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    In this digital age, the equivalent of the 9/11 or even 7/7 “missing” posters are the planted tweets about missing people. The hashtag #rechercheParis was part of the psy-op.

    See this twitter stream
    for example, here’s a chequerboard of the “missing” although there are many single person posts

    A feature of them is the sudden wiping of the tweets within days.
    Let’s examine one example, fortuitously that revolving around Aurelie De Peretti. [vide supra and vide Cluesforum]

    #rechercheParis C’est ma cousine elle s’appelle Aurélie De Peretti on est sans nouvelle si qq’un l’a vu merci
    — Magali Tora (@MagaliTora) 14 Novembre 2015
    The tweet doesn’t exist.
    This one does though…

    11:49 AM UTC 14 Nov 2015


    It’s from her cousin in Marseilles although there is no evidence of the MagaliTora twitter account existing before November 13 2015.
    who provided the helpful photo for the hashtag recherche.

    A young relative of the De Perettis provides a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”

    which meets the approval of uncle and aunt [see below]
    Jacques Josiane De Peretti Merci ma chérie de chanter pou Aur?lie ,elle aussi aimait beaucoup la musique Mais il faut qu’on s’y mette nous les adultes pour qu’il existe ce monde sans haine ,libre ,fraternel et respectueux des autres ,pour vous nos enfants et nos petits enfants chéris .Toi continue de chanter pour Aurelie et pour nous aussi.
    Bisous ma chérie à toi et à ta petite sœur.
    16 Nov 2015

    The tweets of Magali are protected… how did anybody pick them up?

    2,000 people marched in Saint Zacharie for Aurelie, where her uncle and aunt live,

    .. attended also by her cousins…
    November 23 2015

    It’s curious that Aurelie doesn’t seem to interact very much at all with all her various relatives on their various facebook pages.

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    Plenty to mine in this disgusting, actor-filled hoax yet. Simon has reminded me of the Petard-Lieffrig sisters who happened to be “dining” at the Petit Cambodge, one a journalist, the other a musician. They have both cleansed their facebook pages, leaving a few recent uploads for the MSM to “find” for their galleries and hagiographies of the disappeared.
    Marion’s most recent upload is a still from the Jim Jarmusch film Night on Earth
    The pre-event tee-up of facebook and twitter accounts is standard practice for hoaxes in the 2010s Both of them seem more interested in Spanish culture.
    We see endorsements of facebook pages by one Fanny Bernal.

    10:10 AM UTC 14 November 2015
    where we see once again the modern equivalent of the “missing” poster by those in the loop.

    11:03 AM 14 Nov 2015 UTC – first tweet in 3.5 years!

    Ayudarme q buscarla. Esta en paris y no la localizo desde ayer a las 21h
    Las líneas de emergencias están colapsadas
    Se llama Anna Petard Lieffrig tiene 24 años estaban en la zona 19E de París cuando hablamos por última vez por watsap

    which is liked by 20 Spanish speakers.
    Whom is she speaking to? How on earth could they “find” Lieffrig when they seem to be old chums from her year in Barcelona?

    There go the coffins – the one behind only looks quite light, the way it’s being handled casually. Must be my imagination.
    I wish the MSM would decide who is 27 and who is 24 years old with these sisters.

    Anna likes Fanny’s [?] new [?] tattoo

    Anna with her own tattoo is on the right of this photo with her Spanish chums

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    Simon has reminded me of the Petard-Lieffrig sisters

    Without checking if Clues picked this one up: Petard, that’s an obvious in-joke.

    There go the coffins – the one behind only looks quite light

    Light and white. I wonder whether that is code too. We see them all too often, white coffins, in hoaxy events.


    Unlike many of the French visitors, alleged, to the Bataclan concert, it seems Matthew Goff
    actually does have some interest in this area of music. Perhaps this is why he pops up in Paris.

    [times are Pacific]

    Matthew Goff ?@_HisDudeness 17 Aug 2013
    @pirate_razz Colorado is great but I can’t acclimate to 6000ft for an overnight trip. My body gave me the big middle finger.
    11:10 AM – 17 Aug 2013 · Details

    Renna ?@pirate_razz 17 Aug 2013
    @_HisDudeness Only one night? That’s definitely a problem! I’d probably have issues too… been far too long since my last visit.

