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    ” Terrified passengers on a White Island tour boat leaped from the upper deck of the blazing vessel into the choppy ocean off Whakatane yesterday as flames quickly engulfed the ferry.
    One woman, who jumped off the PeeJay V after a day visiting the volcano with her husband, described the frightening moment she feared the vessel would explode.
    Sue Odom and husband Nick were among 60 passengers and crew forced to make the terrifying decision of staying on board long enough for rescue vessels to reach the stricken tour boat, or jumping into the sea about 1km from shore on a wet, stormy afternoon, after a fire broke out about 3.45pm. “

    That’s a flaky story.
    How interesting, then, that he’s a Cambridge University educated UK consultant cardiothoracic surveon who moved to New Zealand and retired circa 2018
    1968 ODOM, Dr Nick retired at the end of May. He wasaconsultantcardiothoracicsurgeon in
    Manchesterfor overtwenty years but moved to Hamilton, New Zealand in 2011. He will bestaying in New Zealand,afterleaving his job at Waikato Hospital.

    source St John’s College magazine

    He married Sue in 1998 when he would have been in his late 40s

    Even more interesting….in 2017, we read

    A penniless gardener sent a chilling extortion threat to a Cheshire lawyer after becoming envious of his successful lifestyle.
    He was targeted by Josh Odom, 21, who was acquainted with the Dunne family after attending primary school with the lawyer’s oldest son.
    Odom – who had been in custody for five weeks since his arrest, was given 20 months jail suspended for 18 months and was ordered tom complete 250 hours unpaid work and was ordered to electronically tagged for four months under the terms of a 9pm to 5am curfew.
    He and his siblings were taken into care a long time ago when he was five.
    Odom who was orphaned as a young child and then dumped by his adoptive parents had just lost a well paid job as a farm manager

    “He and two younger siblings were adopted by a good family. His father had an extremely good job and continues to practice in that area in New Zealand. One can see that it seems that the reasons for this adoption was they wanted a baby and from a very early age this defendant and his middle brother were told these two were not wanted – the only reason they were adopted is because they wanted the younger child.
    “Aged 15 his father gets a position in New Zealand and they live there. He ends up being put into care. He had to find himself in care living in Stretford. His brother went with them and then came back and it seems the adoptive family washed their hands.

    A sad case if true.

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    Very informative thread. Got one for you (if it uploads), the cloud, the way it grows, reminiscent of 9-11. No velocity to it.



    Cloud Generating Machines, similar.

    Cloud Generating Machines



    A sad case if true

    Indeed the Odom’s (s’Odom) family do appear suspect, and like father like son ?

    Reading the article on Josh there is very little that rings true such as going from a 6000£ a month job to 300£ – all to justify blackmailing a couple who seemingly are very happy to show off in the papers. A trial, a resolved case and lots of newsworthy details makes the whole story appear as fake as Josh Odom’s father lucky escape from the burning White Island Tours wooden boat.

    ” The blackmail plot began on May 12 this year after Odom lost his £6,000 a month post on a farm in Cheshire and took up a job as a £300 a week landscape gardener. ”

    Too many 3 & 6 – article


    ” Whakaari was named “White Island” by Captain Cook on 1 October 1769. Although Cook sailed close to the island, he did not record that it was a volcano. The Maori name Whakaari is recorded in multiple 19th century texts by Europeans, with one mention dating back to 1849 ”

    Whakaari / White Island (wiki)

    The recorded history of White Island is rather short and officially begins with Captain “history” Cook sailing by in 1769 and not noticing the island was a volcano. Next we know of White Island it apparently shows up in the 1851 Great Exposition at the Cristal Palace with a watercolor painting by Charles Heapy of the Royal Geographical Society, and a scale model in sulphur by C. Ligar (referenced here).

    In other words, White Island went from an unrecognizable volcano island* in 1769 to a studied volcano island in 1851 which is noteworthy (82 years). The fact White Island was chosen to be exposed at an occasion known to Fakeologists for the introduction of Dinosaurs should also be food for after-taught.

    White Island crater by Charles Heaphy
    Watercolor of White Island crater (ca 1850) by Charles Heaphy, Royal Geographical Society (Alexander Turnbull Library)

    The interpretation of anagrams is very subjective, but the similarity of a hawk eye does liken to the aerial view of a volcano. Of course terra forming seems very outlandish pertaining to White Island, but the early interest of the British Royal Geographical Society sure stand out as intriguing, just like the seemingly encoded drawing from Charles Heapy.

