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    More clues that this was planned – The National Emergencies Trust was launched in November 2019, patron the Duke of Cambridge
    Registered as a charity on April 4 2019, partly set up by the Government
    In the event of a national disaster in the UK it will launch a pubic national appeal and distribute those funds as quickly and efficiently as possible to those affected. This creates a single, trusted appeal mechanism. The funds will be distributed in partnership with VCS [Voluntary and community Sector] and local charities. Funds raised will support both the immediate relief of hardship for survivors as well as the longer-term recovery of individuals and communities.

    The intensity of emergencies in 2017 – from the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London to Grenfell [q.q.v. **] – led the Charity Commission to convene a number of people in the charitable sector to see if there was a better way of responding to national emergencies. This has led to the creation of the National Emergencies Trust, which will collaborate with charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money and support victims at the time of a domestic disaster.
    just in time for the plandemic shutdown

    Collecting now….appeal launched March 18 2020
    The world is in a state of emergency….
    As if they knew a state of emergency was just going to come along…

    small money, but…

    The Deputy Chair, Gerald Oppenheim was … He chaired the former London Bombings ** Relief Charitable Fund from 2005-2008


    ** Fakery at every corner.

    Other trustees –
    Thelma Stober who allegedly lost a lower leg in the 2005 7/7 London ‘bombings’

    Stober was, as noted in 2017 here, a trustee of the LONDON Emergency Trust, [see above] which distributed shy of £5 following the Grenfell psy-op.

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    UK NHS workers – they’re dropping like the proverbial flies.

    The original BBC chequerboard has now been flushed out to 100 NHS deaths,28 April 2020
    plenty of retirements, natural deaths, and relocations, I imagine.

    Margaret Tapley, an 84 year old nurse????

    One interesting case
    A “much-loved” village [Cerne Abbas] GP, Dr Craig Wakeham, 59, is remembered by colleagues as a “leading light” and “devoted” husband and father.

    Dr Craig Wakeham, the Chief Clinical Information Officer at NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and former GP from Cerne Abbas, passed away on Saturday 18 April 2020 aged 59. He had tested positive for COVID-19.

    source NHS Dorset, April 21
    So, no cause of death. Died April 18 “after testing positive for Coronavirus”

    n a statement, his colleagues Dr Jeremy Dobbs and Dr Jenny Bubb said: ‘We are very saddened to inform our patients that Dr Wakeham died at the weekend. He had been fighting the coronavirus in Dorset County Hospital for many days
    many days….
    source – Pulse April 22 2020 No need for an autopsy there.

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    Who knows what’s really going on? At the Euromomo site, which collates total deaths around Europe
    some countries are having a massive spike in deaths in April, others hardly anything.
    cf. Spain and Portugal, Sweden [famous for having light touch “distancing”] has a much higher death rate than Norway. [all alleged]w

    The UK government has a [ONS] site showing excess winter mortality, the latest provision figures are from 2018-9

    This is only for winter c.w. the rest of the year, the year runs August 1 – July 31
    There were an estimated 23,200 excess winter deaths which occurred in England and Wales in the 2018 to 2019 winter, the lowest since the winter of 2013 to 2014.

    The excess winter mortality index in England in 2018 to 2019 was statistically significantly lower than the 2016 to 2017 and 2017 to 2018 winters.

    This is done by comparing the measured average daily deaths in the 4 month period December- March, with the average for the rest of the preceding 4 and subsequent 4 months of the year. = EWD, Excess winter deaths.

    The excess winter mortality (EWM) index is calculated as excess winter deaths (EWD) divided by the average non-winter deaths, expressed as a percentage.

    EWD in London and England are well documented, 1991-2011

    We can see, if there is a massive reported spike in April of all deaths, there will be the smallest EWD for a long time.

    The next ONS figures are due May 5 [tomorrow as I write] but it will be noted that the number of weekly total deaths in England and Wales, as reported, was roughly similar in 2019/20 to the previous 5 year agerage until week ending April 3 16,385 vs 10,307 a sudden increase of 60 per cent in one week [the previous week ending March 27 showed a mild 10 per cent increase.

    Another valuable source of [hospital, i.e. government] data is ICNARC, which is an independent charity. [intensive care national audit and research centre]
    which has weekly data on patients critically ill with confirmed COVID-19
    e.g. May 1 2020
    It is alleged that so far 2448 patients have died while receiving critical care.

