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    More Carrion
    in the Alternative Media
    No alternative researcher can ever ignore the 9/11 hoax, the cultural references are too many and the Military Psychological Operation (PsyOp) divisions keep integrating subliminal elements in popular culture to make sure we never really forget – despite many think they do.

    The Annette A. Carrion case is of course nothing of the scale of 911, and despite the numerous MainStream Media (MSM) articles covering the motorcycle accident of Instagram star and Redraven Annette Carrion, it is a mediahoax more specific to alternative research in its aftermath – and possibly continuously used as a tongue in cheek moment used by its perpetrators on the few of us here reading these pages of the alternative realm.

    No doubt, most researchers on this site apparently find the Annette Carrion hoax insignificant and clearly do not bother with its details nor inevitable conclusions. Nevertheless, tiny clever clues do pop up now and then that do remind us the incident is far from forgotten by perpetrators who clearly initially thought the Carrion controversy would start and end with “Crazy Dave J” being outed and his video taken off the Youtubes and Faketubes for no-one to see.

    With the likes of QOR and Gaia popping up on Fakeologist as Carrion apologists, it is also the skin deep “ignorance” of our research in this thread that is striking. There have been several occasions where the haphazard mention of “Carry On” clearly could be interpreted as a hoodwink to “Carrion” as in this Annette A. Carrion motorcycle death hoax, thus poking us here subliminally.

    Just recently i’m probably to blame for referring to the Annette Carrion hoax as the apologetic stance on this hoax made me elaborate further in the Conspiracy Conspiracy forum pages (post link) as the Carrion case might (imo) be used as a litmus test for fake Truthers as they insist on ignoring the facts of the investigation done in this dedicated Carry On FAK forum.

    Needless to say – i got the distinct impression that the unknown-to-me Fakeologist member from Geneva (Louis) was very specific in his quite peculiar bumper in favor of who he considers the “best” : Benoît Clerc (Geris).

    (40 seconds final bumper from FAC579 by Louis)

    Fakeologist, I’m Louis from Geneva, Switzerland – and i have to approve that everythings that this guy, Benoît Clerc, talk about – it’s true, and it’s the best i hear until now. See you guys. Carry On, do the same. Kiss

    Now, i don’t know how cheeky this really is to you – but it sure comes across as some fine-tuned Dupers Delight to me – but thenagain, this is just my own opinion and ear-testimony.

    Oh – i’ve not heard much about Louis from Geneva, nor able to put together how he so quickly came across Geris’ real name and found the time to record and upload his bumper ? Maybe time to Carry On investigating…

Viewing 141 post (of 141 total)
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