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    Welcome bonusobliquus

    So I’m a former far left winger who was lucky enough to come to an understanding about the false right-left dialectic through good folks like Jay Dyer and the fellows from Hoax Busters. I don’t have much of a background personally with fakery/hoax, but I’m an avid listener HBC and The Afternoon Commute and found Fakeologist through them; I’ve since been working my way through your archives. I don’t think I have too much to contribute as far ‘research’ or ‘investigation’ into fakery, and I actually made this account so I could try to get ahold of ‘Uninstall Media'(we seem to have similar occupations and worldviews). One thing I can say I guess about the media, particularly in light of this newest ‘event’: weather the event was ‘real’ or not(I tend to think not, even at this early stage), either way it is going to be all over the media for weeks, and in between the coverage will be commercials for GM, Nestle, Unilever, and all the rest. So you could say that the coverage is ‘brought to you by’ or ‘sponsored by’ GM, Nestle,..: The Corporate State. So weather you believe the official story, which will be something to the effect that this guy was ‘radicalized’ against Western Culture(aka the Corporate State), or if you believe it was a scripted event: in either and any case it was brought to you by The Corporate State. An advertisement for More Corporate State.

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