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    A large image of the “search” mission on White Island
    As is often found, not a lot is going on. There seems to be little evidence of footprints in the alleged soft sticky layer of ash [which nobody witnessed falling…]

    probably an early morning shot to create the grey effect.
    Tidal range about 2m.at White Island
    Unreal wrote

    the uniform red colour rocks in the water line equally appear as suspect and artificial, hinting more at a studio setting than a picture on location

    Indeed, it suggests a smaller tidal range than 2m


    ” We currently have stock but are urgently sourcing additional supplies to meet the demand for dressing and temporary skin grafts. We anticipate we will require an additional 1.2 million sq cm of skin for the ongoing needs of the patients.

    This has necessitated more rapid surgical treatment of these burns than is the usual case for thermal only burns. This is just the start of a very long process that for some patients will last several months. ”

    Chief Medical Officer Dr Pete Watson of NZ National Burns Unit

    The main purpose for any PsyOp and media-hoax is to gain public attention.

    The initial phase of shock and awe can only last for so long, and after the main element of surprise and horror is absorbed, the hoaxers need to find complementary avenues to explore in order to milk a fake event for its undue newsworthiness.

    White Island is clearly an operation where the aftermath is supposed to focus on the injured victims. As the imagery from the volcano itself is so sparse and frankly insignificant, it is clear White Island never was appropriate for delving hard and long on volcanoes and deadly liquid rock.

    The main element of horror of the White island volcano death-hoax is the sacrifice by fire experienced by the tourists on the “White” island. The insistance on horror stories of burnt human flesh is quite reminiscent of WW2 Holocaust where human were burnt and their flesh supposedly converted to soap and candles – this now has been debunked even by officialdom mostly, but it made the news of day and thus had its effect*.

    Not surprisingly, the NZ Volcano victims will need our skin now as there is a lack of it that makes treating all the injured difficult… Hmm – pretty stark mental imagery they hope to provoke in the public there, and it rather shows how cynical and immoral PsyOps really are.

    Holocaust – sacrifice by fire, burnt offering

    Soap made from fat of Jewish Holocaust victims 2015
    Soap reportedly made from the fat of Jewish Holocaust victims (2015)

    Why New Zealand is importing skin

    NY Times
    New Zealand Seeks Human Skin to Treat Volcano Burn Victims

    NZ Herald
    Not enough donor skin for burns patients, surgeon fears

    Washington Post
    New Zealand needed human skin to treat volcano burn victims. Help came from Ohio.

    New Zealand has ordered more than 1,290 square feet of skin for volcano victims

    US sends human skin to treat volcano burn victims

    Radio NZ
    Heated theatres, cadaver skin – how Whakaari burns victims are being treated

    * Bar of soap ‘made from the fat of Jewish Holocaust victims’ is removed from eBay – daily mail 2015


    Allegedly there are 8 “patients” with burns in Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. What better way to assure the masses that this is true, is to send in an expert.

    Plastic surgery consultant Michelle Locke **

    It’s all very theoretical – what they would do and how they usually do things.
    The volcano [and the alleged patients resulting from the ‘eruption’] only gets one brief mention

    “They’ve also had inhalational injuries because the patients have inhaled toxic gas from the volcano.
    “They’ve got injuries to the lungs and airways as well that are a bit different than we’ve seen before.
    “And a lot of the burns are really very deep.

    The most specific thing that Locke is quoted as saying is…

    “Of the eight burns [sic] that we have at Middlemore, five of them are still in a critical condition, many of them are still intubated and ventilated and are in our intensive care unit. At the moment, many of them have not yet woken up.”

    Transcript with accompanying Radio NZ audio
    pure drill speak, we see it all the time.

    Unfortunately, if we listen to experts we will never wake up ourselves to the fakery which is going on around us daily.

    Burns patients are actually better for the fraudsters than fake bomb victims because the hospital never needs to prep up smirking, duping patients with fake leg casts or head bandages. A total ward blackout keeps the skin hoax under wraps.


    Dr Michelle Locke is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. For the past few years, NZ has had an almost equal number of women and men in Plastic Surgery training, making it a leader in the field of gender equity and inclusion.

