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    The best drills are disaster drills. How many “natural” disasters are engineered?

    Let’s have a look through the fakeologist window at the December 2019 New Zealand volcanic eruption on the easily sealed-off White Island.

    What is the evidence for a real event with real deaths? One volcano which emits steam most of the time through fumaroles.

    hmmm not much going on there.
    This volcano is monitored by the Deep Earth Carbon Degassing Project.
    who didn’t seem to have noticed any activity in 2019. **
    Here’s a 2000 eruption – time scale and tourism at the time not noted.

    By Photo by Michael Rogers – en:wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=952697

    OK let’s go to the imagery from the 12/2019 eruption. All the images appearing throughout the MSM derive from one twitter stream of an American engineer, Michael Schade. Handy. Yes, the MSM can use them ad lib… cheers!

    “The helicopters [plural] look destroyed.

    Well, I only see one carefully placed helicoopter with strange “heavy ash damage”

    source News Australia wherein resides the crafted stories of survival.

    Staged hugging with Jacinda Ardern [emergency services were marvellous, etc etc]. Several versions of this staged event may be found.

    Is a new island being created?

    The standard drill photo [as per every HRDPAR ever conceived

    A nice smattering of “victims” and “injured” from around the world – Myanmar, Mexico, and naturally the UK…
    Ashley Joynes, 25, from Grantham was among those listed as missing after the erruption. The Red Cross’s list was later updated name him among those who are alive.
    source Lincolnshire Live
    Note the changing “mix-up” script there, another hoax standard.

    A rescue photo from the same Michael Schade, which reminds me of the Transasia Hoax, one which sorted out the wheat from the chaff of “truthers”…

    A nice advert also for cruising with Ovation of the Seas. Fancy some Aussie journalists being on board [sic!]

    A great media event.
    Looks like a drill

    Smells like a drill [the relaxed Mr Schade again]

    ** A scientist Dr Ken Glairdhill speaks to the Guardian
    “It was not a particularly big eruption,” he said. “It was almost like a throat-clearing eruption.

    “It showed increased activity for the last few weeks, so we raised the alert level.”

    A level four alert was issued for the volcano, also known by its M?ori name Whakaari, indicating that a “moderate volcanic eruption” was possible, according to the science agency GeoNet. The scale runs from zero to five – a major eruption.

    So, a small predictable eruption. Whether it could be “assisted” is another matter. No doubt the lawyers will get involved now that an eruption was possible yet tourism [alleged] was allowed to continue.

    Geological hazard trackers GeoNet had registered moderate volcanic unrest on the island for weeks before Monday’s eruption.


    No doubt Michael Schade is shady – and part of the media-plan.

    Joking aside, hoaxing natural events is a huge topic that really deserve more attention and analysis. On the surface, it should be impossible to interfere with what would be considered “the laws of nature”. For the Elite who plan and execute the elaborate hoaxes we are aware of so far – it seems more like a challenge and warrant of success to directly alter what should be unalterable, Nature.

    From early reaction to skepticism of the White Island volcano eruption, there seems to be resistance towards investigating natural events altogether which is an insane attitude pertaining to Fakeology, and ignorant of former inquiries into hoaxes where nature indeed have been largely tampered with.

    Generally when we analyze media-fakery, it can be overwhelming to contemplate to what extent TPTB are willing to invest manpower, budgets and technology in order to perpetuate intricate hoaxes for the general public.

    When we do stop and think about important hoaxes like 9/11 we do get a grasp of just how much planning, expenses and manpower that will be deployed. Although we all might think 9/11 was an exceptional event with unprecedented resources allocated, it is unlikely when we look back in time to events like WW2 and the 1945 nuclear bombing of Japan, or the Apollo Space hoax (1961–1972).

    Contrary to what we like to think today – media-fakery is not worse now compared to before. Likewise, there were as many and elaborate hoaxes before as there is today. In this relation, the PsyOp Histogram is still a valuable resource to remind us how hoaxes are omnipresent both today and yesteryear.

    PsyOp Histogram

    Fakeopedia PsyOps list

    What we should keep in mind when considering both the long traditions of grand media-hoaxes is that there exist a considerable part of culture and science that since very far back in history has been successfully hoaxed, and with very important means and implications.

    The examples of wholly made up sciences such as Egyptology, Nuclear Physics or Cosmology should inform us just how deep the deception goes, and nature itself is no barrier but a potent means for the hoaxers to use to their advantage, often with centuries of lies to support current fake memes.

