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    I was about to write about these Cantor brothers when I noticed that the bookmarked facebook page had very recently gone private or been taken down.
    It is currently cached, with this photo from school/college days

    In memory of Stephen Colaio

    7. februar 2016 ·
    Here’s to Steve, thinking of you on Super Bowl 50! R.I.P

    Here’s the team, starting top row left
    S.Colaio, M.Ednie, M.Conroy, K Magnuson, C. Mannion, E.Niccols, R.Rothenberger
    2nd row M.Schaeffer, S.Kraemer J. DellaRatta, M. Hogan, B. Strack D. Bradley
    3rd row J. Coen, O.Kearns, T Gretes, B. McDevitt, K Silvar, J. Barone, J. Herzlinger.
    4th row, – C. Margaris R. Caputo P? Bruno, P Muscarella M. Dawson,
    Fifth, front row J. Panchookian, M Kruger, A Kilmettis, M. Roth, D. Danowsky, O Skupinsky.

    other comments
    Michael Lasher I was good friends with Steve. My dad used to carpool with his dad.
    10. listopad 2015 v 10:27 [November]

    and here’s someone who comments who’s in the above photo! [from a cached Czech FB page]

    Kevin Magnuson Funny dude,Steve Colaio. In HS football coaches had him running often, and he just kept joking and keeping people smiling and laughing
    10. zá?í 2015 v 22:41 [September]

    Stephen was 2 years younger than Mark – 32 vs 34 – at 9/11.

    From the page
    the book by Jean Colaio

    In honor of our brothers Stephen and Mark Colaio, this is from last nights 9/11 Tobay Ceremony. We all miss you two sooo much!! We know you are with us in spirit. Never forget! xoxoxo??

    This flattering cut out…

    untiltled group photo

    From the Mail in 2013–friendships.html

    Mark Colaio, 34, and a senior managing director, talked bond broker brother Stephen, 32, into joining the tightly-knit firm. The elder brother often had a gorup of 25 employees over for parties at his Manhattan apartment and out to his Montauk beach house, his sister Jean told the Post.

    ‘They spent a lot of time outside work and shared a lot of special times,’ said Jean Colaio, adding that ‘they really looked out for each other — while working, as friends, and, I’m sure, on that day.’

    Joining the Colaio brothers nearby is Thomas Pedicini, 30. As Mark Colaio’s brother-in-law, he was recruited into the firm’s equity department, the Post noted.

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    More snippits
    Christine Milau Miss you brother
    30 March 2016

    Christine Milau
    Miss them both. Steve was like my other brother.
    20 March 2016

    Christine Milau Happy birthday Steve. Miss you brother xx
    30 March 2015

    Tom Pedicini
    Thomas Pedicini, 30, grew up in Hicksville and lived in Woodside, Queens. He worked in Cantor Fitzgerald’s equity department, on the 104th floor of the north tower.
    Thomas Pedicini, the youngest of four children and the only boy, liked to do things his own way.
    He had been an honors student at Hicksville Senior High School, but when he went to the University of Pittsburgh….

    [Stephen] and his fiancee, Serena Giovi, had been friends for nearly 10 years and fell in love about two years ago.
    Mark and Stephen are survived by their parents, Victor and Christina Colaio of Montauk; sister Jean Colaio Steinbach of Manhattan; brother-in-law Tanguy Steinbach; nephew Maxmillian Steinbach; and uncle Gerard Colaio.
    In addition to his sisters, Tom is survived by his parents, Nancy and Albert Pedicini of Hicksville, and sister Anne Pedicini of Hicksville.

    The last named supplieid the yearbook photo.

    Here comes the predictable charitable foundation…
    The families have established The Colaio Pedicini Memorial Foundation, which awards three separate scholarships in memory of the three men to seniors at Hicksville Senior High School.