    **Back in 2006, Locke was slogging her guts out for $100,000 per year

    Geoff Hopkins, photographer extraordinaire and non-expert, reckons it was steam and sulfuric acid wot caused the burns which he treated on the boat [suuuure]

    {I need to listen to the above audio and transcribe some of the more ludicrous parts, dated December 9]

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    From this video…

    At 50 seconds there is a pan shot of the scene, portrait mode, so I’m guessing apparently from a mobile phone. But actually, I think they chose that orientation to give the impression the action is happening over a wider area, when in actual fact…

    I would therefore think this isn’t on location, Unreal, and I this is an emergency drill, so they know they timing because the timing is important.

    You can see the ground under the water, so if they stick near the shore, it’s not deep, they could easily stand up in the water. Also, given the size, it wouldn’t take that much work to dress the location in white dust that morning.

    Interestingly, we see 1, the rescue boat travelling towards the eruption, not away, which would add the to conclusion – what we see is what there is with regards to the ash on the ground. And 2, the boat filming and taking pictures couldn’t be bothered moving in to save these stricken people who we first seen at the shore ready to get on the inflatable boat (close-up a little further in the video clip).

    Then looking a bit precarious on the said inflatable boat (close-up of above image).

    I’m not convinced this raft is really in this particular shot as shown, but it is at the shore line, so maybe it has just been enhanced with the white spray that has no shadow to look more dramatic. I also think the man in the white hardhat is a dummy.


    But actually, I think they chose that orientation to give the impression the action is happening over a wider area, when in actual fact…

    Agree about the framing being deceptive.

    I’m not sure to understand why you would think this is footage from a drill, especially if the scene isn’t shot on location. The need for a drill seems unnecessary as the footage in my opinion have to be pre-recorded, which also makes timing superfluous.

    The Schade footage would be more produced on reduced scale model movie-set where they did several rehearsals – without smoke. There is no dust in the air in any of the imagery despite taken just after the eruption on White Island. This is an impossibility as the ash on the ground around the tourists ready to evacuate testifies to.

    Most probably all the smoke we see in the footage from the island was from preproduction – the imagery shows white and dark grey smoke from the island. The actual smoke produced on site would be all white as we see from the mainland. In short, pre-recorded smoke is not the same as the smoke produced on V-day.

    Kauffmann video still from White Island
    Kauffmann “live” video still from White Island – preproduced (link)

    Pressphoto from afar of White Island after the eruption
    Pressphoto from afar of White Island after the eruption – actual “live” image (here)

    Michael Schade image White Island
    Michael Schade image of the fictims – preproduced (here)

    Press Image of White Island search mission
    Press Image of the search mission* – actual “live” image (here)

    * image referenced by Xileffilex above


    Australia, 24 United States, 9 New Zealand, 5 Germany, 4 UK citizens, 2
    China, 2 Malaysia, 1

    The narrative has now changed
    BBC ~Dec 17 2019

    New Zealand police have completed the identification of the 18 victims of the White Island volcano, more than a week after it erupted.[including one mystery guest who is not going to be identified publicly]
    About 20 people still remain in intensive care with severe burns, including 19-year-old Jesse Langford, the only member of his family who is thought to have survived.

    Nine persons have quietly been airbrushed out of the event, superfluous to the plot, with no stories of remarkable survival or heroism.

    The 3 US citizien Hollanders [mum and two children] were living in Australia with the identified Austrialian father.
    interestingly, [allegedly deceased Krystal] Browitt’s father Paul and sister Stephanie are both seriously injured in hospital. *** [source Mail

    This HRDPAR is also interesting because the focus is away from vicsims of retirement age [e.g. the Tunisian beach hoax] or transient “anywhere” single migrants and other fun-seekers [as per London bridge hoaxes] towards middle aged professional families with children. If the had a lot of 80 year olds allegedly climbing around volcanic craters, the script wouldn’t look so polished….

