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    Tom Dalpra

    I’ve mentioned this in the chat. I thought I’d just drop it here for the record.

    Harry Styles is the ‘long haired’ one from pop group One Direction.
    The band is currently big on both sides of the Atlantic and Harry Styles is a teen heart throb with widespread influence.

    When he got his haircut to play a British soldier in a World War Two film last year,
    it was a case of ‘groundhog day’ 50 years on from the Summer of 1966 when John Lennon did the same.
    This seems to be a tried and tested tactic of broad psychology. We also remember Elvis famously joining the army and cutting his hair.


    My daughter has fallen for the hype with Harry Styles ( she’s only just 13, she’ll get over it ) and made me aware of his ‘eagerly awaited’ first solo album. It came out in the UK
    exactly one week before the Arianna Grande Bombing Op and was straight in at number one in the charts by the weekend before it.


    I see maybe an 11 then a two suggested in ‘droplets’ on the pink surface near his left wrist then an arrow ( or even another ‘two’ as presented ) on his wrist then the shoulder hebrew -as presented – looks quite like 2 2. Meanwhile the tattoo on his right shoulder could also allude to another ‘2’. The guitar tattoo is two threes facing each other for the ubiquitous 33.
    Basically, I think there’s probably 11, 22, 33 alluded to up his arm and a bunch of twos there to tie-in with the plethora of twos that came out of the ‘Teen Op’ of Arianna Grande. 22 dead on the 22nd by killer 22.
    The presentation of Styles with his head bowed helps give a general feeling of melancholy and the dark area bottom left does tend to ‘drag us down the drain into the blackness’.

    This stuff might seem a stretch but being so popular a record, a brand new number one at the time of the Arianna Grande Op, this piece of media would inevitably be something many teenage girls would be turning to at that time of ‘trauma’.

    Talking of ‘black’, perhaps Styles being presented shirtless but from behind here, makes his tattoo covered front torso stand out even more in our minds when we see it.
    The one that caught my eye was ’17BLACK’. Supposedly his lucky roulette number, I had to wonder if, with all these ‘Black’ Ops this 2017, maybe it was related to them ? After all, we know that Styles really works for the military.



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