    Rosetta Stone

    The Rosetta Stone is a stone of black granodiorite found at Rosetta by the French expedition to Egypt and surrendered to British troops in 1801. The Greek script of the Rosetta stone was translated by 1803, and in 1822 the respective Egyptian hieroglyphs were transliterated by Jean-François Champollion, marking the beginning of modern Egyptology…

    Egyptology is the study of ancient Egyptian history, language, literature, religion, architecture and art from the 5th millennium BC until the end of its native religious practices in the 4th century AD.

    Egyptology was established in the early to mid 1800s as an academic discipline by scientists Emmanuel de Rougé, Samuel Birch and Heinrich Brugsch. In 1880, Flinders Petrie revolutionised the field of archaeology through controlled and scientifically recorded excavation and dated Egyptian culture back as early as 4500 BC. The British Egypt Exploration Fund was founded in 1882 and in 1919 the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago established Egyptology in the USA – financed by JD Rockefeller Jr.


    The Rutherford Atomic Model Of an Atom

    The Rutherford model of the atom, with electrons orbiting a nucleus – showing the atom to be similar to a Solar system…

    Nuclear physics is the field of physics that studies atomic nuclei and their constituents and interactions. Nuclear physics includes studies of nuclear components such as protons and neutrons, forces such as the strong force, and phenomena such as radioactive decay, nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion.

    Nuclear physics started with the discovery of radioactivity by Henri Becquerel in 1896 and the electron by JJ Thomson (1897). Their model of the atom was a positively charged ball with small negatively charged electrons embedded inside it. Becquerel and Marie and Pierre Curie later discovered three types of radiation which they named alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. In 1911 the Ernest Rutherford discovered the “nucleus” of the atom as a high central charge concentrated in a small volume that also contained the bulk of the atomic mass overall. The neutron was discovered in 1932 by James Chadwick which allowed scientists to calculate the binding energy of each nucleus within 1% of Einstein’s calculation of the equivalence of mass and energy (1934). The model of the atom was completed with the Vector Meson theory developped by Alexandru Proca in 1936, and finalised by Hideki Yukawa. The final model is an atom containing a tight ball of neutrons and protons held together by the strong nuclear force – unless the nuclei is too large…

    Nuclear physics

    Hubble eXtreme Deep Field image

    The “Hubble eXtreme Deep Field” image combines imagery taken over the past decade of the constellation Fornax. With a total of over two million seconds of exposure time, it is the deepest image of the Universe ever made…

    Cosmology is a branch of astronomy concerned with the studies of the origin and evolution of the universe, from the Big Bang to today and on into the future. It is the scientific study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe.

    The term cosmology was first used in English in 1656 in Thomas Blount’s Glossographia, and in 1731 taken up in Latin by German philosopher Christian Wolff, in Cosmologia Generalis.



    Cosmology, Egyptology – an interesting binary Unreal. A good point.

    Let’s have a proper gander at the ever present [single sourcing the whole charade with his camera] Mr Schade.
    Apparently gay, another good thing.

    but one who likes travelling the world with “his family”
    Tourist Michael Schade said he and his family were on the volcano
    Schade shared that his mom tended to a woman who was in critical condition, but “seemed strong by the end.”
    But what’s this?

    Described now a spontaneous violent eruption [see above…]

    San Francisco tourist Michael Schade had just left White Island and was eating lunch on a tour boats when the volcano suddenly erupted.
    ‘It went from nothing going on to it erupting,’
    he told the station, describing how he watched on as crew on the boat ordered everyone inside and sped away from the dock.

    Schade said the group boarded the boat with a range of injuries, including varying severity of burns. Crew and passengers worked together to gather water, medicine and clothing to use as bandages and blankets.

    The usual civilian heroes.

    ‘It just looked like what you see of a nuclear bomb going off, is what it looked like, kind of was turning into a mushroom cloud,‘ Dan Harvey, a commercial fisherman who was out at sea at the time of the eruption, told Radio New Zealand. ‘The way it just expanded around itself and just went straight up into the sky.’

    Officials said it’s unlikely the volcano will erupt again in the next 24 hours but have warned people to stay away from the area.

    i.e. keep away from the hoaxing zone.

    Back stories are still being honed, but we have this newly-wed ** couple lovingly sent to hospitals hundreds of miles apart. Facebook wedding photos carefully loaded up to facebook for the MSM to find.