    *** in induced comas, no less, the hoax standard “don’t look here” smokescreen.
    Mother Marie Browitt apparently chose NOT to visit the volcano.
    Here comes another hoax fave: she has been battling with survivor’s guilt. and has been at the Stephanie’s bedside [allegedly] in Christchurch.
    Where’s dad? He’s in his induced coma in…Melbourne.
    source MSN.au according to “family friend” Steven Galea, who does what all “family friends” do in these circumstances – set up a GoFundMe page.

    Krystal’s boyfriend Daniel Czimmermann also rushed to New Zealand in the hope of finding her among the injured, only to hear the worst.


    I’m thinking it’s a mix of real-time and recorded event. I can see the stuff on the beach might have happened in real-time to test the emergency services, and that’s where we continually see the white smoke.

    The white/black smoke is seen from the boats, and both stills below have evidence of the real background being masked out and the cloud footage added post production.

    White fringing can be seen at the bottom of roof’s upright in front of the sea part, and also at the top right corner…

    White fringing can be seen around the iphone and on the left window frame, particularly near the top…

    So my feeling having reviewed some cloud simulations, the white and black is a particular feature of cgi, and also the plume going up first, then spreading out at the bottom.

    Cropped in this way, the boat doesn’t feel part of the background image, and also it looks like an effect has been added to the underside of the roof, it’s supposed to be a reflection of the sea, but it has no reality to it.

    Below first up is a definite cgi volcano explosion simulation from 2015. It’s not fooling anyone and wasn’t meant to, but the dynamics it is built on are the same as we see above.

    Next up is cgi footage that is pretending to be real footage from Krakatau, apparently drone footage from 2018. Obviously managed comments as no one has called it out as fake when clearly it’s not real in any shape or form. I know it for sure not so much from the cloud rendering, it’s the camera views, very 3d graphic software.

    The above video, it is very similar to the cloud effect used behind the boats, the way the cloud grows as one thick mass.


     I’m thinking it’s a mix of real-time and recorded event. I can see the stuff on the beach might have happened in real-time to test the emergency services, and that’s where we continually see the white smoke.

    Agree there is mixed imagery of pre-produced footage and also live post-eruption images as from the mainland/far away, rescue missions and so forth.

    When it comes to pre-production, it is clear that all this material would have to be thoroughly vetted and checked as it constitutes the main material for the entire volcano death-hoax. In order to have full control, all important material would have to be consistent.

    Therefore, when it comes to the footage and images from Michael Schade, all his material IS consistent and clearly made by the same team and same set-up. As Schade’s imagery comprises both boat imagery of the staged volcano eruption and imagery from the “beach” with tourists waiting to be rescued – this can’t be both a drill and pre-production from a studio.

    Michael Schade image from the boat as the volcano erupts
    Michael Schade image from the boat as the volcano erupts (14:12 +- 10min)

     Michael Schade image from the boat observing tourists waiting to be evacuated
    Michael Schade image from the boat observing “injured” tourists (14:12 +- 10min)

    In my opinion there is no need for a drill in a blackbox scenario as is the case with the White Island volcano eruption – drills serve best in urban settings where the media-fakery need to go live in a publicly exposed environment. Once you can make a Bataclan-style vacuum (blackbox) where no laymen are present – you no longer need any public drills.

    The safest and foolproof way to execute the White Island volcano death-hoax* would be to prepare all the close-up eruption material with and by victims before the event, close off the island with fake tourists and guide-companies (and a cruise ship) and start the smoke generator with a “silent explosion” at 2:11 PM just as scripted.

    As the smoke-machines silently explodes far away on blackboxed White Island : release the pre-produced footage from the victims “live” and the trick would be done. And everyone could see the smoke from the mainland to testify to this volcano eruption and fake drama being real…

    *well, this would be my personal hypothesis so far anyway


    An intensive care nurse who worked desperately to save victims in critical condition following the aftermath of the New Zealand volcano disaster has tragically died.
    Sheila Cheng died when the car she was a passenger in collided with another vehicle in Lake Rotoiti in the Bay of Plenty, just after 3.30pm on December 14.

    you could’t make it up. But its a fairlys standard script development following a high profile media hoax to make it appear “real”


    Nine persons have quietly been airbrushed out of the event, superfluous to the plot, with no stories of remarkable survival or heroism.