    Matthew Goff ?@_HisDudeness
    @pirate_razz went to a concert at Red Rocks. Vegas is 2000ft and never had issues going 2k–>6k but 0–>6k was awful. #imawuss
    11:22 AM – 17 Aug 2013

    Renna ?@pirate_razz
    @_HisDudeness Nice!! Who was it?
    11:28 AM – 17 Aug 2013

    Matthew Goff
    @pirate_razz Queens of the Stone Age. I lived in aurora 2-4 grade
    11:35 AM – 17 Aug 2013

    Yes, QOTSA played Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado that night, August 15 2013 – must have been good for a trip from California.
    From the Telegraph [cited at CF link above]

    Matthew’s wife was due to accompany him to the concert but had to stay at home as they could find no babysitter for their two young children.

    I bet, she must have been gutted to miss EODM. Guess there was no babysitter back in 2013 either for a trip to Denver.

    Matthew, who moved to Paris with his family in July


    Matthew Goff ?@_HisDudeness
    Just got my stitches out –> 2 days early! Feels better without stitches but very sore now.
    3:49 AM – 30 Nov 2015

    [11:49 AM UTC]


    This one is wildly erotic. Paris, France, let’s throw in a bit of risqué.


    Without checking if Clues picked this one up: Petard, that’s an obvious in-joke.


    (‘pétard’ = firecracker)


    In addition to the high concentration of journalists gunned down in Paris, I was struck by a similarly large contingent of architects, a profession which must be attracted to this kind of music…
    Vincent Detoc, 38
    Pierre-Antoine Henry, 36
    Quentin Mourier, 29
    Raphael Hilz, 28
    Amine Ibnolmobarak, 29
    Émilie Meaud,30 [or 29] [identical twin of Charlotte Meaud who was involved in start-ups !]

    At least three sets of sisters died in the attacks. Emilie and Charlotte Meaud were identical twins who lived in different parts of Paris, and were catching up over drinks at Le Carillon bar, as they so often did.

    The young women had done impressively well in their different university courses, Emilie gaining a masters degree in architecture from Delft University and Charlotte studying economics and management at the University of Strasbourg.

    To our great horror and shock we received the terrible news that The Why Factory alumna Emilie Meaud (29) died in the Paris attacks of last Friday. She finished her master in Architecture at TU-Delft in 2012 and worked at the Agence Chartier-Dalix. She was killed alongside her twin sister Charlotte. Our thoughts are with their family, friends and colleagues.


    The Moroccan, Ibnolmobarak, is an interesting case – newly married…

    On the night of Nov. 13, the couple were out enjoying dinner on the terrace at Le Carillon, a bar and restaurant in the 10th Arrondissement, when the terrorists struck. Mr. Ibnolmobarak was killed and [Maya] Nemeta was shot three times in the leg — injuries that required extensive surgery but are not life-threatening.

    Elsewhere re read she was shot in both legs…
    One leg or two?

    Maya Nemeta – Studied at London Metropolitan University
    Past: ENSA Paris Malaquais and Lycée Saint Pierre

    Meya? Maya?

    Maya Nemeta Amour et complicité, de beaux souvenirs
    See Translation
    23 November at 10:25

    Amalfi 23 August 2014- Emily Meaud like this!

    and this…28 May 2014

    Entreprise fermée le 18-11-2015
    75008 PARIS

    No photos of Maya’s leg/legs so far.


    Where did the hashtag #ParisRecherche spring from ? Or even #RechercheParis ?

    [1:08 AM 14 Nov 2015 UTC]

    Here’s an early one

    10:39 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [6:39 AM UTC]

    Where does the link lead to? Nowhere, a removed tweet.
    from MrsXRoots [Laura]

    Not forgetting the #porteouoverte hashtag which has a double meaning, that of welcoming migrants, in addition to the absurd movement to give people beds for the night because of these fake events, set off at 9:34 PM UTC by a journalist

    1:34 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:34 PM UTC]

    1:33 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:33 PM UTC]

    1:43 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:43 PM UTC]

    1:45 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:45 PM UTC]

    1:46 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:46 PM UTC] [Int’l Lawyer & #MidEast Analyst. Focus: #Israel, #HumanRights….]
    2:02 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [10:02 PM UTC]
    trying to shut down imagery

    5:25 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [1:25 AM 14 Nov 2015 UTC]

    And she’s circulating a photo of her sister

    Geirmax ?@Geirmax
    Ma soeur Ariane Theiller, RT svp elle était au bataclan

    Here’s an earlier use of the hashtag

    [2:05 AM 14 Nov 2015 UTC]

    Well, well,well,Mrs X is a friend of Ariane…small world

    6:20 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [2:20 AM 14 Nov 2015 UTC]

    Sure as night follows day, she’s dead, allegedly, an intern at a publisher, Urban Comics

    Another early “missing” person identified “a friend of a friend”

    4:36 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [12:36 AM 14 Nov 2015 UTC]

    and hey presto, right on cue, a reply to the effect that he is wounded but OK..guess that’s the last we’ll hear of Francois.