    The graphs show a peak of admittance to critical care units around April 1 and a dramatic decline matching the rise, to May 1.
    To support our NHS and critical care colleagues in planning, both centrally and locally, we are using the Case Mix Programme (CMP) to report on patients in ICU, critically ill with COVID-19.

    Health care providers working in critical care identified the need for high quality information (data). They needed this information to record the results of treatment and to help them develop the most effective ways of organising care and treating patients. This need for high quality information led to the establishment of ICNARC.
    from their website

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    If this event had been modelled, including lockdown/shutdown, including “flattening the curve” then the model would have shown that all these thousands and thousands of phoney beds in fake temporary hospitals would not be needed. It was all a show.

    From the Sun newspaper, 4 May 2020
    THE UK coronavirus death toll today hit 28,734 ** as another 288 patients died in the lowest rise in more than a month.
    The last time the UK recorded such a low 24 hour fatality rate was almost five weeks ago on March 28 when 214 deaths were reported.

    Aha, the curve is flattening, as per the script.
    Now here’s a funny thing, now they are measuring “Excess Death Rate” in summer!
    From the Sun again quoting EuroMomo [see above]

    Figures from EuroMOMO which monitors official data including from all parts of the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, reveal that England has had the highest level of excess deaths for the past four weeks.

    Which are the “past 4 weeks”? Because the latest UK data only goes upto April 24..

    The researchers, who are supported by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), provide a “z-score” which takes into account factors such as population size and mortality patterns.
    [e.g. migration]

    Hmmm this mysterious Z-score is 44.1 for England, but only 8.45 for Northern Ireland.

    It comes after Stephen Powis, National Medical Director of NHS England, said that excess deaths is the “key measure” in assessing the impact of Covid-19 but argued it will be “some time” before that comparison can be done between countries.
    some disagreement there, but the CMO is anxious to scare us again…so lockdown causes Covid 19 deaths that we don’t know about??? Ah, the old ruse of putting down anything to Covid-19….

    England’s Chief Medical Office, Prof Chris Whitty has said that the true number of Covid-19-related deaths will be higher, when those caused by the lockdown indirectly, are counted. [eh?????]

    Experts and leading charities have warned we could see between 18,000 and 50,000 extra deaths from cancer this year, as a result of treatment and operations being postponed.

    Which “year” measure though?

    “It is not known why England has the highest excess death rates, however”

    Ah, so it’s all because of the early stages of the “Asymptomatic burst” then.

    Back to the weekly England and Wales figures, week ending above…
    17 April 24 April
    22,351 21,997 total deaths

    10,497 10,458 total deaths average of previous 5 years

    1,777 1,574 total deaths where respiratory disease was the primary cause
    8,758 8,237 total deaths where Covid-19 was MENTIONED on the death cert

    And once again, the age profile was similar – mainly people 80-plus dropping like flies.

    We can add up all the extra deaths above “average” 37,000 extra people approx have died in the period , in England and Wales, 20 March – 24 April

    Amazingly, deaths where the underlying cause was “respiratory disease” are almost FLAT!!! [with a slight bulge in the first half of April]
    data here

    ** Notice the news headlines “covid deaths “HIT” … any increase of a total will always “Hit” some new figure, however they are generated.

    Perhaps we need a new global Gatesian experiment, locking everyone down with no virus scam involved and looking at the mortality statistics.

    And where is The Sun newspaper getting daily Corona death stats upto, one presumes, May 3 on May 4??? It’s nonsense.

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    For reference – total deaths including from before Covid 19 starte appearing in the ONS stats for England & Wales

    Weeks from Jan 2020, 1-12

    Total 12,254 14,058 12,990 11,856 11,612 10,986 10,944 10,841…

    5 year average 12,175 13,822 13,216 12,760 12,206 11,925 11,627 11,548…

    From Respirator 2,141 2,477 2,187 1,877 1,723 1,537 1,580 1,546…

    … 10,816 10,895 11,019 10,645

    ….11,183 11,498 11,205 10,573

    …. 1,546 1,584 1,508 1,530

    and from the previous year.. weeks ending Nov 1 to Dec 27 i.e nothing massive going on, but notice sustained elevated deaths above average of 5 per cent, approx. in late 2019which reduced in Jan and Feb 2020 to BELOW average.

