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    Welcome Rachel!

    Greetings Ab,

    I’ve been listening to some of your older audio chats over the last few days (a very neat idea) and having got to know some of the voices I thought I’d sign up. Unfortunately where I am in my wake up is sort of where John Le Bon is. I don’t think any ’normie’ will really want to know what I know, and I doubt they’d believe it. I have no desire to put a downer on people, but equally knowing this stuff and doing nothing is acquiescence. I certainly don’t want to give an impression of that, so the best I can be is an irritant.

    So about me: I am English and live in the northwest of England, I was a ‘normie’, I had a job doing what I was interested in so spent my spare time learning more about that. I’m generation x, and after the 2010 general election I became interested in politics. I noticed a scam coming from the coalition, so that pushed me left.

    Up to this point I had a passing interest in conspiracy theories, but I can’t think of any time I got past ‘well we’ll never know’, The sort I watched were the made for television ones like JFK. I was very neutral, they didn’t hold my attention.

    The first one I looked into off my own back was actually quite by accident. It was the Christmas break, probably 2013 into 14. Usually there is an end of year show that includes actors who have died that year. I’d missed it so was googling for a list. A result came up with Paul McCartney, I clicked it thinking he’d died, it was a ‘Paul is dead’ site. Reading it, it boggled my mind. I’m from Liverpool, Paul’s home town, and had never heard of this story. Then it triggered a memory – when I was thirteen I had a friend who was madly into The Beatles even though they’d ceased to be a thing for well over a decade, looking through her fan stuff I took a dislike to Paul. I couldn’t say what it was, I just didn’t like the later pictures of him. Remembering this, I thought there might be something to the replacement story so I started watching Beatles interviews for clues. I came up with a theory, I don’t believe Paul died, I have updated my thought since, but I’m beyond reasonable doubt the Paul we see today is the original one, but ‘Fool on the Hill’ was an accurate statement of fact. Happy to share if you are interested.

    So having that one sorted to my satisfaction I didn’t see it in a wider context, I thought it was just about money, and actually probably it was. But as I followed politics I became more aware of the lies. Then the election, a tory government and EU re-negotiation before a referendum. On the last day of the negotiated settlement, at 10pm, Friday night, LIVE on BBC News, David Cameron marched onto screen saying he’d just clinched a deal. I knew it was utter bullshit. I’d read a link to a German newspaper that, a month earlier, had outlined this exact script. That was my starting gun into fakeology.

    I, by this time, had joined the Labour party knowing the Conservatives were a bunch of liars. But, Labour’s official position was Remain and I was Leave. I was leave, not because of immigration, it was because UK governments use the EU as a human shield. If you want to hold politicians to account you’ve got to get rid of their ability to make excuses. And everything I know about the EU, it is a den of fraud. What I noticed was the manipulation, lies based on lies. I could see they’d spent five years creating a set of villains and they were now all on the side of Leave. I could see they were attempting to manipulate the Labour vote to push Remain over the line, all the propaganda was to that end – apparent staunch Leave people (shadow leader) Jeremy Corbyn and (lefty journalist) Paul Mason, for example, saying while we should leave, now is not a good time. Thinking about it, I bet the whole Greek GREXIT vote was staged just to scare the UK population into not voting Brexit – Prince Philip being Greek. It fits everything else I’ve discovered about this event.

    Then the coup de grace, on the 16/6/16, I was at a business conference and I was checking my twitter feed, BREAKING NEWS: Labour MP attacked. The fourth tweet in – ‘Jo’s birthday is 22nd June’ – FAKE!!!

    I didn’t need anything else to know this fact. The election was on the 23rd, the last day of legal campaigning therefore was the 22nd, a reporting embargo in force on the day of a vote. The event was staged to give Remain a complete media blitz on the last day of campaigning, an attempt to guilt-trip people into voting Remain across the line and putting off the Leave vote. That is election fraud. Everything I have researched since is to try to work out how they were able to put that date in place. The thing is, the answer is in the public domain. While I wasn’t beyond reasonable doubt Cox didn’t die, I suspected not. I now know this as fact, my belief ‘Jo Cox’ or ‘Joke Cock’ is still acting as a Labour MP.

    Sending you fondest regards,


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    Hello Kim!

    I’m a 37 year old male, been into this for 12-13 years. I said to my mother when I was 11-12 years old that he politicians on the TV pissed me off because they were always arguing and never got anything done. She of course replkied that I had to stop being negative. So the seed of discontent has been there for many years but I was stuck in the right-left paradigm until I woke up to the 911 psyop in 2006. Like many others I got into that via Alex Jones, and I went through the whole gang of gatekeepers for many years. You name it, David Wilcock, Alex Collier, Phil Schneider, Jordan Maxwell, The camelot project, Nasim Haramein, so many I cant even remember anymore. So many sunbjects, so many people and subjects I can hardlly remember a fraction. But the experience thats been gained has been very good. I like to imagine that I have a good ability to discern bullshit from truth while at the same time being careful to not through out the baby to fast, it’s been my main focus for a long time. Even after growing up atheist and living as an atheist “conspiracy theorist” I still spent years studying the bible. I do not call myself a christian but I had to genuinely entertain the idea for a long time. The mark of a smart man is being able to entertain an idea. Any idea, for as long as you should to discern.
    I hope I can contribute to the forums. Peace.
    Kim, Norway

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