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    There is no thread for the formulaic London “attacks” on the bridges, Westminster [3/22] just coming up to its anniversary,and London Bridge/Borough Market of June 2017.
    The synopsis of the fake victims of the latter attack are summarised here

    “…what we know about them”
    Well, they didn’d die, that’s for sure.
    The social worker was killed by multiple, severe blunt crush injuries, the inquest was told.
    Yeah, right.
    Let’s have a look at the single Canadian vicsim from the international London Bridge cast, Christine Archibald 30, from Castlegar BC, who just happened to be in London with boyfriend Tyler Ferguson
    Who was providing the narrative? Tyler’s sister.

    GoFundMe?? You Bet!

    Shawn Ferguson
    8 months ago

    I’ve been waiting until near the end so I can see how much was needed to push it over the $30,000 mark. We did well everyone!

    “uncle” Tyler is still prowling about

    Cassie’s Facebook posts from June look scripted.
    Cassie Ferguson Rowe
    4 June 2017 ·
    I can’t breathe. You hear these things so often but it doesn’t seem real. Last night in London my baby brother lost the love of his life on the London bridge. In a split second his entire life was ripped away from him. Hearing his painful sobs on the phone while he’s alone trying to deal with this tears me apart. I have no words. If you know Tyler, please be there for him now, and later when what happened sinks in, he’s going to need us all.

    Cassie Ferguson Rowe Thank you all for your comments. I feel numb, can’t stop crying, this is a nightmare that we can’t even describe. My parents are flying out to London today to be with him. Please keep us all in your thoughts.

    Cassie Ferguson Rowe
    5 June 2017 ·
    The past day and a half has been a nightmare whirlwind, but I would like to thank everyone for their outpouring of love for my brother, my family, and for Chrissy and her family. I have received dozens of messages of love and support from friends and family, as well as from people on the other side of the world we don’t even know offering support, shelter, and anything they can.

    My parents and one of Tylers best friends are in London and with him now, desperately trying to put back each tiny piece.

    I’ve also received countless messages from media outlets across the world as well, asking for information about Chrissy and Tyler. Her family put out a beautiful statement about her life, and my brother Mark and I have given a few details about Tyler and their life together. I will not be giving any new additional information about this unimaginable heartbreaking tragedy. Tyler will speak when he is able to. I will also not be doing any on camera interviews, this is not about me, this is about a beautiful life cut tragically short.

    Chrissys family urges everyone to not let her death be in vain. Go out and do good. Donate your time and money to make your community better. Use the hashtag #chrissysentme

    Tyler doesn’t seem to have a facebook page.
    The Saxman is Tyler’s father – looks scripted again
    Shawn R. Ferguson
    4 June 2017 ·
    This isn’t real is it??? I’m heading to London because my sons fiancé was the Canadian killed in the attack on the London bridge last night? What kind of sick nightmare is this???

    Shawn R. Ferguson
    10 June 2017 ·
    Another difficult day in London. We marked the 1 week anniversary of the London Bridge attack at the exact time and spot where Chrissy was struck by the van and killed. Tyler then read a short story to us that they were going to read at their wedding.. SO IHeartbreaking. So touching.

    Shawn R. Ferguson is feeling heartbroken.
    16 June 2017 ·
    Update; We returned from London to Calgary on Wednesday evening with Tyler and Chrissy has been repatriated. We will be travelling to Castlegar next week for a funeral and memorial service in her honor. Thanks everyone who has expressed their condolences during what is the most difficult time our whole family has ever faced.

    Shawn R. Ferguson
    17 June 2017 ·
    Shared via AddThis
    Our hearts are so broken….. I will never understand the senselessness of this heinous act as long as I live. Chrissy will live forever in our hearts.

    Christine Alison Archibald was born July 22, 1986, in Trail, BC. She died in London, England, on June 3, 2017. Chrissy was predeceased by her grandfather, Gerry Archibald but is survived by her fiancé, Tyler Ferguson; her parents, Barbara and Gregory; her sisters, Kathryn (Sean) and Caroline (Ty); her Nana, Donna; grandparents, Robert and Lorraine; and aunts, uncles and cousins.

    Chrissy participated in the Russian Bilingual Program and the Late French Immersion Program while in school. After two years at Selkirk College she moved to Vancouver and graduated with a diploma in International Business Management. She worked for several years in Vancouver before following her heart and enrolling in the Social Work program at Mount Royal University. Her practicum at Alpha House led to work in their shelter responding to issues of addictions and homelessness.

    Recently she listened to her heart again, moving to Europe to be with the love of her life, Tyler. Living in the Netherlands allowed them to make short trips all over Europe where they loved to visit museums, art galleries and restaurants. She was the happiest she had ever been.

    Her family and friends will miss her big heart, good nature, girly ways, and quiet courage and determination. Chrissy loved running, cycling, movies, books, makeup, lazy Sundays, musicals, cats and Benny the dog. She valued all of her friends and enjoyed quiet nights and good conversations.

    A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, June 24th, at the Brilliant Cultural Centre at 1:00 PM; the public is welcome to attend. In lieu of flowers the family asks you to consider making a donation of time or money to an organization in your community that works to improve lives.

    The event also produced some of the worst [or best! crisis acting ever from the sister of James McMullan [32] [another alleged death at the market]

    “Mr McMullan, originally from Brent, north-west London, was killed by a haemorrhage caused by a knife wound to his chest, the inquest heard.”
    sure he was..


    PS What does Archibald’s sister say?
    Her mother, Barbara?

    Dad Greg?



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    The anniversary of 3/22 [2017], the staged Westminster/Parliament attack

    322 Skull And Bones London Hoax

    produced one gem, the fake grief of MP Tobias Ellwood, who, we remember, rushed to attend to the staged “death” of PC Keith Palmer [hero] while qualified doctors and paramedics looked on…

    Watch this faker in action [use of the nose-rub, in place of the eye-wipe]

    Pathetic acting.
    Reported in the Times as MP Tobias Ellwood breaks down as he remembers Westminster attack
    Suuuure he did.
    full interview here – “good people doing good things”
    aka fakers and hoaxers faking and hoaxing.

