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    In light of all the discussions with numbers, numerology, alphabet codes, and the ilk, I would like to start a discussion on the topic of whether mathematics is – quite simply- the basis of reality. ( In some ways, I hope not, coz I’m hopeless at math:-()
    To kick off, here comes a good link:

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.


    Mathematicians are like Frenchmen: whatever you say to them, they translate it into their own language, and forthwith it means something entirely different.
    – Johann W olfgang von Goethe –

    Enter Stephen Anthony and his whiteboard with the Ancient Philosophy of Mathematics.

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.


    I’ve often wondered the same thing Carole, though always thought what were taught in school was probably complete nonsense (Crap at maths too 😉 ) but it always seemed to have another deeper esoteric meaning.

    Though where to begin to find out what it all meant just wouldn’t know where to begin.. Back to the Ancients would be a good place.

    Thanks for the link, looks interesting


    Hi Nemesis
    I have no idea where to start either – just dipping in my toes randomly.

    Here are a couple more things. I’ve found:

    Reading the Book of Nature with mathematics aka a man in a lighthouse drawing squiggly lines onto a window:-)

    Keeping with squiggly lines – the classic cartoon Donald in Mathmagic Land produced by a a 33 degree freemason who was no doubt initiated into the esoteric meaning of numbers as evidenced by the triple 6 in his signature!

    For some reason I can never sit through this one and never get to the juicy stuff about the pentagrams which is in there somewhere – maybe that’s why I’m still hopeless at maths!

    This is what ( I know – classic disinfo souurce, so proceed with caution) has to say about it:
    In this 1957 Disney educational film on mathematics, Donald Duck learns basic concepts that are usually taught in esoteric circles such as the Pythagorean theorem, the mathematical complexity of pentagrams and the Golden Ratio. These are the basics of the ancient art of sacred geometry. To learn these things, Donald Duck even had to join Pythagoras’ secret society, which distinguished its initiated with the symbols of the pentagram. Interesting video on concepts that wouldn’t be touched by today’s children TV shows with a 10 foot pole.

    Are the ptb rubbing their esoteric knowledge of numbers in our noses? And do we really have to be good at maths to understand what’s happening? Or maybe the coding of numbers into their false stories is just a huge distraction to draw our attention away from the magician behind the curtain?

    The Grand Book of the Universe

    Philosophy is written in the grand book of the universe,
    which stands continually open to our gaze.
    But the book cannot be understood
    until one first learns to comprehend the language
    and read the letters in which it is composed.
    It is written in the language of mathematics,
    and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures,
    without which it is humanly impossible to understand
    a single word of it;
    without these one wanders about in a dark labyrinth.

    – Galileo Galilei (1565 – 1642) –

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.


    A little bit off topic but interesting nonetheless.

    “Did you know that the Gregorian calendar repeats its program precisely every 28 years? In any 28 year slice, there will always be exactly seven leap days/years. That means there are large 28 year Gregorian recordings that are playing beneath the surface of events. A significant determining point will be a good place to begin to look at these 28 year cycles and see how they are programming us. What is a significant determining point? How about the atomic bomb in 1945?

    Didn’t that change everything? It most certainly did. Or how about the 911 in 2001? So let’s count in 28 year cycles after 1945 and see what happens. First 28 years, 1973 now here’s something: April 4, 1973, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were dedicated. 28 years later? 2001. 911. No more Twin Towers.

    Twin events like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two 28 year cycles earlier. How about 28 years before 1945? 1917. America enters World War I. 1945, America ends World War II. Are we, after the 911, starting World War III? 28 years before 1917, 1889. Hmm.

    The Eiffel Tower, world’s tallest structure in its time, three 28 year cycles before the Twin Towers. Do you see how the calendar repeats its programs? Do you really want another 28 years of this program?”
    Jose Arguelles, “Stopping Time” (18)

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.


    Consciousness, just like mathematics, seems to be non-material.
    People with less than 95% brain matter can not only function in society but also excel academically.
    The study Jeffrey refers to is already over 30 years old but scientists have generally ignored it.
    Is the brain a hoax? No planer, and no brainer, Jeffrey Grupp, thinks he has found evidence that consciousness is correlated with but not clearly dependent on the brain.

    H/t Ab – in this audio and this video Jeffrey makes some great points about the 9/11 hoax

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.


    The golden ratio (symbol is the Greek letter “phi”) is a special number approximately equal to 1.618

    The ratio, or proportion, determined by Phi (1.618 …) was known to the Greeks as the “dividing a line in the extreme and mean ratio” and to Renaissance artists as the “Divine Proportion” It is also called the Golden Section, Golden Ratio and the Golden Mean.


    It appears many times in geometry, art, architecture and other areas.

    The dimensions of the human body spookily comply with the golden ratio.

