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    Terran Downvale

    New video uploaded by Jimmy today. Apparently, the theme of Annette’s ill-fated ride that day was… DEATH. And at risk of sounding like a silly symbol spotter, eye don’t like the look of the back of Jimmy’s helmet. Tramp-stamp on his leathers is no good either.

    Also, compare the back of Jimmy Busack’s helmet with Dr. James Busack’s website logo. Mega-synchronicity or shenanigans?

    Thank you @darkeyes42x for finding her GoPro ??

    I dunno. Please check me, guys, if I’m being ridiculous here and stinking up this thread.

    Terran Downvale
    Terran Downvale

    OK, this is getting interesting now. The Boston Marathon came up in this thread at one point (Thanks, xileffilex, for the info, btw). I had actually been thinking about it when I wrote an earlier reply (Jimmy Busack was reminding me of Christian Williams. NOT that they’re the same person, of course). Anyway, then when I saw Miss Queena’s torn pants, I wondered if there might be an actual connection here. Well, take a look at who visited darkeyes42x’s amputee buddy Alex Danylo in the hospital. None other than Boston celebrity amputee Rebekah Gregory!

    Also, I’m wondering if the caption here by Danylo might be a joke about his leg (notice he’s also giving her “stumps”):

    Another shot of him in shorts shows his left (now missing) leg “illuminated”:

    That photo was taken at Lake Elsinore Ford, just 14 miles up the Ortega Highway from where Carrion was killed. Anyway, I guess where there are motorcycle crashes, there are amputees. And where there are amputees, there are Boston survivor photo ops!


    Good grief! The aforementioned darkeyes42x is at it too!

    Indeed – the Instagram user ‘darkeyes42x’ who found Annette Carrion’s GoPro camera also organise fundraisers for motorcycle accident ‘fiends’..

    “On January 19th 2018 Alex was injured in a hit and run accident on his motorcycle which caused him to have severe injuries and the loss of his left lower leg. Alex will need to have multiple surgeries and ongoing medical rehabilitation during his recovery process. These funds will help him with both medical and personal expenses. He is a 21 year old, hard working, wonderful person and deserves all the support he can get. Alex is an employee/friend of mine and the beneficiary of this fund”

    •Gofundme page made by Annette’s GoPro finder darkeyes42x (here)

    Accidents and fundraising and commercial ties are everywhere among the group of friends Annette Carrion was around together with her BF Jimmy Busack.

    Regarding Alex Danylo’s fundraiser and injury – he’s got his leg missing on images so i’m not sure what the extra angle here would be. In the images he does look a bit too relaxed for just having lost a leg in an accident nevertheless. This accident also happened on january 19th thus making it 1-19 (or 911) which is exoteric code for PsyOps so something might not be right here.


    Thank you @darkeyes42x for finding her GoPro ??


    Aug 29 2017

    annettecarrion It was nice meeting you! Fun ride.

    Doesn’t seem a close friend to be searching the canyon for a GoPro from the “crash” site. Not much in the way of recent uploads.

    Well, take a look at who visited darkeyes42x’s amputee buddy Alex Danylo in the hospital. None other than Boston celebrity amputee Rebekah Gregory!

    Oh wow! It’s a cottage industry.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by xileffilex.
    Terran Downvale

    Regarding Alex Danylo’s fundraiser and injury – he’s got his leg missing on images so i’m not sure what the extra angle here would be. In the images he does look a bit too relaxed for just having lost a leg in an accident nevertheless. This accident also happened on january 19th thus making it 1-19 (or 911) which is exoteric code for PsyOps so something might not be right here.

    He may be a Boston-style previous amputee fraud. See above reply.

    Terran Downvale

    Oh wow! It’s a cottage industry.

    I wonder if John Adams knew his little story would have such legs?


    I wonder if John Adams knew his little story would have such legs?

    What transpires from the interactions with John Adams and his ‘group’ of alternative followers is that they were all very happy with Dave J’s inflammatory gematria break-down – but not so OK with more thorough research as we’ve been able to sustain in this thread so far.

    The recent turn of attention towards Annette Carrion’s entourage has been especially symptomatic of the presence of a very large number of fraudulent accidents, fundraisers and commercial ties.