    The curious part about the confirmed 47 individuals* on White Island is that there still are 12 unaccounted for persons according to the official version.

    Additionally, among the 35 individuals mentioned in the press so far, there are already 2 unknown UK residents, 1 unknown Malaysian and 1 unnamed Australian (certified dead).

    Of course any media death-hoax will try to extend the period of uncertainty and speculation for as long as they can. Especially in the White Island scenario the victim narratives are important as they constitute the main focus of the press coverage – very little coverage is made of the volcano eruption itself.

    Are the first to be the last ?

    The significant numbers of memes covered around the White Island volcano death-hoax further emphasize how this PsyOp is well funded and planned. It would seem an additional meme is pushed with the “first” victim Hayden Marshall-Inman, a forty year old WIT tour guide who featured in a number of videos with his blue and white striped volcano guide suit. Not only was Marshall-Inman the first victim, he now is among the last – go figure how he was declared dead in the first place…

    Hayden Marshall-Inman was named as the “first” victim of the White Island eruption

    Radio NZ – 10 Dec 2019
    Hayden Marshall-Inman named as first victim from White Island eruption

    News Hub – 17 December 2019
    Hayden Marshall-Inman, Winona Langford named as missing victims

    Daily Mail – 17 Dec 2019
    Tragedy as pilot reveals he saw tour guide on White Island but didn’t have time to save him as police confirm his body is still missing

    * updated list of the 47 on White Island – mostly added fundraiser pages as 14 of the 35 known victims feature in such campaigns (afaik)


    The curious part about the confirmed 47 individuals* on White Island is that there still are 12 unaccounted for persons according to the official version.

    One overlooked piece of the script is the presence, allegedly, of FOUR tourists who arrived by the “distressed” helicopter prop. Plus pilot, this quartet were allegedly taken back to the mainland by boat, but not commented upon by the phoney witnesses with cameras – the Hopkins duo, the Brazilian pair and Schade and his mom.
    I get the feeling that this sub-plot was dumped by the main producers of this hoax

    When the eruption occurred, Volcanic Air had a pilot and four passengers on the island, two of whom received minor burns, and they were evacuated by boat after their chopper was wrecked in the explosion.

    Naturally, these “lucky escapees” are silent, probably because they never existed.
    Source, StuffNZ, Dec 13 2019

    If any of the images had been produced in advance, I’d look as far back as the 2016 eruption
    Crown Research Institute GNS Science vulcanologist Geoff Kilgour says the initial eruption on Monday lasted a few minutes and was similar to a 2016 eruption when a similar size plume was produced.
    “There were some rather substantial rocks that were thrown out and kind of a ground-hugging flow was sent across the crater floor to the sea which is about a kilometre away from the vent.”

    There is no evidence of any large rocks being thrown,no evidence of ash fall in the videos.
    source StuffNZ Dec 11 2019 which also has an interesting – purportedly December 2019 – video shot from a plane of White Island Flights of post-eruption steam rising from the crater lake.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by xileffilex.

    There is no evidence of any large rocks being thrown, no evidence of ash fall in the videos.

    Indeed, the absence of ash in the air is truly one of the most striking aberrations in the official narrative in all the “live” imagery from White Island after the eruption.

    The fact the sight is pristine after what is presented as a humongous eruption engulfing all the crater floor and all the way into to the sea where we “afterwards” see tourists waiting to be evacuated amongst dusty rocks and… no dust in the air.

    The imagery of the volcano ash plume rising “3.6km into the air” is clearly incompatible with what actually happened – and this imagery is very skillfully faked for public exposure of a catastrophic reality that at least in the case of White Island is false.

    Volcano eruptions much like nuclear bombs are willfully exaggerated phenomena whenever possible, it is in the interest of public fear which seems always to be the goal. The tools to exaggerate these types of events are today very advanced and in many cases hard to detect as both the cinema and war industry have worked hard to realistically fake such imagery.

    White Island Flights image of the White Island eruption
    White Island Flights image of the White Island eruption (hi res img)

    In the image from White Island Flights shows an immense eruption that clearly is an exaggeration where there is no need for a “lateral blast” as the whole crater floor is completely covered by the gush of gas and smoke in itself. This is an elaborate fake image with what most probably is an artificial smoke plume (zooming on the high resolution image will make this suspicion more evident).