    Total 10,164 10,697 10,650 10,882 10,958 10,816 11,188 11,926 7,533
    5 yr av 9,777 10,142 10,226 10,124 10,164 10,585 10,622 11,499 8,014

    Resp 1,333 1,363 1,451 1,423 1,566 1,505 1,637 1,839 1,166

        Nov1    Nov 8   nov 15  nov 22  nov29  dec 6   dec 13  dec 20   dec27
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    And why is there no spike in deaths in Germany, another developed country?? With perhaps an even older population, since the birth rate is lower than the UK’s.


    Thanks to a comment by Andrew Kaufmann MD [q.v.] in this video at about 15mins I learn that there is NO appreciable spike in TOTAL deaths in the USA!

    “…all-cause mortality, and that’s the most telling thing to looks at

    [which is what I have been saying]

    it tells us how we compare to previous years, so …..this year [2020] we only have 94 percent of the average deaths of the three prior years, in other wwords 41,166 fewer people dyying in the US this year compared to the [average] of the last three years… how can there be a new disease causing a major pandemic when there’s 40,000 fewer people dying

    Sadly the discussion veers off into obscure territory. But there’s the evidence that the pandemic is a hoax.

    And indeed, we can view the data source menitoned by Andrew.

    which is continually updated.
    The last week’s figures are probably incomplete.

    However, this is NOT what the figures show
    I’ll copy them. The AVERAGE for 2020 is, I suspect, being SKEWED by the incomplete data from the most recent two weeks. Kaufmann is merely quoting the headling figure.
    There IS AN APPARENT spike in deaths in April 2020 in the USA after lockdown corresponding with a spike in pneumonia deaths
    2/1/2020 0 57,428 97 3,698 0 471 4,169
    2/8/2020 1 57,748 97 3,685 0 497 4,183
    2/15/2020 0 57,054 97 3,706 0 520 4,226
    2/22/2020 1 57,019 98 3,573 0 540 4,114
    2/29/2020 6 57,216 99 3,661 4 623 4,286
    3/7/2020 29 56,782 98 3,764 17 595 4,370
    3/14/2020 50 54,805 96 3,724 25 588 4,336
    3/21/2020 499 54,882 97 4,220 226 503 4,990
    3/28/2020 2,751 58,187 104 5,703 1,254 416 7,568
    4/4/2020 8,333 65,581 117 8,924 3,995 439 13,484
    4/11/2020 12,986 69,589 125 10,368 5,789 438 17,677
    4/18/2020 12,037 62,265 115 8,728 5,111 226 15,713
    4/25/2020 6,692 45,367 84
    5,301 2,773 102 9,251
    5/2/2020 631 17,714 29 i.e. incomplete figures

    Total Deaths 44,016 771,637 97 70,251 19,453 5,971 99,942

    The figures for April 25 may also be incomplete. We need to monitor.
    Reading across the table –
    First column – running total of “Covid 19 deaths”; all causes deaths; percentage of 3 year prior average; deaths from Pneumonia; deaths from Pneumonia + Covid; deaths from flu; deaths from “pneumonia, covid or flu”.
    The data from NY and NYC are also presented, showing what the MSM is telling us.
    NYC has currently 223 per cent of expected deaths.
    However, the spike in the US is nowhere hear as pronounced as in the UK.

    Are the data being fabricated?

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    napoleonnapoleon wilson

    next youll be saying that the little box marked covid at the bottom of the death certificate your meant to tick isnt there.
    great stuff

    so anyone explained why there is a tinman in the 911 museum=no
    anyone explained why there is a witch shaped hole from the flight 93 plane in shanksville =no
    anyone explained why there is a boulder shaped like the house that killed the witch in the wizard of oz ,placed over the shanksville hole=no
    anyone explained why there is a shanksville memorial the same shape as glinda's wand =no
    anyone explained why there is a psi fi film with all 911 events mirrored perfectly =no
    anyone explained why they used l


    Several voices are talking now about total deaths but they seem to think that Covid-19 exists.
    Exhibit one – Dr Andrew Kaufman in conversation with David Crowe.
    Go to 37.55 in the audio

    No mention of the UK, interesitngly.
    Was there a spike in Wuhan? Kaufman – no, “I didn’t focus a lot on China”

    Kaufman mentions the CPHO for Manitoba who gave official mortality numbers, so Kaufman EXTRAPOLATED those to the USA, which he found untypical for the US, so he didn’t worry. He mentions the cruise ship.
    My thought –
    The Cruise ship was part of the psy-op, let’s not forget that.