    The presence of a Boston Bomber amputee (great find Terran Downvale) so close to all this is another wake-up call to where this story goes – and there are soon not many defendable arguments left to be yielded in favour of any type prudent position in the Carryon case – it is becoming a Litmus test, and many do not pass.

    The latest Hoaxbuster call is another drop in the bucket for close to all involved and a show full of “piss-poor” actors as Chris himself would describe it.

    HBC580 – Chris on a phone (from 1:09 h:mm)


    I was present at the tribute to the death of the greatest salsa hero of Colombia, who died from the effects of years of bazuco (comparable to crack cocaine) use, but possibly I all imagined that because the autistic attic autohoaxers have figured out that it was all fake, after all he sung “I stay in Barranquilla”:

    And the best-known Colombian salsa band of today is called La-33, whom I also have seen performing with my own eyes and hips, but come on, 33, a clear sign that this music is all a hoax, doesn’t exist, wake up sheople, we have some excellent “researchers” at, who by their own admission do not have any friends, but it’s all fine as long as you detach from reality and stay in your YouTube world, you’re fine…!

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    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)

    Terran Downvale

    Funny satire there, Gaia. Your spastic salsa dancing must be something to behold!

    On a serious note, you said it perfectly, UNreal. Definitely a litmus test. Things did get off to a bumpy start with the self-destructing initial thread, as if the universe was challenging us to give up and proceed no further. But you and xileffilex got things back on track quickly and steered this ship in the direction it needed to go. Great teamwork, you two!


    Things did get off to a bumpy start with the self-destructing initial thread, as if the universe was challenging us to give up and proceed no further. But you and xileffilex got things back on track quickly and steered this ship in the direction it needed to go

    You have definitely been among the participants here that has contributed with many valuable points yourself Terran Downvale – and it is the variety of contributions (ab, antipodean, Dave J, Faye, gaia, Terran Downvale, myself, xileffilex) that has made this discussion more important than merely a motorcycle accident.

    As Orwell said, some are more equal than others – and even members that consider this thread should be deleted out of respect of John Adams private life have made valuable points although they testimony of either an unholy allegiance or just more noise on freedom of speech which self identify as free – not withheld.

    And for Gaia – we have got your point from the moment you refuse to investigate the Annette Carrion case like any other media event that it is – and now incessantly try to raise doubt around any valid points made here, even playing the dumbfound argument that real things happen.

    It is ironic nevertheless that an alternative researcher that became endeared to many with incessant Alex Jones impersonations – most often with the timeless catchphrase “It’s Real” – now is playing the exact role he mocked so long himself. The fictional drama that now follows in footsteps of investigating Annette Carrion show Adams to be nothing different than lifetime actor Alex Jones – and both seemingly have their own network.


    Gaia, not too long after being moderated into fakeeologist by napoleon you became quite fixated by the concept of being banned from abs blog. numerous mentions and condemnation in your impromptu chats with frank salt and that young dude who keeps changing his name. considering you wear your ,expelled from cluesforum twice, t-shirt fairly regularly coupled with with your , at times , bonkers behaviour im of the opinion , being banned is your goal.



    …. possibly I all imagined that because the autistic attic *** autohoaxers have figured out that it was all fake **…

    Straight out of the low level, internet patrolling, shill phrasebook.
    ** please note phrasebook spelling is actually faaaaaake
    *** Mum’s basement is an acceptable alternative


    What emerges as most defining of Annette A. Carrion’s accident is her activity in the motorcycle community where she seems to have spent as much time and attention as in her daytime jobs. In the case of Carrion’s last position with Acorn Woods Communications as Digital Brand Manager – it would seem that her hobby and work overlap to a large degree and even might build upon each other.

    “Acorn Woods Communications (AWC) is a boutique agency solely owned by motorsports marketing veteran Ron Benfield. The agency holds a decade of experience in the motorcycle, ATV/UTV and automotive markets, with a diverse client roster. Ron has been an influential force in some very dynamic companies throughout his 20-year career, with experience at the OE, aftermarket, distributor and dealer levels.” – Acorn Woods about page

    It might be interesting to look further into Acorn Woods at a later point ot understand what services they actually offer and the type of clients they work with. From their webpage we understand they offer PR/Media Relations, Advertising, Social Media, Graphic Design, Content Creation and Website Design – yet they showcase no brands as clients. The the question now emerges is simple:

    Is Acorn Woods just a spook company specialised in fake car and motorcycle accidents ?