    White Island was ‘a disaster waiting to happen’: Vulcanologist


    This is an elaborate fake image with what most probably is an artificial smoke plume* – zooming on the high resolution image will make this suspicion more evident.

    Photos are very important to analyse in media-fakery where the bulk of the imagery is presented as being shot “live” and not in any way altered or retouched. By using forensic analysis tools such as Error Level Analysis (ELA), we can detect areas within an image that are at different compression levels (white areas being severe alterations).

    The entire picture should be at roughly the same level of ELA noise, and if a section of the image is at a significantly different error level, then it indicates digital modification – which is undisputable with White Island Flights image (below). Significant, sudden differences of edges, surfaces, and textures consgtitutes suspicious areas* that may have been digitally altered – which we can clearly conclude is the case herunder.

    Error Level Analysis of White Island Flights image of the White Island eruption

    ELA analysis of White Island Flights image of the eruption (hd image here)

    * red/blue patches are commonly known as “rainbowing” and constitute a tell-tail sign that an Adobe product was used to alter the picture (Fotoforensics – digital photo forensics)

    * quoting own posts is kind of weird, it just seemed the photoanlysis should have been joined to previous post to make my opinion more clear…


    ” The ash plume rose 3.7 kilometres (12,000 ft) into the air. ”

    White Island Wiki

    One would think Volcanology as a science would be exact and precise, meaning they study all information relative to any particular eruption such as the 2019 White Island eruption.

    Quickly checking the scale of White Island it is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) long and a 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) wide (source) which makes it rather handy for double checking the information about the eruption smoke plume from above image.

    What is apparent is that 3.7km is an exacting distance, meaning the eruption is measured to a hundred-meter scale. This would explain how volcanologists first declared the plume to be 3km, then to be 3.6km and finally 3.7km according to the latest expert opinion.

    In any case scenario, the error margin observed in the above photo of the White Island volcano erupting should be minute – but it clearly isn’t as the photo shows a smoke plume at minimum 4.5km high.

    White Island Flights image of the eruption measured
    White Island Flights image of the eruption roughly measured

    The apparent mismatch of measured height and accompanying imagery all the more point to some serious problems in the narrative of volcanoes and the entire seriousness of the science of Volcanology itself as they pull out fake images and distances as it suits them without being questioned.

    Investigating volcanology seems more than appropriate at this point as it clearly isn’t all real as the experts claim. Normally all Fakeologists would agree as much, but it seems a number of loud naysayers are far from understanding the principle of not giving science a free lunch.


    A couple of interesting videos here from One News of TVNZ with the timeline
    The fishing club seemed to be the local hoax control onshore – the talking head doesn’t know why the fence was erected preventing him from getting closer…I bet. We can see a crisis actor faking burns injury, moving on the gurney in the top video.

    A lower video has an interview with a fisherman [allegedly] who says it “looked like a huge explosion” Did he hear anything? No, not from 20 miles [on what looked like a calm sea]

    Searching twitter, one finds evidence of large plumes of steam, not associated with eruptions –

    This is apparently normal 28 hours after the “eruption”

    And here at 1:26 PM local time Feb 23 2018 – this is apparently normal, thanks to local conditions

    12:48 PM Aug 12 2013

    August 2013 again, timing unclear, not the uploader’s image

    2:26 PM December 9 2019

    Note also the sequence from “long term local resident, Maree Reeve here at Sun Live starting with


    Double post removed

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    Searching twitter, one finds evidence of large plumes of steam, not associated with eruptions

    Both photos herunder from two different individuals/accounts are clearly taken from the same spot and just framed and tweaked differently. The height of the volcano smoke plume from that distance must be way above even 4.5km…

    Why do 2 different Twitter accounts use the same photo ?