    The anniversary story of the Romanian “victim” Andreea Cristei was left to her sister Magda Toi, while her boyfriend Andrei Burnaz remained silent [no doubt in a new life with his “drowned” girlfriend]

    No wonder they looked so happy, they knew they were off to more fun together.
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-43491392The sister of a Romanian tourist who fell into the Thames during the Westminster terror attack has said she refuses to dwell on the killer.

    A year after the attack, Magda Toi said thinking of her sister’s killer only made her angry.

    “I’m not interested in it because my sister is dead and no-one and nothing will bring her back,” she said.
    Magda Toi said she had desperately hoped her sister would survive

    You’re in luck, Magda, though you probably know it already, nobody died nobody got hurt.

    Poor quality hoax management all round. C minus.

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    Payback time for Kings College Hospital, London, for taking part in the Westminster Bridge attack hoax [and others].
    UK’s biggest critical care centre to open at King’s College hospital
    [supplied to the Evening Standard]

    The UK’s biggest critical care centre will open at a London hospital that treated some of the most seriously injured casualties from the Westminster Bridge attack.

    King’s College hospital, in Denmark Hill, used the first anniversary of the attack to announce that the first stage of the £100 million project will be completed this summer.

    The patients it received from Westminster Bridge included PC Kris Aves, 35, a father of two who underwent hours of surgery and was in a coma for eight days after being mown down by the car driven by attacker Khalid Masood. PC Aves suffered spinal injuries and has been left paralysed.

    King’s, a major trauma centre, also received many casualties from the Grenfell Tower fire and the London Bridge attack. Of the 32 it treated from the three incidents, 15 required critical care.

    The new unit will increase critical care capacity from 69 to 120 beds. Dr Tom Best, consultant in critical care, said this would increase its ability to deal with further atrocities or health crises such as a flu pandemic. The unit offers life support to the sickest patients before and after surgery.

    Kerrrching! Thanks for propping up all those staged HRDPARs and looking forward to your co-operation in future hoaxes.

    That’s right, an extra 50 beds for a flu pandemic [but a nice number for a fake terror attack]
    It’s not quite £100m, but the UK taxpayer is stumping up £80m
    The NHS is providing £80m for the construction of the new Centre, giving a once in a lifetime opportunity to rethink the design of Critical Care and how it operates.

    £2.6m of charitable funding will fund four additional elements..

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    Hoax management of the Westminster Bridge attack.
    March 8 2018
    Kris Aves was left paralysed after he was hit by the van used in the Westminster Bridge attack in March 2017.

    The off-duty police officer was picking up an award that day and was walking across the bridge to celebrate with his colleagues.

    He spent seven months in hospital, unable to live at home with his wife and young children because he couldn’t access most of the rooms in his wheelchair. Now he’s going home.

    Since the “van” [i.e. the Hyunbdai Tucson 4×4 passenger car, not a van] was only inserted into the video shot from Millbank tower using CGI techniques, PC Aves couldn’t possibly have been hit by a vehicle on Westminster Bridge. A van was indeed used in the staged, equally fake London Bridge/Borough Market attack in June 2017, however. His new house is “like a spaceship”

    No further updates since.

    Hoax management part 2
    A member of the Met’s elite Specialist Firearms Command unit has spoken for the first time about how they battled to save the Westminster terrorist who murdered a fellow officer.

    Sergeant Will Hitch and his team were on Westminster Bridge less than a minute after Khalid Masood ploughed a car into pedestrians and stabbed to death Pc Keith Palmer. Five people died and more than 50 were injured in the attack in March last year.

    Sgt Hitch said he was “proud of the discipline” it took for CO19 officers to battle to save Masood after he was shot by a police protection officer. He said: “On Westminster Bridge we fought to save Khalid Masood, despite the fact he had just killed our colleague who was lying just metres away.

    June 20 2018.

    Suuure. Suddenly, after 15 months, his memory comes “flooding back”. But #NDNGH so his story can’t be true. What will they dream up next?
    Good business for florists at the time, as always

    featuring key player in the hoax, Tobias Ellwood, MP [see above]

    The following Stefan Rousseau [invited hoax photographer] image has “emerged” to accompany the article, showing brave “specialist firearms officers” allegedly attempting to save the life of Khalid Masood, after his trousers have been removed in a “debagging” operation.

    Previous released images show more “blocking” of the scene, but grey haired “baggy pants” in the white shirt confirms the tableau, for which photos he won an award

    which is a crop of this pantomime scene


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    A few more images from this charade, the first from the qbove sequence

    These hi-res versions shows all the fakers in action –

    The last image above is actually the one with the blurred faces issued recently, lol!

    The quality may be compared with the ‘potato lens’ images of the moment of the attack. Hmmm, quick work there, the photographer must have known something was going to happen…

    note ‘the late’ PC Palmer on the right heading towards the bushes to lie down.

    Keeping the potato lens on for the moment, it’s ACTION!

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    London Bridge / Borough Market fake attack 6/4/2017 – hoax management July 19 2018

    No fewer than EIGHT bravery awards from the Queen, including two “posthumous” i.e. post-new identity

    Happy cops Charles Guenigault Wayne Marques and Leon McLeod

    How could they? Must be soooo easy.

    Spanish banker Mr Echeverria, 39, who prevented further loss of life and allowed others to flee by confronting the terrorists with his skateboard, is posthumously awarded the George Medal

    Relatives of Australian nurse Kirsty Boden, 28, who was killed as she tried to help victims on the bridge, were ‘very proud’ of her for being awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

    Romanian baker Florin Morariu , who threw two bread crates at them, receives the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

    It’s absurd. Why don’t they just come out with it and say it’s for “outstanding services to hoaxing and fakery”?

