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    Key “witnesses” Geoff and Lillani Hopkins have since gone to ground, having uploaded their photo to facebook

    However, one notices that other news outlets used different photos alleged to have been taken by Lillani Hopkins, occasionally cropped

    In addition, Lillani Hopkins was also the vehicle for this ghost-written piece of prose

    Ms Hopkins said the eruption was so silent she did not hear it over the hum of the boat’s engines.
    She did not turn around until her father whacked her, and then she saw it – huge clouds of ash and steam shooting into the sky.
    Ms Hopkins was so excited that she grabbed her phone out of her father’s bag and hit record.
    But then the plume stopped going up and started rolling out over the cliffs –


    Ms Hopkins and her father, who had both trained in first aid, joined two doctors on deck….
    Those who survived the blast had terrible burns and some ran into the sea screaming – a screaming that would not stop….
    She described welts and burns that covered every inch of exposed skin, people’s faces coated in grey paste, their eyes covered so they could not see, their tongues thickened so they could not talk


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    The Langfords: Anthony (far right) 51, and Kristine, 44, (second from right) Langford and their children Jesse, 19, (left) and Winona, 17, (second from left) set sail from Sydney last week on a Royal Caribbean cruise

    Yes, it is a very strange photo, depth of field wise. Perhaps they never went on the cruise ship. Here’s another image from this family’s apparent gatekeeper


    This image is a poor attempt at faking depth of field, and you’ve got to wonder why even bother when the image is meant to have come from a smartphone, which like go-pro cameras, are designed to get most things in focus.

    Completely agree, this is a poorly ‘shopped photo.

    The cheap cut&paste is clearly visible on close-up zoom of the image (here) where the pixelation of foreground and background clearly is not the same which would always be the case in an original photo – smartphones and cameras alike (same pixelation/definition within the entire picture in originals).

    Anthony and Kristine Langford cut and paste
    Anthony and Kristine Langford from original photo – especially “cameraman” Anthony look poorly cut&pasted into the image

    Anthony and Kristine Langford cut and paste CLOSE UP
    Close-up of the different pixelation between foreground (hair, low res) and the background (Sydney opera, high res)


    it should come as no surprise whatsoever among fakeologists that the key witnesses to this silent volcanic explosion are military and ex-miltary pilots – always safe pairs of hands in any hoax.
    Example – John Funnell MBE [yes, Member of the Brtitish Empire] [retired pilot]

    one of New Zealand’s best-known and longest-serving helicopter pilots. One of the pioneers of helicopter search and rescue, John has been involved with countless high-profile rescues and mercy missions over the past 49 years, including the Rena salvage and the disastrous Boxing Day tsunami in Banda Aceh in 2004. He received the New Zealand Bravery Medal for his daring rescue in 1992 of a MetService employee critically injured in a shark attack on remote Campbell Island, some 700km south of New Zealand. John lives in Taupo.


    And what was John doing on December 9 2019?

    he just happened to be flying in the area when Whakaari / White Island erupted just after 2pm yesterday.

    Well I never!
    source RNZ, audio from 5.53
    what a stroke of luck. In a fixed wing aircraft, incidentally.
    With no direct communications possible between the island and the mainland, it became clear he could best assist by hovering overhead and relaying messages between the helicopter crews and Air Traffic Control in Tauranga so they could inform medical staff and police waiting in Whakat?ne.

    He was passing on the time they took off, how many injured people were on board, how serious their injuries were. In the early part of the rescue mission, helicopter crews could not call on any medical assistance for those they had on board.

    Mr Funnell said there was a lot of steam, dust and gas in the air, and the pilots decided the way to handle it was to get in and out as quickly as possible to minimise exposure.

    “They were landing right in the crater itself and the two pilots at the real start of it had to get out of their machines and walk around and search for survivors and then load them into their helicopters – some of these people were critically injured.