    Lauren Urey, 32, and Matthew Urey, 36, had been visiting New Zealand from Richmond, Virginia, and were on Whakaari White Island when it erupted Monday
    Concerned mother Barbara said she received a troubling message from her son-in-law Matthew, which said they were ‘burned very bad’ on the way to hospital ***
    Barham said she had no idea of the horror unfolding on the other side of the world, or that her daughter was involved in the chaos until she received a call
    She said she was alerted when Royal Caribbean called her just after midnight to tell her the newlyweds hadn’t returned to their cruise ship after their tour
    An Auckland Hospital representative later told Barham that Lauren was in surgery to be treated for burns, while Matthew was airlifted to Christchurch

    Family members of the couple are currently making arrangements to fly to New Zealand and visit them in the hospital

    “family members” will have a long commute between the hospitals.

    ** a frequent occurrence in HRDPARs

    *** but not affecting their texting prowess

    Mr Schade also had a big spread in the SF Bay area news but he seems to have gone to ground on Twitter – strange for the photographic single source…

    Is there anything in this MSM global story which passes the smell test? Looks like the same old disaster drill formula to me.

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    Apparently gay, another good thing.

    Hmm, maybe “47 Schade’s of gay” then ?

    Agree completely how the survivor narrative sound uncanningly hollow as is the case in all PsyOp’s, and going from one hospital to another seems only appropriate for public confusion, not efficient health care.

    I’m not sure how many percent one need to be burned in order to be dead already, but 80% burns sounds more than a human would withstand even with swift medical attention.

    Daily Mail
    Victims of the New Zealand volcano island eruption are so badly burned and disfigured police are struggling to identify them

    The “newly wed” honeymoon scenario also sounds very poorly inspired – which is probably why this meme pops up so often in media-fakery as hoaxers fall back on previous memes and stereotypes meant to stir up emotion and empathy.

    Urey – Your Eye (phonetic anagram from “ur ey”)

    makeshift memorial at the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship
    Flowers already laid at a makeshift memorial for White Island volcano victims in the vicinity of the “Ovation of the Seas” cruise ship


    The treatment of patients with extensive burns remains a major challenge, even with advances in burn care over recent decades. Some publications have suggested that survival rates reach 50% in young adults sustaining a Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) burned of 80% without inhalation injury. Recent U.S. data indicate a 69% mortality rate among patients with burns over 70% of TBSA.

    Outcome predictors and quality of life of severe burn patients admitted to intensive care unit

    Needless to say, the mortality rate of severe burns is dramatic, and get worse with age and in absence of immediate health care… Flying from hospital to hospital across NZ clearly would represent serious health hazards.

    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust arrive on White Island after the volcano eruption
    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust arrive on White Island after the volcano eruption


    The ‘body burnt beyond recognition” is another standard psy-op trope. It also opens the door to “DNA Identification” sub-plots to keep the story running in the MSM.

    A prominent case is found in the 1905 Ferndale colliery explosion in Wales. What went on underground is not provable. [cf Diana in the tunnel…] Perhaps these were earlier media disaster drills followed by reassignment overseas?

    Being unable to speak has also been used before, a way of keeping a vicsim out of the public eye ***

    “They cannot speak in any way, shape or form.”

    [source Daily Mail

    Investigators say recovering the eight bodies remaining on the island could take some time amid fears of another eruption and toxic gasses. **
    Police have announced a probe ‘into the circumstances of the deaths and injuries’ on behalf of the coroner, but backtracked on an earlier announcement of a criminal investigation.
    [but leaving the door open to the legal profession later, perhaps….

    Any other standard script re-use? Naturally – the long and complex process of identification…

    New Zealand Police D
    eputy Commissioner John Tims said officers are trying to return bodies to grieving families.
    ‘The nature of the injuries that people have suffered is severe and means identifying them is a complex matter,‘ he said.

    This script needs some life injecting into it.


    Nearly all the wounded had burns covering more than 30 per cent of their body.

    “I’ve never seen burns like it. It was horrific. The people just kept coming and coming,” said Lillani Hopkins, who was on one of the tourist boats that pulled people off the island.
    “We had to clean people. People’s tongues were burnt, we had to clear their airways and their eyes.”
    The burns wards were like war zones, a year’s worth of casualties admitted within hours.

    Little evidence of 0-30 per cent burns then. All or nothing. [27 / 31 as per Channel 9 video, link below] “Like Chernobyl” [lol!!]