    Others recognised in the 20-strong list include George Medal recipient Hassan Zubier who was injured helping victims of a deadly knife attack in Finland last year. **

    Thomas Jackson, who died trying to save fellow Briton Mia Ayliffe-Chung during a knife attack at an Australian backpacker hostel in August 2016 **, is posthumously awarded a Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

    ** obviously further fake events worthy of study.

    Meanwhile, for the anniversary, dad commemorates the “loss” of his son’s fiancee

    Shawn R. Ferguson shared a post.
    fergustjOne year ago my angel was cruelly taken away from this world, and since that moment nothing has been the same. The events of that day are on a constant loop in the back of my mind, surfacing when I least expect it. Instead of focusing on those images, and the constant what if scenarios, today I want to remember the joy and happiness Chrissy brought me in the short time we had together ?
    4 June ·
    Words and pictures from my son Tyler. It’s been a year and the pain and sorrow are just as intense today.
    comment –
    Nick Dira I can’t even imagine ?

    I can, Nick…

    after a little light travlin…

    No facebook outpouring from sister Cassie this year. [see O.P. above]

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    Just bookmarking this ineffably silly “son of 3/22” “terror attack” on 8/14/18
    Such palpable nonsense it’s not even worth analysing, but it was pulled off about 100 metres from the previous #NDNGH #HRDPAR


    Video: A cyclist who was caught up in the Westminster terror attack told Sky News how the car struck cyclists, narrowly missing him.

    He’ll get a new bike for that.

    LOL!! Just watch the blocking for a sterile hoax environment, brought to you by the UK emergency services and the UK taxpayer for your enjoyment.

    all fall down…


    The aerial footage [BBC video above] created its own mini conspiracy. As is obvious to fakeologists, the silver Ford driven by the Sudanese-British actor pulls into the security lane, shepherded by a fleet of vehicles including what looks like an ambulance [which has chosen to ignore “all those injured cyclists” which have just been run over. [ho ho ho]
    A van pulls into the security lane at an earlier point, still behind the Ford car, leading to….

    ‘Mysterious van’ appears to follow Westminster terror attack car before crash

    People are speculating about a ‘mysterious van’ they say appears to follow the car that crashed into the Houses of Parliament this morning. In footage of the suspected terrorist incident, which took place at about 7:30am, a silver van can be seen driving on the same road as the Westminster terror attack suspect’s Ford Fiesta. The vehicle then appears to join the suspect’s lane shortly before he plunges the car into barriers, injuring cyclists. ***
    The van then drives over to where the suspect’s vehicle has crashed, pulling in slightly behind. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police told Metro.co.uk that the mystery van was ‘not of interest’ and and that they would not be commenting further at this time. But the statement hasn’t stopped many social media users from putting forward their theories on what the van might have been doing.

    I’m not sure where, if anywhere, these wild conspeeracee theeeories were written.

    However, the meesteree has been cleared up…even if the photo of the white van has been taken with the usual potato lensed camera [whereas the registration of the Sudanese Ford was sharp as a pin for the world to see….]


    A mystery white van seen pursuing the alleged terrorist who drove into cyclists outside the Houses of Parliament was a member of the public trying to stop the attack, it emerged today.
    At first there was speculation that the mystery van was a police surveillance team who were secretly following Khater.

    However security sources confirmed that the driver was a member of the public who wanted to help.
    A source said: “He stopped when he saw the car crash into the barriers. He wanted to help but when he saw the armed police arrive so quickly he realised there was little he could do.”

    Suuuuure…..and this helpful member of the public wasn’t spreadeagled for trying to drive into the Westminster barrier either???? The story is utter BS.

    My opinion – damage control, which the idiots will swallow. Hoax factor – 1 million percent.

    *** er no, the cyclists had been “run over” prior to this, there were no cyclists in the security barrier lane to the House of Lords

    For comparison, a nice clear picture of the staging vehicle, being used as a prop for the clowns/actors in their forensic suits, taking photos of the roof of the car. LOL!

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    Hoax management of the Westminster Bridge attack.
    March 8 2018
    Kris Aves was left paralysed after he was hit by the van used in the Westminster Bridge attack in March 2017.

    The off-duty police officer was picking up an award that day and was walking across the bridge to celebrate with his colleagues.

    He spent seven months in hospital, unable to live at home with his wife and young children because he couldn’t access most of the rooms in his wheelchair. Now he’s going home.

    Since the “van” [i.e. the Hyunbdai Tucson 4×4 passenger car, not a van] was only inserted into the video shot from Millbank tower using CGI techniques, PC Aves couldn’t possibly have been hit by a vehicle on Westminster Bridge. A van was indeed used in the staged, equally fake London Bridge/Borough Market attack in June 2017, however. His new house is “like a spaceship”

    No further updates since.

    Coincidentally, there was an update a week later [!] which I missed….

    Policeman Kris Aves who was injured in the London Westminster terror attack in 2017 hit his first golf ball since the events of that day. Today we start his journey back to the course! Big thanks to Phil Meadows for bringing the Paragolfer!

    But we had to add some extra newsworthy victimhood at the end of another game of golf…

    Kris Aves

    Follow Follow @KrisAves1
    @SadiqKhan just finished a golf lesson with @TheGolfTrust and @Uber have thrown me and my wheelchair out of the car as the journey wouldn’t commence due to a ‘technical’ hitch. I was then charged £8 for being late to the car #disgusting

    8:33 am – 23 Jul 2018 [4.33 pm BST]

    What’s next for our intrepid golfer? Parachuting

    Kris Aves @KrisAves1
    I’m jumping out of a plane!!!!
    5:14 AM 17 Aug 2018

    I smell GoFraudMe, but unselfish GoFraudMe….although 5 Grand won’t buy very much…and is small beer compared with the cost of staging the original hoax

    We?re raising £5,000 to help fund new equipment for NSIC
    On March 22nd 2017 the unthinkable happened to me. I was caught up in the westminster terror attack which has left me paralysed and unable to walk.

    I spent 10 months in rehab at Stoke Mandelville [sic] hospital, the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC) and the physios there helped me return to independance. [sic] Basically i owe them everything and i would like to repay the help they have me by raising a few quid so they can purchase new and updated equipment for the NSIC gym so others who are in the position i was in can benefit.

