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    Black Dog

    This headline, “Flat Earth Dividing The Truth Community”, is as ridiculous as what I’m going to try and explain here. First of all “Flat Earth”. Who knows how flat or round or what ever our world is from such a distant perspective it seems to take to be able to determine such a thing? The average person? Not a bit, when it comes to such perspective we only have our scientific clan to get the information from … and as we at Fakeologist know – NO ONE can be trusted … yes, that’s unfortunate, we have to resort back to “me Black Dog” “fire good”. Basically wiping the slate clean and starting all over again. Unless you’re aware of some institution(s) that can be trusted to not distort truths , that don’t have ulterior agendas, and so on … (I’m really not)

    So when the ‘truther or anyone is upset that people would actually question the shape of the earth, it’s just … a level of questioning they don’t want to go to … Like if someone did not like Barney Miller reruns, and they specialized in convincing us how corrupt the show is … yet they have no problem watching Three’s Company, when the truth goes to the depths of something like, ‘maybe it’s electricity that’s the problem?” or how we’ve been confined to four walls … and TV just makes it all the more bearable for most of us. From free(er) to controlled by laws telling you where and how you can live, where and how you are to get your food … monetary restraints and inducements all pushing you into your own prison with a TV in the corner … with free Barney Miller programming. (I pick 70’s 80’s TV because I sort of lost interest in TV after that … and can not even name a current TV program)

    Another aspect of this is ‘the truth community’, … so, what happens if you lose your internet connection … or, the power grid shuts down indefinitely? Not much of a “community” then. But, hey, it is what it is, and if it is divided by those so arrogant they only see things a certain limited way, … well than ‘divide’. This goes for “flat earth” as well, if the flat earth “community” is limited, narrow minded, and so on. Well, there’s another division. But the whole thought of a community existing is kind of absurd anyway … I would say to have a ‘community’ you need a constitution … “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union …”. Someone may have even written something already … though I’m not aware of such dedication anywhere … where would you start? And like the US Constitution … if not respected and adhered to … you get the fragmentation, the division, all over again.

    It’s tricky territory, … freedom to think is great of course, and I side with Ab’s take on things here … We can not be so confident (and/or confined) at this point to know much. Even if we could package it all up and define it all in a ‘constitution’, what is it? The US Constitution was only written after the declaration of independence which involved action, something we are totally devoid of in these virtual parameters.

    And it’s not like these things haven’t repeated themsleves throughout history … History is full of people, good people, in time forming a consensus, leading to a movement, only to be checked by the hidden giants constantly watching over us all on this grandiose chess board. This is ongoing as well. … hi

    No doubt, they have the upper hand because ‘they’ unlike us have their ‘stuff’ together. They started years ago, and they pass it down generation after generation, unlike us who can barely even have an intelligent conversation with our own friends and family, … and can not even recall what if any philosophy or wisdom our own immediate ancestors may have held and cherished.

    Farm animals deserve to be farm animals because years ago their ancestors got caught by a craftier being.

    Why are ‘we’ not much different than farm animals?

    With the fence and cage being our psychological conditioning. The milking, shearing, and egg gathering being our subserviance to a corrupt monetary system. … and ultimately our very lives taken by the fascist dictates that control and exploit our every move all of our lives. Yet we are supposed to be a more advanced beings … than a farm animal?

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    its flat,


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