    Whakaari – Hawk Ai Ra (phonetic anagram of Hawk eye Ra)

    * any accomplished explorer would surely inform themselves as to the local history and lore while also being alert to potential danger – very hard to not be informed of a dangerous, visitable place such as the White Island volcano that even today is a staple tourist attraction


    Cloud Generating Machines, similar.

    That’s a rocket engine* volcano…

    Great exemple (Rachel) of how NASA is capable of faking their space rockets, and as we know they aren’t doing much flying in Space, it is straightforward to deduce NASA is all about fakery and illusion.

    Thus the “technology” NASA actually do possess is advanced methods of fakery which we have to assume equally serves in other types of fakery as well, such as the immense WTC smoke plume would attest to.

    Looking at NASA, they actually have a long history of faking rockets, they launched the Explorer 1 satellite rocket into space in 1958 which goes to show how making rocket clouds is old technology that seemingly works very well as it has most people fooled to this day.

    QM-2 test of Orbital ATK-built NASA SLS booster
    Northrop Grumman – 7 Jun 2018 – 0:55 mm:ss – 1K views

    RS-25 Rocket Engine Test Firing
    NASA – 18 Aug 2016 – 09:54 mm:ss – 104K views

    * the example from Rachel’s GIF is a NASA SLS booster which sure looks prety probant for staging a volcano – only the crater walls are missing in the footage to make the SLS booster test look like habitual volcano footage (ohh, and dissimulating the booster of course)


    Very interesting, Rachel and Unreal. It is absolutely clear from the narratives and images surrounding this event that it was a staged media event. How the effect was created is an interesting conjecture.
    As with many other hoaxes, CCTV camera are found not to be working. In this “eruption” the webcam on the island was suddenly turned off, suggesting that funny business had to be conducted post hoc, “because of the ongoing search and rescue effort” Suuuuure

    From the White Island page, January 2019
    GNS Science operate three cameras on Whakaari/White Island and one showing the island from Whakat?ne. Images are updated every 15 to 30 minutes and images from over the past 24 can be accessed at the GeoNet webpage for Whakaari/White Island. Check the images after your visit to White Island – you may be able to spot the little yellow dots which are the hard hats worn while on the island.

    We cannot trust GeoNet any more than we can trust NASA. Witness such statements as
    Sat Dec 14 2019 12:25 PM

    Expert judgement this morning is that there is a 35-50% chance (medium likelihood) of an eruption occurring that could impact outside of the vent area within the next 24 hours. This has decreased somewhat compared to yesterday.
    The table shows that the likelihood of an eruption is now about 100 times higher than in early December

    i.e. keep away, nosey people. Leave it to the experts, we don’t want you sampling “ash”.
    Note the graph on the page shows the trace from just one monitoring site on the island.

    From the White Island website [August 31 2019
    Due to tides, sea conditions and operational requirements our tour departure times vary on daily basis. Our morning tours generally depart between 8am and 10am and, where offered, our afternoon tours usually depart between 1pm and 2pm. We will confirm the exact departure time with you via email or phone call which is why it is very important that you provide contact details where we can get hold of you or that you ensure you contact us if you have not heard from us.

    So, an easily controlled passenger list.

    And the serialised suspense “recovery” operation continues with the absurd script provided

    Divers searching for a body off Whakaari/White Island are in contaminated water with zero to two metres visibility.
    They have to be washed off with fresh water each time they surface, Police national operations commander Deputy Commissioner John Tims said.
    “Divers have reported seeing a number of dead fish and eels washed ashore and floating in the water,” Tims said.

    It’s laughable.

    And as Unreal notes, the 2016 boat fire was a warm-up event for the 2019 “eruption” – victim stories, shaky filming through windows, dodgy witness testimony. And what better way to link up the two events for yet more news coverage but to rope in a “survivor” from January 2016!
    December 14 2019

    Brendan Paterson never got to thank the tour guide who saved him and his son from a burning boat returning from Whakaari/White Island.
    When he opened the newspaper on Tuesday, he immediately recognised Hayden Marshall-Inman’s face, *** among the dead from the eruption.
    Back in 2016, Marshall-Inman had scooped Paterson and his youngest son, Elliot, out of choppy seas when their tour boat caught fire on the way back from the island.

    *** like you do…

    the blaze looks like it is caused by theatrical pyrotechnics – and who was filming this?

