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    As previous shows on Fakeologist Radio has shown, nuclear power and bombs are,,, likely Fake

    So, as i’ve heard and seen quite a lot about submarines,,, from the WW1 up to our day the noise has been consistent with quite unbelievable performances, like staying 3-6 months underwater planting flags under the North Pole,,, Also some nuclear plots in films and quite media friendly military accidents like “the Kursk” where 24 sailors survived the first explosion in Compartment 9, but finally died (118 total, all vicsims ?).


    as a Fakeologist,,, I’m a bit suspicious,,,
    Does Nuclear Submarines exist at all ?

    -we can’t see them
    -we can’t hear them
    & there are lots of lore around them ever since WW1

    – here is a funny fake one in the centre of Milan, Italy


    Some numbers from the american army’s ‘Ohio’ series of nuclear submarines:
    70-90 day deterrent patrols for crew
    42 ft (13 m) in diameter sections
    24 88 inches (2.2 m) diameter Trident missile tubes
    66 special operations sailors or Marines capacity
    36-month refueling and missile conversion overhaul
    $2 billion per unit (Ohio) next u-boats may cost $4 billion per unit

    If we look at the 1968 “implosion” of the USS Scorpion (SSN-589) it sank May 22 in 1968.
    well, doing the math of it’s moniker USS-589 whe have (5+8+9)=22…..

    from Wikipedia “USS-589, a Skipjack-class submarine, sank May 22, 1968, evidently due to implosion upon reaching its crush depth. What caused the Scorpion to descend to its crush depth is not known. All 99 men on board died. Location: 740 kilometres (400 nmi) southwest of the Azores.”



    As far as I know, U boats were not nuclear until after WW2. So I dont have a problem with conventional methods of power for the Pre-nuclear Sub era. Ever watch Das Boot? About German sub crew. Good film.


    Yes, it is of course possible to believe that submarines are for real.

    Thenagain, the seamless transition into nuclear power after WW2 does provide reason to think that the whole phenomena is of the same caliber as the moonflights & the orbiting spacestation?

    i mean, why make rerally complicated machinery if it is the message that is to be pushed ? they might have used their budgets for making warpropaganda, films & newsarticles instead ?

    planting flags under the North Pole ?
    Germans going to their submarine bases on the South Pole ?

    sounds like similar garbage before and after the fuel change, doesn’t it ?


    yes, i enjoyed ‘Das Boot’ very much, just as ‘Der Untergang’, good films but maybe both are disinfo ?

    Shady Pica

    I won’t say that submarines do not exist but after listening to your show and a little internet browsing I would say their capabilities are definitely exaggerated by media outlets.
    If you take the second photo in the article below and put it into Photoshop and increase the size by 2 or 3 times, you’ll see that the image was manipulated. The white water looks fake as well as the fire which is purportedly the result of a launching torpedo. There is also some sort of white scale or measuring lines 9not sure what this is) that is visible at the front of the first two subs. The pixelation increases at the top where the men and flags/posts are. It’s just not consistent. There are probably other discrepancies you guys can find.


    Good video from Jungle Surfer on some of the sketchy facts on Submarines,,

    The many news reports & facts about YouBoats are mostly all unverifiable and the amount of scare-mongering films made really give away YouBoats as mere engines of imagination and deception, not a real concept in itself.

    JUNGLE SURFER – 08:13 (mm:ss)
    Submarines are amazing machines

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