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    First off – a nationally and internationally announced “homophobic attack” by four men [hetersexual implicit] on a bus in London [psy-op central] at 02.30hrs [nice!] Is it staged? We must assume so based on the crisis-acting photos circulated to the MSM.
    From the police timed at 10.33 AM BST June 7 2019 to appear on the influential BBC news at 13.00 hrs BST the same day as, no doubt, the lead item.

    Police are appealing for witnesses and information after two women were assaulted and robbed in a homophobic attack on a bus in Camden.

    The incident happened at approximately 02:30hrs on Thursday, 30 May after the two women, both aged in their 20s, boarded a N31 bus in West Hampstead.

    As they sat on the top deck they were approached by a group of four males who began to make lewd and homophobic comments to them. The women were then attacked and punched several times before the males ran off the bus. A phone and bag were stolen during the assault.
    Both women were taken to hospital for treatment to facial injuries.
    Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has information that could assist the investigation is asked to contact police on 101 or tweet @MetCC and quote CAD737/30May. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    …the standard appeal for “witnesses” after a staged event.

    Cue indignation everywhere, SJW warriors out in force **, the usual condemnations by the Prime Minister, Mayor of London, Leader of the government opposition, LGBT leaders and many more [they have to !]
    This image was circulated by one of the victims herself on facebook! Nicely picked up by the MSM. [and modified by this particular virtue signaller]


    Beautiful Flower @IdodeLexie
    Melania Geymonat and her gf are victims of a premeditated hate crime, these monsters must be apprehended!!

    The BBC seems to have control of this story, releasing photos to the MSM

    The World at One @BBCWorldatOne

    “They started beating me, I was bleeding all over – I was really bleeding”
    Melania Geymonat tells @BBCMarkMardell on #BBCwato about how she and her girlfriend were attacked after a group of men demanded they kiss.
    4.43 PM BST June 7 2019

    Here’s more of the BBC radio inverview, starting off with one of the ‘victims’ saying
    So, they came after us, they surrounded us saying, like really aggressive stuff, things about sexual positions, lesbians…”

    more images, all via the BBC

    real isn’t it – just like in a film.

    From the Mail…
    Chris was left with a broken jaw following the attack, and Miss Geymonat sustained a broken nose. Their injuries were still visible today as they spoke on camera. [to the BBC, of course, single interview, for onward distribution to the MSM, to prevent discrepancies in the story occurring.

    Now, does that blood look realistic? Is it really impossible that make-up artists couldn’t have prepared this pair? We are not even told which hospital they allegedly went to.

    Your “hate crime” delivered.
    When did this event allegedly occur? The early hours of June 7? No, May 30 as told by the police, allowing more than a week for the story to incubate and rehearsals to take place. The Mail article reproduces the full, narrative facebook post of Melania, standard HRDPAR practice. The beauty of Facebook images also ensure that they are low resolution when copied by the MSM.

    Staged media event? You decide.

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    Not surprising that this “Gay” attack was perpetrated on Miss ‘Gey’monat…

    For a staged event, the injuries sure look pretty realistic, especially the swelling on Gaymonat. The least realistic part i agree is the blood and the apparent “haphazard” choice of a white shirt. It makes the contrast with blood quite exposed, thus revealing an unlikely pattern of the gush of blood from a broken nose.

    The fact Gaymonat does not have any blood on her hands is unlikely in the case of a broken nose as the natural reaction in her situation would be to protect her nose and stop the bleeding. And a broken nose bleeds quite severely – moreso than what seems to have been poured onto her white shirt.

    Geymonat buss attack

    Another strange element about the injuries is how Gaymonat have no marks whatsoever of her aftermath black eye – if she was hit on the eye she should have some redness at the least. Both victims were also injured on just one eye – the left eye.


    Oh my – out of the four bullies that atacked the gay couple, the Police now have arrested five… Great work by Detective Superintendent Andy Cox.

    London Police Arrest Fifth Suspect in Attack on Lesbian Couple


    I’d say make-up artists can produce any effect nowadays, including swellings [which seem to have subsided nicely for the Video interview]
    [NB the Irish Times, as with all other media outlets, is being handed the BBC interview for onward distribution, a sure-fire sign of a hoax]

    Note the duping at the end by the American as she links it neatly to “right wing” “hate speech”
    But it allegedly started off as a coin-throwing incident? Crazy crazy script.

