now, one can see a number of names which, so the official story goes, would have been working from the 85th floor of the South Tower on the morning or week of 9/11
    I have mentioned a couple previously * but will repeat them.

    Current list working at New York

    on both sites….
    Cynthia Weiss Antonucci *
    Doron M Bar-Levav
    Brian A Bender [now New Haven CT] **
    Judi Abbott Curry
    Frederick H Fern
    Abbie Eliasberg Fuchs *
    Stanley Goos
    Steven J Rice
    Alan M Winchester

    ** September 11th: Achieved favorable settlement for major property owner in Battery Park City against claims that plaintiffs’ respiratory illnesses were caused or contributed to by violations of N.Y. Lab. Law §§ 200, 240(1) and 241(6) during clean-up following terrorist attacks on World Trade Center.

    So, all the above must have their 9/11 story, surely? Because “The firm’s offices in 2 World Trade Center were blown from the sky on Sept. 11, 2001”, weren’t they?

    Well, one of the above emerged in 2007, Steven Rice, who defended a large property owner/manager in the World Trade Center Disaster Site Litigation
    he has no interest in duplicating the seven pieces of antique oak furniture that filled his office on the 85th floor of 2 WTC. But in a corner of the room—away from the New York Yankees memorabilia, photos of his family and brochures from his conference lectures on lead litigation—hangs a large frame. It contains an engraved plastic nameplate from his office, along with a letter and photo of the Quincy, Mass., police lieutenant who recovered the nameplate from the rubble of ground zero. It is a reminder of what was and what can be.

    “When you go through something like that and survive, you learn it’s better to be lucky than good,” says Rice, the managing partner of the New York City office. He was supposed to be in the office early that morning, but ended up on a later train. His office faced south, toward the Statue of Liberty, and he guesses that the second plane sliced right through it. “It makes me want to appreciate all the good things and not waste a day.”

    of the “dead” we read

    [Mark] Brisman, 34, learned he had been nominated for partner the week before the attack, and he received the honor posthumously in January 2002. [Joanne] Weil, 39, began working at Harris Beach shortly before [Andrew] Zucker, 27, who joined the firm on Aug. 1, 2001. Zucker’s widow, Erica, gave birth to their only child, Jason Andrew, five months after he was killed.

    On the morning of Sept. 11, Harris Beach was weeks away from completing a $4 million renovation of its 48,000-square-foot space.

    Two-thirds of the floor was complete and occupied, and as the attorneys moved into their offices, they printed their names on pieces of paper with markers and taped them outside their doors..
    Harris Beach hired a private investigator to interview the surviving employees +++

    About half of the 113 people employed by Harris Beach on that day had joined the law firm in May 2000, when six partners, associates and staff moved there from Lester Schwab Katz & Dwyer. But most people didn’t arrive at the firm until well after 9 a.m., thanks to the mayoral primary election and the start of a new school year. Just 18 employees from Harris Beach and Bowne Business Solutions—which ran the mailroom—were in the office when the first airplane struck at 8:46 a.m.

    Given that only 17 minutes elapsed between the two planes hitting the towers, “hesitation or delay in departing the 85th floor decreased the likelihood of safe passage out of the building,” the[11-page] report from “the private investigator” +++] says.

    Immediately after the first plane hit, Zucker—who had trained for a year as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of North Massapequa, N.Y.—recognized the threat and walked through the halls with attorney Julissa Gomez and secretary Anne Pampinella, telling people to leave the building.

    Once they reached an emergency exit, Pampinella “tried to stop Andrew Zucker, but he returned to the office, apparently to make sure that Joanne Weil and Mark Brisman evacuated,” according to the report. Ultimately, the investigator could not determine whether the five Harris Beach employees were killed on the floor, on the stairs or at the express elevator landing on the 78th floor when the second plane hit at 9:03, taking out floors 77 through 85.

    By hiring the investigator, “we were able to create a story for the families,” Antonucci says. “We had it available. Some of the families chose to take the report and read it. Other family members chose not to.”

    +++ i.e intel ops/psychologists to help them get their 9/11 stories straight.

    Family of Andrew Zucker cited
    father, Saul; mother, Sue; and sister, Cheryl Shames..“He was argumentative, he was verbal, he was loquacious,” Sue Zucker says…. wife, Erica, lost a child in the spring of 2001, several weeks before the baby was due….Zucker was not supposed to be at the office that morning. He and his wife had planned to vote in the mayoral primary. But his wife was newly pregnant and had a difficult night, so he let her sleep and left for the office. They would vote later, he told her when she called that morning…..
    “He knew she was pregnant, but no one else knew,” Saul Zucker says. Andrew Zucker’s son was born in February 2002….Erica Zucker remarried in June [2007]…. We made a conscious decision to stay away from ground zero,” says Kevin Hyland, a partner in the firm’s public finance group. [present on the 12/01 list]….Fuchs carries her World Trade Center identification card, the entry card for the 85th floor and her old business cards.

    “All of [the alleged dead] were valued friends and colleagues, and if they were still with us, we’d be better,” says litigation partner Brian Bender.

    So what do we notice? Not a single story of escape from the 18-6 = 12 people allegedly in the office.
    Nobody was in the office, if indeed it was a functioning office. Period.

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