    Photo from twitter user Parenting NZ (here)

    Photo from twitter user TrevKiwi (here)


    Geoff Hopkins, photographer extraordinaire and non-expert, reckons it was steam and sulfuric acid wot caused the burns which he treated on the boat [suuuure]
    <span class=”embed-youtube” style=”text-align:center; display: block;”></span>
    {I need to listen to the above audio and transcribe some of the more ludicrous parts, dated December 9]

    Here it is and it’s a treat – 100 per cent drill speak, and not at all credible. At one point XXXX a handler seems to cut the call briefly as Geoff flounders. It’s a masterclass in an insider taking an amateur over the jumps, making sure the script comes out. Media hoaxing at its best, the talking head doing what they are paid well to do, bring a fake reality to our homes.

    Geoff Hopkins says steam or a combination of steam and sulfuric acid looked to have caused horrific burns to many of the victims

    We had finished our tour of the island, had returned to our boat and were just having a little tour round some of the bays just a few hundred metres offshore.when it erupted

    When did you realise what was going on?

    Not instantly it was very quite but there was definitely an attention grabbing moment from everybody on the boat that caught our attention. we turned around and then we could see the eruption

    What could you see exactly?

    So to start with it was just a big beautiful cloud that was rising that was white and grey and for a second it kind of just grabbed your attention..and then seconds after this menacing rolling cloud of ash kind of just rolled over the cliff and sort of headed out and down to the sea at which point we were ushered inside the cabin of the boa t ant the boat took off very quick

    Did you realise there were other people still there.could you see them?

    You couldn’t see them at that point you couldn’t see the is…. as we got inside the boat and went back round the other side
    you couldn’t see the island at all ,the island was .completely covered in falling ash.

    So did you re boat return to pick some of the people up?

    We went back to where we had left, where the other boat had been anchored. launched the inflatable and the crew , at that stage the ash had cleared and we see could clearly on the island there were people in the water and there were people down on thee island and the inflatable started picking people up and bringing them back to our boat.

    And when those people came onto your boat, what could you see?

    I couldn’t see anything initially we were still in the cabin then there was a call for doctors, we indicated we were first aiders… went out to help
    pretty much everyone who was coming on ..was just with significant burns

    To all parts of their body Geoff?

    Mainly exposed skin so people with 5-shirt and shorts, so arms and legs and faces …exposed skin was probably the worst but the most critical were burnt through their clothing.

    So I have seen a picture of a person who seems also to be covered in ash was that the case with some of the pole you saw?

    There was a lot of ash i didn’t see maybe one or two who were quite grey over most of their body but a lot of people had maybe on their face yeah…….there was a lot of ash about, in fact today i can still smell the ash on my hands. i can’t get it off, the smell… . there was a lot of that, the other boat that was moored looked like it was spray painted grey it was just perfectly covered every part of it in ash

    So what did you on board and the others try and do to help there people what were you able to do?

    We just started to treat burns so we were just..using .we had a lot of fresh water on board, so we were able to use fresh water we called out for any containers that we could use and we got people to start filling them up….just starting to pour cool fresh water over people;s burns more critical ones we needed to remove clothing and wrap them up and , reassure people and then ….as time went shock start to set in.. keep people warm and really reassure them.

    I understand paramedics joined your boat at some point, is that correct?

    So then we left, after some point, I was just busy treating people, so I’m not sure what the trigger was for us leaving so we started heading back About halfway back we met a coastguard boat put two paramedics on board and they were able to assist but wasn’t not a lot that one could really do. Pain relief and just assessing people

    And were they able to administer pain relief?

    erm the one, the two people that I were with [sic] we couldn’t get a vein to get anything into them intravenously so erm no.

    Geoff,who were you with in terms of the people you were trying to help? who were they?

    So the couple, the American couple that had been on the news with their honeymoon , that was the two people I was with.

    That must have been shocking for you. Have you dealt with anything like this before?

    no no, nothing like this at all.

    And so their injuries? What were they like?

    Critical burns, yea critical burns yea,they were in and out of consciousness so just really just trying to keep them alive until we could get them to shore

    And what were you doing for them, pouring water on their bodies?

    Trying to keep them warm and keep them conscious, a lot of talking to them, a lot of reassuring, and just trying to keep them warm.

    And were they trying to respond to you Geoff when you spoke to them?

    On and off,…. no children on our boat

    Were you able to get a sense of where these people were then this eruption happened?

