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    Welcome Opticalillusion!

    I was able to log in. I can write a brief bio here. I am now 31 but first got aware of media fakery through simon shack and his documentary september clues. After watching this in 2009 I had to find more information on who and where it came from. I soon found like minded others at simons reality shack which soon turned into cluesforum. I come from a background as a computer hacker giving me some tools most independent researchers wouldnt know to use. I soon was easilly catching onto other faked events as time went on watching them unfold and be researched in real time. I have not really been active on any research forums the last few years as life has taken me elsewhere. I have always lurked on here(fakeologist) but as I noticed cluesforum has been near idle I feel joining over here will be a better use of my time than posting on a dormant forum. I have been saving various bits from each psyop over the last 4-5 years as well as found one of the creators of some of the 911 sim memorial tribute pages.


    Welcome Old No. 77

    I have a very investigative and inquiring mind. Hearing some credible conspiracy theories about the moon landing and JFK assassination, among many others, got me thinking about what else might be out there.

    I also believe that with the advent of social media and the increased ease of computer generated images (CGI) and videos, that fake news is more prevalent now than ever before.

    I am looking for a forum to discuss further.

    Old No. 77


    Welcome Vikinghorn!

    Hi fakeologist,
    I’ve been listening on and off to your audio podcasts for a few weeks and have finally gotten accustomed to the frequency. I’m sure you know how some podcasts are just not what you want in your ear, regardless of the content.
    Anyway now that i am enjoying the audiochats i thought i would register an account so that i could comment and maybe call in some time.
    I am a 36 year old Scotsman living and working in Scotland. I have been into conspiracy since watching the x files back in the day and have always been fascinated by the alternative media since zeitgeist told me about the 911 demolition.
    I’ve listened to nearly all the higherside chats, crrow777 and theflatearth podcasts. As much as i can watch on youtube about mudfossils and giant dragons in Morocco. I try and keep up to date with the nasa hoaxs by watching the launches and space walks that are currently underway.
    I’m open about this with my family friends and colleagues but I struggle to get any sort of decent feedback and conversation so i try and bite my tongue whenever there is some watercooler chat going on that i know is Mind control programming propaganda that people lap up to feel intellectual.
    I hate that I, we all, are in possession of very little evidence or proofs that can change people minds and all we have is the abundance of the lack of evidence or fakery to back up our mind set.
    Hopefully i will be accepted and able to talk some of this through in the future.
    Many thanks


    NB: Many handshake emails went to spam – my fault. Sorry for the delay.

    Welcome Jesse (and donor!)

    Hey Ab,

    I’ve been a member of for over a year now and it’s through his platform that I found fakeologist.

    My time in the ACT realm has been brief and very limited in depth.

    Two years ago I was a complete lemming, believing whatever I saw on the telescreen. It was my younger brother being diagnosed with schizophrenia followed by a 2 year cycle of psychotic episodes, hospital stays, and pharmacological drugs that led me to my first worldview changing revelation; that the medical industry is a joke and does not exist to help us.

    Many documentaries on JFK, government cover-ups, and financial conspiracy theories later, I somehow found myself deep into a Reddit comment thread. Here somebody had linked to JLB’s Ariana Grande video, I then found his website and was hooked.

    I am currently 28, male, and living in Nova Scotia. My fiance and I moved here from the Greater Toronto Area in November to escape the absurd house prices that will continue on an upward trend indefinitely, as for some reason the lemmings just keep paying the soaring prices. They have clearly lost their minds in my opinion. Out here the homes are 5 times cheaper and there are 10 times fewer people….then again the normies love being close together so maybe they are just different than folks like myself.

    Needless to say I am in love with this place. For less than $175,000 you can get a 1400sq.ft home with detached 2 car garage, sitting on a beautiful 2-5 acre lot within 15-30 minutes of the ocean and unbelievable views of the province. I had no idea such a place existed growing up in Ontario. I can now do the work I love, horticulture, and make enough money to thrive, without working myself to an early grave and living with intense financial strain like I would have in Ontario.

    What time to be alive

    I am not an active participant in the audio chat scene as of yet, perhaps some day it will interest me enough to participate, but until then I do love to listen, it is far superior to normie entertainment.




    Welcome ZeTETic Truth!

    Hi dbuser

    I’ve been reading your forum from time to time,
    and thought it was about time to register.

    I like to consider myself a “normie” as you call it even though I’m into conspiracy, hoaxes, and deceptions.
    I prefer calling it someone who has seen through the bullshit.. 🙂

    I always suspected something was wrong in this world, but no way could I dream of that pretty much everything was.
    I never really believed the moon landings, but only the recent years have I become aware of the implications of that.
    If I have to choose an event that woke me up, I will have to pick Sandy Hook which i have made numerous videos on.

    I am from Norway, so the American 911 revelation came a little late here.
    As a Norwegian I am naturally very interested in exchange of information on the Oslo/Utøya/ABB- hoax/psyop/falseflag

    Since late 2014 I have been a Flat Earther 🙂
    and have also become an experienced “NASA-crusher”

    My youtube channel was called TETs Truth Tube which unfortunately was taken down because of 3 community strikes
    for hateful and deceptive speech. (in reality I just made some SH videos).
    My new channel is zeTETic Truth Tube:
    but i have struggled to get back my audience there ever since the termination.
    And of course, the youtube censor is just getting worse. :/
    I recently opened up an account on Bitchute where freedom of speech is the corner stone.
    There I have uploaded my infamous calendar on Crisis actors.
    You might want to check that one out 😉

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    TET (Tom)
    from zeTETic Truth Tube

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