    And where is the blood on Melania Geymonat’s ** jeans [nicely chosen name to coincide with the visit of “right wing” President Trump and his wife Melania to London. A perfect psy-op. And of course, only one of them, the American, had her cellphone stolen [allegedly!!] leaving Melania to retain hers to produce the killer photo [taken by whom?] on the bus. “Hey, frightened passenger, you’ve witnessed this hate crime, you seem relaxed, can you just take a photo of us on the bus for the MSM? Gracias!” Just one photo, no more, please.
    **What a gay month!

    Cue the media indignation –

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Good evening, upstanding non-misogynistic gentlemen. Just popping in here to add my 2 cents. First of all, the name Geymonat is even more outrageous than you’ve pointed out. Monat means “month.”

    So her name is Gay-Month. And when is Gay Pride Month? June, of course, as Ms. Gay-month reminds us in her Facebook post:

    I just hope that in June, Pride Month, stuff like this can be spoken out loudly so they STOP HAPPENING!

    Notice that there is also already a blood-splatter design on the bus seats the couple is sitting on and the hand rest next to Geymonat.

    Now this is where it gets really weird. The following is all subjective, of course, so I can’t guarantee that I’m actually onto something.

    Although she doesn’t look as much like her in other photos, in the bloody-faced glamor pose above that shocked news audiences around the word, Geymonat’s girlfriend Chris bears a striking resemblance to actress Jennifer Connelly:

    The description of the bus attack certainly paints a disturbing scene with a group of revolting, hateful men throwing money at the couple and demanding that they put on a sex show for them.

    Well, speaking of disturbing scenes, you may be familiar with what is arguably the most disturbing scene in Jennifer Connelly’s acting career. You’ll find it intercut into the following montage which is widely considered to be the most memorable sequence in the gritty and unsettling film Requiem for a Dream. Connelly shows up about a minute in.


    In case you couldn’t quite make it out, this article offers an explanation:

    16 Cringeworthy Movie Sex Scenes

    In this scene, we see her double-team a sex toy with another woman. All the while, men stand around them throwing money.

    BONUS MATERIAL: So we have a Chris-Connelly connection. Does that name ring a bell? How about UK musician Chris Connelly, lead singer of the band Revolting Cocks?

    Here’s his autobiography, Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible, and Fried: My Life As A Revolting Cock:

    Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible and Fried: My Life As a Revolting Cock

    Once again, I’m left scratching my head, wondering why these interconnections exist when they definitely didn’t have to in order to achieve the desired effect of the psyop. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into things again!


    Main characteristics of any Psychological Operation is that PsyOps are fiction created to fit a predetermined outcome. Goals of PsyOps may vary, in this case the agenda seems to fit a global policy of prioritizing minority communities over global population interest, and to normalize* deviant sexual behavior.

    Fear is used to enforce popular empathy which makes the public place themselves in the pretended victims position – here as gay, multicultural females suffering male violence in the form of sexual masochism (possibly nationalistic for some added Brexit disgust).

    In a PsyOp, the pretended drama which is fictional forces the authors to integrate as many literal and figurative cues as possible in order to make the public both accept the story without question, and to have the narrative resonate as much as possible for maximized newsworthiness and media/public attention.

    The literal cues here are many, and starts with the names that rejoins the Gay Pride LGBTQ+ efforts of the month of June, thereafter establishes a gay couple with typically heterosexual names (Chris & Melania). The male “Chris” theme is enhanced by heavy clothing and dominant behavior in interviews, while female innocence is outlined for Geymonat with her more fragile appearance and white shirt/lighter clothing.

    The fact this “incident” happened in the UK is figuratively connected to the typical London double decker bus. Without a local artefact it would have been hard to place American Chris and Spanish Melania in the UK.

    ” Fighting broke out and I don’t know how we got from fighting on the top of the bus down to the lower deck but in that time frame they took my phone, her bag and they ran off the bus. ” – American Chris

    Homophobic attack leaves 2 U.K. women injured
    CBC News – 8 Jun 2019 – 02:43 (mm:ss) – 17K views

    The discrepancy between the purported injuries and the absence of subsequent symptoms is also quite revealing of the nature of this event as a PsyOp and thus meant as warfare on our minds, and the aftermath is quite predictably all about the Gay Pride month and raising “awareness” about homophobic hate-crimes with recognizable and politicized jargon and rhetoric.