    “In fact, one or two were unconscious and having to be supported but they did what they could with the very limited resources they had.”
    Mr Funnell said he was incredibly impressed with their determination to carry out rescues. The pilots told him later they were breathing hard in the thick ash as they moved around the island.

    “They were covered in dust, in mud, when I finished my role and got back to Whakatane. [On the island] they had a handheld radio and were walking around and reporting to me what they could see through the thick ash and would call in what was in front of us which would allow me to pass that on to the authorities

    Our MBE doesn’t mention the wrecked helicopter prop – you’d think a helicopter pilot would be curious.
    A key promoter of the drill script. At the end of the audio he drops mentions about one of the helicopter being damaged and abandoned [the damage nobody can quite reconcile with an alleged volcanic eruption]

    The following photo without date, accompanying the above article, is attributed to Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust – perhaps the light and image modification is creating the effect of ash coverage:

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    Missing component so far…. “Lucky escapes”
    Peter and Fanny Stappaerts, from Belgium, said they were lucky to be alive:

    ‘We wanted to do the excursion ourselves but it was due to the high cost price we decided not to do – that was the most scary thing for us – we came that close and that was probably the most scary thing – it could have happened to us.’
    We must assume that the cruise was genuine, but we don’t know how many passengers were on board. How the group was chosen for the alleged volcanic tour and how those not onside were kept away is the $64K question.

    Of the 47 people on White Island during Monday’s eruption, 38 were cruise passengers from Ovation of the Seas.
    After postponing its departure to help with authorities in the aftermath of the eruption the ship departed Tauranga this morning, but its itinerary has been truncated.


    Tweet from passenger [alleged] for the MSM i.e. please interview me…

    Donna Field @DonnaFieldQld
    The Captain of Ovation of the Seas says the tragedy on White Island is unfathomable. He’s offered his condolences to those families onboard who are affected. Bit surreal onboard this morning
    @abcnews 7:41 AM local time NZ Dec 10 2019

    Who’s Donna Field? Oh, only ab ABC Journalist. Figures. Didn’t Donna fancy a volcania trip?

    Hmmmm her first tweet for over a year…

    9:49 PM local time December 9 2019
    A pretty sombre mood on Ovation of the Seas tonight. Everyone started today heading off to great adventures – sadly crew and guests who went to White Island haven’t made it back.

    and at 9:49 PM local time a day later
    Cpt Henrik Loy’s statement to those on Ovation of the Seas: “Some of our staff and crew will stay in Tauranga with impacted guests and their relatives. They will continue to help them in local hospitals. We are fully committed to doing everything possible to help.”

    Steven Angie Ward, who was one of dozens of passengers leaving the ship in Sydney on Monday morning, told Daily Mail Australia the crew didn’t tell them how many people on board had died
    Lachlan Gunnis said the support they were offered was ‘adequate’ but thought the situation could’ve been handled better.
    Sophie Mcilquham said the eruption was originally referred to as an ‘incident’ by the crew.


    Greg and Michelle Fawkner, from Sydney, who were on their honeymoon, had tried to book the trip to the volcano but it was sold out.

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    The Fawkners’ report in The Australian seems credible.

    Suspiciously however, the Stappaerts [actually it’s Fanny Houtmeyers] were straight into the Belgian press on December 9 2019

    We chose to walk around on the coast. When it happened we suddenly saw a huge plume of smoke, but we didn’t immediately know what was going on.


    Missing component so far…. “Lucky escapes”

    The PsyOps check list keeps on growing*.

    White Island volcano death-hoax has now in Fakeologist terms become a confirmed Psyop with fake deaths as the accumulated evidence* is as important as in any other accepted media-hoax.

    As this particular PsyOp uses natural phenomena (volcano) it is more troublesome to establish exactly how the event was staged, and the most evident part of the hoax so far are the victims and survivors.

    Herunder is an excel spreadsheet with the information i’ve found so far of the victims and survivors from the White Island eruption – there were alledgedly 47 persons on site in total. Hopefully others can use the information and hopefully complement the list and upload their updated version(s).