    “All life is biology.
    All biology is physiology.
    All physiology is chemistry.
    All chemistry is physics.
    All physics is math.”

    Dr. Stephen Marquardt.

    Here is a whole website devoted to Phi

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.


    The Golden Ratio in 3D human face modeling

    Phi and changing your sex

    The essential Phi Mask (i.e. the geometric ideal “beautiful” image of humanness) is actually that of a woman. The male image is a variation on that mathematical female image.

    Developmentally all human faces begin as essentially feminine – even if genetically male. Through multiple exposures to testosterone the genetic male face gradually transforms into the male configuration. But again, male faces essentially start out physically as female. This is evidenced by the fact that generally young pre-pubescent males can be dressed as females and often be mistaken for females. However after the great testosterone infusion (really more like a blast) at puberty, it is generally quite difficult to disguise the “maleness” of a face.

    There appears to be a biological basis for the difference between male and female faces.

    Film legend Oliver Reed died of a heart attack during a break from shooting on Gladiator, leaving several important scenes unfinished.

    Using CGI, Reed’s face was mapped onto a double’s head in the editing process, like in the shot pictured above. The digital mask is impressive for a film completed in 2000.

    See other examples here:

    and here:

    Of course since 2000 they have improved the technology

    Nevertheless there will,still be glitches. But does that matter? On to a brilliant recent comment by I Gestalta on Clues Forum

    I think one of the most plausible interpretations of this en-masse digitization is, to an extent, akin to a modern video game’s public-beta stage—except the user is not told that they are playing a video game.

    It’s a great way to not only work out issues which may pop up in real-time demonstrations and/or fine-tune their software and methods; but it’s also an excellent way to slowly “normalize” what sort of visuals are to be expected when one turns on their television. Yet another benefit of these “mistake”-laden instances is that, at any given point, a somewhat bottom-of-the-barrel organization such as RT can be scapegoated for fakery (no matter how innocuous the fakery may be) and most people wouldn’t be led to question any other “news” organization. “Yeah, I used to watch RT, until they started using computer graphics to make their news more interesting. Looks like its back to a more trusted news network for me”! Lastly, and this goes more toward my last point & perception-management tactics in general, “if they can’t even fake a news reporter properly, how could they have faked Boston, or 9/11, or NASA?”, etc. It’s funny how these guys can give themselves more credibility by, ironically, lying more.

    It’s fascinating to me how imperceptive the common person is to this type of imagery and the anomalies therein. There are even people who cannot tell the difference between 24fps and 48fps; or that a film being viewed on a television with the “smoothing” feature activated is not how a film is meant to look. To me, the difference is as stark as B&W films vs. color.

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.


    Hi Carole. Great thread. And a fascinating subject.
    It seems true that: “All is number”. 🙂

    This isn’t always easy to follow, but it’s amazing and thought-provoking:

    (11 September reference at 11:11)

    Tom Dalpra

    Yes, interesting thread Carole and intriguing link there Carys.

    This lecture on The Golden Ratio ( ‘what’s true and what isn’t’ – according to this guy) from Stanford. Mainstream academia – they’re never going to give us the real nuts – but I found this quite interesting as an addition to the Golden Ratio discussion. According to this guy:

    We find that fractals do use the golden ratio and that pentagons are full of it.

    In the case of plants we see that nature uses the golden ratio to maximise the sunlight a plant can receive.

    On the other hand, he says the idea of the Golden Ratio being especially pleasing to the human eye is false and the golden ratio does not apply to the human body.

    It’s been used in design but not with any real evidence of it helping much.

    -Apple used the golden ratio in their new IOS7 icon set. The majority of people hated them.



    If you are a little slow at checking Zak’s work like I am, I found a site that helps the converting of names to numbers a little easier:

    Click between English Ordinal (to use the letters full numerical value) and English Reduction (to get the reduced value). (To keep the K’s and V’s at their full 11’s and 22’s value during reduction you just have to do the math!) Check the Breakdown and Reduce boxes to see the math.

    Also this site is handy to calculate the numbers between any two dates:


    ^Great links and comments, Carys, Tom and Banazîr:-)

    I’ve struggled for quite some time to understand the mechanics of precession – as conventionally laid out, concave earth notwithstanding – and I finally found this explanation using a dining room table to be quite lucid. Mathison also links the precessional numbers with worldwide ancient artifacts.

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.

    #11056 you may enjoy this carole. also check out these guys are interesting to say the least.



    Kronecker, a famous mathematician once said “God made the natural numbers (1,2,3,4…), man has made all the rest”

    I used to believe that math was the language of nature now I believe that numbers only exist in our minds. Like language or Spiderman, we can make numbers real the same way we make any idea real.

    There isn’t anything in the universe that needs numbers to function except humans, and even we don’t need-need them. However helpful they may be we would’t die without them. They are an outgrowth of our desire to see patterns in the universe.

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