    What does Kaufman think about the spikes
    “I don’t really know if there are any meaningful spike”
    He has not looked at Italy [why not? That’s the key place!]
    He brings up the CDC’s daily updates in which the “all cause mortality” is compared with the week for the last three years.
    Kaufman – “Overall mortality is lower for the past year by 6 per cent, 44,000 fewer deaths…fewer people dying this year”

    He shows there’s a depression elsewhere, but he doesn’t seem to worried about a huge spike in New York which is masked by the depression elsewhere.

    There’s no depression elsewhere in the UK outside London.

    Percentage of expected deaths in the US in 2020 c.w. previous 3 years –
    New jersey 140
    NY state 123
    NYC 140
    Question – are deaths being imported into the above 3 states from the rest of the US?
    Kaufman seems to want to ignore the CDC figures because they’re inconvenient.
    Yes, the rest of the states of the US do show 85-99 per cent average deaths in 2020. He just brushes away the spike in recording in the US!

    Case 2
    Iain Davis discusses Corona stats with James Corbett [both cases uploaded May 5 2020]

    Interview 1543 – Iain Davis on COVID-19, LOKIN-20 and the Death of Statistical Sense

    Davis [UK] inspects total deaths and only 45 per cent of the spikes ** in “all deaths” can be attributed to Covid-19. So he seems to think that the rest of the spike is due to Coronavirus. But he does acknowledge the spike in April.
    From about 17.00 in the audio.
    **[England and Wales] he calls this “excess excess mortality”
    [the NHS not doing what it normally does he attributes to the remaining 55 per cent] But the reality is that the bulge in deaths is in the over 80 group.

    But he does question the spike – from about 19.30 which nobody else is.


    Week ending May 1 [England & Wales]
    ONS stats
    Total deaths – 17,953

    5-yearly average of total deaths – 9,941

    Deaths with Covid mentioned 6,035

    I’ll ignore the respiratory deaths because they’re often, perhaps always, double counted into the Covid deaths [alleged]

    So, we see nearly 12,000 people dying from non-Covid alleged causes in the week, when a normal total death tally is onlyabout 10.000.
    Total deaths in the week – 18,000!

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    napoleonnapoleon wilson

    whats going on

    Mother, mother
    There’s too many of you crying
    Brother, brother, brother
    There’s far too many of you dying
    You know we’ve got to find a way
    To bring some lovin’ here today,

    think the reegistrars at these hospitals have got covid trigger happy.
    xulk smash

    so anyone explained why there is a tinman in the 911 museum=no
    anyone explained why there is a witch shaped hole from the flight 93 plane in shanksville =no
    anyone explained why there is a boulder shaped like the house that killed the witch in the wizard of oz ,placed over the shanksville hole=no
    anyone explained why there is a shanksville memorial the same shape as glinda's wand =no
    anyone explained why there is a psi fi film with all 911 events mirrored perfectly =no
    anyone explained why they used l


    The emphasis now is on where this spike of deaths is occurring.

    In this video, a doctor says that hospitals were cleared and patients dumped in care homes

    From the Care Quality Commission, CQC

    In addition to deaths which are directly attributable to COVID-19, there has been a significant rise in non-COVID-19 deaths. This is of particular concern and CQC will be exploring the factors that may be driving this with adult social care trade associations

    And here come the gatekeepers – Professor Paul Hunter of the University of East Anglia tries to attach it to the failure of care homes to provide its workers with PPE, an “indictment of bow Britain protected its care homes during the crisis”.
    [not due to emptying hospitals, and locking the old people up without visits and friends]
    source – Evening Standard May 12 2020

    The coronavirus death toll in care homes has passed 8,300 – with nearly 40% of fatalities in a week linked to the killer virus.

    source quoting ONS statistics

    so far England / Wales
    Total Covid
    247,251 33,408 232,314
    home 58,028 1,562 54,318
    hospital 109,393 22,873 101,868
    hospital 10,134 386 9,847
    care home 63,987 8,312 61,039
    communal1,034 142 982
    other 4,675 133 4,260

    The spike in care home deaths peaked on w/e April 24 [graphs]

    No historical comparisons are provided by way of 5 year averages….