    ” A banged up jaw can also force people to rely upon alternative methods of communication. In lieu of talking, the patient may have to resort to emails, using a pen and notepad or having a friend speak on their behalf […] One surgical procedure frequently used to repair broken jaws is to wire the jaw shut. In other words, the damaged jaw is wired to the teeth of the opposing jaw. These wires usually remain in place for 6 to 8 weeks, and serve to stabilize the jaw as it begins to heal […] ” Healing a broken jaw

    Despite the fact American Chris reportedly broke her jaw, she apparently has no problems talking and moving her mandible, nor does Melanie’s newly broken nose look particularly swollen (nor misaligned) or her voice sound nasal.

    I’m left scratching my head, wondering why these interconnections exist when they definitely didn’t have to in order to achieve the desired effect of the PsyOp.

    Using popular culture references clearly would be in favor of establishing better chances for resonance in the public who does latently carry a heavy burden of images subconsciously from the massive doses of entertainment we all mostly indulge in and that purposefully pollute our subconscience.

    The likeness between Jennifer Connelly and Melania Geymonat is quite striking from the initial news-poster image of the alleged blind lesbian violence. The improbable money throwing from unemployed teenagers saving money taking the nightbuss home and not a cab or Uber does appear misplaced – if not for the tie to the iconic youth movie Requiem for a Dream.

    Hard to know if PsyOp authors start out with a cinema connections and choose the main crisis actors thereafter, or if it is the other way round. In both cases the tools are the same as a successful media-hoax relies on its popularity and that the more literal, figurative and metaphoric links that can be tied into such events, the greater the chances the public will be seduced as they subliminally identify cues that match their psyche and imagination.

    The cultural interconnections Terran Downvale highlights most definitely exist. Any PsyOp would focus on integrating as many such cues as possible to enhance the impact of an imaginary storyline whose “raison d’être” is not to be real, but to gain interest and popularity in order to mold popular opinion and behavior.

    *globally underlying narrative goals are also persistent in the mostly contrived Truth movement where operators subliminally (by mimetism) encourage swearing, drinking, smoking etc.


    Hmmm taking a “sabbatical year” off from her medical studies as a Ryanair flight attendant and living in Bishops Stortford…]

    or recruited for her name and with enough dollars to pay off her medical fees…

    Here she is as a playwright in 2013


    Playwright: Melania Geymonat
    Writing residence: Faculty of Medicine (Morgue)
    Tutor: Roberto Suárez

    Short biography
    Mercedes, 1990 [place of birth]
    She began theater studies conducting workshops in her hometown in charge of Ariel Frontán. In 2011, through the “Virtual Classroom” she conducts dramaturgy workshops with Carlos Maggi, Dino Armas and Victor Manuel Leites. She performs acting and direction workshops with prominent local media references such as Roberto Súarez and Alberto Rivero. Participates in the drama workshop of the Catalan writer Josep Miró I Coromina. Currently she is in his second year in the acting career at the Acting Institute of Montevideo. Parallel to her theatrical training, she studied Medicine at the University of the Republic.

    “Melania puts on her gloves, takes a clip and begins to explain to us the remarkable engineering of our body, and she does it very well because Melania is a being between medicine and literature, while she dissects a throat and shows me the vocal cords, I can not stop thinking about the music of the verses of Ida or Vaz Ferreira that we just read. ” Sergio Blanco, June 30, 2013

    I guess acting comes naturally to her, but she needs to work much harder on the moulage elements of her medical course.

    Note the specially set up Twitter account for Melania’s narrative, opened 6 months previously by her controllers.


    ” The next thing I know is I’m being punched. I got dizzy at the sight of my blood and fell back. I don’t remember whether or not I lost consciousness. Suddenly the bus had stopped, the police were there and I was bleeding all over. ” article

    The main difference between acting and crisis-acting is that the narrative is presented as real in media hoaxes, and the aim is not to entertain but to deceive. The fact lying and acting are so close matches does make one wonder about the sincerity of actors as they all will master a form of deception many, if not most, are incapable of detecting.

    When we analyze media-fakery detecting lies is clearly an important aspect as it informs us about the nature of the characters presented to us, who invariably takes on a role of godly honest, innocent victims. Detecting untruthfulness on the behalf of a witness is clearly a bad sign in itself, and moreso for media-events that already suffer from poor credibility.