    Edit: as Excel files are not allowed, herunder a download link (gofile .io)

    * a new addition to the PsyOps check-list would be Truther spamming by paid operators as we see now witness on Fakeologist more than ever before – a true “itsrealist” ressurgence

    * a summuray or overview of the White Island death-hoax might serve at some point for new readers

    Jake Milbank givealittle

    Jake is a tour guide for White Island Tours. He was on the island when it erupted, and has sustained burns to 80% of his body.

    This normally passionate energetic young man, who has a love for anything ocean, was in his element when this tragedy occurred.

    However he now has a long journey to recovery, and anything raised on this page will be used to help the family financially to ensure they can be by his side all the way. And provide anything Jake will need during his recovery.

    Jake is currently staying in ICU in Middlemore Hospital and he is surrounded by his family. The family would like to thank you all for the messages, support and good wishes for Jake that they have already recieved.


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    That’s a useful excel sheet, Unreal. It’s interesting how they don’t seem keen on finding the UK [for UK interest!] “victims” yet. Perhaps there weren’t any.
    At the very beginning wikipedia was noting The New Zealand Red Cross released a list of missing people and many others who are untraceable: they are citizens from Australia, China, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, Hong Kong, France, Canada, Guatemala, Philippines, Myanmar, Mexico, Portugal, The Netherlands and Czech Republic.
    This was a link to a strange web page which was set up around March 2019 ** and became active before being shut down on December 13..

    I’d say it was part of the psy-op, muddying the waters, creating the effect of producing some clarity from confusion, when in reality, the script was quite precise and certain. All that remains is this page

    ** when it was created for the purpose of
    Restoring contact between people separated by the Christchurch Firearms Incident

    another hoax! The Red Cross is not to be trusted anywhere, any time.

    I also forgot that I had mentioned in my OP that I was not in the least surprised that ABC had a planted journalist on the cruise ship who just happened to take a mountainous onshore stroll while the volcano “erupted”. Donna Field is waving, while on the left is yet another ABC journo, John Taylor


    Taylor doesn’t seem to tweet…except this telegraphed piece of trickery giving the impression that shady Schade was on the cruise…

    Hi Michael @sch – are on the Ovation? I am, and I’m a journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and would like to interview you if possible.
    8:28 AM · Dec 9, 2019·[UTC]

    no answer. Donna didn’t seem curious about meeting Schade lol!

    Truly amazing.

    Truly amazing luck being there as a journo!

    [note her use of the word ‘explosion’ She’s referring of course to a silent explosion

    No curiosity from Donna about how many people might have wanted to visit the volcano yet found the tour was “booked up”

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    Jake is currently staying in ICU in Middlemore Hospital and he is surrounded by his family. The family would like to thank you all for the messages, support and good wishes for Jake that they have already recieved [sic].

    GoFundMe style GiveaLittle Page opened by Rebecca Holder.

    Rebecca Holder, a close family friend of Milbank, told Stuff she understood the White Island Tours guide was now breathing on his own and his lungs were in reasonable condition.
    “They just have to deal with the burns now and it’s going to be a long road to recovery.” Holder has known Milbank for 12 years, having previously lived in the same neighbourhood of Manawahe, inland west of Whakat?ne. She is also close friends with his mother, Janet Lawson.

    source, Stuff NZ

    Holder has worked as a tour guide on the island in the past.

    An interesting detail tucked away, attributed to “eruption photographer” Geoff Hopkins [q.v.]

    “We were probably only 200 metres off the shoreline,” he said. “The ash cloud then started to envelop the entire island.
    ” We immediately headed back to where we’d left, which was where the other boat was still anchored.

    “We didn’t know what we were dealing with until the first ones started coming on and as they came on they were horrific burns.

    If Hopkins and his daughter have just sailed out of the harbour and then retraced back towards it, it’s unclear how on earth they could have photographed the smoke and steam plume [silent explosion] rising behind cliffs.
    They would have to be somewhere around Poroporo [?] way off course for a southerly return to base.