    Oh look, in the bottom video, Dr Nick Odom recites his script..
    “black smoke came whooshing through the cabin within seconds the engine stopped, everybody got out of the cabin…dropping anchor…lifejackets passed roundd….boat was actually on fire smoke got thicker and thicker..on upper deck had to jump off from the second deck [laughs!] 12ft to 15 ft off the sea…let go ..grateful it happened where it did the other boats got to us quickly if we had been out at sea further out..very serious.. I gather that life rafts inside the cabin so not accessible …should have been ojt the outside of the boat ….the crew were fantastic absolutely superb,the captain and the crew were <strong very >helpful… there was no panic everyone was very calm and fortunately everything turned out alright…”

    suuuuure, a standard drill script. Where was Sue Odom, btw?

    The PeeJay V burnt to the waterline and sank.
    i bet it did!
    As neatly suggested by this photo

    In addition this event created a lot of work for the Inquiry experts making all their recommendations. [check!]
    While this minor event is not a natural disaster, it shows how the company has prepared for 2019’s volcanic eruption.


    Dr Nick Odom recites his script..

    And,,, He can’t resist laughing either.

    Another detail that might be noted is the heavy clothing that characterizes Nick Odom and the very light clothing worn by White Island skipper or staff on the burning PeeJay (top left corner in blue-white sweatshirt only).

    Comparing the close-up photos of the boat to the video from afar during Odom’s video interview, one might also question if the “accidental” fire much like the volcano eruption footage was prerecorded and/or tampered with. The relaxed attitude and light clothing from the detailed photo of the fire very much contrasts with the burning wreck footage from ashore – colors and weather looks off.

    2016 White Island Tours boat fire
    2016 White Island Tours boat fire – close-up picture, burning wreck picture from ashore and a smiling Nick Odom as he explains how he jumped into the apparently cold water


    Make no mistake, there is Nothing in this HRDPAR which doesn’t diverge from the standard drill script, whether the setting is a Tunisian Beach, a London Bridge, a Melbourne shopping mall. That the scriptwriters have chosen to use a slightly active volcanic island as the backdrop merely makes the event more newsworthy, giving greater world coverage, thus rewarding the extra investment in creating the extra-special effects.

    The usual dripping out of identifying “fatalities” has started

    Browitt was on the island with her sister Stephanie and her father Paul when the volcano erupted. Stephanie is in a coma in hospital with her mother, Marie, who stayed on board their cruise ship instead of taking the volcano trip, at her bedside. Paul Browitt is being treated for burns in hospital in Melbourne.

    The oh-so-preidctable precession of X [only 2 in this case] funeral hearses with identical symbolic caskets has also occurred [check!] in front of the massed cameras.

    Realistic? no?

    The families of those killed in the New Zealand volcano disaster were “jubilant” when six bodies were retrieved from White Island on Friday.

    The bodies were then flown to Whakatane Airport, where the families were given time to sit among their loved ones’ coffinsdespite not knowing which was their relative’s, deputy Labour leader Kelvin Davis said.

    source news.com.au

    The complex retrieval operation [check!] can be extended as required by the scriptwriters.
    Friday’s mission was carried out the elite SAS unit E Squadron ** after police and the NZDF decided that their recovery plan mitigated risk to a point they were comfortable to step foot back on the ash-covered island. It came after days of intense work by scientists measuring gas levels and considering the volcano’s stability.
    the drill continues….
    all of the agencies and the scientists locked away in the room… they will be doing exactly the same as they did the other day, presenting a plan

    **The squad members were shattered after Friday, according to [police commissioner Mike] Clements, so weren’t deployable on Saturday
    suuuure they weren’t
    “The operators on the ground yesterday were actually sinking up to calf level.
    who writes this [unverifiable] stuff?

    source News Hub NZ

    As Unreal has sapiently noted, burns is the leitmotif for this drill. [11/15 allegedly in burns units are allegedly “critical”] Note now this human interest story of heroism concerning a burns surgeon back from maternity leave with a 3-month old baby just for this event. True heroism.
    Here’s the only verifiable thing – Deirdre does hold a baby.

    Burns units are “AT CAPACITY”. We have to believe the experts.

    The National Emergency Management Agency is co-ordinating the all-of-government response to the volcanic eruption, which took place on Monday afternoon.
    More than 20 government and support agencies are responding to the incident.

    This is one big drill.

