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    Since investigating the Grenfell Tower block fire in 2017, it now seems obvious that many if not the majority of globally reported fires are staged events for the media, using the time-honoured method of faking deaths and injuries [when reported] Not all
    such fires have injuries or fatalities, but may involve some ‘iconic” structure – e.g. Notre Dame cathedral in Paris or….The Cutty Sark sailing ship on the Greenwich meridian in London England which burnt down in 2007.
    On the scene was the recently resigned into early retirement leader of the London Fire Brigade who was also on scene at the staged Clapham Rail “disaster” [q.v. here] and Grenfell Tower [q.v. here] which was the cause [pre-arranged] of her financially cushioned downfall into early retirement]

    …. caused by a faulty vacuum cleaner while nameless security guards slept off-site – suuuuuure. Well, it wasn’t an exploding fridge this time, as used at Grenfell for the ridiculous origin of the fire.


    [The detective leading the inquiry] said the two guards were “vague and inconsistent” witnesses who made a “clumsy” attempt to hide a false logbook-entry. On the morning of the fire the guards had falsified a logbook which showed they had completed all routine patrols with no incidents reported. The final entry at 7am on 21 May read: “Booked off duty. All is in order.”

    The page had later been torn out of the book and was found in a waste bin.

    In fact, the guards had failed to carry out regular patrols on the night and one had “dozed off ” in the closed cafeteria while reading a bible.

    Who writes these silly scripts? Totally unbelievable.

    Local residents [who may be genuine off-side witnesses or were reciting a script] reported a loud explosion/BANG, followed by the fire at the time…

    I guess that’s how vacuum cleaners go after being left on for two days, lol! Good job much of the interior had been removed beforehand… a bit like Notre Dame:

    “there was some relief when it emerged many of the ships’s historic artefacts, including its figurehead. sails, masts, prow and coach-housing had previously been removed.”

    Fancy that

    Sounds like the whole structure was rotten, so what better way to pay for the rebuild of this tourist attraction with a real fire drill brought to you and extinguished by the experts, anything valuable having been removed carefully beforehand.

    The 19th-century clipper suffered £10 million worth of damage at its dry dock location in Greenwich, south-east London, last May.

    The Metropolitan Police said that the blaze started in the stern of the ship on the lower deck after a motor fused in the industrial vacuum cleaner being used to remove waste from the ship.

    There were no sprinklers on the ship, as they had been removed while it was being repaired. No fire alarm went off.

    Heerey,[a Balfour Beatty subsidiary] the construction management company in charge of the site, is likely to face questions about whether end-of-day checks were carried out correctly.
    The damage added £10 million to the cost of an ongoing conservation project, bringing the total to £35 million.

    So we’re told… no doubt the insurers coughed up without quibble. And all nicely restored in time foer the 2012 Olympic Games! Total bill £50 Million!

    Here’s a simulation of the Italian IPC Soceto Planet 200 industrial vacuum cleaner overheating , lol!

    source ~Daily Mirror

    Note the “pointing” firefighters – always pointing at a hoax.

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    And what better way to prop up this 5/21 2007 Cutty Sark event than to have a smokeless drill there on 10/19/2014 reported as a fire. It’s a beautiful easily sealed off location in any case, so why waste the opportunity?

    Drillin’ goin’ on

    A small part of deck three and the hull timbers were damaged, however firefighters managed to contain the blaze, London Fire Brigade said.
    Twenty firefighters were called to the ship in Greenwich, south-east London, at 07:21 BST and put the fire out within an hour.

    Firefighters were brilliant, as usual…

    source, Evening Standard

    Station Manager George Vost, who was at the scene said: “Firefighters worked incredibly quickly to get this small fire under control and minimise damage. Crews carried out salvage work on the ship.”

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