Pasco, FL Theater Shooting

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    Avatar photocj

    There was a shooting at a Movie Theater in Pasco Florida.

    Overwhelming first impression that the victim/family look like sims.

    Watched the video from the below link. The video has typical comments from a friend of the victim. The friends name is Joe Trapani (he’s in the video and the article).

    This is him:

    Just pulled the first random name out of the story and it ties back into the theater/media industry. Seeing this kind of thing over and over and over again.

    Avatar photocj

    The shooter was a retired police officer, Curtis Reeves Jr., 71

    The dispute was over texting during the movie.

    This one will go far on the watercooler talk-radio morning shows. They love topics like texting in theaters.

    Cop out of control too, on same day those two cops got cleared for smashing that homeless man.

    Edit: Reeves was director of security at Busch Gardens until 2005. So another entertainment industry connection.

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    Avatar photocj

    The “hoaxers” scream for blood and evidence. They give us this:

    Witness “I tried to help, and only heard gurgling.. Blood started coming out of his mouth”

    The Corey Dierdorff Twitter account is pretty central to the release of information and media for this story. The guy is both a local firefighter and a reporter, and his friends responded to this shooting.

    Here an involved firefighter tells the reporter/firefighter that he “rode his coattails”

    The reporter/firefighter has another smug back-and-forth with another reporter

    (In the Cinema Bistro? I thought it was during the previews? Now that I think about it why would anybody care if you were texting in a cinema bistro, it’s not like that is typically a quiet place?)

    All sorts of other strange stuff coming out now. Perp shot of the retired cop/shooter. What kind of vest is that, anybody know? Are they implying he wore a bulletproof vest to the theater? If so that’s a nice rabbit hole for the “It’s not a hoax, people died and govt killed them on-purpose” type theorists. They always leave something for them to latch onto.

    Unsourced claims coming from reporters on twitter that some other citizens recognized the shooter and said he eyed them down at previous movie showings. Shooter says he felt threatened. This has to be something to increase distrust between cops and civvies considering it came on the same day as Kelly Thomas beating verdict.

    It seems ridiculous to me that media and entertainment industry can fabricate these things so blatantly. It’s amazing that they always seem to use Twitter as first place to release faked media and faked public comments. I struggle with the idea that they can do this so blatantly right in front of us, and even joke about it, and nothing can be done? Can anything be done? I emailed a photographer once about another hoax story and implied that her photo was manipulated but the conversation went nowhere. Anybody have any experience probing the people who release this kind of stuff? I don’t know if the names behind these twitter accounts are real, but they are right there and there’s nothing stopping one from attempting to communicate with them.

    Avatar photocj

    I always feel like I should at least be attempting to ask uncomfortable questions at the accounts that are inserting these stories.

    If anybody has any experiences trying to communicate with the people who are making these stories I’d be interested in discussing that some time here on the forum or on skype or something. I don’t like seeing the blatant bullshit and then sitting back and doing absolutely nothing.

    Avatar photokhammad

    Great Job Columjaddica. You bring up a good point about who the witnesses are.

    I have been through some violent events in public. One was a casino shooting, two women down, right at my feet. Blood spreading everywhere. We were all told to leave. We did. Who hangs around for the interview??? We had blood on the bottom of our shoes. We hugged each other and went home.

    Say I want to hang around in hopes to get interviewed by the media. I have to wait for police and EMT’s to arrive. My shoes are sticking to the cement as I adjust my stance. I have to wait outside as the police emptied the casino. I am getting hungary, so take a short trip to MickeyD’s and return. Should I change my shoes? I have a spare in the car. No, the media might want to see the blood stains. 25 minutes after the police and EMT’s, some media arrives. They look around, then start interviewing officials. They ignore me. To get notices, I start meandering towards them. Good thing I didn’t change my shoes. I should have got more blood on my shoes when I walked past that bleeding lady. I walk closer and closer. They still don’t notice me. I say outloud, “Hey, I saw it, Hey!” One lady comes to interview me. But only gets a few lines then walks away. I walk right up to a camera man and tell him I saw what happened. He takes my cell number and says he will call me. So I wait 1 more hour . . .

    Consider the above scenario, what human being does that? Just the time elapse between a real event and the media arriving is what, about an hour?

    By the time we left the casino parking lot it had been 40 minutes, still no media.

    In all of these events I would like to know
    1) How did the media find out?
    2) How long did it take them to get there?
    3) How do they find their witnesses?

    K Ham

    Avatar photocj

    That’s pretty much what I like looking into, the witnesses of these stories. I didn’t even watch all of the video news reports, it looked obviously a hoax so I just find the first proper noun and plug it into Google “-shooting” etc to remove the spam of news stories.

    Jan Eric posted this Max Malone video and it goes into all of the obvious reasons why this is a hoax, most of which I wasn’t even aware of cause I watch as little video news coverage as I have to. It’s really blatant

    (Sorry for not posting this in suspicious media events, I’ll do that next time I make a thread on a new story. There are a few other interesting running stories that I’ve been making notes on I might make threads about, namely the Roswell School shooting and the Denver 7-11 hostage situation)

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