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    Welcome Mezzie!

    My first introduction was Alex jones back in 2005 which lead me to Max Igan, yes, I’m from Australia. Met the man in 2008, stayed with him for 10 days during which I got to see a beautiful countryside.. A bit too hippy..ish for me. Ever since then I’ve spent my life spending money on where I want to see change, in other words, I speak with my wallet. I don’t buy chinese crap, I buy local, organic, wherever possible (on most occasions) I buy Australian made (will track it down if need to) from Australian companies (not many left), as much as possible i grow food and save seeds. Im not looking to save the world or anyone in it. I listen to James Corbett, Jan Ivin, mainstream media, Stefan Molyneux and JLB. Just looking to listen to some of your shows.


    Welcome Oafus!

    Hi Ab

    I’m a UK-based, entirely passive observer, which may not appeal given that you appreciate ‘effort’, but I am instead a silent distributor of content to my (carefully selected) network of friends. I have long since mistrusted my own Government, much to my father’s disgust, let alone the US administration, and believed I had already found the outer edge of all the deception until more recently realising that women’s tennis is played by men in short skirts and the silver screen is full of broad-shouldered elite castrati. I originally stumbled upon your website when researching John Lennon, and remember finding a well-researched piece of analysis on Freddie Mercury, which earned my trust. Significantly, I’m pretty sure that your site was where I first found Aaron Dover’s No Floors and, as you’ll know if you’ve followed his work, Aaron has pushed the envelope further than any other truther out there. As to where Aaron is today, he’s supposed to have taken his own life but I refuse to believe that a man with such insight and intelligence would throw in the towel quite so readily. So in summary, I am likely to contribute the sum total of diddly squat as we say in the UK, however by adding me to your subscriber base you can at least be assured that your network of influence is being consolidated on the other side of the pond.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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