    5:12 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [1:12 AM 14 Nov 2015 UTC]

    And one more

    8:46 AM – 14 Nov 2015 [4:46 PM UTC]
    Someone kindly suggests Franck Pitiot is one of the crisis actors photographed by the press, but it’s denied.
    Sure enough, he’s dead. Which makes one think that all these tweets are part of the plot.

    I think he looks a little like the crisis actor, but there is absolutely no reason for Franck to appear in public.

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    It’s War 🙄

    From 19:15….

    Tom Dalpra

    That’s one of the funniest things I’ve watched for ages. Thanks Nemesis. I forgot how much I liked that show.
    Great episode.


    Terran Downvale

    Everyone check out these three Paris videos I made. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come!


    Everyone check out these three Paris videos I made.

    The Mysterious “Dr” Louise Hefez, who has spent time in Scotland
    deserves some investigation.
    Here’s her vacant facebook page:

    Around the time of that single post, the media pushed out her narrative
    November 23 2015

    “Louise Hefez, a petite 30-year-old resident in dermatology”
    462 Mlle Hefez (Louise), née le 24 septembre 1985, dermatologie et vénérologie en Ile-De-France.

    Click to access Liste_CNG_affectation_Etudiants_ECN_2013.pdf

    Dr. Hefez helped perform CPR on another young man, just 28, who died. His friend stayed right next to him, repeating his name over and over again: “Raphael. Raphael. Raphael.” When the ambulances arrived, they moved his body to join the others. “It was a very terrible moment,” Dr. Hefez says. “His face will haunt us.”

    This is Raphael Hilz, architect.
    From the official “victim” biographies…

    Raphael Hilz, 28 ans, architecte, originaire de Garmisch, en Allemagne, travaillait au cabinet Renzo Piano Building Workshop, à Paris, dînait au Petit Cambodge avec deux collègues.

    After waiting at Le Carillon and a nearby restaurant until 3 a.m., Dr. Hefez didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to be alone and didn’t want to spend the night at a stranger’s house, although many Parisians were opening their doors to those in the vicinity of the attacks. Most of all, she was frightened.
    She ended up at the apartment of a fellow resident, who was also at Le Carillon. They drank and talked until morning. It wasn’t until she woke up two hours later that she began to cry uncontrollably.

    Of course she did, just wander off.

    She ended up at the apartment of a fellow resident, who was also at Le Carillon. They drank and talked until morning. It wasn’t until she woke up two hours later that she began to cry uncontrollably.

    The days since have been a blur. The residents were granted special leave from their jobs. They attended two sessions with a psychologist to talk about how they were doing. The first one took place at Saint-Louis Hospital on Sunday afternoon.

    The Saint Louis hospital is allegedly where the phoney looking mass operation image derives, allegedly taken by Dr Pourya Pashootan

    Vouche himself was tasked with “comforting” the cast at La Belle Equipe restaurant. It’s not clear who was the psychiatrist in charge of the Cambodge cast.

    Is she related to Serge Hefez
    the famouos psychiatrist [same line of work as notre ami Dr Jean-Pierre Vouche] at l’hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris?

    Louise Hefez’s friend, Chloe Pinto of Tel Aviv, who likes Louise’s recent photo, put this image up at 23:19 Paris time, November 13 2015

    FAscinating, someone called Chloe was an “escapee” from Le Petit Cambodge!

    A typical phoney story with little real detail.

    But no, it’s not Chloe Boissinot for she died, allegedly, her boyfriend “Nicolas” surviving. Her mother announced the death on facebook, like they tend to do these days….


