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    And check out the still photo used in the article: a left arm. This recalls Carrion’s “left-hand path” Zoso tattoo

    Occult symbolism is becoming all the more prevalent to the curious case of Annette A. Carrion. Her related social group all the more appear to specialise in systematicly fabricating fake accidents with the complicity of victims, victims families and friends, witnesses, highway patrol, police officers, fire brigade, medical examiners, medical personal, funeral services, local authority officials..

    Much in the line of how we might need to revise how frequent accidents on the road actually are* – we might need to evaluate how many professions and people that actually are involved in what now appears a sizeable production of day-to-day news creation, fear-mongering and profiteering.

    Willie kora mk2
    •The victim Willie is black and here depicted with his left arm hurt, probably broken (scene from the video from about 3m11s here)

    An additional in-your-face clue pertaining to the David Park (KoraMK2) testimony in the accident that saw David Park’s friend fly off a cliff might be found in the textual encoding of the story. Many seem to distrust anagrams and literal magic spells, so i would like to emphasise that my interpretation is meant as complementary information, not forensic proof. David Park’s YT channel profile video musical choice is also concurrent with the many occult references and the title is “Dark Star“..

    Willie* – We Lie (phonetic anagram)

    *the possibility a large number of common traffic accidents are faked is elaborated further in in this previous post

    *Willie is the family nameless victim of the “Motorcyclist Fall Off a Cliff” accident skilfully found by xileffilex here

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Willie – We Lie (phonetic anagram)

    I’m totally with you on the sneaky confession “We Lie” we hear repeatedly incanted throughout the dramatically intense first-person “action video.” Great ad for GoPro! (Linked in the description box, of course) Also listen to Willie at 5:00 quickly and awkwardly emphasize it was his LEFT arm that was injured, as if the word was key to the “magic spell.”

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    I’m reluctant to even mention this because I admit it is some highly interpretive reaching (and something that will likely send poor Gaia into a conniption fit), BUT…

    Right as We-Lie spurts out his “LEFT arm” line, we see the rescue worker’s body visually framed within a curious tree-root arrangement. A possible pseudo Eye of Horus with the fireman providing the pupil?


    The number of people and professions involved in this obviously staged accident is rather illustrative of how fake traffic accidents might not be an exception but rather a very common standard procedure.

    As mentioned in an earlier post (here) – we might have to revise our perception of traffic accidents being so common if a large percentage are staged in a systematic, planned manner. As trivial as some alternative researchers tend to consider the Annette Carrion traffic accident to be – the very fact it also serve as a case study into common local PsyOps is not.

    If the better part of reported traffic accidents are staged, we no longer can consider the Annette Carrion accident just another minor PSyOp in its significance but rather an example of how it is in fact part of a major PsyOp with a large number of participants, from bystanders to coroners to government officials.

    It might not then be very surprising that everyone involved and aware of the frequent fake traffic accidents would be adamant about these event being very common and factual – much like we can hear repeated by those who are opposed to even investigating the Annette A. Carrion case.

    Firemen and firetrucks are part of staged accidents
    •Firemen and firetrucks are part of the systemised staging of fake accidents and their duping delight is perciptible in the free Willie clip (here)
    •We might remember next time we wait in line for a road to open that chances are we are being PsyOp’ed and artificially fear-infected

    willie kora mk2 helicopter rescue
    •No expense is too costly in order to make deception real, and the helicopter by it’s sound and presence will scare many and help induce the false belief something real happened


    Someone can see through the Willie “crash” – a comment below the video in response to someone suggesting the airlift would be expensive…

    Bentwater 341
    1 year ago
    This video is a complete lie. Watch it on TV and slow it down. You’ll see it blur ( when the added footage) just before the bike get to the edge. Trees don’t blur in the real world. No heroes involved just a short (lie) film. If there’s no news make news.?

    These firefighters do love drillin’


    Right as We-Lie spurts out his “LEFT arm” line, we see the rescue worker’s body visually framed within a curious tree-root arrangement. A possible pseudo Eye of Horus with the fireman providing the pupil?

