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    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Ah, so there were two U.S. College basketball teams ‘caught-up’ in the Italian earthquake.
    As well as the boys from Bryant, CBS South Carolina felt the need to let us know the women’s team from Elon
    were also in Italy ( in Rome, miles away from danger ) and safe.

    So one US College Basketball reference for the boys and one for the girls.
    I never hear anything about U.S. College basketball and then two teams turn up in separate locations, at the same ‘disaster’, in Italy. Mmm…does seem a little bit ‘tidy’.

    Elon women’s basketball team OK after deadly Italy earthquake




    I don’t know the source of the still at 1.34 – 1.44 here
    but it looks highly improbable.

    Maybe the smartest thing to do was to pull it?


    Sorry for getting all Atef’s crown on it, haha.

    No need to apologize, Tom. Other people have been doing exactly that.


    Amatrice and Omran enchilada

    OK let’s tie Amatrice and Omran together. Make a Roman esoteric enchilada so to speak. That will go Nice with our lunar festival. This recipe is a variation of the one we did last year, the Aylan salad to celebrate the Migrant festivities.


    A dash of Bloodmoon
    One aircraft carrier
    1 Earthquake
    1 Exoplanet
    War in Syria
    A few Turkish tanks
    One Russian bear (red)
    A couple of White Helmets
    Mary and child and roses
    One Russian icon in the rubble
    A bit of Orange Boy with a bloody eye (dusted)
    7 Believers, 1 Aalst Pastor and a wafer turned red
    And of course you need the help of the corrupt mainstream media, as Tarpley would have it.

    Mix, stir well, let stew. Serve with Brexit and Rigged American Elections on the side.

    Buon appetito

    H/t junglesurfer


    Enchilada, Tom?


    Omran = ‘Solid Structure’

    Anagram of Roman

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    That recipe was a mess and then you serve up Mexican food to go with a Jungle Surfer video ?
    Are you trying to make this thread confusing, rgos ? I was hungry.

    This is more like it.

    Have the boys at Clues had a look at this yet ? I’m intrigued. I’d like to hear some opinions from some trusted voices.



    Have the boys at Clues had a look at this yet ? I’m intrigued. I’d like to hear some opinions from some trusted voices.

    It’s awful quiet at Clues. I hope they are all right?


    That recipe was a mess and then you serve up Mexican food

    I did mess that one up, didn’t I? I probably forgot a few ingredients here and there.

    So before you start cooking, thinking you can be a Master Chef (13+3=4+3=7, “hoaxing by the numbers, I’ve been saying it all along”), add some of these:

    A dash of CERN occulty flimflam
    A bit of Pokémon GO (go easy on those Pikachu)
    One hot Burkini

    Pokémon GO

    Hot Burkini


    Joking aside, it is often convenient when doing this kind of research to give these characters names (Umbrella Man, The Cuban, you know the drill). Let’s dub this one the Springing Nun.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Zach talks about 42 around 16-45 mins. He references Douglas Adams and 42 being the answer to Life, the Universe and everything in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    I’ve heard all sorts of answers to what the 42 ‘meant’ but the most cogent argument I’ve heard was from Rollo.
    The original book cryptically gives 42 as the answer to 6 x 9.
    6×9 equals 54 – in Roman numerals this is written as LIV .
    42 in Roman numerals is XLII .

    The answer to the question could then be – LIV and XLII
    ”Live and excel too”.

    Zach claims 42 is a very important number to the controllers and that’s why it was used in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as the ‘answer to everything’ .
    I’m not sure it isn’t just this simple hidden message from Adams.



    The only earthquake machine is controlled demolition and media’s tell-a-lie-vision.

    Yes, but don’t discount the plain ol’ wrecking ball.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Good spot rgos. If that’s supposed to be earthquake damage, that’s just a tad, suspect.

    I was wondering about how this all might fit together. What did happen?
    Could this be a real, predictable earthquake that has been exploited ?

    ” How predictable are earthquakes ? ” I wondered. In looking this 2011 article from Scientific American caught my eye.