    How is it possible a Doctor gets dizzy by the sight of blood ?

    melania geymonat linkedin profile
    Melania Geymonat’s LinkedIn profile (here)

    melania geymonat education
    Melania Geymonat is a doctor of medecine (2018)

    ” Melania puts on her gloves, takes a clip and begins to explain to us the remarkable engineering of our body, and she does it very well because Melania is a being between medicine and literature, while she dissects a throat and shows me the vocal cords […] ” quotation link


    Just found that Greymonat equally has a “Couchsurfing” profile (here), and she both sounds and looks less lesbian on those pages with no mention of girlfriend “Chris”. Difficult to know if Geymonat’s colleges are aware she faints by the sight of blood or not…

    Geymonat - coachsurfing nurse

    Geymonat with boyfriend Urugayan mate

    Geymonat with boyfriend Urugayan mate travelling

    ” Taking my Uruguayan mate as far as I can 🙂 “

    Melania Geymonat quotation from her Coachsurfing profile


    Excellent work, unreal. This “homophobic attack” is proving to be the fakest of fake events.
    Nowhere does this alleged lesbian lover, codename Chris – i.e. just another temporarily imported actor – have her full name revealed. I guess the manipulators had to add a veneer of credibility by naming Melania and providing a recent back story for her import into the UK.

    Ryanair has stayed silent on this issue!

    Ryanair Verified account @Ryanair
    Jun 7
    We’ve been on our own #LoveIsland adventure this week – exploring Mallorca’s capital Palma??

    Crack on to to book your next getaway ?
    Explore Palma de Mallorca with Ryanair

    TheRoyalScam @LaScamRoyale
    Replying to @Ryanair
    Wd be nice if you expressed solidarity with Melania Geymonat after her attack in London.
    4:39 am – 7 Jun 2019 [PST]

    source Twitter

    Interesting! Surely Ryanair would want to jump on the LGBTQ ++ bandwagon in this Gay Month and support their unusual medically trained flight attendant who faints at the sight of blood? Perhaps her alleged residence close to the airport at Molehill Green is also phoney.

    Her facebook account was probably also set up for this event – making sure the MSM had copied it, then delete it, if indeed she had any control over it.

    On her 2013 directing debut in the mortuary [oooh, I’m feeling faint now…] her photo was liked by one Federick Geymonat who may be a relative, but he has nothing to say on affrays on the top deck of London buses, LGBT matters or couch surfing.

    PS Perhaps Ryanair will be leaned on to make a statement in tune with orchestrated feelings…
    LAst year, Ryanair was the setting for a staged racist attack on one of their planes, when, allegedly, A racist Ryanair passenger refuses to sit next to an elderly black woman ** and eventually the company released a statement over a week later…

    The – very late – Ryanair statement on last week’s racist video

    ** complete with phoney video

    Ryanair’s Spanish cabin crew were aware of an argument between these two passengers during the boarding process, but were not aware of, as they were not present when, racist comments were made by the male passenger towards the female passenger. While these events were videoed by another passenger on a mobile phone, this video was not shown to cabin crew until after landing in London Stansted. Ryanair did not become aware of the contents of the video until late on Sat evening when it gained widespread coverage on social media.

    suuuuuure Another staged media event.

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    Aaaaand….we have the expected GoFraudMe page, set up by UNITE, the UK Trade union All for the apparently heterosexual actor/doctor/couchsurfer “Melania” and the totally anonymous “Chris”.
    The Virgin Atlantic trade union branch of Unite has sent £500. Thanks!

    Virgin Atlantic SE6100 Unite The Union Unite
    7 hours ago
    This vicious attack in todays society is unjust and uncalled for. Get better soon xx

    We can see who the shepherds are now.

    And if that wasn’t enough, we have the “copy-cat” follow-up staged event

    Two actors starring in an award-winning LGBT+ play were pelted with stones in a “cowardly, homophobic hate crime” after kissing in the street.

    Lucy Jane Parkinson said she and Rebecca Banatvala were targeted as they travelled to a performance of Rotterdam at the Nuffield Southampton Theatres (NST) in Southampton.

    They were verbally abused and Ms Parkinson suffered minor injuries after being hit in the face with a missile thrown from a passing car.

    The attack led to the cancellation of Saturday’s performance of the Olivier Award-winning play by Jon Brittain.