    The symbolic connotations present in the public persona Annette A. Carrion present in her activity within the Redline Ravens and on her own channels are part of the PsyOp no doubt. The fact creating lies out of nothing still does require some sort of framework, it is clear symbology is an important tool in the perpetrators tool-bow for making untruth become a reality in the mind of men.

    As occult symbology clearly require an encryption key to understand – what we are left with is merely the public disguise in form of incorrect interpretations and misleading experts that lead us into a vague area of confusion that seems just as phoney as the many religions they apparently hail from and that might all have been invented with deception in mind.

    From what we can observe it is clear that by the mere number of individuals involved in PsyOps that not everyone who consider themselves to be part of the Elite would actually be cognisant of the actual system in place that would be reserved for a very exclusive group at the top. Much like public religions like Christianity, also the many fremasons and alchimist will be controlled by false belief. It is in this sense we might consider that lower hanging Elite fruits cling on their secret religion of hermeticism or freemasonry where they all feel omnipotent hiding in their own misguided beliefs in ancient Egyptian gods that never existed (Pyramid Army did).

    Even as we take precaution about the symbolism and occult references detected in many PsyOp we investigated, we still can not escape the fact that these references play a role in the manufacture of fake events – regardless of the various interpretations e might lend to such clues. There are a large number of false prophets that seem to have served the purpose well when it comes to polluting the sources about anything occult.

    By which means we then choose to analyse the symbology found inside fake events is therefore a difficult task as there will be no-one genuine out there that know these dark arts without practicing them – and lying to the public seems to be the first rule. No need to trust the likes of Mark Passio – hamsterwheeling guaranteed.

    Eye of Horus decomposition
    •Eye of Horus and its many alternative breakdowns and attached ideas

    Eye of Ra and ZoSo
    •The Eye of Ra and the ZoSo symbol seen together – these symbols share several commonalities

    No doubt that the fake accident of Willie and David Park was well planned and scripted. And when we look at the media exposure this accident managed to garner – we also have to assume it was planned to be popularized over Youtube and with the GoPro footage we now analyse. In such a perspective there was nothing trivial about the KoraMK2 footage (David Park). I’m sure the eye of Ra might very well have been set up as a frame within the footage as Terran Downvale suggests.

    Actually when we look a bit closer at Annette A. Carrion and her “ZoSo” tattoo it is clear to there is more occult references behind her choice of symbol than merely an occult type star symbol. Many of the parts found in the Eye of Ra & Horus (left/right eye presumably) can actually be found in the Zoso sign both symbolically and literally.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    I’m totally with you on the sneaky confession “We Lie” we hear repeatedly incanted throughout the dramatically intense first-person “action video.”

    LOL. Check out this comment:

    JR&R 1 year ago
    Felt like I was watching an action movie, cant believe that was real. Willie got super lucky, wish him a speedy recovery. God damn that was intense.?

    In my research, I’ve run across at least a couple interesting examples of stunt riders likely being used for viral video hoaxes. Check out this one from the supposed “post Nepal earthquake” footage shot by breakdancer and amateur videographer Rahil Tuladhar whose dance troupe was appropriately named “Demolition Crew” LOL.

    At 2:36 in the footage, we see a bicyclist take a spill. Upon closer inspection, the rider appears to be wearing some kind of protective padding on his knees under his clothing which just happens to be where he lands when he falls. Leading to further suspicion, Rahil also just happened to have a bicycle stunt video on his channel. I broke it all down in this G+ post which was part of a collection of posts covering other signs of fakery in the video (which I really need to rewrite after everything I’ve learned about fakery since then). Of course, the strong possibility that this entire video was staged then raises all sorts of interesting questions about the earthquake itself! I’d really like to revisit this subject sometime and do a better job explaining all my observations.

    Oh, and looking at Rahil’s YouTube and Instagram, I see he’s moved on from breakdancing and is now primarily focused on motorcyles. Tapping into the lucrative Nepalese fake bike crash market?

    The other example involved this viral car chase video through the streets of Houston that was featured in numerous news stories including this one from Inside Edition. The alleged drunk driver just happened to be a local movie small-time movie director and the “hero” just happens to also have a car prank video and track racing video taken at the Houston Police Academy on his YT page.

