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    Terran Downvale

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before but take a good look at these photos of a victim and cop outside the Bataclan Theatre.

    Right-click “View image” for full size and zoom in on the cop’s helmet. In the top image which is the one that’s been used the most, there appears to be a blood smear on the right side of the visor (from our view).

    In the other two photos, the smear seems to be missing from that side and instead appears on the other side! Can someone explain to me WTF is going here?

    Also, who is the guy holding two devices in his hands? Anyone got an ID on him? I’m wondering if this could possibly be the “director” shown in Lesta Nediam’s video who is seen flashing devices in each hand:

    Terran Downvale

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    Terran Downvale

    Just some more connections Re: Paris from my G+ post here:

    This is an *EPIC POST* and well worth the read, IMO. It shows how they use smaller psyop hoaxes to plant mental seeds involving certain themes that are then later echoed in bigger psyops. This one connects the tragic Berkeley “balcony collapse” event back in June and the Bataclan alleyway scene five months later. It also involves the La Belle Equipe attack in Paris with Chloe Clement and friends that I mentioned in my previous post here:

    This one’s all text, no diagrams. It’s a good example of how DEEP the deception goes. This post was inspired Harry who brought the balcony collapse story to my attention last summer. It was only after the Paris attacks that I understood what that event was all about. Here is my reply to Harry:

    I think another puzzle piece just clicked into place! When I saw your message, Harry, I immediately thought of the Berkeley balcony collapse I totally let you down on. Well… I think I may have found its meaning now. I think it’s connected to the Bataclan alley window danglers! Check out the location of the Berkeley balcony:

    The balcony is directly over Cafe Clem, as noted in this article:

    Cafe Clem is modeled after a *PARISIAN* Cafe! Now check out these definitions of the word “clem”:

    1. a male given name, form of Clement.

    Chloe Clement was nearly killed at a cafe in the Paris attacks while celebrating a friend’s birthday (just like the Irish balcony students):

    1. A small-town resident; rural person, esp one who is easily duped
    2. An inhabitant of the place where the circus is playing (1920s+ Circus)

    Fooling the easily duped with street theater and circus acts with the Bataclan alley window danglers.

    Also, check out these numbers from the Berkeley balcony wiki page:

    The accident involved *13* people, including a number of Irish J-1 visa students. J=10 + 1 = *11*. There’s your *11/13!* It also occurred on 6/16/2015 = 6+1+6+2+0+1+5= 21 = *777*. The group was celebrating a 21st = *777* birthday party. There are likely more connections to be found between this event and Paris.

    Now check out this article featuring Berkeley student “Grace Cha” who was studying aboard in Paris:

    _“I rushed to the *balcony*, just to see what was happening,” said Cha, who described seeing ambulances and police cars rush past her building while streets around hers were closed off by law enforcement._

    I’m not sure if this is the same Grace Cha but it seems likely:

    From her resume:

    Marketing Intern
    Wild Poppy Concepts
    June 2015 – August 2015 (3 months)

    Wild Poppy Concepts is an *Irish* company (the balcony collapse victims were mostly Irish):

    Also on her resume:

    Director of Social Media
    Associated Students of the University of California
    August 2014 – December 2014 (5 months)
    • Promoted the ASUC and its activities with engaging content on social media
    • Managed the social media for both the Executive Vice President Office and the ASUC overall
    through Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Youtube, etc.
    • Strategized with various departments in the ASUC to ensure transparency
    • Led weekly meetings and created meeting agendas


    Disaster Services Intern
    American Red Cross
    June 2013 – August 2013 (3 months)
    • Created and wrote content for various “Disaster Preparedness” pamphlets
    • Participated in department meetings
    • Made appointments and important liaisons between the American Red Cross Headquarters
    (Washington D.C.) and the Los Angeles chapter

    Also from Grace Cha’s resume:

    Spoon University
    January 2014 – September 2014 (9 months)
    • National, online food publication written for and by college students
    • Wrote and published bi-monthly articles about food, food culture, recipes, and restaurant reviews
    • Articles consistently made the “Featured” section on the national website

    Here’s her profile there:

    She didn’t write this article but this was posted on the site on 11/14/15, the day after the Paris attacks:

    It mentions another cafe called “Clem,” this one near the University of Virginia, a couple of times:

    _Unlike the stressed students at Clem, the baristas will make your studying far more pleasant._

    “Stressed students?” Like the ones falling from balconies in Berkeley? Or rushing to balconies to watch the chaos in Paris?

    More psyop connections, this one involving the San Bernardino incident:

    The article mentions a student named “Jay Jung.” Both Jay Jung and Grace Cha are found on this page. Note the Delta triangle:

    Delta Upsilon’s connection to Freemasonry in the first paragraph:

    It seems to have been an instrumental part of a PR campaign to change the image of fraternities and distance them from “secret societies.”

    I understand that UC Berkeley is a huge CIA recruiting ground. It seems intelligence agencies are using students to support psyops with stories about their “personal connections” to the events. Here’s one about the Nepal earthquake using a student named “Samiksha KC”:

    Smiksha actually started this GoFundMe campaign:

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