    So i thought i‘d do something crazy to help assist you digging deep in your pockets. On the 27th September i will be joing the British Army parachute display team and will be doing a tandem skydive.


    Hoax management of the Westminster Bridge March 22 2017 SUV and knife “attack” – spend 17 months extending and cleaning up the script so that it’s fit for an inquest in order to give the lawyers a drink from the hoax fountain. The staged CCTV images from vehicles and buses are now in, with suitable timestamps added

    Who comes to the inquest? Relatives who are not too close… [the usual uncle/aunt/grandmother rent a quote types in any hoax]

    PC Keith Palmer “his sister Angela said….
    Where did Mrs Michelle Palmer go to?

    Keith Cochran “Mrs Cochran was too upset to pay tribute to her late husband in person…Her sister Angela Stoll read out a statement on her behalf….”

    Leslie Rhodes “whose death left his family ‘devastated’ and ‘incredibly angry’ his niece Amanda Rhodes said

    Andreea Cristea “…her family said in a statement” i.e. nobody showed up.

    but there’s one exception…
    Aysha Frade “…Mrs Frade’s ** husband John told the inquest…a mother to their girls then 8 and 11…she lived and breathed for them….a loving daughter to her aged mother whom she visited every day…”


    A friend in Betanzos, [Galicia] said: ‘She loved coming here and spending time with friends and relatives.’

    Did she now…
    Facebook silence from sister Silvia since March 30 2017

    Ditto sister Michele

    John Frade has cleansed his facebook apart from a couple of “media” photos uploaded subsequent to the hoax.

    Aysha’s birth name was Aysha Ahmet Caldelas, the elder child was registered in 2006 [Q4] as Luena Ahmet Frade. The younger daughter was called Anya.
    Her Cypriot father Saydan is allegedly dead

    Aysha also stayed in London, her hometown, but she felt a great love for Galicia, according to her relatives. She had dual nationality (English and Spanish)….She spoke Spanish perfectly thanks to her mother’s [Maria] teachings, which allowed her to develop her career as a teacher of that language. She was also a football fan *** : she supported the Spanish National Team and was a fan of Dépor.

    *** yes, we must ALWAYS have a football reference in any hoax story

    Her offical birth name is AYSHE not Aysha.

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    Yes, Westminster Bridge Attack victims remembered this week.
    It’s no doubt been mentioned, but whilst I’d clocked the Kurt Cobain subliminal with Kurt Cochran, when it happened, I’d not seen the simple play in victim Aysha Frade’s name. Ha! Be A.Frade, literally.




    update – Mrs Cochran magically regained her composure to give evidence the following day along with several other “witnesses” who were cajoled into providing corroborating statements for the existence of CGI cars and attending to uninjured people –

    Mrs Cochran, from Utah, told the inquest they had been sightseeing for two and a half hours before the attack.
    She said: “I remember hearing a car revving. I remember seeing the front of the vehicle. The next thing I remember, being on the ground.”

    impossible to “remember”, the vehicle was inserted into the film shot from Millbank
    Tower as CGI.
    “82 seconds of high and terrible drama” i.e. 82 seconds of film drama.

    Neil Hulbert, described how he heard an “almighty crash” and saw Mr Cochran “flying through the air” over the balustrade of the bridge.
    He said: “I guessed some sort of vehicle was involved, just the way he was ejected over. I did not notice there was any movement from him as such. I knew then it was going to be serious.”

    suuure he did

    Kylie Smith, a teacher accompanying a group of children, described seeing Khalid Masood’s car hit people.
    “It was very clearly a deliberate act. The way he turned the car to change the direction,” she told the Old Bailey.

    absolutely imposible

    Ms Smith said she saw American tourist Mr Cochran and his wife Melissa “walking hand in hand… having a nice time”.
    “The car came towards them. The man tried to pull his girlfriend behind him, tried to shield her from the impact,” she said.
    “The man went over the car and just flew up in the air.”

    suuuure he did

    The prize for lying must go to…

    Paramedic James Richards said he arrived at the scene minutes after the attack.

    “Initially we saw several abandoned vehicles, many people moving in different directions, casualties around clearly injured **, generally a scene of chaos,” he said.

    I remember approaching several casualties and checking each was conscious, breathing.”
    He was then informed Mr Cochran was on the embankment below the bridge and attended to him.
    At first Mr Cochran had “rasping” breath, the paramedic said, but his condition deteriorated over the next 17 minutes and he was pronounced dead as Big Ben was chiming at 15:00.

    How amazing.

    ** e.g the “clearly injured Travis Frain who was caught in one twitter clip larking about with his college mates AFTER the CGI car had run everybody down. That’s poor crisis acting. This was answered at the DIF by one of the resident spooks thus – you don’t know how people will react after being run over, or something to that effect.

    And here’s a doctor – Trust him, he’s a doctor!

    Dr Gareth Lloyd helped treat Mr Rhodes in the road before paramedics arrived, and he then travelled with him to hospital ***.
    He told the coroner he had been walking on the opposite side of the bridge from where the attack unfolded and saw Masood’s vehicle “gathering pace rather than stopping” and hit three people as it was driven “intermittently off and on” the pavement.

    Suuuuure he did
    What a venal shower! But they have been rehearsed for 17 months.

    *** or perhaps the Spanish Costas

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    Lots of amusement at the Inquest – showing that you can get away with any nonsense
    Here’s one of the well publicised photos of the final resting place of the Hyundai SUV on 22/3

    It is beyond doubt that the vehicle came nowhere near the wall or railings when it was parked up. You can see a man in dark red crawling around in the space between the vehicle and the wall!

    Now for the inquest…

    PC Nick Carlisle…told the Old Bailey how he attempted to launch a “rugby tackle” on knifeman Masood when he saw him setting upon his colleague Pc Keith Palmer.
    He distracted Masood long enough to allow them both to run off before the attacker was shot dead by close protection officers.