    Perhaps this is Fiancee Serena Giovi?
    260 W Broadway #3C
    New York, NY, 10013

    Mrms Co. sold this property to Cyndi Lauper for $0.00 on 1984-10-11.
    Mark Colaio was granted Power of Attorney for 260 West Broadway Condominium on 1998-09-14 Show Details

    Freedom Williams & Frederick Williams sold this property to Mark Colaio for $0.00 on 1998-06-29. Show Details

    Estate Of Mark Joseph Colaio & As Administratrix June Colaio sold this property to Patricia N Shiland for $1,781,000.00 on 2006-04-20.
    Patricia Shiland [now of Terres Basses, Saint Martin]
    18. juli 2016 kl. 06:24
    Hello, I am trying to reach June Colaio. I purchased her and Mark’s …loft on Beach Street in 2006. I have received two packages/letter that I feel she would like and need. I have tried to reach her in Westchester— with no luck getting through. Could someone please contact me?

    COLAIO-Stephen J. On September 11, 2001. Employee of Cantor Fitzgerald. Cherished fiance of Serena Giovi. Loving son of Victor and Mary. Beloved brother of Jean Colaio Steinbach and Mark J. Colaio. Mark, a Senior Managing Director of Cantor Fitzgerald, is currently listed among the missing. Brother-in-law of Tanguy Nicolas Steinbach and June Colaio. Nephew of Gerard J. Colaio, uncle of Delaney, Maximillian and Joseph. Stephen received his BS degree from St. John’s University in 1993. Friends may call at Frank E. Campbell, 1076 Madison Ave. at 81st St. on Thursday, 1-4 and 69PM. Mass of Christian Burial St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Park Ave. at 84th St. on Friday, 10AM. Interment to follow at Fort Hill Cemetery, Montauk, NY. In lieu of flowers, contributions in his memory may be made to The Cantor Fitzgerald Foundation, 101 Park Ave., 45th Fl., NY, NY 10178.

    The Colaio/Lauper condo building…,-74.0054403,3a,75y,320.68h,125.52t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1saME7RVkoUbs9GFZso2JdTw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    The renamed Beach Street

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    Oddly, the obituary of Mark Colaio describes him as a brother-in-law to Serena Giovi

    Here’s the brothers’ father, Victor, talking about his book, Between Two Bridges, concerning growing up in New York

    Born in the middle of the Great Depression, Victor Colaio grew-up on the lower east side of NYC.He attended Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx. He later attended St. John’s University where he obtained a BBA.Mr. Colaio’s first job was employment as an accountant for a freight forwarder. After serving in the US Army,he held positions with several NYC agencies including the NYPD and FDNY. Subsequently, he accepted a position with the IRS as a tax law pension specialist.He later transferred to the US Merchant Marine Academy as Deputy Head of Budgets. He left government service and joined a Wall St. bond broker-RMJ Securities-where he performed various assignments and retired. He now spends most of his time writing. He lives with his wife Mary Christina.He has a daughter Jean and five grandchildren.His sons Mark and Stephen perished on Sept 11,2001 at the WTC. Victor Colaio now resides on the eastern end of Long Island.

    Seen here with Jean on the left of him

    2016 tribute

    Jean Colaio Steinbach October 13,
    1996 Brugges, Belgium
    1 March 2014 at 06:34
    Marie Clifford Two wonderful amazing cousins. Miss u & will remember u always. R.I.P.
    11 September 2015 at 05:29
    Erin Williams Dailey I love this pic of my handsome cousins xoxo
    11 September 2015 at 03:34

    ** FB friend of Jean and
    Delaney Colaio

    Life is Good, being an in joke – <strongThe brothers owned matching shirts that they wore every chance they got. On the front was inscribed, “Life Is Good.”>

    John Britton
    3 February 2014 ·

    With mark colaio. [on left]
    John Britton He is my best friend forever I’m better looking miss u mark
    26 May 2014 at 19:59

    Derek Stambolian The good old days. I miss Mark also. We had some good times.
    29 May 2014 at 00:36

    The “fiancee” of Stephen doesn’t seem to figure anywhere in the family friendships…

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