Is Jungle Surfer spinning us into LALA land?

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    His non-sequiturs bringing up vicsims at 9/11 and Sandy Hoax have me thinking suspiciously. I don’t see the Kennedy men as women, no matter how feminine they may appear in his videos.

    Tom Dalpra

    Yes. This appears to be bonkers!

    Why the overkill on the transgenders? I don’t know.
    He did seem to go mad with it from just about when the question of Michelle Obama was raised.

    This made me suspicious. I said at the time that it might mean there’s some
    truth in it – eye-brow-raising idea that it was.

    This is purely supposition but, with Michelle, I’m thinking that perhaps the whole idea of her, if it was true, could be around the security angle.
    It makes some sense to me. ‘She’ is part of Presidential Security team –
    potentially a brilliant cover.
    It’s a more credible idea to me to see Michelle/Mike as perhaps that. Known on the inside, but kept secret for National Security reasons – all legal stuff.

    That’s just supposing though.

    It was Jungle Surfer calling Princess Diana a man which
    made me take everything else he’s ever said since, with a pinch of salt.
    This ‘Carter was a woman’ stuff reminds me a bit of Dallas Goldbug comparing faces and ears. It feels like a whole load of absolute nonsense to confuse the issue.

    In Goldbug’s case we see the truth is, there are indeed psyOp actors in multiple roles but just not usually the ones he says – Ahmedinejad is Henry Winkler hahaha! It’s the ears! ( I spoke to him in the old chat here as it goes, I told him Usain Bolt was Dudley Moore – he knows I’m slick ;).

    Is this not Goldbug’s main purpose?

    Not just there to make anyone who questions anything sound a bit silly ( which he does) but to specifically
    confuse the issue of multiple actors.

    On the evidence of Jungle Surfer’s antics, I find myself wondering again:
    Are there indeed one or two key trans-gender people that are deemed best kept a ‘secret’?

    Either that, or he’s just found a good angle to latch on to, to make all alternative theorists sound like nutters.

    I like listening to his patter sometimes.
    I think he should go into comedy. There’s always room for another Rodney Rude in my world.



    Yes, Mr. Jungle may require the finest Himalayan salt at times, Tom. More than a grain, however it may be. Has he provided insight into corners not yet seen? Or is he the Tabloidian of the Media Maytricks? I enjoy his candid confidence and his contributions rounding out the first 100 Fakeologist shows. Some say he is maniac, Some say a gardener. I say he does the impossible. He surfs in jungles. May the force be with him.



    I first had serious doubts about Jungle Surfer when he attacked Betsy McGee. It seemed strangely vicious and uncalled for. Now he’s going on and on with his over-the-top tranny vids. I saw one where he asserts that Harry Truman was a woman, etc. His manner may be amusing at times and I think he does express some truth but he’s also way too speculative in his assertions to be taken seriously, I think, so his videos aren’t really very compelling when you get right down to it.


    I like the Jungle Surfer and like some of us here, have been a bit taken aback by his recent obsession with transgenders. Marilyn Monroe a MAN and Sly Stalone a WOMAN!!!

    For the moment, I am withholding judgment and have continued to watch many of his videos. I guess I’ve had too many people look at me like I’m nuts to not, at least for the moment, extend him the courtesy of maintaining an open mind. Besides, a couple of times I was surprised to seem some supporting evidence, albeit circumstantial. I found the idea of Nicole Kidman being transgender ridiculous but did a quick search only to discover that she was slated to play the first fully transgendered person in a movie scheduled for release in 2007. Gwenyth Paltrow was to be her ‘wife.’ Coincidence?


    Kim Kardashian (KK 11/11), the best advert for Photoslop, “proves” her pregnancy. ?

    Sorry if anyone was having breakfast.

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