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    Unncecessary use of relatives’ DNA or dental records to identify an alleged dead victim when in the real world the individual would have been easily identifiable visually, is a standard hoax marker. Nobody died, period.

    No need for any relatives to troop in to the alleged mortuary. The victim is off to a new life/identity.

    We can add egregious examples here.

    First up – two “rail-surfing” victims in London, an unlikely story if there ever were one.
    For good measure one is the brother ** of a Harry Potter film star.
    Two friends found dead on railway tracks -suuuuuure “Thought” to have been killed while train surfing. The bodies of ** Benjamin Haddon-Cave, 27 and Patrick Bolster, 26 *** were discovered on the London Overground line between Hackney Wick and Stratfo0rd on March 21 2019. [separated by one mile…..]

    ** incredibly kind and talented…. his girlfriend bereft…
    He was identified by sibling DNA analysis

    Since he had four other siblings and no doubt two parents, I’d have thought one or more of the six would have just popped in and save laboratory time and money…[but of course, it’s all fake]

    identified [would you believe?] by British Transport Police Officers [plural!] from his passport LOL! That would be an Irish passport,then, being from Co Cork.
    He was a “great laugh” “never.. boring” “lived to the absolute max”.

    It is alleged they came into contact with overhead power lines from the top of a freight train by the police, according to “initial evidence”

    Can we have a witness? Surely, the best kind, a NOVELIST

    Novelist Joseph Allchin, 35, has a flat looking over the track.

    He told The Standard: ‘I heard a loud explosion and went to the window and saw a fire on the tracks next to a stationary freight train. I thought it was fireworks at first.

    suuuure looks like a drill

    ‘I was concerned because of the freight train. It had a large white canister, so I was worried it would blow up.

    ‘The fire was igniting underneath the train. I thought someone had thrown something burning onto the tracks.’


    yeah yeah

    identified by DNA…………………………..and a passport photo

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    The London bridge fake attacks of June 2017 required some “dental identifications” for the fictims –
    e.g. Sara Zelenak, who had breezed into town allegedly as an Australian nanny:

    Ms Zelenak, a nanny from Brisbane in Australia, was stabbed in the neck in Borough High Street, the court heard. She was formally identified thanks to her Australian dental records.

    Good old Aussie dentists, meticulous as ever.

    As the inquest open after almost two years of getting all the stories watertight and rehearsed for this lawyer-fest, the parents of Sara have breezed back into town, being photographed again by the press. Julie Wallace and her husband Mark [who I suspect is not the father of “Sarz” Zelenak]
    source BBC May 7 2019

    And here it comes – the twist allowing her to take part in the script…

    Ms Zelenak had been due to work that night – but got the evening off at the last minute. She and her friend planned to go to a rooftop bar, but couldn’t find it, then chose to go to Soho instead – before deciding on Borough Market.

    Mrs Wallace said she and her husband have since dedicated their lives to setting up [Sarz’] sanctuary to help other families to cope with grief.

    So, who’s the daddy? **
    Weeeell, it looks like a Scott Ondre Zelenak lived in the same part of Brisbane as “Sarz”

    And here’s a funny coincidence, one Scott Zelenak [no relation] is a 9/11 WTC insider!
    WTC Chief of Surveys
    September 2001 – Present 17 years 9 months
    Image for Chief of Surveys
    Chief of Surveys
    Port Authority of NY & NJ
    October 1992 – Present 26 years 8 months

    I hope nobody is going to tell me that the loss of the WTC on 9/11 came as a shock to Scott – I wonder what his lucky escape story was.

    Back to the Australian Zelenaks of Ormiston/Wellington Point.

    Back in 2017….
    Her aunt Tara spoke to media outside the family’s home in Ormiston, southeast Queensland saying the family was “emotionally distraught”. She broke down as she described her “absolutely beautiful” niece.
    ** Scott must be a brother of Sarz, according to a paywall “Courier” newspaper, their father being Ondre.

    The absolute nonsense of the dental identification -hoax marker – is found in this article from Queensland immediately after the London Bridge HRDPAR
    Mr Wallace said Sara’s mother, Julie Wallace, was leaving Australia “first thing” in the morning to try to find her daughter in London.

    and she was only “missing” at that stage. So, why didn’t Julie Wallace do a visual identification and save the Aussie dentists [allegedly] their time and money? Answer – it’s one big hoax.
    ** The above article also makes it known that Ondre is the “biological” father of Scott and Sara

    One big family

    Why doesn’t Ondre come to London for the phoney inquests?

    Outside the court, Mrs Wallace revealed that when she jumped on a plane to come to London, Ms Zelenak was still considered a missing person.

    It was only when she landed at her stopover point in Abu Dhabi that she received confirmation her daughter had died.

    Best to have a dental identification, even though mum’s in town.

    “identified by dental records….”

    Not all families are happy families.

    Sara Zelenak’s Brisbane mother refuses to hate the terrorists who killed her daughter.
    Like one does. #NDNGH

    some choice comments…
    an Wooly You killed my child, but i love you?!?!? What kind of warped, disrespect is that for you child? You need your head examined!

    Walter Riley unbelievable! Obviously she meant very little to her!

    and here comes the standard paid shill style response…
    Imsta Ouk Some people grieve differently.

    yes, it makes a lot more sense when one knows NDNGH

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    A second phoney London Bridge victim was identified by dental records
    Suuuuuure he was [Sun inquest report, May 7 2019]
    Xavier Thomas was crossing the bridge with his partner Christine Delcros on when he was run down by the terror trio.

    The 45-year-old Frenchman was thought to have been thrown into the river from the force of the collision, while Christine was left seriously injured on the bridge.

    The inquest into his death recorded his cause of death as immersion after he was identified by his dental records.

    The Frenchman from Paris was a business events and travel manager and visiting London with his girlfriend when they were caught up in the attack.

    Police said in a statement after his body was found: “On Tuesday, 6 June at approximately 19:44hours the body of a man was recovered from the river, near Limehouse, by specialist officers from the Marine Police Unit.”

    Suuuure he was knocked into the river.

    From the BBC

    The inquest also heard that two victims of the attack, Christine Archibald, 30, and Xavier Thomas, 45, might still be alive if barriers had been put up following the Westminster Bridge attack, which took place two months earlier.
    The pair were among 10 people struck by a 2.5-ton hire van driven by Zaghba.
    Mr Thomas was knocked into the Thames and found dead three days later, while Ms Archibald died after being dragged under the wheels of the powerful vehicle.

    Gareth Patterson, QC, representing some victims, questioned a senior officer about why no barriers were put in place on London Bridge following the earlier attack in Westminster.
    He said: “There were no barriers in place on that pavement protecting pedestrians from traffic on that road.
    “If there had been barriers Christine Archibald and Xavier Thomas would now be with us today.”

    But they are.
    source BBC May 8 2019

    Mr Thomas was knocked into the Thames and found dead three days later ***, while Ms Archibald died after being dragged under the wheels of the powerful vehicle.
    *** suuuuure, obviously totally unrecognisable visually. Call ze Fraynch danteeste vite!

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