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    Hi alexconspiracytheorist4,

    My name is Alexnder.I am 17 years old and i am a student.I am realy interested in conspiracy theorises.i know a lot about JFK assasination,9/11, hitlers death, and many more.
    there you go


    Hi alexconspiracytheorist4,

    My name is Alexnder.I am 17 years old and i am a student.I am realy interested in conspiracy theorises.i know a lot about JFK assasination,9/11, hitlers death, and many more.
    there you go

    17 years old? That’s cool. Pull Alex in.

    Alex, we should talk.

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Hello Unkelhatchling

    Hello Ab.

    My name is Oliver. I live on Vancouver Island in BC.
    I haven’t listened to all of your shows, but I have listened to many of them. I quite like the ones I have heard. It’s not very common to come across people that actually start from and with the assumption that most of the information being given to us is divisive, at best, but more likely almost completely inverted. I doubt an example could be found on your site where any time is even wasted addressing that issue. The whole topic is just stepped right over, and eases right into that spot that is generally only experienced among friends. Which actually is another reason I like Fakeologist podcasts–the same reason I’ve become so fond of the Hoax Busters Calls, it makes me feel like I’m hanging out with people I’ve known for a long time. Friends. Just yesterday, right when I started to listen to the new HBC–at like 5am, Chris responded to an email I sent him with photos attached of a Japanese minivan called a Toyota Isis, so I was listening to his voice and laughing at his typed words at the same time. The “with friends” effect was quite amplified; as if he were in the room. Back to Fakeologist though, as I had mentioned I’m not yet fully steeped, but I do definitely like what I’ve, so far, seen and heard. I really like those two girls Rochello and Kham. I first heard Rochello’s funniness on a podcast she did about fake aids, with you I thought, but maybe not it was a while ago. I decided to to register on Fakeologist after I realized that the HBC Blog was removed, and your site was the only place I could find anything more out about it. And it was the HBC Blog where I first found the Fakeologist link that introduced me to you guys, so it only seemed sensible for me to become closer to some of the things I may have taken for granted previously.
    I wouldn’t call myself a musician necessarily, but I do like playing with synthesizers, and I like collecting funny samples from media I come across. I just recently finished building an analog synthesizer. And I build and sell hifi speakers with almost all my free time, and collect older full range equipment. So if appreciation of audio goodness is a prerequisite I could use the heaviest of markers to check that box.
    Anyhow, that’s long enough I’m sure. Bye
    Oliver Thrumpkinz.

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    Welcome Jesse Waugh,

    Hi Ab,

    I am the creator of the video posted above, also Radio TurnSpeak, and NUKE LIES Forum.



    Welcome Lucy!

    Oh, I see now that I was supposed to add a description of my background.

    I didn’t believe the official story on 911 from day 1. I was a flight attendant and had to spend a week evaluating plane crashes on land, on water, in mountains…etc. to see which rows survived, which doors were opened, which slides deployed, and what mistakes were made by the crew.

    When I saw the “crash site” of Flight 93 I was like, “Where is the plane?” Never believed that was the crash site or the story the towers fell without demolition explosives.

    Anyway, now I’m busy investigating and trying to wake others to False Flag terrorism and EGI and transgender identification, for which your site is one of the few sources of information.

    Looking forward to joining and learning more!




    Welcome Ponoku:

    Hello. Been listening to your podcast for a couple of years now. Recently found your audio chat podcast via iTunes and enjoying those discussions very much. Basically I’m just a regular guy who began to question 911 around 2012 and could not believe the deception I began to uncover and how obvious it was. I then quickly understood how nobody, and I mean nobody could even discuss the information wether it was my friends or especially my family. I made it my goal to find out exactly what was going with this issue. I spent years going down every rabbit joke not really understanding controlled opposition and all that. So I fell for all the gates, first AE911 truth, then Judy Wood who I thought was legit but now understand she is not at all. I remember in my journey first coming into the fakery aspect and somehow I rejected it at all cost for some reason but to make a long story short I fully understand it now. Fakery is the key to these psychological operations. It’s the alchemical binder of this riddle wrapped in an enigma (in quotes lol). I don’t know anyone on my circle who understands any of this so I really enjoy hearing people who have the open minds and mental capacity to discuss this very taboo issue. One thing I’ve learned is the more controversial (for lack of a better term) the closer you are to the truth. And that’s all I’m interested in. I think you have a fantastic style of executing and interview and I enjoy the others as well especially Faye. She seems like a very intelligent and conscious observer who is a rear treat to listen to. Anyway. Thought I’d register at your website and I’ve been lurking in the discord app reading the forums. I admit the name calling bickering stuff isn’t my bag but it’s somewhat interesting to read. I thought it would be kind of cool to join a chat maybe sometime but I’ve never spoken publicly so that would take getting rid of some nerves. I have a 2 month old daughter she takes most of my time but if I link up with a live discussion and feel I may have something to add I would like to do that sometime. Thanks again.


    Welcome Dashon,

    You’ll find years of my views at


    Welcome Exoteric64

    Am very exoerienced with 40 years at least of being mocked for my views i am 53 now and have been there and seen that – i worked on 3?matrix films but didnt like them


    Welcome Hoaxashian,

    I started my personal journey when I created a YouTube channel called thisisyourwakeup in January 2011 when I was living in China . after a few months I was targeted by a UK company called Strategic Communications Laboratories aka Cambridge Analytica that specialises in cyber warfare especially the war on free expression . They organised extreme trollng , doxing, impersonation and harassment on my accounts and also false flagged my videos . Thye also invest heavy in ridiculing and framing me by the manufacture of multiple sock accounts

    some of my channels were
    thisisyourwakeup ( closed by YouTube March 2012)
    truthseeker9eleven ( still up, dormant )
    sickofthebullshit ( still up, dormant )
    Kim Hoaxashian ( closed by YouTube June 2016 )
    important information ( still up, dormant )

    I do not access, vote or comment on YouTube although I am still being impersonated online /hoaxashian /paultaylor etc etc . There is nothing I can do to stop it despite trying everything humanely possible

    channels that attack/ed me included /koertje , /1JDCOKE, Jan Hersh, /FEMADEATHCAMPCONTROL , SCL etc etc etc

    they have a ‘ research project ‘ with Google that allows them to commit criminal acts on private individuals boasting about their ‘ methodology and Ludovico technique’

    I have spent the last 7 years attempting to get justice but the UK is Zionist ground zero , politicians, media, free speech organisations etc all refuse to help me and I have been tracked and targeted on , trutube ( a Zionist entity) the risible , and now bitchute ( that allows impersonation accounts and trolling)

    the fact that I am not allowed to have a say in my own country and that the organisations that are supposed to assist me all conspire against me is a worry . I have also clashed repeatedly with well known and in some circles highly respected channels like Annie Logical, Peekay Truth, Martin Vrijland

    I have also attempted and failed to engage with Miles Mathis, Gilad Atzmon, Nick Kollerstrum , Brendan O’Connell etc

    i find myself almost alone . I would like to discuss the issues of manipulation and deception in our society and contribute to the SCL discussion I noticed on your threads

    I can be reached on Skype and also have a struggling channel on bitchute that has few subscribers . Comments were disabled because of extreme trolling . I hope this can be a forum where I can finally have my say and interact with genuine truthseekers but please be aware that the trolls will almost certainly follow me here to harass and smear me

    I hope this brief personal summary will do and direct the few who are interested to my bitchute channel


    i can report that I am now on normal terms with martin Vrijland

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