    When we went on for our tour, we were split into 2 groups, and I think that’s probably the norm it’s my impression that that tour group that was still on the island was in two groups. and the people we rescued were int he first group and had already been the the crater and were making their way back, so that’s my impression that these people they were already on their way back towards the beach area, and they’re the the ones we rescued … the ones that we were unable to rescue were I believe probably nearer the crater at the time in the second group

    Obviously there were extensive burn injuries,, did you notice any other traumatic injuries from rock falls, anything like that?

    My daughter treated someone Head injure probably from a fall -nothing to suggest anybody had been hit by anything.

    [focus… waffle]

    When you left the island could you see any others still there?

    The tour boat from that second group that was on the island was still there. we left behind our inflatable, with definitely, probably I think one of our crew maybe others, maybe 2 of our crew stayed behind, they came back one the second tour boat… something like maybe half an our afterwards or something like that i was at the front of our boat so I couldn’t see, I didn’t see when we left

    Geoff is it your impression that some of the crew stayed back to ferry other s off the island to try and ferry others. if there were others, off the island?

    Yes, definitely the small boats stayed behind with the one that was covered in ash. yeah.

    When the explosion happened… can you just tell me about what you could smell, and was the air any denser or what was it like?

    We were on the boat and very quickly ushered inside, so nothing to smell. and no issue at all with us breathing. we kept out of the ash. The ash as it engulfed the island. and it did completely engulf the island XXXXXX dark while we were in the shadow of that ash cloud and yeah but there was nothing, and then when were were ferrying people onto the boat we were, the ash had fallen by then we weren’t in the direction of anything that was still steaming from the crater so there was, so it was quite safe for us as far as gas, or anything falling…

    Geoff did you get the impression that the burns people suffered from steam or hot ash sticking to people

    I originally thought it was hot ash. I’,m not sure what it was that caused the burns, but potentially steam not even sure if there’s an acid element to ti. i don’t know people burnt underneath their clothing and their clothing looked fine, you’d lift someone shirt and the shirt was in perfect condition but terrible burns underneath it, so yeah potentially steam.

    What happened when you got to shore?

    As soon as we got to shore, very quickly we were met with a lot of ambulances, policemen. firefighters and as soon as we were at shore, a very quick assessment of who was critical, already made that decision ourselves with the paramedics on the boat we had a plan who was going to come off first so that happened quite quickly , we were able to just put bands on people their names were recorded, put on to boards and lifted straight off into ambulances.


    The 2013 August 20 eruption [visually similar from afar to December 2019] is described in Wikipedia as
    A small eruption occurred on 20 August 2013 at 10.23 am, lasting for ten minutes and producing mostly steam – the result was the huge white plume. One wonders whether this was too early in the season for tourists…
    It also makes one wonder how “natural”and unpredictable that 2013 boiling of the kettle was [images above by parentingNZ etc]


    Here it is and it’s a treat – 100 per cent drill speak, and not at all credible.

    Thanks for the transcript Xileffilex – this “conversation” as you point out is pure PsyOps scripting trying to leverage emotion in the public as well as establishing mental pictures of burning pain and desperation.

    Really found the severe burns and intact clothing idea just as interesting as pouring water over the victims while keeping them warm… Whenever i’m burnt, really would hope Geoff Hopkins stays away, he’s not very reassuring.

    ” we had a lot of fresh water on board, so we were able to use fresh water we called out for any containers that we could use and we got people to start filling them up….just starting to pour cool fresh water over people’s burns more critical ones we needed to remove clothing and wrap them up and, reassure people and then ….as time went shock start to set in… keep people warm and really reassure them. “

    I am surprised by the fact the public so far has been given no imagery to support the severe ash and steam burns. As the victims now are all in a coma and the recovery time quite long – i’m not so sure we’ll see much of the injuries anytime soon*.

    At the least we now have on paper how the “eruption” covered the whole island in dust and ash according to Geoff Hopkins who was quick to clarify how only minutes later “the ash had cleared”. Sure, try tell that to the volcano, Geoff,,,

    * we might get some “Brooke Lee” style prosthetic injuries later (lee brooke)

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