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    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    Looking at Kerry and Hollande here reminded me a bit of Bernie Ecclestone and Boris Yeltsin canoodling at the Russian Grand Prix.
    I found this story and the pictures at the link below, highly amusing. The Daily Mail quite rightly calls it ‘toe-curling diplomacy’. And James Taylor’s guest appearance to sing ”You’ve Got A Friend’?….oh dear… haha.


    ”Wave the hand there, good boy”

    ”I love you Frenchy”

    It appears so clumsy on one level, but it’s job done. The narrative served in the images. Laugh about them, put them on web sites like this, satirise them in mainstream comedy, and it only affirms them.

    Further tall U.S guy with short foreigner in apparently awkward moment of diplomacy.



    Avatar photoTom Dalpra


    From Wonkypedia:

    ”In the early hours of 2 November 2011, the newspaper’s office in the 20th arrondissement was fire-bombed and its website hacked. The attacks were presumed to be linked to its decision to rename the 3 November 2011 edition “Charia Hebdo”, with Muhammad listed as the “editor-in-chief”. The cover, featuring a cartoon of Muhammad saying: “100 lashes of the whip if you don’t die laughing” by Luz (Rénald Luzier), had circulated on social media for a couple of days.”

    So yes, the previous event. Pretty prominent among available photographs is this one.
    The chair is there in the foreground. A very simple but effective piece of foreshadowing with that detail, I’d say.

    Like the ’93 bombing before’01-attacks in New York.


    Forward to JANUARY 2015

    One of the ‘money’ shots from Paris.

    This has no doubt been well documented elsewhere.
    Just fancied seeing them side by side on the thread.
    And having a look at that ‘bloody money shot’ from the jan 7 event.

    Red Puma bag – check…that’s a bloody advert…




    I hadn’t noticed the chair “quotation”, Tom, in that 2011 pile of unsold Hebdo t-shirts and assorted jumble. Patrick Pelloux was the arch media communicator of this earlier hoax. Nicely teed up: just waiting for a suitable “slot” in the global hoax timetable, no doubt.

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    Indeed, PP and Luz too, right there for the ‘first movie’ so to speak xile; perhaps better to say: ‘Le Prelude’ maybe.

    Now, K’s flag got me going again.


    For comparison:

    Oooh and:


    With that pirate flag there ( The Jolly Roger) suggested by the ISIS flag, I noticed that the French security level is called VIGIPIRATE.


    white, yellow, orange, red and scarlet – with all the blurb.

    I was amused reading through those levels of this VIGIPIRATE that so readily popped-up in English on my Google search. It read a bit like stuff I used to have to write, or may well again, as a ‘Risk Assessment’- common UK workplace practice.

    The fact they have ”Level 0 – White – No Danger”, first up.

    When was this level ever achieved I wonder? 🙂
    Created in 1978 by President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, I’m wondering ”did they ever have a white period? Even for a few hours at any point?
    This ‘utopia’ is understandable as a marker but it does also suggest the opposite end of the scale:

    The hidden 5th Level: – BLACK – Certain death – severe disruption to normal daily routine – don’t bother.

    🙂 excuse me. The claret, or sorry, the scarlet is dark enough in this context. It only suggests blood, and lots of it, to me. Ahaha!

    And me here, sitting at my computer looking at that picture from the Hebdo office? This VIGIPIRATE is speaking to me, as it must speak to so many sitting there in their computer chairs.



    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    Vigipirate “Vigipirate” is a portmanteau ( very grand sounding ) of “vigilance” (vigilance) or “vigie” (watchtower) and “pirate” (pirate).

    All looks a bit contrived when you know! Haha
    It’s like a movie or perhaps a cartoon. THE PIRATE SQUAD


    Looking at it, the colour scheming of the Vigipirate alert levels seems to have come in in 2003.

    It’s quite an interesting read to look down on the Wiki link to the ‘History of threat levels’.


    It’s been scarlet twice since 2003. March 2012 at the time of the Pyrenees Shootings and then today, January 2015.


    With this picture, which surely must have been carefully contrived, we see the orange barrow or trolley parked directly behind the chair. The chair sits as pushed back within the orange trolley.

    With the red bag on the floor and then the ‘scarlet’ (the blood?) next to it, we have certainly orange, red, scarlet before our eyes. There at a KEY MOMENT of Vigipirate!

    ”He’s there!!”

    Who are we? Someone sitting at a computer? A worker? A writer? A sports fan? A fashion lover?
    The red bag. The unsent parcel within. Like a trace of life itself?

    … Where’s it going?…It should get sent?…Take it and go!

    Out, through the limey-green door edgings we go running! Running in flight. Away! With the parcel.



    Not a film, but on the 4th anniversary of the fake Bataclan massacre and approaching the important 5th anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo insider wheeze, one of the hoaxers comes out with a book.
    Disturbance – Surviving Charlie Hebdo by Philippe Lançon who just happened to drop into [allegedl] that nest of smug satirical smirkers at Hebdo.


    Lançon fell to the floor, hit at least three times. He describes the confusion he felt at the time with extraordinary precision: realising there was a man walking around the room, firing and saying “Allahu Akbar!” each time, getting nearer to him. “I closed my eyes, then opened them again, like a child who thinks no one will see him if he plays dead.” His head was lying in such a pool of blood that the killer apparently decided he didn’t need to finish him off. There was silence. The attackers had gone.

    Yeah, right…

    For Lançon, surviving the attack on Charlie Hebdo was a matter of luck, he was hit three times and wounded very badly. He played dead but at the very moment he should have been still (invisible), when an armed attacker was standing over him, he couldn’t help but open his eyes. The man didn’t shoot him again, he turned and walked away. Why? It’s impossible to know the answer now, but it is something the author ruminates on in Disturbance. Lançon’s subsequent physical recovery is ongoing but the reconstructive surgery took two years. Of course, survival is not just about the physical recovery but also about easing the mental scarring. Lançon admits there were times when the idea of re-joining society, stepping back out into the world, finally leaving the hospital terrified him. Survival is about coming to terms with the attack, with the loss of friends and survivor guilt. **

    Lançon suffered severe injuries, the lower half of his face was destroyed *** and reconstructive surgery took two years and a number of painful operations. Meanwhile, Lançon resumed working for Libération and Charlie Hebdo. In large part Disturbance is the memoir of Lançon’s medical recovery, he becomes an expert on medical terms.

    ** aka liar guilt

    Original report January 14 2015, one week after the hoax

    the drill in full swing

    The all-important “survivor” who
    saw all his friends fall around him.
    He survived the attack, and saw all his friends fall under the bullets of the terrorists … Seriously injured on the cheek, with “three fingers emerging from the bandages, a jaw under bandaging…


    pre-“attack” image

    His voice is very clear, 29 June 2015


    Lancon in 2011

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