    One for rgos – the Dutch “journalist” Suzan Yücel who went to another restaurant to wait, allegedly, for a table at Petit Cambodge [working at a photo fair]; as if. it was “full” Of course it was full. There was a drill going on. As if Le Petit Cambodge would call them when a table was available. This pair, Yucel and Agathe Moreaux, a Parisian student, sound like accessories to the script

    videos here
    No twitter activity for a year, pretty well, then this…
    Suzan Yücel @suzanyucel
    Ik heb de kalasjnikov af horen gaan en iedereen begon te rennen. Ik zou eten in dat restaurant… Op het nippertje ontsnapt #parijs
    1:29 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:29 PM UTC]

    straight off it’s a Kalashnikov except she also think it was a firework…

    “We were having our beers outside and all of a sudden there were like fireworks or maybe a shooting so we all started running.

    A firework which sounds like an AK47. Hmmmm


    Not much on her FB page – not much of a journalist is she?

    I guess Karin couldn’t get time off to go to Paris

    Suzan Yücel So now you can finally marry me???
    3 · 28 June at 07:39 · Edited
    Karin Olsson
    Karin Olsson Since we’re already like married, why not? wink emoticon
    28 June at 17:26
    Karin Olsson
    Karin Olsson “Are you friends, or are you – friends?”
    2 · 28 June at 17:27
    Suzan Yücel
    Suzan Yücel Hahahahaha Best question of the trip
    1 · 28 June at 17:37

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    Several Facebook groups searching for the fake missing were set up after the Paris event. They are dumps for facebook posts with the photos [many of which found their way to the chequerboard of faces of the disappeared]
    Attaques paris AVIS DE RECHERCHE

    Mily Milou created the group.
    92 ème Régiment D’ Infanterie !!!!
    militaire · Clermont-Ferrand, France
    14 November at 12:08 [UTC]
    Eagles of Death Metal @ Le Bataclan in Paris, France
    is mroe interesting. The first post is July 6

    Eric Wien is feeling cool.
    6 July · Armentières, France ·

    Strange post.

    There is a link to “buy tickets”

    The concert had been arranged shortly after the EODM concert on June 9 at a different theatre, The Trianon, first web evidence:
    with the familiar time, date and price.
    Jesse Hughes et ses acolytes (Dave Catching à la guitare, Brian O’Connor à la basse et Joey Castillo à la batterie)
    and also here, but published a few days earlier, on June 12:

    <emBut beware, not sure Josh Homme is taking part … The ticket office will open on 15 June.>

    Seems like the attached Turcoing and Nimes were just window dressing after the main event.

    There is no archived evidence about the tickets being on sale as far as I can see.

    A few people only write on the facebook page about tickets – perhaps they are genuine fans who have been told that the Bataclan is sold out….
    First evidence –

    Julien Heudel
    21 October ·
    Je cherche 2 places ! me contacter par mp ! merci smile emoticon

    May Georgia
    27 October ·
    Cherche 2 places merci

    Ced Agåësse
    28 October ·
    Si quelqu’un a 2 places en trop je suis preneur ! ??Regional indicator for USA

    Manu JD Arenales
    29 October · Toulouse, France ·
    Si quelqu’un a une place en trop, je veux bien la prendre ! (carrément, en fait) N’hésitez pas à me contacter en MP wink emoticon

    Sophie Culot
    29 October ·
    Bonjour tout le monde, moi aussi je cherche une place ! Contactez moi en message privé merci smile emoticon

    Olinka Mago
    31 October ·
    N’y-aurait-il pas quelqu’un qui vendrait pas une place, ma foi?
    À vot’ bon cœur.

    Clément Pagnot
    3 November ·
    Si jamais, je vais faire comme tout le monde. Quelqu’un aurait-il 2 places à vendre ?

    Nicolas Carpentier
    5 November · Rouen, France ·
    je cherche une place aussi!

    Flo Froideval
    6 November · Paris, France ·
    Bonjour je cherche 2 places. Maxence Dû Peint

    Grégory Lucotte Le Visage
    8 November ·
    Hello, je cherche une place pour le vendredi 13 : n’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un MP !

    Colin Shepherd
    12 November at 16:43 · Paris, France ·
    Got a ticket. Many thanks Xavier.

    Xavier Baude Thx Colin smile emoticon See U tomorrow
    12 November at 17:21

    Brian Sanders Jnr
    11 November at 22:05 ·
    Hi looking for a ticket for friday the 13th if anyone has a spare pm me

    Mark Backwell You haven;t got one??
    · 11 November at 22:20

    Raphael Arnault I have a ticket at 30,70€ in MP

    Francois Thevenot
    13 November at 10:17 · Paris, France ·
    Je cherche une place !

