Nice Beach Op Summer 2016 -''Bastille Day'' and ''Death on the Rue D'Anglais''

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    Tom Dalpra

    Bastille Day in France, 14th July 2016. During a family evening firework display on the beachfront a truck apparently drives 2 km through a crowd killing (at least, as I speak ) 74 people.

    I couldn’t help seeing Spiderman, but there’s also the representation of fallen flags maybe ? The white red and blue still stands. Seems an odd image.

    Oh, of course this morphing ‘thread’ went up immediately.

    Some initial images.

    She kept her golden bag with her until the end.

    Out on an evening stroll ( really ? ) of course these Arab women don’t give a shit. Mohammed’s just hanging back having a gander ( hey, there might be something good in the bag ? ).

    This is in the Daily Mail. It’s apparently current ISIS propaganda.
    Oh yes, I see that. It’s cartoon time folks.

    This image I picked out as it looked possibly interesting.
    White man in bright green T shirt. The ‘hands-up’ could be simple Masonic/military/naval metaphor. One hand points to the ‘Axe Rouge’.
    Note the woman laughing behind. She wasn’t taking it too seriously.
    There’s a symbol on her handbag and a symbol on the back of the guy’s sweatshirt.
    It could have no ‘subtext’, I don’t know what it might mean. Just seems framed a bit.

    The culprit had his wallet on him with identification. His Tunisian nationality and the location of this Op reminds us of the Sousse Beach Op of last Summer.

    Typo showed me the glaring reference of the 2016 Movie Bastille Day.
    ( locations, Greenwich, London and Paris ) and how well that will do in the Box Office ?

    The news channels are of course all over it.
    Hollande is currently on my television telling me that more people , possibly children, may still die and that there are ”many suffering with terrible injuries and even those who weren’t hurt will carry terrific trauma for years”.
    We won’t, but it’s quite a big one, all over the News. A lot of us will have to remember the Nice Op of 2016.

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