    “I heard a loud bang in Bridge Street. It was over my right shoulder, about 30 metres away.”
    Through the radio he heard a report of a possible explosion, he said: “I could see a grey vehicle 4×4 against the wall of the railings in Bridge Street. Smoke was coming through the fence. It looked as if there had been a high speed road accident.

    suuuure. Any old rubbish goes at inquests.

    source PA Oct 2 2018

    [Coroner Mark] Lucraft also criticised bystanders who had filmed the aftermath of the attack, including injured and dying victims, ** and posted the footage online.
    “Some of the material is very distressing to the families, and I would encourage that it is removed”, he said.

    ** actors
    LOL!!! The only footage of these actors was taken by invited photographers!

    [Hugo Keith QC for the Met Police] said Masood struck with “unanticipated speed”, while officers stationed at and near to Carriage Gates were distracted by the noise of the extremist’s car crashing into the perimeter fence.

    source, Evening Standard Oct 3 2018
    There was no crash. Period.
    Just another taxpayer funder piece of hoax management for the benefit of the m’learned friends in the legal community.
    Nobody died, nobody got hurt on Westminster Bridge. Period.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 5 months ago by xileffilex.

    The lie needs beefing up….call the Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan police to the “inquest” into the fake deaths, Craig Mackey, who just happened to be passing the staged event!

    “heard an “abnormally loud bang..“It was an unnatural sound.”

    Since the SUV didn’t crash into anything “concrete” then he is either lying or the explosion was the kind of effect produced in a circus car.

    It was an unnatural event – totally staged for the media.

    And almost simulataneously, the “heroes” of the follow-up [downstream] London Bridge attack have been awarded gongs for, er, their bravery in this obvious hoax e.g the George Cross for, well, let’s see

    In his most revealing interview to date, the PC also opens up about returning to work for the Metropolitan Police after a lengthy ­battle with post-traumatic stress ­disorder (PTSD) brought on by the ­horrific attack on June 3 last year, which left him with five stab wounds.


    Charlie says he is now close friends with one of the other London Bridge heroes — British Transport police officer Wayne Marques, 38, who took on the jihadis with just his baton and was also stabbed multiple times.



    I was just wondering what happened to PC Kris Aves, “paralysed” int he Westminster Bridge Hoax nearly 2 years ago, his house converted by the BBC or ITV for household entertainment…
    since it was all fake, not least the CGI Hyundai SUV which allegedly crossed the bridge [except the long running and expensive “inquest” – 22 DAYS OF highly paid lawyers and liars…how can people not see how deep the hoaxing runs, employing a significant part of the working population?….]


    …then Aves’s injuries were either fake and he’s a wheelchair actor, or much less likely, he had some congenital disorder or accident which was quickly added to the script.
    Tended by the doctor/actor Dr Colleen Anderson who was on duty for the cameras with her script on March 22 2017.[day 16]

    Colleen with Prince William – hoax confirmed

    Aves never went near the Inquiry, either in wheelchair or golf buggy.

    His facebook page is moribund since before the fake attack, but has lots of friends

    But he’s still active on twitter and still spends a lot of time on the golf course
    [see above]

    Here’s the relevant part of the inquest

    Click to access WI-Day-16-3-October-2018.pdf

    To refresh our memories, here’s the fraudster Dr Colleen Anderson on the day of the hoax

    who announced the death of Aysha Frade to assembled reporters

    as well as going to
    aid another with serious injuries, Police Constable Kris Aves, before returning to her duties at St Thomas’.

    The script has been written over 18 months, honed to perfection by highly educated people in the hoax industry, e.g. – this part of the transcript
    PC Kirsty Bambrough was also by Aysha. She arrived at 14.54. A doctor from St Thomas’ was with Aysha at that stage . The doctor was looking for a pulse and holding Aysha’s wrist . The officer spoke to a Mr Yacine Alouia who told her what had happened to Aysha. The doctor looked at Aysha after she arrived . She too saw the horrific injuries to the face and the head. She looked into the handbag to seek to identify Aysha and found a letter with the name of the school on it and made the decision to contact the school to inform them of the accident . PC Kirsty Bambrough remained with Aysha until 5.20

    And where is this CCTV footage – which must be impossible since there was no SUV
    The car struck [Leslie Rhodes] when he was on the pavement, and he was carried along it into the carriageway. From the point of impact to where he came to rest is a distance of some 33 metres.
    DNA from Leslie was later found on the underside of the Hyundai. *** At the time of impact the accident reconstruction experts , Police Constable Keen and Police Constable Clark , estimated the average speed of the car
    to be between 29 and 36 miles per hour at the point of impact.
    The CCTV footage shows the use of the Hyundai as a weapon by Masood on Leslie, as it was with the others on the bridge that day

    *** suuuuure it was, you fakers.

    And the Hyundai knocked Aysha Frade under the wheels of a bus…suuuuuure it did
    Aysha was thrown into the air and propelled forward. She was thrown a distance of some 17.4 metres from where she was first struck andinto the path of the nearside rear wheels of a bus. The bus applied the brakes, but sadly , the rear wheels passed over her body. Such were the injuries she sustained that death would have been instantaneous.
    In the moments before the impact, Aysha can be seen on her mobile phone. Masood’s car hits Aysha at the front , or the front driver ’ s side of the car . The time of impact is 14.40.16. Aysha does not turn around or make any other movements suggesting that she knew what was to happen or that she had noticed the car . There was clearly a hard impact with her head on the windscreen of the car . The time when she landed on the road was at 14.40.17, and then the bus brakes and it is at a halt about five seconds later . Although there is limited CCTV footage to give an accurate view of the speed of the Hyundai at the point of the impact, soon after the impact the calculations from the reconstruction experts put the speed at between 31 and 42 miles per hour.
    [Rob Lyon] was aware that the bus ran over Aysha. This was very close to him, perhaps 6 foot away. He saw it and heard the sound. Aysha was face?down with her upper body under the bus

    Just to remind ourselves the ridiculous tableau involving Frade or her stunt actor…

    and the strangely behaving extras…

    and at the start of this “official release citizen reporter video”

    allegedly the jury were shown CCTV from the bus – but this still, showing nothing, is all that has emerged into the public domain

    perhaps juries believe any old BS coming from authority –

    Mr Frade and his wife’s sisters looked away as graphic CCTV footage of Mrs Frade’s death was played to the court.

    suuuuuure source

    At the bus [Richard Webb-Stevens, a deaf paramedic on a motorbike] could see that Aysha was pinned by two wheels at the back of the bus. He rode along, and although the bus was pretty low he could see, he said ,some brain matter just beneath the bus ****. He was convinced that Aysha was dead.

