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    Welcome Stop Hoaxing!

    In the early 1990s I graduated from college and spent the next 20 years building my career, starting a family, buying a home, and living the expected life. I consumed the media and was interested in politics, sports, and current events like everyone else.

    A few years after 9/11, the Middle East invasions/occupations no longer made sense. Obama seemed like a such a contrived, puppet president which made me start seriously questioning what was going on with the world. So, around 2010, I graduated from FOX News and started into Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Libertarian politics. I rejected the right/left political system and realized that the true rulers run both political parties. I rejected the patriotic programming and understood the United States was an immoral military force.

    I was regularly listening to Alex Jones in 2012 when Sandy Hook happened. It was a major media event that didn’t make sense. Alex Jones began going down various rabbit holes, but never opined that the event was a hoax. So, I got on YouTube and watched every Sandy Hook video I could find: Dave J, Jungle Surfer, Max Malone, Jeff C, Redsilver J, etc. While I was still looking at Sandy Hook, we had the Boston Marathon Bombing. The same youtubers and more started picking the bombing apart. Shortly thereafter, I reached the gut wrenching conclusion that my government was staging hoaxes. I was furious. I started looking at prior events: 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing, moon landing, OJ, and reached the same conclusion. I even discovered an event where they staged a shooting at my local courthouse. Then the mass shootings, school shootings, bombings, plane crashes, bus crashes, cars driving into crowds, started coming at regular intervals and all with the same rhetoric, crisis actors, photos, drills, and unbelievable scripts.

    Once I got over the anger about the lies, I actually feel that it’s a blessing to no longer be traumatized and upset by these “horrifying” events. I know that the government and media increase their power by spreading fear and lies. I’m free from it.

    Needless to say, my family and friends mostly think I’m out of my mind. So, I definitely appreciate sites like


    Welcome Lisa!

    Hello and it’s a pleasure to have stumbled across a site such as yours!
    I am actually a bit late to the “wake up”, I am 50 yrs old and honestly I officially woke up a little over a year ago, and my life changed completely, as did my perception of the world!! I was going through life wearing blinders until the Las Vegas “massacre” event happened. I remember watching those first couple of days where the news was playing it all up Big time and things I was seeing just wasn’t setting right with me at all, so my next move was to go on to YouTube (before the big purge) and that was when I said to myself “OMG this is fake” I could write for hours on all the different reasons why I knew it wasn’t true or real, but quickly I will add that I was a “real” paramedic for almost 25 yrs and I have seen unimaginable horrific wounds and injuries and I have been in Real life and death situations and NOTHING I saw a year ago or even since then is remotely accurate or true. So then I started paying attention to the other mass shootings and over and over again, and same nonsense! Then I started researching (which has become almost a full time job)
    I have found repeat crisis actors in various events. And then I even started to research the moon landing and again..OMG!! I have finally realized that basically everything I was taught and told through my life is nothing but a huge lie. So I’m hoping to be accepted into your group in order to help gain more insight on all the fake and lies we are constantly being fed.
    Thank you for considering me for, and I hope to hear back from you soon,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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