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    Welcome btruck:

    I live in a senior community where the apoplexy and senility can strike at any random moment. 57 years of age. Doubted the Kennedy assassination account in 1994. The moon landing in 1997. And voting integrity in 1997. By then, never believed 9/11. September clues wrapped up the explanation. Came across this site on whether there is a
    Flat earth. Curvature is miles squared times 6.4 inches. Still a person 4 miles away should be behind the curvature if only light is being bent by \\\”gravity\\\” in the same proportion. Einstein \\\”showed\\\” the sun\\\’s \\\”gravity\\\” bending starlight during an eclipse. But something like that could be \\\”faked\\\”. The Immanuel Velikovsky archive has articles on the \\\”dark age of Greece\\\” that is always interesting banter.

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