    ** which is the normal state of affairs during any tourist visit….
    ***Here’s its use in a 2013 Australian suspicious event in Brisbane

    “We have some photos. You can see some markings on the photos that indicate perhaps where the bodies are,” deputy commissioner John Tims said.
    “We’ve got an idea. Certainly the bodies are covered in ash. We’re unsure what the state of the bodies will be in.”

    Two dozen Australians were ‘caught’ in the ‘eruption’
    IS there a doctor in the house? Certainly

    Emergency department physician Dr John Bonning said scenes at Whakat?ne Hospital in the aftermath of the volcanic eruption were like a “war zone”.
    “All the patients we saw were very, very severely injured,” he said.

    Note the duping at 3:07 of a “relative” causing the interview to be cut short. Tut tut.

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    Hidden Volcano’s under water :

     The total number of submarine volcanoes is estimated to be over 1 million, of which some 75,000 rise more than 1 km above the seabed. 

    Submarine Volcanoes (wiki)

    Visible Volcano’s on land :

     During the past 10,000 years, there are about 1500 volcanoes on land that are known to have have been active 

    Volcanoes on Earth’s surface (volcano discovery)

    Pretty convenient there are 300 times more volcanoes hidden by water than visible on the Earth’s surface. This equates to one volcano every 3.500 km2 under water, and one volcano every 1.020.200 km2 on land,,,, The difference is so significant that science clearly acts as a handy reinforcer of the reality of the natural abundance of volcano’s overall.

    Puu Oo
    Pu’u O’o Volcano on Kilauea, Hawaii


    While we await the chequerboard of “victims”, we have a list of the “missing”
    Alice Caroline Keenan, London *** Anne Frances Hewell, Ponty pool Annie Yongan Lu, Shunde, China Anthony Langford, North Sydney Ashley joynes, Grantham Barbara Hollander, Chicago Berend Hollander, Chicago Bob Hare, Akron, Ohio Cathy Huang, San Francisco Chan Chi Keung, Hong Kong Chandrakant Yadav, Amdabahd, India/US citizen Danielle Tallagsen, Baltimore Deb Rakos, Darlington Françoise Laurans Gavin Brian Dallow, Adelaide Gavin Dallow, unkown George Giustino, Rocville Centre Glenda Abbott, Canada Guilherme Malheiro Gomes, Portugal Guyon, L’Isle d’Espagnac Ivy Kohn Reed, Concord, MA Jacquelyn Zammit, Australia Jaime Abrera Jr, Manila Jane Murray, Sydney Jason David Griffiths, Coffs Harbour Jennifer Margarita Cooke, Kolkata Jeremy Ezra Johnson, California Jesse Langford, North Sydney Jessica Richards, Australia Julie Richards, Australia Karla Mathews, Coffs Harbour Karla Michelle Mathews, Troy, New York Kathleen Swanick, Australia Kristine Langford, Melbourne Krystal Browitt, Hampton, Virginia Lauren Barham Urey, Hampton, Virginia Leah Helen Wagner, Arlington, Virginia Li Shun Wa, Hong Kong Lisa, Adelaide Majorie Peterson, St Louis Man Kuen Cheng, China Martin Hollander, Australia Matthew Evans, Wales Matthew Hollander, Chicago Matthew Ryan Urey, Greenville Pennsylvania Nicholas London, Unknown Patricia Jan Lovegrove, New Guinea Patricia Rose Hare, US Petrus Kreutz, Holland Richard Aaron Elzer, Coffs Harbour Robert Carl French, Idaho Roger Patrick Cullen, Kolkata Sarah Jane Hautaniemi, Christchurch Shane, Newcastle, NSW Sonia Elizabeth Yadav, Guatemala Sylvia Rudland-Wood, England *** Tina Kwan, unknown

    unknown lol!
    *** AGED 80 LOL!
    Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/10/new-zealand-volcano-victims-list-missing-released-red-cross-11589195/https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/

    The “whole family” re-assignment without orphans or widows is another prominent piece of styling
    Family of four, Anthony, 51, Kristine, Jesse, 19, and Winona Langford, 17, have not been heard from.

    First pictures of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13

    ***The “mix-up” – another standard narrative twist to give an impression of ‘confusion’ in a ‘disaster’

    The Sun is not naming the missing Brits because they haven’t been confirmed by authorities to have been on White Island.
    Brits Alice Keenan, 27, and Sylvia Rudland-Wood, 80, were initially on the missing list but her ** family has said she is safe.
    Mum Kate, of Chesterfield, Derbys, told The Sun: “Alice has managed to get a message to us that she’s safe on New Zealand’s South Island.
    “We’re incredibly relieved. She wasn’t part of the cruise tour party and plans to continue her trip.”