    Well, it turns out the exact route shown in the chase was scheduled for construction as part of a massive city-wide road and drainage system renovation project. The drainage aspect is significant because a month later, Houston was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. And wouldn’t you know it, badass citizen’s arrester Alejandro Fernandez Favreau just happened to post some killer footage of the flooding on his Instagram.

    Sorry if I’m slightly derailing the Carrion thread here, but these examples show how staged bike and car accidents using trained drivers can be used as part of even bigger suspicious stories involving “natural disasters” like floods and earthquakes! It seems there are “teams” like this all over the world ready to bust out the fakery when needed. There’s a lot more to both of these stories I can share, but I’ll just leave it there for the purposes of this thread.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    I’m sure the eye of Ra might very well have been set up as a frame within the footage as Terran Downvale suggests.

    Thanks for helping me feel less self-conscious about my observation, UNreal. Just one minor correction to my description of the scene. It’s obviously a tree branch, not a root. Which means it could have easily been placed there for the “Eye of Ra” money shot.

    And speaking of occult signs hidden in plain site, I noticed some very interesting things in the interview with “Nick,” the well-rehearsed Aspie witness to today’s reported Toronto sidewalk mow-down:

    Notice anything on the left at 9 seconds? Here are the key elements: the Greek letter Phi, The Golden Mean, Monster Energy Drink, a gold Honda CRV with a tell-tale license plate and the Toronto Police motto “To Serve & Protect.” I’ll be posting a breakdown on one of the Fakeologist posts on the subject. Sorry for the unrelated tangent!

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Looking again at Park’s GoPro video, We-Lie actually appears to be nestled within the “sense tendrils” of the Eye of Ra. We even see Park handle and manipulate them in an effort to assist We-Lie. Either I’m reading WAY too much into this or this is one craftily directed scene!


    Sorry for the unrelated tangent!

    When we know we deviate from the topic and it is possible to post the material in an appropriate post/thread i think that is what we should do. Focus and attention are easily lost – some already accuse us of being out of line in the AA Carrion topic,,

    The story of the flying motorcycle rider (Willie) is a tangent to the Carrion investigation as well, but it did happen in LA close to exactly a year before the Annette A. Carrion accident and was performed by the same type of professional riders we find in AA Carrions relations and funeral attendees.

    Local, everyday traffic accidents could also figure among the tangents that are worth to investigate in relation to Annette A. Carrion as this activity might both rig the total number of accidents overall as well as this type of minor, local accidents. Such small-scale local traffic PsyOps in California might also possibly be linked to the same group Carrion was part of (journalists, motorcycle riders, injury lawyers, legal examiners etc).

    Pertaining to relations between KoraMK2 (David Park) and the socio-professional group around Annette Carrion & the Redline Ravens there seems to not be much other links than racetrack activity that we know Annette A. Carrion was very implicated with from her commercial associations to her own training. The number of racetracks close to Los Angeles are limited, and the days open to non-professional racing teams probably not that many. The Redline Ravens will hold their Annette A. Carrions tribute (here) on the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center – where KoraMK2 apparently also race.

    Speedway tracks California
    •map of speeding tracks around LA (here) – not all tracks are paved. The tracks that motorcycle riders in LA might use would be : Saugus Speedway (Santa Charita), Irwindale Speedway, Auto Club Speedway (Fontana), Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (Desert Center), Willow Springs Raceway (Rosamond), Lucas Oil Speedway (Blythe), Grange Motor Circuit (Apple Valley), Buttonwillow Raceway Park (Buttonwillow)


    We already knew that profiteering is an important part of PsyOps and that money was collected at the Hell’s Kitchen Bar & Grill not far from the Candy Story just hours after Annette A. Carrion supposedly died on the spot after her 50 feet drop getting attention from 11 firefighters and 2 engine companies.

    The Redline Ravens already has been active putting together their “Love For the Track” venue in honour of Annette Carrion with 7000$ in prize-money and now sporting seven sponsors (here). In addition, Annette Carrion Instagram friends now sell both badges and stickers in tribute to their fallen angel Anette (apexjunkiez stickers & darkeyes42x badges).

    Well – there now will be an Annette A. Carrion memorial ride arranged by the Red Ravens this last Sunday of April starting at 11:00 destined for Orange county and the Orange Lucky Strike Dave & Busters grill.. The Ravens will also have more stickers for sale..