    What better person to front this “black box” charade than Dr Peter Watson the local chief health officer? An expert at saying nothing, it all soo sooo general. But everyone has been amazing [naturally]
    video RNZ

    “We expect a number of these people to be in our hospitals for weeks…several months” -suuuuure with 95per cent burns. That is resilience and excellence.
    Here he is again

    “amazing” “incredible” He can’t stop duping. The national plan has been activated. The carers and specialists will need counselling… the perfect disaster drill.


    No different from any other major media disaster event, the minimal amount of [re-recorded,controlled footage must be spun to the media and be let to evolve in a “natural” i.e. wooden way. Let’s examine how, for example, the BBC was fed this tissue of fakery
    google cache 03:46 UTC *** which is not necessarily the first upload
    A volcano has erupted in New Zealand with 100 people in the vicinity ** – leaving some unaccounted for, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said.
    Tourists were seen walking inside the rim of the White Island crater just moments before the eruption.

    The local mayor told New Zealand media she feared there had been injuries.

    ** the usual “mix up sub-routine

    By 5:08 AM *** [cache] the narrative had moved on
    A volcano has erupted in New Zealand with about 50 people in the vicinity – leaving “a number of them” unaccounted for, police said.

    Tourists were seen walking inside the rim of the White Island crater just moments before the eruption.

    Police said at least one of those evacuated from the island volcano has been critically injured.

    and had stabilised by 06:51 *** to…
    A volcano has erupted in New Zealand, leaving one dead and several unaccounted for, police have said.

    Tourists were seen walking inside the rim of the White Island crater just moments before the eruption.

    Police said 23 people had been rescued, but warned the number of dead was “likely” to rise. The area is currently too dangerous for a rescue operation.

    finally alighting on the headline for the European lunchtime headlines…
    A volcano has erupted in New Zealand, leaving five people dead and several unaccounted for, police have said.
    Tourists were seen walking inside the crater of White Island volcano moments before Monday’s eruption.

    But then, the favoured hoax couplet AT LEAST was inserted into the title, not the text for maximum hoaxing effect.

    timed at 10:16 am UTC cached at 10:35 am in the internet archive

    It’s not clear by which time the Schade footage had been released but they are present on the last BBC version.

    By 12:42 PM UTC, the story went mainline
    Reconnaissance flights over New Zealand’s White Island volcano have not identified any survivors there after Monday’s eruption, police say.

    Almost 50 people were believed to be on the island. Five people are known to have died and 23 were rescued.
    Early on Tuesday, police said they believed that anyone who could have been found alive had been evacuated.
    [Jacinda Arden] said falling ash was hampering attempts by rescuers to get to the site.


    *** I assume UTC otherwise the timeline doesn’t agree with what’s published and tweeted. Perhaps someone in another time zone can verify.

    Job done. The incident was alleged to have occurred at 01:11 [one-eleven] UTC, allowing the narrative to be built upon at leisure but with the impact having been made

    I would say the “Smoke and steam development” between the webcam at “01.10 UTC” and shortly afterwards to be quite remarkable and “explosive”, although nobody seems to have heard any explosion.

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    Are the controllers laughing at us?

    Not enough donor skin for burns patients, surgeon fears

    [In the strapless top], Lisa Dallow is being treated in Victoria’s [Australia] Alfred hospital. Husband Gavin allegedly died, daughter Zoe is allegedly missing.
    Lisa is in care of Dr Heather Cleland, a plastic surgeon and director of the Victorian Adult Burns Unit at the Alfred.
    **The world-renowned expert

    source NZ Herald Dec 14 2019

    And a couple missing, note the hooped top

    Australians Richard Elzer and Karla Mathews are missing and believed to still be on White Island.

    The gatekeepers at pprune have dug up a volcanic eruption from August 2014 in New Guinea. Turvurvur which was amazingly caught on camera and was prefaced by some alleged increased activity

    The ash cloud development is not dissimilar to White Island, with the addition of a realist BANG! Could this have been staged?
    I’m guessing the following 2008 upload shows the October 2006 eruption.

    Confusingly, the following blog photos show an eruption of Turvurvur in “2004” about which Wikipedia is silent.

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    Turvurvur Volcano Erupting… This cloud has a different dynamic in its movement, a definite upward momentum, no cloud at ground level…

    Compare that to the creeping cloud of this event…

    Easier seen with this ground level gif, the cloud is following the contour of the rock and looks like it will creep down the mountain, at which point the footage is cut.