    Yet – TEN British people are reported missing elsewhere. Hmmm,

    Two British women were in hospital tonight after eruption of a volcano in New Zealand that killed at least five.

    A further eight are missing and they are feared to have died in the eruption, which spewed rocks, gas and scalding ash 12,000ft into the air. Police said there were “no signs of life” on White Island, 30 miles from New Zealand’s North Island, and are due to restart rescue operations at daybreak. A total of 31 people are in hospital.

    Here comes the usual “consular assistance” [with relocation/reassignment] sub-plot –


    Laura Clarke, the UK High Commissioner to New Zealand, said on Twitter: “We are supporting the family of two British women who have been hospitalised in New Zealand. My team are deploying to offer assistance in person..

    ** Was also lost but now was found…
    Sylvia Rudland-Wood, 80, was one of 10 British people registered missing after the eruption. Mrs Rudland-Wood’s granddaughter **** Amba Bottrell told The Times: “My dad was able to ring an emergency hotline and speak with her and she is fine.

    **** the usual distant relative. There appears to be no UK resident called Sylvia Rudland-Wood afaics. I guess she lives in Australia where her granddaughter lives.
    Facebook photos uploaded ad lib by all “victims”


    Webcam image showing hikers [ i’ve not spotted the hikers yet ] walking on the crater rim of the White Island volcano 1 minute before the 2:11 PM eruption

    The picture above is not suspect per say, its just ackward the webcam either stopped working or the following footage was deemed “un-newsworthy” despite apparently being well positioned and able to deliver the actual images of the White Island volcano eruption.

    Baffling – the video footage and image frames likely do exist, but probably witheld for the coming criminal investigation…

    The Guardian
    New Zealand police to investigate volcanic eruption – as it happened

    Police backtrack on criminal investigation into White Island / Whakaari deaths


    “A mobile triage unit is on its way to the island”

    @3:20 the “expert” doesn’t know how ash has got to the camera which is located near the coast, lol! That’s convenient – no image for the next click of the camera 9 minutes after the alleged eruption. Yet another hoax clue

    but Jeff Kilgore hasn’t seen the footage. Perhaps not a very curious vulcanologist.
    same old “2:10 pm ” image on repeat
    flickr pics from 2011 of the rim and crater

    Heart of the crater

    Tour video
    uploaded May 2019, Filmed February 2019

    The crater looks a long long way down to the lake from the rim. I’m not buying this at all.


    The usual themes – heroes, deaths announced on facebook [as you do…]

    and the helicopter pilot who couldn’t bring his mate back who was beyond help”
    “like running through talcum powder”

    Listen to the interviewer guiding the “witness” Note the total absence of detail in this recited script –

    “the volcano was pretty active” come across a guy there I recognised….you knew it was a mate of yours, You knew it was hayden somehow? yeah… he was in a pretty bad way… “so I just pulled him out from where he was and made him as comfortable as I could just so er he’s there when we go back to get him… “obviously he was beyond help at that point ?” “yeah beyond help?” yeah yeah yeah beyond help yep” “Do you expect to go back to get him, do you want to go back to get him? “yeah, we would have loved to have gone back to get him. but we were .instructed not to go back out….pretty hard to take…want a bit of closure…start a job..finish it…”

    And who should upload a video of the eruption, but Hayden’s sister-in-law…at 2:21 PM local time….

    has the volcano really only been “erupting” for 10 minuntes?

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    Farcebook post above:

    “Friends and family, very sad news this evening. My bro Hayden Marshall-Inman has past away doing the one thing he loved. Thanks for all your messages. I’ll be in touch when we know more.”


    [Dear(est), Beloved]Friends and family[family and friends], [just?] very sad news this evening. My bro Hayden Marshall-Inman has past away [people can make these misstakes while emotional. Or this can be a legal thing so they can never be held responsible for saying the correct “passed away”, what a strange way of talking about a volcano death?] doing the one thing he loved [most?]. Thanks [Thank you all so much??] for all your messages [of support, strength, prayers, etc.?]. I’ll be in touch when [the pizzas arrive???] we know more.”

    I know more. Thanks.

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    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Deadly Volcanoes in recorded History

    The White Island eruption with 6 victims so far has become part of the list of the 61 deadly volcanoes in recorded history.
    At this point of the White Island catastrophe, it is clear that the death toll appears artificial as we’ve already found probing signs of typical vicsim narratives and inconsistencies.