    **** suuuuuure, another liar
    And this is where Dr Colleen Anderson comes in again…

    She came to the bus and saw the body covered in a blanket. It was 14.53.30 when she arrived there . She made some checks of Aysha. It was obvious to her that the injuries were incompatible with life .

    yeah, suuuure

    Post mortem carried out by Dr Fegan-Earl, another well known safe pair of hands [as you have to be in such a job] in any hoax,

    … on 25 March 2017. When he carried out his external and internal examinations, he noted significant head injuries and then a further distribution of injuries over the body and, in particular , the lower limbs. There was a catastrophic head injury to the upper part of the scalp , the top of the skull, a devastating and unsurvivable head injury .
    On the internal examination, he noted multiple fractures of the bones of the face, fractures across the base of the skull and a major crushing injury to the top of the skull ….He also noted the evidence of contact between the windscreen of the vehicle and Aysha’s head. The formal cause of death was head injury and chest injury . His view was that the death was instantaneous and that Aysha did not suffer . He had a high suspicion she would have died had she not even been thrown under the bus. It would have been obvious on even the most cursory view of Aysha’s head injury as she lay under the bus that she was dead

    What a bus load of BS.

    PS – there’s a good report of the above court proceedings at ITV

    Detective Constable Simon Osland took the Old Bailey through a video compilation of CCTV clips of Mrs Frade’s final moments as her family in court looked away. [of which we are treated to one…]
    narrative – she was engrossed in sending a text message on her cellphone… [suuuure]
    Bus passenger Rob English picked up Mrs Frade’s phone from the road and answered a call from her husband John.
    Mr English told him there had been a terrible accident and advised him to get to the bridge as his wife’s body lay pinned beneath the wheels.

    Like one does….how scripted can you get?

    Pc Kirsty Bambrough stayed with Mrs Frade for a number of hours, even though medics quickly realised her injuries were “absolutely incompatible with life”.

    The officer broke down as she recalled the “horrific injuries” to Mrs Frade’s face and head, and tearfully gave her condolences to the family, who thanked her as she left court.
    Rob Lyon told how he banged on the side of the bus in an attempt to stop it, moments before Mrs Frade was crushed under its wheels.


    Graphic photos and videos had been posted on the internet ***** of Mrs Frade’s body by passers-by, causing “real distress to the family”, [Gareth Patterson QC] said.
    “Despite efforts to have them taken down because of the distress caused, to this day there are images on the internet.”

    Verdict – a very clever and expensive hoax/fake terror drill/HRDPAR carried out in broad daylight. A real coup for the British hoaxing industry.

    ***** taken by officially invited photographers to created the right mood at the time….

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    A key witness to the Frade fraud was PC Kirsty Bambrough who appears out of nowhere for the inquest 18 months later.
    Relevant day –

    Click to access WI-Day-3-12-September-2018.pdf

    Detective Constable Simon Osland prepared a compilation video, allegedly, for the inquest
    Are we now looking at footage from the internal CCTV camera within the same route 12 bus, looking towards and through the doors in the mid?section?
    A. Yes, we are, yes.
    Q. Seeing Aysha walking along the pavement parallel to the bus in the same direction from south bank towards north bank?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Play on, please Pause here, please . Now, this is going to be the really graphic footage , isn ’ t it ?
    A. It is , yes.
    Q. This is footage from a rear?facing CCTV camera on the nearside of the same bus, the viewpoint looking back down the bridge towards the south bank with St Thomas’
    Hospital on the right?
    Q. And we’ll see the impact with Aysha, then impacts with other pedestrians, three specifically ?
    A. Yes.
    Q. We’ll see Aysha thrown under the rear wheels of the bus and the bus braking as it passes over her.

    This is footage from a bus ahead of the number 53 under which the staged death occurs, and naturally we don’t have any footage mentioned which comes from the Stagecoach 53.
    Now, do we see that the vehicle has just veered onto the pavement?
    A. Yes. Q. Immediately before the stretch of pavement where Aysha is walking?
    A. Yes.
    Q. With her obviously plainly in view to the driver of the vehicle?
    A. That’s correct , yes.
    Q. And we’re about to see the moment of impact. Play on, please .Pause there. Have we seen Aysha thrown into the air , propelled forwards, and under the nearside of the bus?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Play on, please . Pause there. So did we see the bus continuing to move forward with Aysha under it and then the word ”Brake” appear as the brake was applied, a matter of seconds after she fell under the bus?
    A. Yes.
    Q. And we can see a man pushing on the side of the bus, or banging on the side of the bus. That, I think , is Rob Lyon, one of our witnesses?
    A. That’s correct , yes.

    The inquest names the London tour bus guide in the burgundy jacket as Gary Rutty, another actor in the charade. And another actor in this tableau is named as Robert English, perhaps the man in grey with rucksack. The man in red in the above photo, carrying the bag is also name checked… Rutty is briefly see at 0.10 in the above “citizen journalist” walk-through video. And who do we see in the doorway of the number 53 bus, but another burgundy clad, shorter, slimmer, dark skinned man, from the same tour bus company, Big Bus, who is seen in the background of the photo of Yacine Alouia in red.

    full size
    In fact, in the reflection in the bus window, Richard Webb=Stevens has his BACK to the “dead body” of Frade. Strange old paramedic.
    Q. And Mr Rutty also goes down to the rear of the bus and appears to check Aysha?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Play on, please . Pause there, please . We’re seeing in the picture now a man in a bright red coat walking along the pavement. I think that’s a man called Yacine Alouia; is that right?
    A. That’s correct , yes

    All the ducks in a row. Because it’s a film with a script.
    Notice how the deaf motorcycle paramedic is taken over the jumps to justify why the “dead” body of Frade was not covered even when declared dead. Well, for the script, that was to simulate a dead body, none of this usual blanket business in most hoaxes. And why was Webb-Stevens used exclusively on this particular fake death – because his motorcycle can’t carry blankets! Job done. So Frade is left for the photographer [and the world to believe it’s a real corpse or…for the paid online shills, it’s a “dummy”. No, it was a crisis actor crawling under the wheels of the bus, which is why we see no CCTV from the 53 bus.
    Cue the fake cries of offending dignity from the family at the inquest about the presence of these mood/narrative-creating photos of “Frade”.