    Not that I’m claiming Turvurvur Volcano Erupting might not also be a staged explosion. It just has a different look about it.

    I’m aware how long it takes to set-up equipment for things to look half decent. If, as you say (xileffilex) it is a 2006 eruption, the camera would have probably been recording to tape, storage time 60 minutes standard. Then there’s the batteries to consider. The footage is relatively stable, wind vibration only, so the camera will be mounted on a tripod. It is possible this is a crop-in shot, so we don’t know if the framing is as was, but they had time enough before the event to mount the camera, set up a stable shot pointing in the right direction, check the white balance, focus it. How long where they hanging around in readiness for it to blow?

    Also interesting regarding the Volcano Eruption in the Papua New Guinea footage. Three boats situated in a cross pattern, all ready for the explosion. Again, a tripod, camera centred on where the activity will happen, all in focus.


    But to digress a little, the helicopter damage referred to earlier in the thread interests me.

    It kind of has this feel about it…

    If you want to fake the scale of something, it’s all in the camera angle, and objects placed around the subject. (To confirm, picture below is a toy.)

    So, what do we have? A red medical bag and some sort of platform that might lead to somewhere interesting, if only we could see where…

    Right, so nowhere interesting actually, just a platform with no practical purpose other than to sell the impression something is off shot, and subliminal scaling. The helicopter’s actual size is decidedly less convincing from this second angle. Could it be a scale model? What is the spike to the left? And how big are we actually saying it is if to human scale?

    Also, if you look at helicopter crash footage on Youtube, there is no evidence that blades ever bend, they just shatter. It would seem there is no possibility for a real blade to be broken that way yet still remain attached. To do that would probably require some sort of plastic coating that is holding it together. What sort of helicopter features a design like that?

    It’s interesting what other kinds of accessories you can buy to go with your to-scale rc-helicopter kit…


    read this forum, Rachel – [gatekeeper alert]

    thanks for input.


    Interesting, thank you.

    Is this image proof that the helicopter is actually the correct scale? Hmm, if only it was that easy…

    To cast a full dark shadow on the cliff backdrop, the sun must be behind. Looking at the foreground, the light is coming from the left. Put this together, then the sun is somewhere behind the rocks to the left, therefore the shadow should be this side and to the right, but quite short. The people on the boat, the hardhats, the woman in pink, the thing next to her, the water foam this side of the raft, it doesn’t fit with the background, it doesn’t really fit with itself.


    To cast a full dark shadow on the cliff backdrop, the sun must be behind. Looking at the foreground, the light is coming from the left. Put this together, then the sun is somewhere behind the rocks to the left, therefore the shadow should be this side and to the right, but quite short.

    The background looks layered with the distant dark and shadow backdrop being different from the nearby scene where action takes place. This would be quite commonplace artefacts from filming outside scenes in a film-studio setting.

    White Island studio set

    As mentioned in previous post (here) this particular scene could be part of imagery produced in a studio setting with a scenic background

    Another curious fact is the early scale model of the White Island itself presented at the 1851 Great Exposition at Crystal Palace (London) by C Ligar (here). There are probably several ways to explain away why such a model was made (in sulphur…), but it remains indicative of how White Island very early on was of particular interest to the Elite of the Royal Geographical Society.

    Ligar – G Liar (acronym of “liar” with masonic “G” association)

    The “live” footage of the White Island volcano eruption figuring the pretend victims constitute the most important material for the press to exploit. From numerous precedents of hoaxed terror and death – it is quite established the perpetrators produce this material ahead of time in order to closely control the narrative unfolding later.

    There are not loads of different options as to how to produce this type of media-fakery material – it is either shot on location or in a film-studio.

    Shooting on location in this case (and most other cases i’m aware of) would be rather problematic as there would be issues of privacy and secrecy that would be hard to contain in such a small community on an island close to land. The incoming traffic, general logistics, various material needs, lodging staff and actors would be hard to justify without awakening attention.

    Filming the whole tourist tour in Studio makes much more sense in this case regarding the overall considerations of staging, actors and production tools.

    As much as logic hints to a studio-production of the fake victim footage, it does challenge our understanding of how a volcano behaves. It is unquestionable that powerful smoke-generators would be more than capable of producing the volcano eruption effects seen from coast on mainland New Zealand.

    If we subtract the fake victim videos there would be very few other tools necessary to fake the White Island eruption than to restrict access to the island and its vicinity, and use a powerful smoke generator close to the volcano to produce the visual impression of an eruption from the general public’s perspective on the mainland.