    Normally natural catastrophes are left out of thorough investigation as hoaxes. What the White Island debacle informs us would be there are definite signs of preplanning of the event itself with presence of fake casualties and injuries.

    It would be unlikely the 2019 White Island disaster is the first occurrence where natural volcano activity has been skillfully used as to create a fear mongering event of worldwide media attention.

    Just as terror hoaxes are conceived following a long tradition of fake terrorism, so is it likely fake volcano eruption victims follow customs that date back further than we might suspect.

    No doubt, looking back at both 21st and 20th century examples of volcano eruptions might surely give us a better idea of how volcanoes actually fit into media-fakery and to what extent TPTB are able to mold natural catastrophe to fit their agenda of worldwide shock and awe.
    Deadly Volcanoes in recorded History (61)
    2019 New Zealand Whakaari/White Island 6 †
    2018 Indonesia Anak Krakatoa 437 †
    2018 Guatemala Volcán de Fuego 190 †
    2014 Japan Mount Ontake 63 †
    2014 Indonesia Sinabung 16 †
    2011 Eritrea Nabro Volcano 31 †
    2010 Indonesia Mount Merapi 353 †
    2010 Guatemala Pacaya 3 †
    2007 Yemen Jebel at Tair 4 †
    2002 Congo Nyiragongo 245 †
    1997 Montserrat Soufrière Hills 19 †
    1993 Colombia Galeras 9 †
    1991 Philippines Mount Pinatubo 847 †
    1991 Japan Mount Unzen 43 †
    1985 Colombia Nevado del Ruiz 23000 †
    1982 Mexico El Chichón 3500 †
    1982 Indonesia Galunggung 18 †
    1980 United States Mount St. Helens 57 †
    1977 Congo Nyiragongo 70 †
    1973 Iceland Eldfell 1 †
    1971 Chile Mount Hudson 5 †
    1968 Costa Rica Volcán Arenal 87 †
    1963 Indonesia Mount Agung 1584 †
    1953 New Zealand Mount Ruapehu 151 †
    1952 Japan Bayonnaise Rocks 31 †
    1951 New Guinea Mount Lamington 2942 †
    1944 Italy Mount Vesuvius 27 †
    1930 Indonesia Mount Merapi 1369 †
    1926 Japan Mount Tokachi 144 †
    1919 Indonesia Kelud 5000 †
    1914 New Zealand Whakaari/White Island 10 †
    1902 Martinique Mount Pelée 30000 †
    1902 Guatemala Santa Maria 6000 †
    1902 St Vincent Soufrière 1680 †
    1902 Japan Tori-shima 150 †
    1897 Philippines Mount Mayon 1335 †
    1892 Indonesia Awu 1532 †
    1888 Japan Mount Bandai 477 †
    1886 New Zealand Mount Tarawera 150 †
    1883 Indonesia Krakatoa 36000 †
    1877 Ecuador Cotopaxi 1000 †
    1861 Indonesia Makian 326 †
    1861 Eritrea Dubbi 106 †
    1856 Indonesia Awu 2806 †
    1845 Colombia Nevado del Ruiz 1000 †
    1843 Italy Mount Etna 56 †
    1822 Indonesia Mount Galunggung 4011 †
    1815 Indonesia Mount Tambora 71000 †
    1792 Japan Mount Unzen 15000 †
    1790 Hawaii Kilauea 400 †
    1783 Iceland Laki and Grímsvötn 10000 †
    1783 Japan Mount Asama 1151 †
    1772 Indonesia Mount Papandayan 2957 †
    1700 Canada Tseax Cone 2000 †
    1669 Italy Mount Etna 1500 †
    1631 Italy Mount Vesuvius 3360 †
    1600 Peru Huaynaputina 1500 †
    1595 Colombia Nevado del Ruiz 600 †
    1586 Indonesia Kelud 10000 †
    1257 Indonesia Mount Samalas, Lake Segara, Anak 15000 †
    79 Italy Mount Vesuvius 13000 †
    1815 eruption of Mount Tambora ash fall
    The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora was the most powerful in human recorded history with an estimated 71.000 victims. Pictured above is the estimated volcanic ashfall regions with red areas show thickness of volcanic ash fall – the outermost region reached Borneo and Sulawesi (1cm ash)


    Just to keep checking the PsyOp check-boxes – now GoFundMe campaigns already pop up…

    Not surprisingly for a Psychological Operation, there are not only inflated death tolls but also numerous fake injuries conjured up as to reinforce the dramatical effect sought after. With White Island, it clearly is all about burns.