    Ms Parkinson, who describes herself as a drag king, said: “The attack happened because we were embracing. There’s no mistake that this was a homophobic hate crime.

    “It was a cowardly attack as it was a moving car. Our community shouldn’t have to tolerate this. This is why we have Pride.


    Aaaaand….we have the expected GoFraudMe page

    Great findings.

    When one considers the actual cost of staging this type of “homophobic hatecrime”, it seems unlikely the Gofundme campaign actually represents any considerable amount compared to to the total expenditures involved*.

    melania geymonat gofundme
    Melania Geymonat Ramirez Gofundme page (here)

    Most likely the policy of using funding campaigns is not merely motivated by gain, but moreso to reach a wider audience and above all a more committed audience who by giving, or entertaining to give, might corral the story more vehemently and defend the hoax with insistence in their social circles. When we bind money to a belief – we believe more deeply*.

    The Nuffield Southampton Theatres follow-up lesbian attack is a good indicator June is indeed Gay Month or Gay Monat as speculated above in this forum… The “throwing” meme comes back around as does the young, evil wrongdoers.

    Lucy Jane Parkinson and Rebecca Banatvala
    Lucy Jane Parkinson and Rebecca Banatvala

    *this type of fake minority violence operation needs to be handled by a coordinated group over several months, with supervisors, scriptwriters, photographers, make-up artist, stylist, image/film directors and more).

    *money is a major factor to our personal opinions, and the Gofundme hoax implementation acts like an inverted form of “Dollar voting”. We clearly see the same mechanism used in fake Conspiracy culture as well, where donations are used in very similar ways. By pretending to be poor or in need, the paid Truther movement do not seek money as much as they are after our belief and less investigative minds which they buy with our submission of private assets.


    I have been pointed in the direction of Melania’s facebook and Instagram pages. No signs of any lesbian activity to be sure… [It seems to be wall-to-wall fun]… or, for that matter, any airline stewarding, although several contacts work in the airline industry, e.g. Benjamin Levy, a Uruguayan pilot of JetSmart in Chile, who also uploaded the phoney bus photo

    Here are Melanias social media feeds – no trace of any Chris.
    The narrative facebook post

    generated a massive ourpouring of anger and empathy in the volumes of comments, so a pretty successful psy-op for the creators of this event.

    This friend, Francisco Legorano started work at Ryanair in the English Midlands in March 2019, who may be the dude in the Naples photo dated April 30 2019
    Naturally Francesco uploads the single crisis acting bus photo, photographer unknown.

    Looking further back, who’s this dude in 2015?

    Last post from Melania’s handlers…
    Melania Ps
    8 June at 16:28

    Thanks to the BBC for being so supportive and writing an accurate story. The assailants’ identity should not matter more than facts, which speak for themselves. I believe that focusing on the perpetrators doesn’t help when it comes to recognise how violence has become part of our daily life and the way we relate to each other. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to speak up. We will not tolerate an act like this one in the future. Thanks for all the support everybody is so kindly giving us.

    Cue privacy. Forget the alleged perpetrators, or even the identity of “Chris”, let’s move on, having created the desired effect.

    Melania Ps
    7 June at 17:11 ·
    Hello everybody. We appreciate our privacy now. BBC London News and Google BBC iPlayer will have the story after 7. Thank

    More chums uploading the phoney photo –
    Yhojan Rijo
    and this relative, who seems to be pushing LGBT matters, Cami Geymonat

    and here they are together back in Uruguay outside their Alma Mater in Monty, as recently as April 9. Where’s the time for any air stewarding? Or is that job fake?

    Note the 22.03 BST time of the narrative release on June 5.
    Now, see the post of Cami – 18.36 local time, 22.36 BST…. hmmmm

    The story was published online in Uruyguay at 17.34 local time, 21.34 BST..

    And obviously, but belatedly, we need someone to come out and prop up the “lesbian” part of the story…

    Here comes the narrative post from Andy…helpfully re-posted by Cami

    Andy Martín is with Melania Ps in London, United Kingdom.
    8 June at 14:48 ·
    To my beautiful friend Melania Ps, someone who I had the privilege to dance the night away with at Barcelona Pride last summer, someone who I have drunk countless matés with, and someone who is brave enough to believe in a better world where love replaces hate, and empathy replaces anger.

    On Thursday night I watched someone on BBC Question Time ask if today’s generation can be as brave as generations gone by.