    It’s interesting how they don’t seem keen on finding the UK [for UK interest!] “victims” yet. Perhaps there weren’t any.

    Two UK citizens figure as “among the wounded in hospital” but remain unidentified for some reason since Dec 10th – nearly a week already. The curious part is that two named british citizens were “missing” and feared implicated in the White Island volcano eruption and subsequently found – Deborah and Karl Rakos. A near miss of sorts, as has been mentioned as meme earlier in the discussion.

    The missing from the 47 individuals present on White Island according to MSN press (hereunder) are 4 Germans, 2 Chinese, 6 Australians and one person from New Zealand. Curiously, i’ve found 10 Americans implicated (among the 47) whereas the official number is 9.

    Australia, 24
    United States, 9
    New Zealand, 5
    Germany, 4
    UK citizens, 2
    China, 2
    Malaysia, 1

    The Guardian
    British couple feared missing make contact

    Daily Mail
    Fears for British couple who have vanished since New Zealand volcano disaster as their son, 35, says he has desperately been trying to make contact


    I couldn’t fathom why someone would go to the trouble of making such an unreal computer blur-filtered image and add that black pole to the left.

    I didn’t mention it in detail in this post, but if you look at the fotoforensics ELA image, an unedited image should have no real contrast. Parts that show up white indicate editing, they highlight a jpeg compression rate that is different on that part of the image. The pole has artefacts that could not come from the saving process. You could argue that Anthony Langford edited this picture himself, but why would anyone blur out the background of a holiday snap, when the point of a holiday snap is to show people where you are. So an alternative, if this is a real event, is the Daily Mail likes using and editing dead peoples photos clearly without their permission for its own profit. I really don’t believe that of the Daily Mail.

    But it actually becomes clear why the image has been blurred out when you see it in context…

    Clearly these shots come from the same day’s shooting of cruise. They are all pretty poor past-ups. The light is annoyingly wrong, particularly the bottom two images or the Fawkner’s and the Joubert’s pictures from the The Australian report. If you look at the way the people are lit, it looks like it’s approaching Golden Hour, but if you look at the background, it’s earlier in the day – the water and the sky have no gold to them.

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    FWIW, the Rakos narrative, sent from Hobart

    We had been at Tauranga but didnt do the trip to the volcano on white island and had already sailed on when the volcano blew….unfortunately we have been cruising 1 day, then at sea for 2 days and didnt have wifi until this morning and we wrongly assumed people would realise we were ok. This is what quite understandably worried people.

    Good news story, though. They don’t say which vessel [if any?] they were on.


    Germany, 4
    UK citizens, 2

    LOL! And the German media is similarly not showing the slightest sign of being interested in the identities or fates of their missing “citizens” in this “disaster” following early narrative reports. The German Foreign Office wrote:

    “We currently have no evidence that Germans have died.”

    Well, I can beat that – there’s no evidence anybody died.

    From about 1.55, here’s another early ropey narrative selfie-video upload clip from the shameless crisis acting duo of Moura and Kauffmann/

    Her instagram feed, used for MSM seeking uploads has been turned to private, as is normal post-hoax.


    While we await the identification – if ever – of the UK citizens, it’s interesting to note that the St John Ambulance boss who did all the tours of the news studios with her drill script is also not long out of the UK – Norma Lane, former Executive Dirctor of Delivery in South West AmbulanceService NHS Trust [Bristol area] whose linkedin in New Zealand only goes back to 2013.
    Notice too the Executive Director of HR in the same organisation – Mrs Sue Steen. Where has she popped up lately?
    St John Ambulance, Auckland since 2017.
    Another part UK operation. Check!
    Here’s Norma reciting out the drill script to [presenter and hoax gatekeeper] Victoria Derybyshire of the BBC

    Lane says national medical director Dr Tony Smith is flying to White Island.
    “He will help us to assess in what we call triage casualties and help coordinate the evacuation.”