    Relative to the start of the coronavirus outbreak, care homes have seen the biggest increase in deaths over time. In the week ending 1 May 2020, there were 6,409 deaths recorded from any cause in care homes in England and Wales. This is a 159% increase, from 2,471 in the week ending 13 March 2020 but slightly lower than the week ending 24 April 2020 when 7,911 died in care homes.

    Of course, deaths in care homes “from Covid” will really be deaths “with covid” however that is measured.

    The only thing that we do know is that ole people are dying at a much higher rate than usual from all causes.

    And it was reported in the Standard [unattributed] that the warm winter was responsible for pushing up spring deaths.
    Aha! Another global warming scare…


    i don’t know where else to dump this egregious piece of programming of the very young…

    Hurry to the shops now to buy it for your young kids and mess them up completely.

    While We Can’t Hug
    330,472 views•May 20, 2020

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    Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they’re not allowed to touch.
    From the creators of the internationally adored The Hug, Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar, we are thrilled to bring you a new story: While We Can’t Hug.

    Yep, either or both are potential bioterrorists, asymptomatic carriers, kids. keep away from your playmates at all times, if you can ever get playmates in the noo nooormal.

    “FF indeed.

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    UK Exercise Cygnus

    A simulation of a pandemic in the UK carried out in October 2016

    The Wiki page was only created on March 29 2020, following an article in the Daily Telegraph the previous day

    This assessment report on this important drill is still secret.
    October 11 2020


    blockquote>The government is on a collision course with the information commissioner over its refusal to publish a confidential report warning that the UK’s health system could not cope in a pandemic.

    In a dramatic move, the Information Commissioner’s Office has ordered the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to hand over the report into Exercise Cygnus, or explain its decision for refusing, by 23 October.

    Cygnus, a three-day simulation exercise in 2016, assessed the UK’s ability to cope with an influenza pandemic, but its findings are pertinent to the current coronavirus crisis.***

    Lawyers for an NHS doctor, Moosa Qureshi **, who made a freedom of information request six months ago demanding to see the Cygnus report, have accused the government of deliberately delaying its response to his request. There is speculation that this is because the report’s contents would confirm that the government had failed to learn the lessons from its own exercise.

    ** a medic who has been working as part of the NHS effort to contain Covid-19 in London hospitals [aka dancing around in empty wards as seen universally in online videos]
    *** Let’s look at the refusal another way – the drill perhaps bore a distinct similarity to the drill rolled out in 2020 aka Covid-19.

    Let’s refresh our memories of the purpose – from 2014, but delayed, for some reason, until 2016

    – To exercise organisational pandemic influenza at local and
    national levels in the United Kingdom
    – To exercise coordination of messaging to the public
    – To exercise strategic decision-making processes around
    managing the wider consequences and cross-government
    issues at both local and national levels during an influenza
    pandemic (such as excess deaths)
    – To exercise the provision of scientific advice, including SAGE,
    during an influenza pandemic


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    Key player – the BBC’s “disinformation” expert Marianna Spring.

    Here’s the story teed up for her to run with

    My mum is a conspiracy theorist – in fact one of the UK’s “leading conspiracy theorists, Kate Shemirani” who thinks Covid is a scamdemic “caused by 5G waves” [she is a suspended nurse, an anti-vaccination campaigner, and who has questioned whether the whole covid pandemic is a hoax to control the people go figure]
    october 24/26 respectively. 2020

    Has the son, aged 21, a student living in a “basement” really fallen out with his mother? [the most dangerous woman in Britain] Perhaps.
    But there was a real split in is family ** before the coronavirus circus opened for business. Where’s his brother Gabriel,mentioned in the broadcast? [there are two sisters two Oriana and Paloma]

    More from Marianna

    Back on July 14, Marianna produced a laughable programme about how to talk about “conspiracy theories”

    But most recently, a psy-op has been pushed with the word HOAX boldly in the title – October 27 2020
    Woolworths High-Street ‘relaunch’ proves a hoax
    which was pushed by the mainstream before being “withdrawn” – allowing Marianna neatly to jump in with her message…
    We can only imagine who set up the fake “Woolworths” account and who made sure it went “viral”

    Marianna Spring writes…

    This was the fake news story 2020 needed – and it might seem less important than harmful coronavirus conspiracy theories or political disinformation, which have spread on wildfire on social media in recent months.