    And the answer is yes, we are.

    Homophobia is not ok. Misogyny is not ok. Racism is not ok. Ignorance is not ok.

    To people like my beautiful friend Melania who are brave enough to stand for the thousands of people who are discriminated against, attacked, marginalised simply for being the beautiful human beings they were born to be.

    In our fight for a better world there is no place for apathy. This affects all of us. We all have to learn to belong to this amazing world that we live in.

    We have to be the change that we want to see, the change that we so desperately need. Apathy, racism and misogyny exist even within our own circles. You just have to open Grindr to see things such as ‘no Asians, no fems, masc only’ etc. Is this really the example that we, as a discriminated minority ourselves really want to be?

    We’re better than this. It falls upon our leaders and politicians to instigate meaningful change, but this also starts at home too.

    We are so much stronger, so much better, when we all work together, when we arrive at a consensus that none of us could have achieved on our own.

    So let’s start at home, be the change that you want to see, stand up for those things which are wrong, understand that just because something doesn’t affect you directly doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you.

    Let’s all be guilty of one thing. Let’s all be guilty of believing in and creating a better, more empathetic world. Love others for what makes them great, don’t hate them for what they’re not.

    ¡Vamos arriba! ?

    Melania Ps You are my angel anglomexiguayo Andy Martín ?

    · See original (Spanish) · 8 June 15.16h BST
    Urban design advisor at Transport for London
    Former Transport Planner at Transport for London

    Here’s Andy with a friend. He’s backing Britain staying IN the EU, like all good liberals.

    Melania has put her story out on the web, for the MSM, no doubt

    Since I was a girl I’ve been motivated by telling stories, writing them, designing them, acting them out … everything I can!…

    Yea, rrrrrright

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    Looking further back, who’s this dude in 2015?

    The “2015 dude” seems identical to Geymonat’s earlier heterosexual couples picture that according to exif-data was shot in January 2012.

    Melania Geymonat with boyfriend 2012 and 2015
    Melania Geymonat boyfriend collage (2012 dude & 2015 dude)

    Melania Geymonat Ramirez appears quite plainly to be a normal, heterosexual crisis actor that plays a lesbian role for Pride month staged violence. The fact her name comes across as so carefully tied to her role, and that she signs her GoFundMe campaign as Geymonat Ramirez, “Geymonat” could be an added name for her character.

    The planning thus would to have been quite long in the tooth, which seems disproportionate for such a minor hoax. Then again, maybe getting involved in a European media-hoax is quite prestigious for a Uruguayan citizen, and that Geymonat Ramirez will use her new learned skills in PsyOps to come in South America, who knows.

    As to who actually shot the photo from the bus, this seems to have happened after the police arrived on the “scene”, as they arrived as soon as the bus stopped…

    [ As quoted from the Bishops Stortford Independent earlier in the thread ]

    ” The next thing I know is I’m being punched. I got dizzy at the sight of my blood and fell back. I don’t remember whether or not I lost consciousness. Suddenly the bus had stopped, the police were there and I was bleeding all over. ” article


    Sometimes it’s easier to see through these smaller staged events and to learn how larger ones are run.
    I doubt the GoFundMe organiser “Sarah Miller” is anybody real. [JustGiving is actually a more usual vehicle for fund raising in the UK]

    Some real people have been taken in by it financially, in addition to the millions who believe the fake media story – eg. the most recent £20 donation by Colm McElarney
    1 day ago
    [Ryanair cabin crew union in Ireland]
    who works as a Dublin based Ryanair cabin crew

    [paywall] reports Geymonat is experiencing insomnia and doesn’t know when she will return to work…
    Yea, right.

    No doubt fellow actor “Chris” is sleeping well in her bed.


    Well, this cracker of a staged event combines the “bad men” theme with climate change activism. And, it’s the top story of the day, so that seems to prove its phoniness.

    Slow it down and you can see the single female actor smirking as she is frog marched away by the MP who is also turning on the faux aggression.

    As usual, the footage which “emerged” is shared around all the main MSM outlets.

    Who let all those code-red clad protesters into what must be a well guarded event? I think we know.

    Total staged drama for the media.