    The amount of online material produced by Annette A. Carrion, the Redline Ravens and their online community is quite extensive. Although having viewed bits and pieces of many videos, the tribute video AA Carrion did in memory of her mother on revision actually show that she in addition to her left underarm ZoSo* tattoo also chose to make a small left hand ring-finger tattoo of a pair of scissors – to commemorate her mother who previously worked as hairdresser for over 10 years*.

    Annette Carrion scissors left ring finger tattoo
    •Annette Carrion scissors left ring finger tattoo (video here from 8m48s)

    I’m not quite sure about the choice for a pair of scissors as a motif for a second tattoo, but suspect it might signify something more than a tribute to a quarter of her mothers supposed professional life (Sofia Carrion died at 59). And who knows if the hairdresser story much like Jimmy Page could just serve as an excuse for showing off occult symbology openly to the public – hidden in in plain sight.

    Any ideas about the scissors on the left FU finger ?

    Despite her best efforts to translate words into emotional expression while opening up about her mothers illness and death on the day after after Thanksgiving – no tears can be detected on Annette Carrion powdered cheeks. The overall tone in the video “How I Lost my Mom” is empathic wile cheerful.

    Some additional facts about Carrion’s mum also emerge such as the difficulty to assist cancer patients who refuse treatment – Sofia Carrion was a Jehovahs witness and Annette Carrion was merely able to embalm her feet with frankincense oil to easy her pain. The Pancreatic and colorectal cancer Annette Carrion’s mother suffered was only discovered at stage 4, and with the refusal for habitual treatment her illness progressed all the more rapidly. Sofia Carrion was described as the social butterfly of the family by her self admitted shy daughter Annette.

    *Annette Carrion states in the “How I Lost my Mom” video that the ZoSo tattoo was made in tribute to Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page

    *more than a decade or 10 years probably would mean 11 to freemasons and aspiring alchimists


    as seen in the instagram post, the designer of the flyer was vixie0711

    Vixie reported on another alleged fatality
    7 days ago
    vixie0711My heart was in so much pain when I saw you laying in that hospital bed I couldn’t believe that this could have happened to you. Now that you are resting and no longer in pain I feel a sense of peace when I see all the pictures and videos it brings me a smile to remember all the fun times we had. Thank you bri for being such a fun/kind human. God has a plan for us all yours was to be a hero. I pray that the person that receives your heart makes it and lives a long healthy life

    The inevitable Carrion tribute, April 4
    My WCW the beautiful @annettecarrion it’s still hard to believe that I won’t get to see you physically anymore……

    Perhaps by Skype?

    ms_keerati ???she is so loved thank you
    vixie0711 @ms_keerati luv you boo ?
    vixie0711 @raul_2015r1 thank you ?? she now rides with Anette and all of our fallen riders ?
    lovee_candybaby We ?? you Bri!!! ?
    greg_onelove_morgan ??????This really is Sad Definitely Feeling for you all… May she RIDE IN PARADISE?
    raul_2015r1 @vixie0711 that’s right! ??
    chlolaa????????? Send me a ‘”drop pin” where the crash site is, please. I want 2 visit & put some flowers down too ???
    vixie0711 sent
    greg_onelove_morgan @vixie0711 I wouldn’t mind visiting the spot to show my Respects…

    Now that’s funny, nobody seemed interested in the Carrion crash site [if indeed the above post by vixie concern a real crash]

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Any ideas about the scissors on the left FU finger ?

    Well, the scissors look a bit like a Masonic compass. I actually remember seeing scissors representing a compass in a barbershop logo years ago and I see now it’s been used elsewhere. Here’s a tattoo:

    And I will refrain from going so far off topic in the future. I don’t want to muddy up this awesome thread and give detractors any reason to nitpick. That said, here’s some more on the strange character of Frank Opp.

    So from his Facebook, we know he was a cop. I found this story about his firing back in the 90s over a domestic violence incident with a very curious narrative. Here are the details.

    Franklin Opp discovered his estranged wife in bed with another man. After sending her nude lover fleeing for his life, Opp attacked his wife, and in a scene rather too reminiscent of the last act in Othello, almost strangled her.