    But it does teach us some important lessons about how and why disinformation spreads on social media.

    From a podcast a couple of years ago..
    British conservative and LSE student Sebastian Shemirani joins the show from London this week. Sebastian discusses the political situation in the UK amidst Brexit, his evolution from libertarianism to conservatism, and why he believes conservative values make life worth living.

    Is Sebastian “Baz” Shemirani, an old ETONIAN – really “red pilled”?

    ** Actually conspiracy mum is KAY not KATE

    ** here’s dad

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    A simulation of a pandemic in the UK carried out in October 2016

    The Wiki page was only created on March 29 2020, following an article in the Daily Telegraph the previous day

    This assessment report on this important drill is still secret.
    October 11 2020

    Now, after four years, the report into the above pandemic drill is available after much pressure

    The author is still kept secret!

    [REDACTED] Director for Health Protection & Medical Director Public Health England

    13 July 2017

    The current holder of that position since 2019 is Yvonne Doyle.

    Between 2013 to 2019 she provided leadership for health and reduction of inequalities at city-wide level to the population of London and was Statutory Adviser to the Mayor of London…..She has acted as an adviser to the WHO on healthy cities and continues to take a research interest in urban health and the environment. In 2016 Yvonne was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Bath for services to public health.

    The missing name is Dr Paul Cosford CB [Companion, Order of the Bath]

    who until 2010 led the East of England’s response to pandemic flu

    He’s now Emeritus Medical Director of PHE [previously involved with the Novichok hoax. Now apparently suffering from an incurable cancer

    @17:18 – Cosford seems oblivious to where Neil Ferguson’s 2.7 percent of people infected comes from

    I remembered the pandemic exercises showing that, without social distancing, many more people are infected, the NHS is unable to treat all those who need it and many more patients die as a result. I thought back, too, on a message I had tried to get across in media interviews: that we are all in this together. We all have a part to play and that includes being prepared to comply with advice on social distancing. Clearly this is a time to act collectively

    That would be Exercise Cygnus.

    Over 950 representatives from the Devolved Administrations, the Department of Health and 12 other government departments, NHS Wales, NHS England, Public Health England, eight Local Resilience Forums and six prisons took part in the exercise.


    Cygnus was set in week seven of the UK’s response to a pandemic influenza. At this point pandemic vaccine had been ordered but was not yet available.
    Planning for Exercise Cygnus started in 2014 and was postponed due to the Ebola response.

    What is the definition of the pandemic? The WHO’s PHEIC? or after some non-doctor at the WHO says the PHEIC may be characterised as a pandemic?
    The word REDACTED occurs 139 times in the report.

    June Virus emerges in [REDACTED]
    July Virus isolated by [REDACTED] H2N2. WHO declares PHEIC
    5-12 Sep FF100 opened 5 Sep closed 19 Sep 16 [first few hundred cases project **]
    12 Sep UK anti-viral stockpile activated
    21 Sep SAGE advises treat all algorithm
    26 Sep WHO declares pandemic

    ERD’s Exercises Team, ERD’s Behavioural Science Team and PHE Communications ran a focus group with members of the PHE People’s Panel to assess some of the messaging produced during the exercise. The primary objective of the focus group was to assess the viability of using the public as part of future exercises. The feedback should not be considered representative of the public’s response to messages generated during a pandemic influenza.

    what’s the ERD?
    Disaster drill central…

    Emergency Response Department (ERD) works with national and international partners to ensure that healthcare professionals are able to respond to emergencies, including the deliberate or accidental release of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances….On behalf of the Department of Health, training courses and exercises are delivered every year throughout England to develop resilience across healthcare organisations. In addition, the team works with the European Commission, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organisation.

    The scenario was based on an attack rate of 50% with a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 1.5% which was adjusted from the worst case scenario planning figure of 2.5%, to take account of the effect of antivirals. This CFR could be expected to cause in the region of 450,000 excess deaths across the course of the pandemic

    is this the Ferguson scenario?