    This most transparent of phoneyophobic attacks still has legs, legs which further point to the fakery involved.
    It transpires that four yoofs, who haven’t been named, have been added to the narrative and will allegedly appear in court in a few weeks
    No names so far. And if they are ever named, perhaps they will be young offenders rounded up for a role in this drama, perhaps as a get-out-of-jail card ***. The irony of it…
    BBC July 25 2019

    The boys, aged between 15 and 17, have all been charged with an aggravated hate crime and will appear at Highbury Corner Youth Court on 21 August.
    ***Three of the suspects face further charges, Scotland Yard said:
    A 16-year-old, from Wandsworth, south London, is charged with theft and handling stolen goods
    Another 16-year-old, from Kensington and Chelsea, is accused of possessing cannabis
    The youngest boy, 15, also from Kensington and Chelsea, is charged with handling stolen goods.

    And as is so often the case, local media provides the best stories..July 12 2019

    On Tuesday (July 9) Melania left Bishop’s Stortford – to where she had moved from Takeley while working as a Ryanair flight attendant at Stansted Airport – for a fresh start in Barcelona. She qualified as a doctor in her native Uruguay and will now study to become a surgeon in the Catalan city

    Before she left, she had a meeting on Monday with London mayor Sadiq Khan about the dreadful events at the end of May and how the capital should tackle the 55% increase in reported hate crimes since 2014.

    [i.e. The mayor thanks her for her role in this media stunt – what percentage of these ‘hate crimes’ are fake?]

    While Chris has never publicly revealed her surname, to preserve some degree of anonymity, Melania has had to come to terms with her private life being made public.

    Oh what rotten luck, to draw the short publicity straw…

    A practising Buddhist, she said: “I’m really optimistic about people.”

    Melania took a sabbatical from her medical studies to backpack around Europe. After stints in Italy and Spain she decided to top up her funds by joining Ryanair as a cabin crew member.

    She joked that before studying medicine she spent a year on an aeronautics course and her time with the airline had satisfied that interest.

    Her year abroad has cemented her belief that medicine is her vocation. She is also a playwright and has acted, but while she will always write, life in the spotlight on stage is not for her and performing will be just a hobby. “Part of this gap year was defining where I wanted to go,” she said.

    She previously worked in a bar in Barcelona during her travels so has friends there and has decided the city is the best place to continue her career and put the trauma of May 30 behind her – although she has no regrets about speaking out in support of other marginalised groups afterwards. She said: “Barcelona is like home for me.”

    Yup, a good fun-seeking Buddhist. And for her troubles, their bank balances were topped up by £12K via funding events. Bye-bye Uruguay! Hello fun central, Barcelona.

    And what better way to preface this news release than yet another staged event in London…
    Man hurt in homophobic machete attack in Southwark
    suuuuuure he was.

    A man has been stabbed in the leg with a machete in a suspected homophobic attack in south-east London.

    The victim was taken to hospital via air ambulance after police were called to Surrey Quays Road, Southwark, at 15:12 BST.

    Officers said they believed there may have been a homophobic motive for the attack.

    The attacker is believed to have fled the scene on a motorbike, Scotland Yard said. No arrests have been made.

    Not “believed” by me. The appearance of the air ambulance [alleged] is a major hoax clue, along with the absurdity of being stabbed with a machete. More fake crime.


    Here’s another recent alleged homophobic attack. Check the facial damage…

    Ryan Turner, 22, was left unconscious after a gang stamped on his head in Preston. When he came round in hospital, he said one attacker told him: ‘You should die because you are gay.’

    and the best of the lot…with a “friend” in hospital, laughing her head off.

    Shocking images of his horrific injuries – including a busted lip, black eyes and a swollen face – have prompted a huge outcry on social media.
    Police have confirmed they are investigating the attack, in Preston, Lancashire at around 6.30am on Saturday, July 13, as a hate crime.
    “I was just walking home from a night out, minding my own business,” Ryan said.”There was a group of lads. One of them started throwing gay slurs to me and my friends.

    “You can tell I am gay just by the way I am.

    “The man was saying ‘you should die because you are gay’ so I said ‘there’s no need for that, just stay away’.
    “The next thing I know one came up behind me and struck me.
    “I fell to the ground then he stamped on my face and I was knocked unconscious.

    “When I woke up in hospital, the doctors told me I could have died”….but following CT scans and pain relief, he was discharged after nine hours and is now recovering at home.
    He says it’s the third time this year he has been attacked because of his sexuality.


    picture sources – Mirror, Metro

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