    I would make sense that they are a PsyOp production company from the absence of testimony of doing anything tangible within the fields activities they specify as their know-how. With their skill-set, we should see Acorn Woods present showcases of companies where they have established their PR, done their website and social media profiles and even advertisements. There is no such casestudies to be found within Acorn Woods promotional material. More than strange and looking very much like an false facade for more sinister activities.

    Acorn Woods claims to have small businesses as their client base, yet they can show no case-study of any campaign for any the companies they inform us they work with. It might very well be that the companies referenced are businesses that might also operate within the expertise areas needed for the elusive needs of contrived news events and Psyop managagement.

    acorn woods partners
    •Note the number of companies – all without a link on the Acorn webpage nor a sample of any service Acorn Woods have offered them – a Zero study case reference base with dead links

    The Acorn Woods Communications webpage (Facebook here) lists their personnel as follows:
    •Ron Benfield, Visionary (LinkedIn here – 500+ contacts)
    •Jon Vickers, Content Manager (LinkedIn here – 188 contacts)
    •Sarah Pelton, Graphic Designer (LinkedIn here – 6 contacts)
    •Annette Carrion, Digital Brand Manager (LinkedIn here – 195 contacts)

    As it appears from Acorn Woods Communications FB eulogy post, Annette Carrion was a recent employee and new to the Acorn company. From Annette Carrion’s LinkeIn profile it is apparent her longest recent professional position has been with olloclip as a Digital Marketing Specialist (since 2015) – that sell tools and accessories for the mobile photographer and their flagship product is the olloclip 4-IN-1 Photo Lens (Annette Carrion is seen in promotional videos for this brand on YT)

    The position Annette Carrion held in recent years with olloclip could be explained more with her ‘girl biker’ good looks profile moreso than as an office 9-5 job and consist mostly of promotional assistance through her attractive model profile. This scenario seems plausible as we can see that she simultaneously with working for olloclip was even more active with the Redline Ravens and their line of engagements with modelling, product reviews, product promotion, company collaborations and organising charities.


    From what we can surmise from Annette Carrion’s carrier summary, her recent engagement with Acorn Woods Communications might have much less to do with her previous professional engagement with iPhone accessory products brand olloclip* than it is a step up from Redline Ravens suspect charity work to a company with more resources and experience in PsyOp management.

    To what extent Annette Carrion was instrumental in the possible fabrication of her own deadly motorcycle accident is difficult to assert. However, when we consider the fact that to succeed in creating a believable story that she would need quite some time to prepare for her secret afterlife destination, it does appear crucial she would be able dispose enough time and care to prepare her exit.

    With a cover such as working for Acorn Woods she would have both the time and network to successfully plan and execute her final preparations – and possibly also help with possibly handling both or one of her parents as their deaths seem too timely to escape the inclusion in what must be suspected as a long-planned fake event – the Annette A. Carrion Highway 74 accident and aftermath.

    We have already established links between Annette Carrions activities within the Redline Ravens and a number of cases of suspected false accidents where the fundraising and social media traction was managed by the Redline Ravens. In collaborating in such fake events it is clear Annette Carrion had experience in the fabrication of false victims and accident crime-scenes. So far we have looked at Riide Red’s suspected false injuries and go-fund-me campaign, Luis Maldonado’s drunk driver head-on crash on Freeway 5 and Zach Veteres obscure motorcycle crash (Redline Ravens charity services page here).

    When we focus on Annette Carrion’s implication with the Redline Ravens fundraiser activity, we have so far seen how already three cases appear very suspect for fraud with the Freeway 5 head-on crash of Maldonado being the most profiled as was covered on mainstream local news – much alike Carrions own accident two months later.

