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    Hi Ab,
    I actually thought I had registered years ago. We spoke once on Discuss (my handle: armchairquarterback)
    But, I do not have a very good grasp of these social networks and forums.
    Anyway, I got started around 1995-96: I immediately found an account of a secret space Navy while stumbling through the internet using PINE in my university days. Nowadays, I believe that the whole conspiracy theory world is one huge psyop to distract and discredit those with eyes to see the actual fakery. I mean, why did a guy like me (with no skill or ability to use the web in a targeted way) immediately find a crazy conspiracy theory? It has obviously been going on since the very beginning, and it’s (to me) obviously a trap!
    Nonetheless, I spent decades steeped in every bit of info/disinfo out there – which is how I eventually arrived at my above conclusion. Life since that time has been one big bout of cognitive dissonance, with multiple conflicting understandings of reality operating full time. I’ve pretty much disengaged from all news and info now – but this Alaska Air “highjacking” just made me come to the site (love the site!) to see if anyone way already talking about the improbability of the barnstorming mechanic narrative. Not yet, as it seems, but I’m sure smarter people than I will take this story apart as they have so many others.
    All the world is a stage – and I have long since fallen asleep in the theatre!

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    Welcome Adam,

    Hi Ab,

    Apologies for the delayed response

    I must admit I don’t like doing these potted biogs. It’s not because there not interesting to do, it’s because they take me far too long. So instead I’m going to quote what I wrote in January 2015 while attempting to register at Fakeologist. For some reason, after going through the process, nothing happened, which, even at the time, I was relieved about (I was still on a learning curve) and it’s quite likely I did something wrong.

    I’d like to register now because I’ve accumulated quite a bit of info over the past few years and it would be good to have a chance to contribute here and there.
    And if I ever figure out how to use Skype maybe join in the chat.
    I also recently joined JLB’s site with the same name.

    BTW I left art school in the early 90’s, spent the next ten years being in a band then went back to being an artist, which is mostly what I do now. I’m in my early fifties.

    So this is me January 2015

    Hi Ab,

    I woke up to 9/11 a few months before the tenth anniversary with the help of those seemingly sensible Architects and Engineers. I then went through all the usual suspects like Fetzer, Barrett, Corbett, Wood, Baker etc etc and eventually got to September Clues. At the time, I thought it had some fascinating footage and analysis but for some reason I never took the research further. For me the absence of narration really didn’t help and I ended up lumping it in with all the other ‘no planes’ YouTube vids.

    Since then I became interested in so many other subjects that 9/11 just drifted out of focus. That is until I got to your site…

    Even though I already understood that 9/11 was staged and that the likelihood of planes was zero, I was still under the illusion that the collapsing towers and deaths were real. What had never dawned on me before was that ALL the ‘coverage’ on the day was pre-fabricated…that was quite a revelation and I have you to thank for it!

    I now think that the ‘no planes and ‘nose out’ perspectives were a master stroke of misdirection, tailored for the conspiracy crowd. It very cleverly helped to reinforce the reality of Manhattan and the towers.


    In my opinion the interviews that you’ve done with Simon are essential listening, being able to get a handle on his thinking and having so many topics fleshed out made such a difference in understanding his thesis, it bought the Cluesforum research to life. So, hats off to you for building a very important (and necessary) bridge to their research.



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    Welcome Diox,

    I’m at a stage of my life now, where I am starting to realise that not everything is as it seems, this was triggered mainly by someone I met online about 18 months ago, since then, I have learned many new things about the world and myself.

    I was never someone who followed the crowd, rebellious at school and never believed in many things at a young age, but like many, got sucked into mainstream life, lived the dream and considered my life to be perfect, even though knowing the world was not.

    As I said, I met this person online who started to ask me questions I could not answer, to be honest, they were questions that seemed crazy, stupid and to me, this person was a complete lunatic, but something got triggered in me, I started to look, listen, research for myself and it became quite clear things were not quite what they seem. So since then, I have been interested in thinking for myself and using my own brain, instead of repeating the lies I was taught at school.

    I don’t follow anyone on the internet, I listen and take on board the information, come up with my own thoughts, but always interested in hearing what others think, especially if it is something I may never have considered, which only makes me learn more and also at the same time, allowing my thought process to change.

    I heard about Fakeologist from a forum I was reading and took a look, found it interesting, hence why I am now writing this, as it is always good to hear about what is being spoken about and maybe learning new ideas from free thinking people.

    Many Thanks


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