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    Welcome Perceptionnavigator:

    Grew up knowing everything is bullshit. Then I learned how everything was bullshit. Now I’m here. Oh yeah 9/11 was very likely a projection from the 4th dimension

    Also, a $9.11/month patreon! Thank you!


    Welcome Murph!

    Hello, I think it’s safe to say I have been on a logical progression of skeptical thinking which brought me here. The very recent and current events of the COVID situation and lockdown have had me in real quandary primarily because of having young children. I saw just how crazy the situation had become with the lockdown and so I started pouring over everything I could find. I suppose I took a detour by starting to explore 9/11 in a way that I never had before. My logic was that if they’d lie about that then surely they would be lying about the COVID. Very early on I had my doubts re the fake virus, but I live and am surrounded with people who truly believe it all. I started looking at most of the false flags in recent history (las Vegas, sandy hook). Every new thing I looked at I just became more curious and trusting of my original suspicion of COVID. I spent most time on 9/11 as I saw that as kind of a litmus test and went through the progression of 9/11 “truth” by first with the Architects and Engineers for Truth, then I came across Judy Wood and thought that made more sense. Yet frankly the whole thing just still seemed overwhelming to believe much less explain people (which never went well btw). Somehow along this As I side note I started reading about flat earth and was convinced I had finally lost my marbles Bc I couldn’t deny that I believe it all and it made more sense me than what we were taught. Everything just appeared so bizarre. Yesterday I finally came across a comment on a twitter thread on 9/11 which referenced sept clues and suffice to say that stopped me in my tracks. I believe there was a link somewhere for fakeologist and, here I am. Apologies for the length of this to @everyone
    My logic was that if 9/11 was all a lie then why wouldn’t they hesitate to lie about COVID. When I came across sept clues and realized that I had never myself, nor even read anywhere of anyone questioning not only what happened but if “it” really happened at all. I realized it was so taboo to even question it in almost a religious sense that it made sense Bc my main question was “how in the world could something so crazy happen”? I never thought of the possibility that it seemed all bizarre precisely because it did not happen. Mind blown on that one.
    Sorry everyone, but as you can see – I haven’t been able to talk much about this.

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