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    Greetings fakeologist forum members!

    I recently got approved on the fakeologist forum, thank you Ab.

    I got into conspiracies when I started to read about 9/11 and the flat earth. I have now registered on several conspiracy forums. Aside from talking about conspiracies, I also like to just read and listen to members, and try and engage in the social aspect of the community. Just general talk and jazz. (I prefer rock, but that is an other story)

    My hobbies are digital and analog photography, old technology like computers and audio equipment. An other hobby of mine is collecting space memorabilia, a hobby which is getting bigger. I am working on several projects regarding it.

    Later this week I will make a thread containing the bulk of material I have collected. Recently I have been looking into getting original WWII photos to scan, would anyone be interested in those? if you find anything interesting on Ebay, send me a link. With my scanner I am able to pull out 23mp out of 35mm and +80mp out of 60-70mm medium format.

    I found a 16mm WWII german film recording on ebay, seller claims it is an original. Ought to be interesting. It can be found here:

    Glad to be meeting all of you.


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