    More of her drill speak here and here

    “It was very clear from looking at them that they were dead” – Dr Tony Smith on the island. “just one look…”


    ” It’s like a pot of water sitting on the stove. It doesn’t start boiling until you turn the element on. In this case the “element” was an intrusion of magma.

    Smaller-scale eruptions occurred between 2012 and 2013 and in 2016. Luckily, all these were at night. ”

    New light shed on what caused deadly blow – NZ Herald

    The scientific explanation for the unpredicted White Island eruption will in any type of scenario be fraudulent as the fake victims attest to, as the Cruise ship being on time attests to, etc, etc.

    If the volcano eruption was of natural origin, the scale and time would forcably have been known in advance. Therefore all scientific lead-up and aftermath would be construed to support the “unpredictable” nature of the event.

    The very precise timing (2:11 PM) of the eruption nevertheless makes the all natural scenario less probable, and the two most likely scenarios would therefore be that the volcano eruption was artificially provoked, or entirely artificial.

    Both the “artificially provoked” and the “entirely artificial” scenario require the same amount of scientific fraud before and after the event. There is a lot of resistance to both these scenarios it appears, but they remain Occam’s Razor alternatives. This does mean we will need to objectively discuss both these options for how the White Island volcano eruption was brought on at a very precise time, with all victims and footage prepared.

    As no existing science will help explain how it is possible to artificially provoke a volcano*, there is no scientific debate that will enlighten the feasability of such an intervention which objectively is covered in scientific lies in order to remain credible academically.

    NZ Herald
    New light shed on what caused deadly blow

    * nor will science help explain how to fake an eruption, naturally, which goes without saying – euhh, well, just said it,,,


    Michael Schade picture taken 12-14 minutes after White Island eruption

    Michael Schade (tweet) picture taken 12-14 minutes after eruption (high res img)

    The above picture from Michael Schade is a pretty good example of pre-produced imagery as it is taken only minutes after the eruption allegedly and we see heavy dust layers on the ground* that testify to this.

    As anybody who ever have dealt with dust can experience, once you there is loads of dust in the air, you will have to wait a fair amount f of time for dust and its volatile particles to settle. Ash is among the worst type of elements as it is very volatile.

    Where is the plentyfull Ash in the air minutes after the devastating eruption ?

    The fact is that there is no ash anywhere to be seen, not even obscuring one single, minute detail of the mountain rock seen at a distance. So this picture cannot have been taken minutes after an eruption with so-called vertical AND lateral blasts. And the dust is there on the ground to prove the staging of Schade’s picture…

    The White Island volcano never took a break in releasing ash and gases either, meaning there never were any “breaks” where there was no smoke coming out of the volcano, it was a continious outpouring witnessed even from the mainland. The smokescreen actually was a very important part of the volcano death-hoax with a long lasting, continous gush of smoke and residu.

    * the uniform red colour rocks in the water line equally appear as suspect and artificial, hinting more at a studio setting than a picture on location


    Good points, Unreal.
    I did wonder, owing to the highly controlled and restricted amount of imagery to [immediately] emerge and the use of pre-recorded photos and video mash-ups on 9/11, whether there was any eruption at all.
    I did however find one potentially amateur shot on flickr from afar dated Dec 9.
    White Island erupts
    It looks much like steam emerging from a power plant [a large kettle…]

    The scientists are keen to push the themes of rocks and ash being blasted out of the crater. Nobody heard an explosion, there is no evidence of ash falling or ash clouds in any imagery, less so rock fall.
    An early “expert” on the scene was report in the journal Nature

    At 2:11p.m. local time on Monday an explosive eruption forced superheated steam, boulders, caustic ash and other debris out of the volcano’s vent system, creating a 3.7-kilometre-high column of ash. At the time, 47 tourists were exploring its crater.

    The event was the worst of all possible scenarios, says Raymond Cas, a volcanologist at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Rocks 1 metre or more across would have been ejected as ballistic blasts, he explains. “Finer debris would have created an ash cloud that reduced visibility to zero, making it impossible for people to know where to run to, and much of the really hot crater water would have been ejected, leading to very significant burns and injuries.