    Inevitably some news-sources are recurring and it does not look very authentic that these accident are all featured on professional Injury Lawyers websites in the false appearence of news with only fractional information of the events, but with catching titles. Prime suspects here are the companies California Injury Accident Lawyer, Pacific Attorney Group, Jacoby and Meyers Law Offices and Bond and Taylor Injury Lawyers. There are probably more companies involved with the legal side to these suspected false events, but the ones cites all have published ‘news’ on Redline Ravens charity vicsims.

    In addition to aforementioned cases, the Redline Ravens was also handling the fundraiser for the motorcycle accident victim Steven Douglas Patterson in favour of his surviving family and wife Shevelle Patterson. In this case there is a casualty contrary to the three previous cases that directly link Annette Carrion to professional involvement in fake traffic accidents.

    Steven Patterson Fundraiser Campaign
    •Steven Patterson died commuting to his parents house where he intended to help evacuate due to the Canyon Fire – he was killed instantly as a truck pulled out in front of his motorcycle. (go-fund-me page)

    Steven Patterson
    •Steven Douglas Patterson – one of a total of five images found

    Steven Patterson Accident
    •Stephen Patterson ‘news’ coverage exclusively found on accident lawyers websites and newsrolls

    BC Traffic
    •”Steven found his pace at BC Traffic where he absolutely loved his work” (from Steven Patterson’s obituary)

    Just as the three previous traffic accidents where Annette Carrion and the Redline Ravens have provided the fundraiser effort services – the Stephen Patterson motorcycle accident equally present a compelling case for yet another staged event – this time with death and grief as the main ingredients. The details of the incident are very sparse and figure exclusively as newsbits on the specialised incident attorney websites mentioned above – which is symptomatic for staged events.

    Despite – or even because of – the elusive coverage even in local news-outlets, the Steven Patterson motorcycle death nevertheless is comprised of some very explicit markers for being a staged event despite the scarcity of the material overall.

    Steven Douglas Patterson was born on December 11 (1990) and died October 9 (2017). He worked for the company BC Traffic who specialises in traffic control services including freeway closures and crash barrel installation (FB, website). Steven predictably quickly succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene and no detailed reports of the accident is found outside of the go-fund-me page. The online presence of Steven is close to non-existent and consists primarily of his obituary* page and go-fund-me page (obituary, gofundme). In other words, we have an accident no journalist reports on implicating a person that close to no one can have heard of and that somehow manages to find a large group of donors to his good cause by the professional help of the Redline Ravens. Interestingly, the only image that suggest having been taken on the scene is a stock photograph*.

    Jacoby and Meyers – Steven Patterson Killed in Motorcycle Crash in Orange near Villa Park

    Pacific Attorney Group – Steven Patterson, 27, Killed in Motorcycle Collision in Orange

    California Injury Accident Lawyer – Steven Patterson Killed in Orange Motorcycle Crash, Monday

    *with olloclip Annette Carrions position seem more connected to her image and thus might have much less permanent than what her job-description suggests

    *as an ironic detail, Steven Patterson funeral service ceremony is listed as a “Celebration of Life” and took place in private residence on 12388 Zig Zag Way, Tustin CA

    *the stock photograph used in Steven Pattersons news-story can also be found in various versions on other accident related websites (Remedy Secret, Pennekamp law, Dornin Jury law, Bell lawyers, Carlos Brown law)

    Terran Downvale

    Oh my, that image of Steven (It’s)Pat-rerson with the “macho” words “violent” and “enforce” on his shirt. 😕 I don’t really wanna go there in this thread, but not surprising.


    Well, well, well, the great Mr Adams dabbling in hoaxery. Who would’ve thunk.


    So far in the Annette Carrion case we have seen that the funeral was attended to and how some of the guests either never met AA Carrion, used recently created Instagram accounts or were commercially driven (ie product placement).

    Some of the Instagram accounts that were posting on site from the ceremony (Fairhaven memorial) april 7th were more curious than others – and in this regard “Dark Motor Industries” and “klassified bikers” particularly seem curious.

    Dark Motor Industries‘ is an Instagram account with only company and product posts – except 3 posts on Annette Carrion. This is more than strange and the “company” website is just a landing page with no links (here)… A dark company..