    Since when do official court records reference Shakespeare? Looking further into it, the story may actually parallel another famous work of fiction. Check out this description of the incident:

    The incident that triggered the city’s decision to terminate Frank Opp took place on the evening of April 17, 1994, at about 11:00 p.m.

    On that evening, Opp entered his estranged wife’s separate residence with a duplicate key he had made without her knowledge or consent because he suspected that she was seeing another man. Opp then proceeded to the bedroom where he found his wife and another man naked in bed. He turned the lights on and forced the man out of the apartment. Terrified, his wife went to the telephone to call 911. Opp grabbed the phone, yanked the battery out and threw the telephone against the wall. He then pushed his wife down to the bed, straddled her, placed his hands on her neck and yelled he should “kill her.” When his wife pleaded that she could not breathe, Opp let go of her throat, grabbed her purse and left.

    Now, it’s funny because as soon as I saw the name Frank Opp and the “dangerous badass” persona he was portraying with the devil horns on his Facebook page, I though of another Frank with a single syllable last name: the character Frank Booth from the movie Blue Velvet. I don’t know exactly why I thought it, but I did.

    Well, looking at the above description of Frank’s unfriendly surprise visit to his wife, I remembered what is probably Blue Velvet’s most infamous scene: Frank Booth’s surprise visit to Dorothy Vallens. See the Wiki plot description.

    Jeffrey Beaumont (who eventually becomes Dorothy’s lover) gains access to her apartment by posing an exterminator and stealing a spare key. Frank Opp gained access to his wife’s residence by secret making a duplicate key.

    When Dorothy finds Jeffrey hiding in her closet, she forces him to strip naked at knife-point and begins to to fellate him before their encounter is interrupted by Frank Booth knocking at the door. Frank Opp arrived to discover his wife and another man naked in bed and sent the nude lover fleeing for his life.

    Anyway, I won’t continue going point-by-point but there are numerous elements that line up with between both visits by the angry, raging, abusive Franks. In Blue Velvet, we also find out “evil Frank” was in cahoots with a dirty police officer, the “Yellow Man.” Is this all a coincidence or is it evidence that this dark moment in Frank Opp’s “dangerous history” was contrived for some reason?

    To make matters weirder, I found an odd anomaly at Instant Checkmate. We see Frank Opp Senior, age 78, listed with his recent death (mentioned on the Hell’s Kitchen Facebook page) apparently not recorded yet. Here’s his obituary. We also see a listing for Frank Ernest Opp, age 53, with the cities Canyon Lake and Garden Grove, which match up with his Facebook page. But then there’s a listing for a third Frank Opp from Whittier, CA (a city we saw connected to Annette Carrion), who appears to have died at age 50. WTF?

    Maybe it’s just a simple database error but with Frank Opp’s shady history, I wonder if this could mean something. The fact that we have three Franks = FFF = 666 also strikes me as a bit spooky. 😈 Am I reading too much into all of this?


    Well, the scissors look a bit like a Masonic compass.

    After thinking some more about why Carrion would be choose a scissors as symbol to engrave on her skin* accompanied by a sketchy background story on her mother being a hairdresser… It all sounds like a set-up for the apparently obligatory forshadowing of the main act of the vanishing trick Annette Carrion seem to have been engaged in, playing it all according to some alchemical or magi type ritual.

    “Ribbon cuttings have long been traditional components of European wedding ceremonies. While ribbons tied together can symbolize a bond between a bride and groom beginning a new life together – the cutting of a ribbon also signifies a fresh start.”
    ribbon cutting ceremony

    If we look at the fact Annette A. Carrion might have been in the final preparation of her crossing the red line between public life and death – both the scissors in her tattoo and her activity with the Redline Ravens will make sense seen together as scissors are used to cut red lines (or ribbons) in ceremonies that celebrate new beginnings.

    opening ceremony
    Opening Ceremony (wiki)

    *or maybe not – the tattoo footage could easily be staged as well – and the reason she even covered the making/faking of her tattoo at all. Also, she made suffering noises during the tattoo session as well – which further might indicate she was in fact (over) acting. Maybe even her ZoSo tattoo is merely semi-permanent,,,


    cutting ribbons
    The Red line or ‘to cross the red line’ is an expression used to ilustrate a figurative point of no return, line in the sand, or a limit past which safety can no longer be guaranteed.. (wiki)

    When we combine the danger of the red line with the fact a Redline Raven was Ravished in the person of the red dressed Redline Raven Annette A. phonetically ‘Athena’ backwards : the scissors on Carrion’s left middle finger possibly giving us all* “the bird” all comes together as one tall tale of fake facts spinned with occult references.

