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    Black Dog

    In the whole world, flat, round, whatever where does one go now when they want to connect, really connect? When no one seems to care or the rats are so preoccupied with the race no one has the ability, as if nothing matters except making the rent, the next payment, or whatever.

    It may be like I’ve heard … of our prehistoric past, when we were so preoccupied with just surviving we had little time for anything else, and only after harnessing the use of fire did we begin to have the time to just sit and think, supposedly leading to our advancement … but with all the lying (and liars) about … it’s hard to believe … that we were even ever so primitive … and slowly exceeded to where we are now.

    If true, where are we now? Would one say at the height of our existence? I’d say pockets were here and there throughout history but are all but wiped out now … by the … new breed in charge, duping the 99.99 percent of us … as so many of us just seem to not get things anymore (but did we ever?). Most are so busy just surviving, making the rent or whatever … and when they do have time they seem to mostly engage in mindless pursuits through television and electronic media … that just constantly reinstill a false narrative. Hello.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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