    View this post on Instagram

    My Condolences to Annette A. Carrion’s family and all her loved ones. I’m terribly sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you Jimmy @jmyjamstyle I’m deeply sorry for your loss, words can’t even begin to explain… And @mizziel & @ms_keerati & @redlineravens my condolences, my heart goes out to you ladies, we lost a #truerider and a #bestfriend … Annette A Carrion’s legacy will live inside all of us now for being so passionate about Motorcycle Riding & sharing her daily life on social media along side her loved ones and her best friends, we will never forget how she touched all of us with her smile & I WILL NEVER FORGET how she’d wink at me & smile to say hello at every Motorcycle event we’d spot eachother at… Annette A. Carrion YOU WILL BE MISSED for having such a ?? Courageous HEART ?? and for being so Inspirational & for having such a Positive Impact & Unique Connection with not just Women Motorcyclist all over the world ? but also with so many Men Motorcyclist, motivating us all everyday to be better riders, as she would post her videos for the Entire International Motorcycle Community to see, as she rode with no fear, Just with Courage in her Heart ?? When I Ride, I will be riding for you my dear friend, just like so many other Men & Women Motorcycle Riders will… Watch over all of us Annette, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, We Will Never Forget You … #restinpeace #rideinparadise #waytoosoon #ridesafe #girlswhoride #girlrider #la #oc #girlsthatride #ladyrider #chicswhoride #thisgirlcanride #motolife #irvine #palomarmountain #gorgeous #hotbody #caferacer #custombuild #bobberlife #ortegahwy #motorcyclegear #bobbermotorcycle #motorcycles #madeinusa #socal #motorcycleofinstagram #photooftheday

    A post shared by * DARK MOTO INDUSTRIES * ( on

    View this post on Instagram BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND with a more AGGRESSIVE STYLE & ATTITUDE “ Dark Moto Industries “ Clothing **LIKE ?? FOLLOW & ?? SUPPORT** ** Motorcycle Casual Wear ** #ceo #entrepreneur #fpoty #streetbrand #motorcyclejacket #sandiego #motolife #pacificbeach #poway #temecula #losangeles #ranchobernardo #riverside #mensfashion #streetwear #gymshirt #orangecounty #bobberlife #bobbers #motorcyclegear #bobbermotorcycle #motorcyclebrand #motorcycles #moto #inlandempire #niceshirt #photooftheday

    A post shared by * DARK MOTO INDUSTRIES * ( on

    The ‘klassified bikers‘ instagram account might be the strangest one so far as this is equally not a person but a type of an association who seemingly employ people and sponsors that mainly are involved with fundraisers (more causes seen here) where they invite their readership join and pay tribute to various causes – amongst them Annette Carrion. What is very curious here is that the “klassified bikers” association had another funeral they attended the very same day as AA Carrion – in honor of another fallen motorcycle rider with a gofundme page… (gofundme here)

    The funeral for Jose ‘Kukoe’ Diaz (obituary here) was much like Annette Carrions father held quite some time after his death occurred (3 weeks). Searching for any type of newsreport on the mortal accident on freeway 605 on March 16th – there is nothing to be found from my inquiries so far (just a Traffic & Transit alert in the Los Alamitos Patch here)

    Terran Downvale

    “Sacrifice?” Very interesting! Also, this message on Kukoe’s GoFundMe certainly caught my attention:

    27 days ago

    On Behalf of ILL RIDERZ Our deepest condolences to the immediate family and the entire Elite Family. It’s never easy to lose a brother. May He Ride In Paradise

    A couple tags for the “Elite Bikerz” family:

    I didn’t scroll down very far but I don’t immediately see anything related to Annette Carrion. Regardless, the use of such terminology in these circles is not surprising with the all-around shadiness: Dark, Elite, Sacrifice. Of course, this is not to say that anyone is actually dying or being “sacrificed.” Quite the contrary. If anything, these are “spiritual sacrifices” along the lines of Dave J’s aptly coined term “spiritual murder.”


    Maybe dying on March 11th is kind of a sacred custom in Elite circles..

    The Press Entreprise – Motorcyclist in fatal Riverside crash identified

    What we can see from all these dead hispanic motorcycle riders this mars is that they all feature with angel wings in their memorial images.

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