    Isa Stone Roses Bonjour, j’aurai une place à vendre. MP
    · 13 November at 11:11

    Then nothing until the evening…

    Stéphanie Cambus
    13 November at 21:45 · Paris, France ·
    j espere que vous allez bien

    Were these genuine or back stop concert goers?

    There are reports that quite a number of visitors from the UK acquired tickets, and survived. One wonders why they didn’t see EODM during their UK tour, and also how they managed to acquire tickets.

    The feeling I am getting more and more is that the concert was booked out because there any audience was by invitation and what they saw or heard is unknown. Very little music, one imagines. The “Eur 30.70” tickets which several “survivors” have been waving around prove nothing, such ephemera will be manufactured for a cinema film as a matter of course.


    Colin Shepherd, who apparently acquired a ticket, runs a Scottish pub in Paris

    Taking a Friday night off from the bar.

    Then this…

    Pub boss Colin Shepherd from Aberdeen carried on as normal, and told others to do the same, by opening his Pure Malt pub, on Rue Caron near the killings, for business.
    He said on social media: “I was at The Bataclan with a group of friends. All of us are still here today.
    “One was hit but I talked to him today, he was operated on last night and he’ll make a full recovery.

    “Our thoughts go out to another friend, Manu, who was also hit but is going to get through this.

    There is nothing on Colin’s facebook page about Bataclan. I guess this is the angle for home consumption in Scotland.

    The sub-plot or rather the main plot involves one Callum MacDonald from Fort William who was in an induced coma.His cousin took to twitter, like they always do in drills and hoaxes these days, and said she was told by what was believed to be a hospital staff member that he was “hit by a blunt force” and assumed the weapon was “a baseball bat” or something with a “rounded end”. Nothing to do with bullets, Kalashnikovs, little to do with EODM.

    MacDonald was found behind a dumpster outside the venue and taken to hospital.


    November 16 2015

    Stuart Anderson ran out of his fifth floor apartment after watching people running for their lives from the Bataclan.
    Speaking today, ex-pat Stuart told how he tried in vain to save a badly wounded concert goer who had tried to escape while gunmen shot at people from a window.

    Meanwhile bleeding people hid in his apartment block after fleeing in terror from the concert hall where ISIS was gunning down young rock fans.

    “Still today the corridors of my building are completely caked in blood,” Stuart told LBC.

    Recalling the moment he first noticed something was wrong he said he was looking out of his window at a crowd running out of the Bataclan.

    But he said: “Quite soon I realised there was an air of panic as people were tying to hide.

    He’s the Brit equivalent of Matthew or Daniel Psyop. The story is too ridiculous to relate about the dead man he cradled….suffice to say

    “It was horrible. It was like a war zone.”

    So, here’s a Paris corpse – very lifelike, [or rather deathlike], isn’t it?

    The Colin Shepherd story is being removed from the web by newspapers, but it is archived here

    Here’s another UK victim, injured

    Mark Backwell was hit in the shoulder and wrist as he crawled through the hail of bullets towards the exit.

    Mr Backwell slowly crawled through the bodies, while bleeding from his wounds, as he tried to escape.
    Mr Backwell, who was not seriously injured, was helped by a woman at a nearby coffee shop before doctors arrived.
    Four of his friends were wounded but are expected to survive, though one’s mother died.

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    What were the owners of the Bataclan up to the evening of November 13? Obviously they are not going to attend every concert there.
    December 2 2015

    Speaking to Le Monde, Jules Frutos and Olivier Poubelle said that following the attacks, they didn’t want to go on television and add to the horrible spectacle that was already unfolding.

    Of course they didn’t…

    The two owners, who share a 30% stake in Le Bataclan with majority owner Lagardère, were at another concert at La Cigale, a venue in the 18th arrondissement near Pigalle. They returned to Le Bataclan fifteen minutes after the attacks and were taken inside by the BRI—Brigades de Recherche et d’Intervention—the French equivalent of American SWAT units.
    “There were dead and wounded all around,” Frutos said. “No one had to explain what happened.”

    Poubelle praised the security guards at the venue’s entrance for being professional ‘to the very end.’

    Are these the security guards who let in, allgedly, people with AK47s? ***

    victims supplied by the Bataclan…

    Two of Frutos and Poubelle’s colleagues were killed in the attack. One, Nathalie Jardin, was a lighting technician at Le Bataclan; the other, Thomas Duperron, was communications director for La Maroquinerie, another music venue up the rue de Ménilmontant from Le Bataclan.