    All photos and videos attributed to Schade, posted on his twitter feed [and which found their way to all the national news outlets fairly quickly] are suspicious. No other fellow travellers on Schade’s boat have appeared. Schade may never even have been in New Zealand. He’s just a tool.

    Now, here’s an interesting tweet, a picture from one of the webcams on December 3
    “moderate unrest” What did they know?

    Interesting that the NZ “experts” have to go running to the NZ police for a lond-distance shot of the volcano.

    This is the only photo [with no provenance] which the experts have supplied to their web page
    “He was able to obtain some great observations and images for us.”

    One thing the hoaxers could not simulate was the falling of ash over the Schade scene.

    The island’s immediate surroundings were hazardous because of the eruption with falling volcanic debris and ash, the National Emergency Management Agency said in a statement.

    In a statement, St John medical responders said they believed at least 20 people were injured on White Island. St John also said it had dispatched seven helicopters to the island with paramedics aboard

    Al Jazeera
    No HRDPAR would be complete without dry-eye crisis acting
    Go to 0:50

    MEanwhile the drill narrative continues
    source Guardian
    [a] man died in Concord hospital almost a week after the deadly blast. It was the first death to occur in Australia following the eruption.
    The man’s family requested that his name and age was not released.

    and Sydney Langford now “confirmed dead” after “DVI” work.
    =[son] Jesse was found alive in hospital with burns to 90 per cent of his body, but[wife and daughter] Kristine and Winona remain unaccounted for
    source Mail
    Let’s see how that develops.

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    An essential component of this scam is the hoaxing up of the “search” on the sealed off island. We must rely on the wild imagination of the scriptwriters and, er, believe them.

    A 75-minute search of White Island by two four-person teams on Sunday morning failed to locate two missing bodies, one thought to be an Australian.
    The searchers were wearing the same protective clothing as the eight New Zealand Defence Force personnel who retrieved six bodies on Friday, however their breathing apparatus gave them just over an hour of oxygen.
    Wading through boiling, knee-deep acidic sludge, the team of experienced specialist soldiers tasked with recovering six bodies from Whakaari/White Island looked at each other in doubt.

    Underneath three layers of special garments their bodies were drenched in sweat, gas masks fogging up, claustrophobic heat attacking their resolve. There was a six per cent chance of being eliminated in another eruption.

    After adding two members to the team, they went back into the hostile territory and didn’t stop again until the six bodies had been recovered….. the ground underfoot was high and crusty, Matt said.

    It was when they reached the bodies at the island’s crater that they hit dense mud, and had difficulty lifting equipment over sharp ravines.

    ith their heavy apparatus, the team worked quickly in pairs to move the bodies to a central location…
    There were a few people vomiting, drinking water, and everyone was very fatigued.”

    “These guys have gone past the limits of endurance, what’s taken them past some of those limits has been their professionalism, but it’s also their human nature…
    [SAS member “Matt”] was absolutely “stoked” to bring six victims’ back to their families.

    I guess we have to take their word for all that drama….

    note the immaculate uniforms AFTER returning from the search in “difficult conditions”


    The Langfords: Anthony (far right) 51, and Kristine, 44, (second from right) Langford and their children Jesse, 19, (left) and Winona, 17, (second from left) set sail from Sydney last week on a Royal Caribbean cruise

    This image is a poor attempt at faking depth of field, and you’ve got to wonder why even bother when the image is meant to have come from a smartphone, which like go-pro cameras, are designed to get most things in focus.

    I don’t usually bother with fotoforensics.com (image upload link) because I know what it does, and most images, the result will be inconclusive. This one however is a good test piece to explain what fotoforensics actually indicates.

    Anthony, front layer, has unsharpen mask (sharpening) applied to make him pop, the white and black indicates a strong change in contrast that is not indicative to the image overall. Next Kristine layer, she instead has a small amount of gaussian blur applied, but is still sharper than the overall image. Next Winona layer, slightly more gaussian blur applied, then Jesse layer more again, all in a step progressive fashion. Then oddly it appears the black pole has been added, it has both blurring and sharpening artefacts that don’t match the rest of the background, which has been blurred out quite uniformly.

    What we can say with confidence, this image has been photoshopped, and this family were never part of the original unedited image. I wonder if the picture was borrowed from someone’s flickr feed, the blurring and black pole added so the image isn’t spotted by the owner or an automated search-engine.

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