    The fact all these bikers are so wery proud of wearing the Dainese brand with it’s red little deveil logo of course further sweetens their taste of duping delight. The Dainese company is an Italian brand founded in 1972 by Lino* Dainese.

    Dainese – pronounced dye-ee-neh-zehDie Nice

    Dainese Logo
    •Dainese Logo – originally it depicted a minuature devil and spear within a wheel before getting stylized into some hybrid alien helmed devlin as today

    Annette Carrion dainese
    •Annette A. Carrion riding a triumph with her die nice gear

    *the mixed anagram for ‘Lino Dainese’ is of course ‘Lie On Die Nice’

    *the “bird” in the case of Carrion would probably be a raven..


    More Ortega Highway crash fun – amazing what comes up in one’s youtube inbox
    July 2014

    just past 3.25 is the Cabin, the approximate location of the Carrion crash, although I fail to see any step drops in that area.
    at 5.20, we see the start of the get together
    5.46 “get in front of me so I can film you”
    and by an amazing coincidence, less than a minute later…
    6.30 “no no no no no…” notice the camera dips/is cropped at the exact moment/
    This IS an area with a roadside drop but not precipitous.

    0.10 here – “I’m smelling burning oil” – predictive programming

    and it’s an Aprilia

    “that looks nasty”

    Could that have been staged by stunt riders?

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 5 months ago by xileffilex.

    oops, there goes another one – “accidentally shooting himself” [really?]

    Pacoima security guard dies from apparently self-inflicted gunshot

    he was a substantial leading member of the bike scene family. Capone lived his life fearless and full of passion. His hand in revolutionizing the bike scene will never go unnoticed or forgotten.

    Thanks to Mizziel, one of the Redline Ravens trio for the pointer.
    She was out of the country in the Phillipines and Thailand at the time of the Carrion “crash” A fascinating instagram stream, anyhow

    Nice vid of the Ravens – Annette says she’s not in the same riding league as Mizziel.

    Lady L at the Candy store with Annette in 2017, reproduced on April Fools Day 2018

    LAdy L pops up in theShogun 09R1 channel, [but hasn’t posted a video for a year]
    along with Kerryann de la Boost, another chum of Annette

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Pacoima security guard dies from apparently self-inflicted gunshot

    And of course:

    Alejandro Jaramillo, 33, of Pacoima died at the scene, the coroner’s office reported.

    It doesn’t say which company he was a security guard for, but from the map shown in the article, the location appears to be a hub for both masonry and auto-wrecking businesses, LOL.

    Also, the curiously named Redline Auto Collision Body Shop.

    This memorial shows him sporting a cap that says “STUNT FARM.”

    Photo taken from this Instagram post by kellen_em_stunts (killin’ em stunts?):

    Bringing you fake auto accident death stunts on “every damn street” LOL.

    And on a side note… Speaking of dying at 33, I recently caught an interesting line in the documentary I Am Chris Farley the other day. Spoken by Farley’s pre-fame best buddy and “partner in crime,” Patt Finn:

    @1:15 “You don’t die at 33. It doesn’t happen.”


    Perhaps Chris or John could pop in here to discuss this very fake [aka real] looking “crash death” of Kate Woodcock, busty FI grid babe in Walsall UK

    serious hoax here, I’d say

    Source, Mirror

    A WMAS [West Midlands Ambulance Service] spokesman said: “On arrival ambulance staff found a car that had suffered significant damage.

    “The woman driving the vehicle had suffered very serious injuries and unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done to save her and she was confirmed dead at the scene.”


    She spent two years working with world champion[Lewis] Hamilton.

    What a carry on!

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