    There is no visual evidence for any of that, less so of a torrent of poisonous water pouring out into the azure sea at the harbour and discolouring the water.

    What is unusual about the volcano — which also makes it appealing, but dangerous, for tourists — is that the crater floor is very near to sea level, says Cas. Seawater infiltrates cracks and fissures of the volcano, where it becomes superheated. When these become clogged with rock debris and precipitated minerals, the only way to release the pressure is in an explosion — but when this will happen is difficult to predict.

    So perhaps the easiest volcano to trigger, somehow.
    If that event would have “naturally” occurred at night [when all other recent alleged eruptions have taken place, that would have been no good at all for media coverage… or even before or just after any tour groups had allegedly landed. No, the 2:11 timeline was perfect.

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    Nobody heard an explosion

    That was a brilliant find (Xileffilex), forgot to mention that as it made me laugh pretty severely. A silent explosion…

    As everything around the White Island volcano is about its explosive eruption and a contended “explosion” nobody heard… It is safe to say the most likely explanation is that there was no explosion.

    If there was no explosion, it is also more than likely there never was an actual volcano eruption. Clearly the hypothesis of a fake volcano eruption thereby becomes all the more likely – regardless of all “It’s Real” naysayers and the red herring arguments about “everything fake“.

    Unfortunately, media-fakery is not shy of using any hoaxing tool available, and smoke-machines certainly are among those operative tools and amply sufficient for the White Island death-hoax. The White Island is in fact the “Black Box” needed to perform such a smoke-machine hoax.


    Germany, 4
    UK citizens, 2

    LOL! And the German media is similarly not showing the slightest sign of being interested in the identities or fates of their missing “citizens” in this “disaster” following early narrative reports. The German Foreign Office wrote:


    Just feeling “responsible” to check the German fictims i found an interesting announcement by DER SPIEGEL (kind of the hoaxheadquarters of the german media scene).

    Insgesamt hatten sich zum Zeitpunkt der Eruption am Montag 47 Touristen und Reiseführer auf der Insel in der Bay of Plenty etwa 50 Kilometer vor der Küste der neuseeländischen Nordinsel aufgehalten. Darunter waren vier Deutsche, die nach Angaben des Auswärtigen Amts in Berlin Verletzungen davontrugen.

    (second paragraph from the end)

    In English (google):

    At the time of the eruption on Monday, a total of 47 tourists and travel guides had been on the island in the Bay of Plenty about 50 kilometers off the coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Among them were four Germans who, according to the Federal Foreign Office, sustained injuries.


    I guess this means: nobody is going to ask for them anyway and it is easier to handle locally if the inexistent people have only been injured.

    But lets wait

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    This twitpic was put out at 2:38 PM local time. The added timestamp is 2:30 PM.

    Comments. We cannot trust the scientists, period. They have a dog in the race, yet they have a monopoly of the imagery.
    We must assume that this image comes from some kind of shore-based web-cam. We don’t know the frequency of images it produces. We would like to see a longer sequence, before and after 2:30 PM [allegedly] But we are not like to do so. We have no idea how frequently the webcam onshore produces images.

    A nice touch to knock out the cameras on the rim – blast, of course!

    Matthew Urey and new wife Lauren were two of 9 Americans on the island….[US interest story…] He left his voicemail with his mother Janet –

    “This isn’t a joke. The volcano actually erupted while we were on the island. Lauren and I got pretty badly burned so we’re at the hospital. . My hands are burned so I can’t use my phone.
    Lauren is allegedly 25 percent burned.
    Incidenally, while listening to this “expert” Brad Scott of GNS droning on,[TVNZ Dec 11], between 4:28-4:48 we see the whole video sequence reputedly shot by Lillani Hopkins from the speeding boat. [Speeding where?] from which some excellent stills were produced and are copied earlier in the thread.

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