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    De Klerk and Mandela shake hands in Davos, 1992.

    What do we see in this picture?

    A. Davos is a ski-resort. Mandela, being a man from Africa, has cold hands.

    B. Mandela is fumbling for his wallet.

    C. Being a fan of George Washington, Napoleon and Stalin, Mandela likes to imitate their gestures.

    D. None of the above.

    Tom Dalpra

    This is the most famous statue in Britain. It’s Lord Nelson.


    I’m leaning towards ‘C’.



    That Hidden Hand sign could be a whole topic in itself, very interesting, apparently mr Nelson may have been a mason himself

    Nelson Mandela, A Freemason, and the End of Apartheid

    Interestingly a similar image from the often forgotten celeb River Phoenix who was arguably more popular at the time than Johnny Depp. That whole viper club incident may be worth looking into again…


    They couldn’t find a better sculptor in London? That’s not a hidden hand, that’s a chopped-off paw.

    Anyway, ‘C’ is the correct answer. 10 Points for Mr Dalpra.

    Penalty for Mr Nemesis for stepping on my line.

    How many crosses can be seen in this picture?

    A. 2

    B. 4

    C. 6

    D. 7


    Haha, apologies Rgos for messing up your multiple choice post, i was never good at exams anyway

    How about 2 + 2 = 5? 😎

    Tom Dalpra

    To Nemesis:
    Was reminded of an old thread of cj’s here:

    A Michigan Mystery

    And on River Phoenix, it looks up for review indeed!

    Now, back to the quiz. I’m ahead here, but I could easily make a stupid mistake.

    On the crosses, I’m saying 6, ( his crossed-hands counting 1 )


    With Lord Nelson, it was not so much the hidden hand as the hidden arm.
    As a boy I lived in Havant near Portsmouth for a while and it was my absolute favourite thing to do to go and look round the Victory; Nelson’s famous ship from the Battle of Trafalgar, where he lost his life so famously, in the arms of his trusted officer, saying ( rather homo erotically,to the ‘modern’ ear, perhaps? ): ” Kiss me Hardy ”. No mention of anyone overhearing ”Pretend I’m dying, make it convincing” which could have been a possible clue to something else hidden…


    What’s the odds here’s another man who got to watch his own State funeral? Mountbatten, just may have been following in a great Naval tradition if he, as we suspect, did just that.
    Nelson wouldn’t have had television, of course. He probably stood on a plinth or something to watch the throng. He loves that.

    It’s of course, credible to me that he really did expire on that famous day,
    but, you know, the hidden arm…? A fascinating little piece of history for an old Havant boy to review one day perhaps, there was something about that cat-o-nine-tails and those guns I found sexy.



    Just on the quiz. Is there going to be many more questions rgos?

    It’s just that I’m winning at the moment and I don’t want to leave the thread and give away my lead needlessly.
    Thanks for putting this all on. I’ve had a great time so far and find these types of intelligent quizzes a terrific wheeze.

    Mmm these Helsons…biltong anyone?
    Something to chew on?

    That said, if I don’t fucking win, I may feel differently about it.
    Conditionally. Thanks.

    • This reply was modified 6 years, 5 months ago by Tom Dalpra.


    Tom Dalpra

    Ah, I’ve got one. If you’re still eating, excuse me.
    That said, as students of propaganda, these are the kinds of unpleasant images we have to chew over, sometimes.

    We see Nelson’s missus was apparently into some heavy shit.

    I don’t mean to make light of anything that shouldn’t be, here. I think my black humour ( as they say ) was appreciated on the palliative care cancer ward, I worked on. It didn’t mean I didn’t care.
    The serious point remains. Necklacing is a very ugly thing that was shown to us repeatedly on our news over the years when Nelson was still in prison and Winnie was all left-wing ANC radical ( if my memory serves me ).

    On with the quiz.


    Is the picture bottom left :

    A Michael Jackson, post-Pepsi accident, and before ‘Richard-Benedict-style rubber masks’ that he used until he ‘died’ and became someone else?

    B A Sea Devil from an African version of Dr Who ?

    C What Bill Cosby may look like, nowadays, if you’re on acid ?

    D A real victim of Necklacing ?

    E None of the above.



    Haha, apologies Rgos for messing up your multiple choice post, i was never good at exams anyway

    Apologies accepted.

    How about 2 + 2 = 5?

    Is the wrong answer.


    The correct answer is D.

    There are 7 crosses in the picture. The seventh cross is on the door paneling. The cross bar connects Mandela’s and Grandmaster Flash’s brains, suggesting, erm, well, connection.


    On with the quiz.

    Mm, as a quiz master you know you’ve lost control when candidates start asking questions.

    But I’ll play along to get along.

    Erm, ‘A’. It’s Michael. It must be him. It looks like a half-baked Madame Tussaud product – Obama comes to mind – but no, it’s definitely Michael.


    Short segue. On Charlie. You know, Charlie Hebdo. From Paris.

    Well, well, the things you see when you haven’t got your gun.

    What do we find when doing some reading up on Mandela and Masonry?

    Look here:

    Charlie Hebdo: A Death in My Family

    Bernard Maris

    Michel Renaud

    Two Brothers died on January 7th. Masonic brothers Bernard Maris and Michel Renaud were murdered by Islamist attackers. They died because they were exercising their free speech and those who wish to destroy such people had them killed in a bloody massacre.

    A death in your family? Nah, that’s called retirement. Or a vacation.

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