    Richard Webb-Stevens, crisis actor paramedic

    and here he is walking past a “dead body” under a bus seemingly completely oblivious to it

    Strangely, there are no images of PC Bambrough anywhere from the day.
    From a BBC report on the inquest

    PC Kirsty Bambrough had been deployed to the bridge that day and was involved in securing the scene around Ms Frade.
    She went through the victim’s bag and found a letter from her children’s school. She contacted the school to tell them what happened.**

    When it was put to PC Bambrough that she had seen “horrific injuries” suffered by Ms Frade, she agreed and started crying.

    Made me LOL not cry.

    ** suuuuuure she did.

    Affirmations and swearing oaths is meaningless to this gang of fraudsters. Who’s going to prosecute them for perjury in any case? They’re all on the same hoaxing side.

    PC Bramburgh was called in from Brixton [lol!] – miles away and arrives conveniently for the script in 10 minutes. Here’s part of her performance at the inquest….

    I spoke to a witness, a Mr Yacine Alouia. He said that
    24 she’d gone under the bus after being hit by a car .
    25 Q. We saw in the video footage ?? I won’t show it again ??that you took Aysha’s bag from him; is that right?
    A. Yes.
    Q. You told us that you saw a doctor, a female doctor trying to locate a pulse. Did she tell you whether she had been successful?
    A. She said she couldn’t find a pulse.

    Q. I think it ’ s fair to say, and I won’t go into the detail that’s in your statement, that you saw horrific injuries to her face and head?
    A. Yes, sir .


    And this was just one of the fake deaths on the day – showing what a complex, well rehearsed operation it was, with a well funded and watertight mop up and legal process. I take my [fakeologist] hat off to them all, keeping my fakeologist spectacles firmly on my nose, watching out for continuing taxpayer funded performances.

    It appears from the specially created Facebook page for ‘widow’ John Frade that it’s all gone quiet since 2017,

    but he had a new look for the inquest

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    AAAAnd the take-home message, i.e. the coroner’s recommendation is….

    to station armed officers at all of the gates of parliament on a permanent basis to prevent another attack and told MI5 it should be keeping better records.

    because the life of Keith Palmer “could have been saved” if armed officers had been present,
    although nobody died, nobody got hurt in this drill but
    and recommend….

    Transport for London assess the height of parapets and railings after two of the victims fell from Westminster Bridge when they were struck by Masood

    [which they didn’t….]
    Source SkyNews December 20 2018

    Michelle Palmer the wife seems to have vanished from the horizon although she and Keith’s sisters seems to be speaking through well paid lawyers, via statements which the lawyers themselves have crafted, giving the impression that the “family” is speaking in public.

    Palmer’s widow, Michelle, who has been left to raise their daughter, Amy, alone, said ***: “How could Keith have been left alone, unarmed, guarding an open gate at one of the most iconic buildings in the world and one of the country’s top terrorist targets? He was left at a vulnerable location, with no protection, to die. The fact there were no firearms officers there for nearly an hour is hard to believe.
    “I truly believe that if they had been there he would still be here today and Amy wouldn’t have lost her daddy.”

    *** how or where is impossible to find, because it ’emerged’ in yet another lawyer’s statement
    Source BBC

    his sisters, Angela Clark and Michelle Palmer were represented separately from the wife also named Michelle.

    Keith and the Palmer family minus Michelle [wife], but with mother Sylvia **** front, Michelle [sister] left, Angela Clark right. Source – BBC, op cit.

    now Curtis, nee Williams and who married David G Palmer at age 18 [he was 16 and a half…] There may have been another sister pre-marriage. Another half sibling of Keith, also John P Curtis was also represented legally in comments to the press.

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    At 1:13 in the walk-through “citizen journo” video, we see a large white truck with tail lift, with bold fleetname BOND’S painted in blue on the back and sides.

    Now, look what we see in the bus CCTV of “victim” Les Rhodes’ walk through on Westminster Bridge to fulfil his part [or his double’s] part in his “death”.
    Go to 0:25 here….

    It’s allegedly 2:39 pm and 32 seconds – and the white Bond’s van is speeding across the bridge alongside an equally quiet [no doubt already sealed off] footpath. Why on earth would the Bond’s van stop dead on the bridge in the middle lane before the fake CGI SUV was driven along the same pavement [LOL!!]? So, who was driving the film extra Bond’s van? If it had been real, which it wasn’t, the Bond’s driver would ahve had a grandstand view!
    The Bond’s truck can be seen here between the grey armoured car and the red bus

    It’s not stuck in a traffic queue, because there is space ahead of it before the lights

    Just another small piece in the hoax jigsaw. Perhaps the truck was delivering something to the scene or was just there to fake normal traffic movements.

    Let’s hope the company and driver were rewarded [with NDAs, no doubt] for their participation in this clever hoax.
    Bond’s worldwide express – based at Birmingham Airport –
    Isn’t that where the “attacker” Khalid Massod bought his knives?