    22 different lessons were identified as a result of four areas of preparedness

    .2 The introduction of legislative easements and regulatory changes to assist with the implementation of the response to a worst case scenario pandemic should be considered (Lessons identified: 2,3,4,5,6,7,15,16,19,20,21 and 22)

    3 . The public reaction to a reasonable worst case pandemic influenza scenario needs to be better understood (Lessons identified: 5,6,7,8,10,11,12 and 15)

    ** FF100 project for the H1N1 pandemic ran from April-June 2009 gathering information on early laboratory-confirmed cases across the UK, mainly children, median age 15.

    It captured and synthesized information on almost 400 of the first UK cases in the first 7 weeks of the pandemic

    In conclusion, the epidemiological and clinical picture suggests that pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in the UK has a similar picture to seasonal influenza, with a generally mild clinical presentation. In-depth investigation of the early pandemic cases provided information on the key clinical and epidemiological characteristics of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza and has helped inform national policy decisions.

    full article – E. McLean et al July 1 2010
    Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in the UK: clinical and epidemiological findings from the first few hundred (FF100) cases
    Epidemiology and Infection, Volume 138, Issue 11
    pp. 1531-1541

    H2N2 was the 1957/8 pandemic Asian flu virus


    Covid-19 has not been isolated yet… You posted a John Hopkins “study”, which are very known in the medicine world to be whores, they prostitute themselves for what ever argument the established order wants. The study you posted is funded by Michael Bloomberg. Always listen to the “experts” right? Edward Bernays highlights in his propaganda classic, that for some reason, humans instinctively always trust their health care providers. An anecdote in the book was that big pork producers in the early 20th century started paying doctors across the US, to spread the propaganda that pork was healthy choice. White meat was known to be healthier, and pork wasn’t necessarily bad for you, but people foolishly obeyed because the “experts” said so. The eugenics have kept that propaganda tool for over a century already, fascism going forward will come from “health experts”.

    I think posting their “study” and “data” set is co signing them in a way, they fail to mention the fact that nobody actually knows what this covid-19 “virus” looks like. Here is the CDC admitting they do not have anything, notice the effective date of document.

    Page 43, Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/?L) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.

    If they haven’t isolated it, and nobody else seems to have as of January 2021, how can they even detect it? Even worst, what’s in the vaccines? How can you vaccinate someone against something that hasn’t been isolated? John Ioannidis last updated research from July 2020 indicates a 99.96% survival rate under 70, which makes it two times weaker then the Influenza flu. , he doesn’t explicitly go into the details of isolation, he just went according to data available as of July of last year. If we subtract the many deaths that got counted as covid, then covid “positives” have a 99.99% survival rate. During a television interview, a Minnesota state senator said it was $13,000 for someone admitted with COVID-19, and $39,000 if they were placed on a ventilator. If the government paid doctors $5,000 per child client they had with ADHD, I guarantee half of the US children population would be diagnosed with ADHD.

    I can literally type for 2-3 hours, and we can debate for hours more on the technicality’s, but the simple fact of the matter is, it’s not fucking real. As Matthew McConaughey’s character in Wolf Of Wall Street says at the lunch table, it’s all a fugazi. The eugenics are getting desperate, some are getting extremely old like Rockefeller Jr and Soros, they wanted to see this Neo-Feudalism depopulation agenda through and went for broke.


    The Johns Hopkins link was accidentally published without comment. This old forum software took exception to what I was posting for some reason.
    This is the full post I wrote on the new forum. I hope that helps

    The point I was making [and wanted to make here] was that the controlled Guardian newspaper seems to have first hand information about what is happening in the UK via the Johns Hopkins University. Go figure.

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    Here’s the BBC’s own special disinformation expert, Marianna Spring in action on twitter

    Not wearing a mask has become an emblem of the COVID conspiracy movement.

    I spoke to @DrMatthewSweet about its symbolism and how anti-mask groups are gateway into more extreme beliefs.

    I’m reporting on how this online movement has evolved – and its future. Get in touch!

    June 18 2021

    A bare face is a sign you are a crazee conspiracee nutjob. Or perhaps indicates you don’t buy any of this control experiment nonsense. SMH.

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