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    Black Dog

    Don’t you miss God? God is not even given an earnest attempt at realization anymore or even considered anymore it seems. I think an earnest attempt at knowing ‘God’ is crucial for a people, for their mindset, to give definition to their lives … at least, considering that the void created otherwise is usually filled with less benevolent opportunists.

    Why does it seem only in the past was there true insight and wisdom? “Past” being pre-Christian othodoxy, as the Council at First Council of Nicaea (year 325) was one of the earliest and most crucial fakeological events helping to create the plasticine world (hell) we all now currently inhabit. … Don’t believe me? Try getting back to your pre-Chrisian roots; Not some hybrid weekend closet fascimile but the real deal; Totally apart from the western cadence of forced materialialism, calibrating every single thing you do down to a monetary note. … You have to wonder: Who is your god?!

    Western “God”, “money” … everyone in the same void … possibly further sustained by such methods as chemical dispersions, administered from the sky and wireless frequencies through the airwaves, to name a few. Intentionally weakening us, physically and mentally. Spiritually paralyzing our potential for true enlightenment and unity.

    Who is above this? Who removed? Only a few could be so removed as to not be effected by these things, aware of the dispersion schedules, near the top of the pyramid, privy, or just some folks lucky enough to be off the grid far enough? If that’s possible.

    For those in the know I imagine it’s something like, “Do not be in” certain areas at certain times. … Then they leave or are sealed somewhere during the dispersions, or have some immunization protocol. Also, they trust any possible electromagnetic grid technology being utilized will not be used against them, or they have detectors varifying it is not.

    How do we fight back? You just do … it’s all you can do …

    Will ‘God’, or one of the gods help us?

    I wish, though If I knew this I too would be a god … And if I was, I too would probably give everyone their greatest gift, pain. Not for a good deed, mind you, but to let them know when something is wrong! With out pain there seems to be no reason around here. … Like when you don’t have money you think of all the good you will do if you had it … then, if and when you get it, you do no good! But only want more! It seems only pain brings us ’round – where we need to be – in these times immemorial.

    The mouse has an innate sense of survival based on where it perceives itself in it’s world. It scurries as needed, only brave to the occasional insect or rodent. We have become like mice. We don’t truly realize who and what we are or perceive the true spectrum we inhabit.

    Who is above man? Are not all men equal? What man thinks he unequal? As say, a farmer to a cow (or a cow to a farmer)? We are not cows or mice, we are men. Any man can know all the wisdom any other man knows. — I am not of the hidden oligarchy yet if I had the wherewithal I too could rule the world! As I pleased. Of course I would not do the same!

    Point being, all men are equal, just that some have set a craft way back (in time) and have not wavered to an extent as to lose the positions that craft has allotted them — our rulers! … Ruling it all!! Although secret, they remain our real rulers. Steadily, over generations, increasing their power and control through any means possible. Jesus had Caesar, we have a worldwide underground menace so drunk on it’s own reality, it’s megalomaniacal indifferent malevolence, so far removed from the light of day, from us, that they have lost touch with reality … and every day are steering us all deeper and deeper into destruction.

    As long as we act like mice we shall remain like mice (this is of course an insult to the mouse).

    Who among us can put words together that will unlock the mystery of our lost people? That can wake people up? Twenty six characters and one simple task … a task, which seems, has not been allowed since, say, the year 325 … when we became mice.

    Numbers are key. Nothing can change without people. In the past the divisions were clearer, one king, many subjects (murmurings, upheaval, done). Today nothing is clear, with many subjects even thinking themselves some kind of kings, as the real kings craftily placate the baser needs and desires of their most feared populations. ‘Fattening them up for the kill’ in a sense. Placating them, for a time, but that time is ending, the ‘kings’ wants total submission, always have, … debt slavery, servitude, bondage (as much as they can get away with!).

    These predators are like all predators; and their prey, us, are like all ideal prey, having no idea what’s going on! The predator waits for the right moment … in this case, generation after generation. Disarming the world bit by bit, compartmentalizing it’s vast minions, weakening it’s prey. Domesticating once proud and free peoples. Exploiting proportionately, as much as they can get away with, and the more power they attain, the more they can get away with. An enemy like never before, an enemy that has been at work for time immemorial. Becoming gods, and like gods, they’ve yet to reveal themselves.

    Black Dog soundcloud.com/blackdogsongs

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