    Scientists Worry Over “Bizarre” Trial on Earthquake Prediction

    Mmmm ‘bizarre’ trial…

    ”Six Italian scientists and one government official are set to go to trial today in Italy (Sept. 20) on charges of manslaughter for not warning the public aggressively enough of an impending earthquake that killed more than 300 people in 2009.
    While such a trial is unlikely on U.S. soil, experts say, American geologists and seismologists are watching closely, surprised at a legal system that would attempt to criminalize something as uncertain as earthquake prediction.”

    I wondered was this some kind of presented reality ? A way of making ‘top scientists’ tell us how unpredictable earthquakes are when perhaps they are more predictable than we’re told?

    Just a thought.



    What did happen?

    Yep, I keep checking Clues hoping to hear something from some trusted Italian sources, but still no news there. Maybe they are doing a boots on the ground investigation?

    I’m really curious if they “felt the rumble” in the Roman hills or whether, as Ab suggested, the earthquake machine is strictly media manipulation and controlled demo and they don’t even have to go to the trouble of creating some sort of seismic shockwaves.


    Looks like a nuclear explosion

    @0:51 “Village is totally cordoned off for journalists. I talked to a rescue worker who was a structural engineer. He said: ‘It looks like a nuclear bomb has exploded here.'”


    I wondered was this some kind of presented reality ? A way of making ‘top scientists’ tell us how unpredictable earthquakes are when perhaps they are more predictable than we’re told?

    I remember that, Tom. Bizarre in the extreme, but yet another publicly funded legal circus which dragged on late into 2015, with the eventual exhoneration of the six scientists and the creation of just one scapegoat of whose “incarceration” we can find little information
    Bernardo De Bernardinis, who at the time of the quake was deputy head of Italy’s civil protection department, remained convicted but with a reduced jail term of 2 years.

    But wait, the lawyers hadn’t finished…
    a parallel manslaughter trial against Guido Bertolaso, head of the civil protection department in 2009, was postponed until 4 March. [2016]

    But wait
    “Bertolaso ??turns out to be “untraceable”. So no summons could be delivered.”
    wow, that was lucky.
    source, April 6, 2016

    And who was reporting for the BBC in 2011? Alan Johnston

    who was allegedly kidnapped and held by the “Army of Islam” for four months in Gaza City

    and released smiling to media fanfare

    Bernardo doesn’t exactly look a broken man in December 2015

    having in 2010 received the following honour
    The Council of Ministers has appointed the engineer Bernardo De Bernardinis President ISPRA
    October 7 On 7 October, the Council of Ministers has appointed the engineer Bernardo De Bernardinis President of the Higher Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research. The Council has expressed the most ‘heartfelt thanks for the excellent work he performed in nine years of activity’ at the Department of Civil Protection.

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    There are a lot of great points in this thread, and cudos to Tom for picking this up. In regards to the powers at be manufacturing events, there are enough clues in this story to be really cautious about the realness of this earthquake. It reminds me of the Thailand Tsunami, Fukushima etc. only this is on a scale that seems more manageable and that could let us better prove with tangible evidence that natural events are sometimes created too.

    I’m not sure there is yet enough “conclusive” evidence, but when i saw that “starchitect” Renzo Piano is now in charge of the rebuilding of this area*, i’d say my Fakeometer rings quite loudly. Renzo Piano is the man behind the masonic London “Shard” building, the tallest UK structure comprised of 72 habitable floors and 111,000 m2,,,

    It would be interesting if you guys could do an audio-chat on the subject, or just convene on a Teamspeak meet-up as to better summarize your findings. Serious stuff, me thinks.

    Renzo Piano planning earthquake rebuilding

    *The Guardian article august 29th (5days after the quake, quite quick, maybe preplanned?


    and cudos to Tom for picking this up

    Absolutely, credit where credit is due.


    Renzo Piano is the man

    Ah, Renzo Piano. Didn’t I hear his name somewhere during the op? Yes, that’s hime @0:40.

    Piano, piano, piano, piano, piano. Piano possibile.


    And what would an Italian earthquake be without a touch of Romeo and Julia?

    @0:54 Applause!

    @0:30 O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

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