    “The police don’t want us in there, they’ve advised against it, and they’re right,” Poubelle said. “It’s for our own sake. None of our crew have gone back inside, except two technicians who had a specific task.

    … Le Bataclan will reopen, but Poubelle hopes by the end of 2016,

    Er, what’s causing a year of closure? Mopping up the fake blood? I can’t see any other issues.

    *** worth noting this sapient comment at Lunatic Outpost, although it’s not a metal concert, but a rock concert. [Guess there’s no need for bouncers when all the audience seems to consist of architects and journalists, grannies and children aged 6-12….]

    Again, anyone that has ever been to a metal concert is vigorously scrutinized by the Bouncers. Why has the always truthful French media not interviewed any of these security personnel?
    Probably because there were none included in the script. They overlooked this small item. Continuity in a proper script is most important.
    This would have been a poorly made TV movie. Very poorly made.

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 10 months ago by xileffilex.

    Let’s follow up those people who publicly sought tickets for EODM at the Bataclan

    That’s it.
    Hmm bass guitar player in The Baptized, “smooth rock”, Lille. Isn’t that where the EODM were supposed to be playing the next night? So why does he want a ticket in Paris?

    but they “were” going to go to the EODM in Paris?

    What else – this organisation cancels a rock festival at 23.10 hrs Paris time, November 13

    On the morning of November 17, from the same organisation…
    Concerning the Paris Rock Festival, we had of course taken the decision to cancel it before having even fully aware of the seriousness of the situation.
    Premature? Or forewarned?

    Not clear why this ticket seeker had to go three days running…

    Friends of
    Clément Pagnot
    are relieved that he’s OK but nothing to say he attended the gig. However, it seems he was in on it

    “J’y suis allé seul, personne ne voulait venir avec moi, et c’est tant mieux !”
    “Let’s Rock ‘n Roll” with image of the hoarding at the venue. Where have we seen that before?

    Terran Downvale

    The specter of “Noah Pozner” shows up once again just like he did in Pakistan. I’m not saying it’s literally the same jacket or the same kid (although it could be the same “kid’s” image). I’m just saying it’s all BS!

    Original photo here:

    From this article:

    In an interesting twist, it turns out the stabbing story is an admitted HOAX!

    So I imagine now that when people search “Paris attack hoax,” this story will flood their results.

    Here’s the Noah Pozner Spiderman video:

    And here’s the article with Noah’s sister talking about his love of Spiderman:

    UPDATE: Look at the round patch on the arm of the Spiderman boots kid’s jacket and the round thing on the door in the Pozner photo. Also, the sheepskin on the girl’s boots just like Noah’s jacket. Sheeple reference?

    UPDATE 2: Another story that ties these two events together: Man Stabs 22 Children at a school in China on 12/14/12:

    22 children = 11+11. Students were 6 to 11. Attacker was 36 years old. Thanks to for the link!

    EDIT: I just want to make sure it’s clear since my diagram is a bit cluttered. In the Paris photo, you can clearly see the word PONZER (as opposed to Pozner) spray-painted on the wall. That was the first thing in this photo that caught my attention.

    EDIT 2: Btw, 12/14 = 12+14 = 26 = 13+13

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: The fact that this stabbing attack by an “ISIS terrorist” in Paris has been admitted to being a HOAX, complete with news stories stating such, is HIGHLY UNUSUAL.

    Is this something we’re going to be seeing more of? Fake exposed hoaxes? This achieves two things. It floods any searches on the keywords “Paris”, “attack” and “hoax” or “fake” with stories like this instead of actual investigations into Paris fakery. It also gives the clueless public the false impression that any “hoaxes” involving terrorist attacks will quickly and easily be exposed and reported by the “responsible” media that is looking out for their best interests!

    Is anyone else talking about this stabbing story or the photo I diagrammed with all these links to Pozner? I would think this is something people would be pouncing on and tearing up. It seemed like clear “conspiracy bait” to me when I saw it but I haven’t noticed anyone else mention it. But then I don’t follow many people, so maybe it is being talked about somewhere.

    Right-click and “View Image” on the photo below to see it full-size. And see my G+ post here for more discussion:

    Terran Downvale

    The link to my G+ post didn’t show up for some reason. Here it is:

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