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    We now have proof that the CCTV of Leslie Rhodes walking across a bridge empty of traffic, passed by a speeding Bond’s truck, was filmed on a seperate day/different time. i.e. it’s staged. Well, they had 18 months to produce it, perhaps with reappearance money for the Bond’s driver.
    The following aerial view from Millbank tower, to which was added a CGI ghost SUV, shows the true, verifiable traffic movements at the correct time, i.e. about 14:40 hrs. All the other vehicles on the bridge check out with other surface still and video photography.
    Note the ultra strange behaviour of the white Bond’s truck, which is dawdling in the middle lane alongside the number 53 bus which catches up the truck and then they both stop. From 0.16 in the magnified version. The superimposed CGI SUV is actually behind the Bond’s truck when the latter stops. All other traffic is moving normally, reaching their terminal positions for the photo shoot, the bus ahead of the 53 has also stopped.
    Note also that towards the end of the clip the Bond’s truck edges forwards, again at snail’s pace, of the 53 bus, behind the wheels of which Aysha Frade, or an actor playing her, had crawled for a separate photo shoot.

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    The fiancee [very briefly…] of the Romanian “victim” Andreea Cristea also felt confident enough to appear in the coroner’s court in person…Andrei Burnaz

    Here he is performing the old “dry eye” routine at her fake funeral in Constanta

    and the following year, nonchalently wandering into the inquest accompanied, perhaps by his lawyer…

    Ms Cristea had the CGI fall off Westminster Bridge, wasn’t fished out, and didn’t die two weeks later, so couldn’t benefit from the money allegedly collected for her “treatment”, which then went “to charity” [hmmmmm did it now?]

    And Andrei was showing off his fake broken leg, remember shortly after the fake attack….

    Andrei Burnaz said he ran all “over the bridge” looking for Ms Cristea.

    He told the inquest, sitting at the Old Bailey, that he called her mobile and it rang – which he thought was a positive sign – but then found both it and her glasses “in a pool of blood”.

    Mr Burnaz added that after trying to get help from officers in his search he “thought maybe it would be better to jump in the river to search for her, but I didn’t”. Mr Burnaz wiped away tears ** as CCTV footage of their final moments together were shown to the court.

    ** oh no, not again…

    Crossing the bridge “moments before the attack”


    He said he saw the car coming towards them and “it was very quick.”

    “The left part of the car was on the pavement and the right part was on the road,” he added.
    The witness told the inquest he then felt a “burning sensation” on one leg.
    “After the vehicle passed I looked on the left side of me to search for Andreea, but I couldn’t see her,” he continued.
    “I started searching for Andreea. I started running over the bridge.”
    Mr Burnaz said at one point he started running towards Masood’s car to see if she had become stuck under it.

    Witness Michael Ashley Brown had been driving his white van across the bridge when he saw Masood’s Hyundai “hitting people as it drove along the pavement”.

    He told the Old Bailey he saw Ms Cristea go “10ft in the air” before “she came down straight into the Thames”.

    The witness [Michael Brown, white van man] described doing a “U-turn” and parking his van before looking into the river and calling 999 to raise the alarm.

    At first he could not spot Ms Cristea, but then saw her “floating in the Thames face down”.

    Mr Brown said he then tried to assist others on the bridge. He described the scene as “carnage”.

    When the barrister representing Ms Cristea’s family thanked him for his efforts that day, Mr Brown began weeping. ***

    The witness also described “screaming just trying to get attention” of those on a boat below, which he did.

    He said he even considered jumping into the water, but changed his mind because he cannot swim.
    *** there’s a lot of it about
    Who writes this shiiiit?

    More BS from “witness” Brown in his Citroen Berlingo – total BS
    “I heard a loud bang but I didn’ t realise what it was, I just thought something had hit a bus, because of the buses on the bridge, so I thought something had crashed into the bus.
    Q. From where was the bang coming?
    A. In front of me to my right?hand side.
    Q. Did you look in the direction of the bang?
    A. Yes.
    Q. What did you see?
    A. I saw a vehicle on the pavement driving forward on the pavement side, the left ?hand side.
    Q. So on the opposite side of the road ?
    Q. ?? coming in the opposite direction to you?
    A. Yes.
    Q What type of vehicle was it that you noticed?
    A. I don’t know what the make of ?? I couldn’t tell you what the make and model was. It was just a 4×4, silver /dark?coloured.
    Q. I think at one point you were able to identify part of the registration number?
    A. Yes, that was EK66.
    Q. At what point did you identify that?
    A. That was when somebody had brought the plate back, after it come off the vehicle , and somebody brought it back up the road.

    ….I saw the vehicle hit a lady . She went about 10 feet in the air . As she came down, she went straight over the side and into the Thames.
    Q. So she was thrown, you say, into the air?
    A. Yes.
    Q. You describe it in your statement as ” like a somersault”.
    A. Yes, she did somer ?? she spun over and then she came down and went straight into the Thames I turned my van round, done an U?turn, and then parked up on the opposite side , on the left ?hand side facing Parliament,
    24 parked up, jumped out, ran to the side of the bridge, looked over. I couldn’t see her. I then ran to the other side of the road, still couldn’t see her. I then
    ran back to my van, grabbed my phone, started dialling 999, ran back to the bridge. I still couldn’t see her so I then ran back across the road. At that time there I ’m on the phone to the police , dialling 999, explained what’s happened. I then saw her floating in the Thames, face?down.”

    Buuuullllshiiiiit! And he improbably carries on….

    “Basically I wasn’t really paying that much attention. I saw the vehicle coming across the bridge and hitting people. It wasn’t registering what was happening. So I was just carrying on driving straight and then as I saw it got closer , I turned my head and looked and that’s when I saw vehicle hit her and she ?? go up in the air .”

    A totally unbelievable story. As if he could register all that in real life…yet the clown then says he wasn’t registering anything…
    This is brilliant example of how a fake event is presented to the court by a fake witness but the smart lawyers have made sure the story welds nicely with available footage. But that’s easy because the script has already been written before the event and Mr Brown’s U-turning white van is was seen in “leaked footage” immediately afterwards and was later seen parked on the bride, although that piece of camera work also showed prize faker Travis Frain larking about on the bridge with his fellow crisis actor mates after he was supposed to have been run down by the CGI SUV! I bet those twitter videos weren’t shown in court to the idiot jurors!

    Transcript of Day 4 of the mock inquest, including witness appearances by Burnaz an Brown

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