June 2020

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    Welcome Masterofnone – from 2015!

    Master of None here. We spoke on the forum at least once. It’s been a few years, so I seem to have been purged from chats. I took a break from some topics for awhile, but somehow came back and enjoyed your convo with Marcus.

    Can I be readmitted? I looked for my original email with my 911 story, etc., but I can’t find it. So will do another.

    It’s been so long ago I don’t know that I even remember, but I pretty immediately knew 911 was a total fraud. With each passing year and all of the various truthers, I’ve made my way through Alex Jones of course, Judy Wood, that horrible, nauseating, pompous academic ass Fetzer, and frankly just don’t care about it anymore. It’s not up for discussion. If people can’t see it, I wrote them off long ago. Now I’m beyond done with everything mask & COVID. This is even more obvious than 9/11. More nonsensical, more heavy-handed, more far-reaching, and once again, feeling like I’m the only one anywhere, bothered by the lie (and not wearing a mask).

    As a once mental health therapist, it’s very clear Covid is all about trauma. Kill off the oldest, not necessarily with Covid, but perhaps with ventilators and other nefarious means, devastate our culture and economy and traumatize the youngest so that they are that much easier to control.

    Youth today are already the least capable, most dumbed down and weirdly sheltered of all previous generations. I will never be able to identify with a teenager who is too afraid or not interested in driving. That is just bizarre. If that is not a microcosm of how we have been robbed of our innate desire for autonomy, mastery and curiosity, I don’t know what is.

    Anything in particular you want to hear more about Ab?

    Jack of all trades.
    Master of none.

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