    Jason was on White Island when the volcano erupted

    It’s with a heavy heart I say Jason has passed away, his mum and grandmother by his side. Please help bring Jason home and help the family say goodbye.

    Jason is in a critical condition with Acid Burns to 80 to 90% of his body as well as head trauma.
    Karen Jason’s mum is hoping to leave for NZ early tomorrow, to be by her son’s side, the family needs your help for the long hospital stay and ongoing expenses.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated even as little as $1.00

    NZ Volcano Jason Griffith critical burn vicsim

    Jason Griffith is a 80-90% burn victim asking GoFundMe support (GFM page here)

    Matt and Lauren Urey suffered severe injuries as a result of the volcanic eruption on White Island in New Zealand. The couple was visiting the island as part of an excursion on a cruise. Matt and Lauren were married on October 18, 2019 and this cruise was part of their honeymoon.

    Matt and Lauren Relief Fund

    Matt and Lauren Urey (aka Your Eye) now also asking GFM support (GFM page here)


    Let’s see if any of the “missing” -8 in number, allegedly, turn up by a strange plot twist. 30 are allegedly and said to be “in hospital”. 30+8+6 = 44, so we’re 3 short of 47.

    Officials have confirmed that two Britons are being treated in hospital, but their names and conditions are unclear.

    Sky News 11 December 2019

    A UK couple is named elsewhere as potential “lined up” vicsims. [ideal relocation/retirement couple] Facebook photos handily available.

    Karl Rakos, 57, and wife Deborah, 50, from Darlington, have been listed as missing on an unofficial Red Cross website *** following the disaster, which struck on Monday.
    Mark Rakos, 35, says he has been unable to contact his father or stepmother – who were on a cruise around New Zealand – since Sunday, and is worried for their safety.

    The UK High Commissioner in New Zealand has confirmed there are two British women among the wounded in hospital, but has not identified them.
    ‘I’ve been asking my grandmother (if she has heard from the couple) because he’s not been in touch and I’m starting to scare myself.

    source Mail

    ***However this is a rabbit hole [suspense motif…] because hey, they suddenly get in contact.

    Karl’s mother, 77-year-old Jean Rakos, said family members had been concerned that they had not heard from the couple since news of the disaster broke. But on Tuesday evening she confirmed the couple had made contact and were on a cruise ship heading for Australia.
    Speaking from her home in Ferryhill, County Durham, she said: “He’s on the ship. He’s on his way to Australia. He will be there tomorrow.”

    Source Guardian
    The Missing
    Gavin and Lisa Dallow on their wedding day two years ago. i.e. a potential complete family releocation but…. Lisa has “been found in hospital”.** Interesting – Dad and Stepdaughter “missing”, biological mother survived. But, the narrative could play out with hospital deaths. Let’s see.

    However we did note earlier the complete missing family of 4
    Anthony and Kristine Langford and their two teenage children Jesse and Winona – are among those feared missing
    Who will “confirm”? Sydney’s Marist College North Shore confirmed the family were missing as if they have some deeper insight.
    And bringing the total up to eight **, we have…
    Another tour guide, Tipene Maangi, is thought to have been on the volcano when it erupted, but the 24-year-old’s relatives have not given up hope.
    His partner, Kuini Morehu-Waenga, suffered through a sleepless night and is “absolutely devastated,” according to New Zealand’s Newshub.

    **So that’s only 7 missing.


    honoring Rick and Carla
    Second GoFundMe page to honor “Rick & Carla” (GFM page here)

    We are raising money to cover the out-of-pocket expenses and costs of travelling to New Zealand to seek answers, grieve and return to Australia, our loved ones, Rick and Karla who were taken from us by the White Island Volcano disaster. Any donations will go directly to family members who can least afford the expenses. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    A bit about Rick and Karla, so much to say! Rick was a gentle human being, thoughtful, honest, humble and funny. He enjoyed good company and being social but was mostly a private person, only sharing himself fully with those closest to him. Karla was a beautiful soul, kind, considerate and always thinking about others before herself. We all wish we had more time on this earth with them.

    We will miss you so much!

    NZ Volcano Support the Browitt Family

    The Browitt’s need help as well (GFM page here)

    The Browitt family were holidaying on a cruise of a lifetime onboard Ovation of the Seas. Sadly, they were on White Island when the volcano erupted.

    Whilst the mother Marie stayed behind on board the ship, her husband Paul and two daughters Stephanie and Krystal were on the island when the volcano erupted.

    Paul is in Auckland in a coma in the burn’s unit, Stephanie is in Christchurch in the burns unit in a coma. Sadly, the youngest Krystal is yet to be found and listed as missing.

    Help support Marie and the family, they need all our thoughts and prayers and most importantly financial help to cope with this ordeal.


    The press of course is not far behind in spreading news of how to be of help in dire times.

    New Zealand Herald
    Fundraisers set up to help families, victims of Whakaari/White Island

    Canberra Times
    Families fundraise for NZ volcano victims


    More flower tributes for vicsims near the water in Whakatane, New Zealand


    With White Island, it clearly is all about burns.

    It certainly is, Unreal!

    New Zealand health authorities have ordered 1.2 million square cm (1291 square feet) of skin from the United States to treat patients suffering severe burns from Monday’s volcanic eruption.
    Dr Peter Watson from Middlemore Hospital, where the country’s National Burns Unit is located, said that in the 24 hours after the eruption the unit dealt with the workload it would normally deal with in one year.
    Some patients have burns to up to 95 per cent of their bodies. Surgeons have been working around the clock on 29 patients in several burns units across the country since White Island erupted on Monday.

    source, Telegraph

    Here comes the DVI [Disaster Victim Identification” drill
    The Chief Coroner, who doesn’t see any bodies, has declared “A MASS FATALITY INCIDENT” – a multi-disciplinary response. Only 6 fatalities so far….
    another “witness” Tim Barrow, helicopter pilot appears who went to the “centre of the crater” really found a survivor “caked in ash”

    “Like a scene from armageddon”

    Another Doctor wheeled out – Dr John Kenealy clinical director of surgery at Middlemore Hospital -think the Pulse nightclub hoax when the medical professionals had to perform in front of camera….
    Dr Vanessa Thornton, clinical head at Middlemore was also wheeled out…
    “one or two very sick patients, upto 90 percent burns, we’re hoping they will survive”

    Severe burns are among the most traumatic injuries a person can endure but the Whakaari/White Island patients will be receiving world-class care, a nurse who worked in a burns unit says.
    “You have practice simulations where they do a mock disaster, so you are prepared. But when it does happen you still can’t quite believe it,” said the woman, who asked not to be named as she still works in the health sector.
    “Normally it would be a train or plane crash or something like that. It’s just horrific what’s happened… as well as their burn injuries they obviously will have inhalation burns from the different gases. So that is a battle in itself.”

    The country’s four regional hospital burns units in Middlemore Hospital, Christchurch, Waikato and Hutt Valley are at capacity following Monday’s eruption, with many patients in critical condition.
    Some patients may be transferred to Australian hospitals when well enough, in order to be closer to family. Middlemore Hospital’s burns unit received the equivalent of a year’s worth of work in one day since the eruption

    Disaster drill, pure and simple. And there will always be professionals eager to read out their scripts, because it WAS a drill for them.

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    Not everybody buys the narrative…

    [and replies]

    and another video of the plume not shot by Schade, but an apparent Brazilian tourist..

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by Xileffilexxileffilex.

    ^^ the second Moura video is v. strange – is it CGI? It’s from the same boat, alleged, that Schade was filming from. And why is the previous instagram video now blank despite being well liked?
    Is Moura another plant, like Schade?

    A commenter says she saw Moura’s video on the BBC….which helpfully links to Moura and Alessandro’s NARRATIVE twitter posts [another standard hoax narrative delivery method] managed by The Project NZ

    The Project NZ @TheProject_NZ – [3 consecutive tweets] ^^
    10 Dec
    “The captain just turned the boat around. At that moment we didn’t understand what was happening, we didn’t understand why we were going back to the island because our first reaction was… run away.” – Brazilian tourist Aline Moura was filming #Whakaari when the volcano erupted.
    “Some people were feeling too cold… I think it’s one reaction when someone gets burned, and everyone just takes all of their jackets, all of their tops… when we didn’t’ have more clothes we just tried to hug those ones that we could hug, that we could touch” #Whakaari
    “We can say the people who were injured… they were so brave, they were so strong… They were incredible. We just want to give our love, our prayers… We hope everyone is going to be okay.” #Whakaari #WhiteIsland #TheProjectNZ

    yeah yeah…

    That’s their holiday paid for…

    The earliest reports of a plume – 2.21 pm NZ time

    Twitpic posted 1:26 AM GMT = 2:26 PM NZT

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