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    Richard Grove has become a very prolific writer/blogger/podcaster/curriculum writer/video maker since 911. He credits the beginning of his search for truth to 911 in the following video.

    It is one of his shorter videos at 1 hour, 10 minutes.

    Richard Groves take on 911 is that there was a financial interest, backed by the CIA, who used mini-nukes to take down the towers and hide their crimes. Some of this information may not be new, but the sheer number of high profile names that Richard drops is astounding.

    Richard does a pretty good job at slamming the CIA, most of the financial bigwigs and key government officials.

    It is very satisfying listening to him chastise the banking industry and men of clout, and in the end, this may be his purpose: give out gems of information to keep you hooked, feel good that he is calling out the rich and powerful, and confuse you with hundreds of pieces of information.

    You did your job listening to him, and now you feel somewhat satisfied, a little overwhelmed, so you go on about your life, not doing any further research.

    Specifically concerning Richard Grove on 911, he claims he was driving on Canal street on the morning of 911. What serious researchers have learned is that all roads leading to the WTC complex had been closed off early that morning. Is Richard caught in an outright lie?

    I would like to see Richard Grove being interviewed, in the same style as Jim Fetzer was interviewed by Brian Stavely and James Sloan, 11/13/13, Dose of Reality Broadcast. Some very hard questions were asked by callers. I think Richard could take it.

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    K Ham


    Richard Grove was ‘on his way to a meeting at the Towers’…seems to hint that he was marked for death due to whistleblower status. Someyhing about software with back door allowing deletion of email necessary under sarbanes/oxley (sp?). His first vid explained his position before he and Lisa started Tragedy and Hope site on Ning…He was mentioned in old posts at sept clues forum…

    Que se vayan todos!


    Well, wuyi, if one part of Richard Groves story contradicts with known facts, then we must conclude Richard is lying. Now we must discuss reasons for lying and what it means.

    Richard Grove said he was only a couple of blocks away from the WTC complex, stuck in traffic, when the second plane hit.

    We must call shananigans on Richard. There was a drill going on that day, prior to any alleged terror attacks. Subway trains were not running to lower Manhattan, and roads were closed. There are several witnesses to attest to this, that have no ties to media.

    This quote from Veritasirl October 27th, 2010, 11:40 am, on Clues Forum says it best:

    “Is his story meant to reinforce the notion that the Towers were occupied before 9/11?”

    This might very well be one of the purposes of Richards lie. To add legitimacy to Richards story, he mentions floors that the banks occupied, that he found out later were never finished, they were empty floors.

    To a researcher, this might sound like gold, until one hears the rest of Richards tale.

    Richard Grove is a good example of a Limited Hangout. He releases some gems of information, while redirecting us away from the real story.

    I am confident in Clues Forum analysis:
    1) WTC 1&2 were mostly empty
    2) Lower Manhattan was closed off in the early morning of 9/11/2001
    3) No actual footage of the events exist

    When I find contradicting information, it needs serious vetting. So far, no contradicting information has held up as real.

    I am willing to give new ideas a chance, but so far I have been disappointed, and have learned that there are a lot of liars out there.

    K Ham


    In reviewing my recent post on Richard Grove, I realized that he is claiming he knows of someone who had prior knowledge of the 911 events, the person that ‘lured’ him to the Towers on that fateful day. Let’s explore this a bit further.

    Is Richard Grove’s 911 story believable?

    Richard Grove claims that he was lured to the WTC on 911, in order that he might perish in the towers collapse, as payback for his whistle blowing against Marshall & McLennan.

    It would seem, then, that if we could find out who lured him there, we could find at least one person who had foreknowledge of the attacks on the WTC complex, and thus be one step closer to solving this tragedy.

    According to his interview on Red Ice Radio, October 14, 2012, the following paragraph is Richard’s story.

    Richard made a phone call on Friday, September 7, 2001, and left a message with Norma C. Taddei, secretary of Kathryn Blair Lee who was in charge of the Lotus Notes project for migration. Richard’s message to Norma asked what he should do with the (whistleblowing) documents he had in his possession. In response to Richard’s voicemail, Norma C. Taddei had asked her superiors what Richard should do, and in a voicemail back to Richard on Monday, September 10, 2001, said that Richard should drop the documents off at Marshall & McLennan, on the 96th floor of WTC North Tower, so that they could confront the executive who was involved with them. This same executive also had Norma C. Taddei as a secretary. This implies that Norma told him that he might be in trouble. This unnamed executive was brought in special by Jeffrey W. Greenberg, personally.

    One of these names from the story had foreknowledge of the event, as they lured Robert to WTC on 911:
    Norma C. Taddei
    Kathryn Blair Lee
    Unnamed Executive
    Jeffrey W. Greenberg

    Where were these people on 911 and where are they now?
    Norma C. Taddei-Died on Sept 11 in the North Tower, Name on 911 Memorial at N-13
    Kathryn Blair Lee-Died on Sept 11 in the North Tower, Name on 911 Memorial at N-9
    Unnamed Executive-unknown
    Jeffrey W. Greenberg-Was at MMC’s midtown headquarters, which has an unobstructed view of Lower Manhattan so he saw the smoke rising from One World Trade Center and the fireball erupt from the second tower. He is currently chairman of the private equity firm he founded, Aquiline Holdings.

    We can cross two of the suspects off of our list. Who do we have left? Unnamed Executive, and Jeffrey W. Greenberg. We should ask Richard why he has not made his case the he has personal knowledge of pre-planning in the 911 attacks to the courts?

    If he could really solve this mystery, he could right a very big wrong. Isn’t that what Richard is about these days with Tragedy and Hope? Doing the right thing?

    If Richard was serious about his claims, he would muster up the necessary funds (and we know how good he is at doing that) and hire a team of lawyers to finish the 911 mystery once and for all.

    The fact that Richard has not taken the remaining two suspects to task for their duplicity shows that Richard is not only insincere in his journey for good, but that his character is seriously flawed.

    I find it interesting that Richard’s story of his kiss with death includes two dead people whom can’t be interviewed, one unknown who can’t be found to corroborate his story, and one who seems above reproach.

    This is why I find it impossible to believe Richard Groves 911 story.

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    K Ham


    Excuse me folks, but i will just post the below Cluesforum link for anyone interested to pursue their own assessment of Richard Grove.

    Richard Grove – the “intellectual” Alex Jones:

    FYI – Rich Grove contacted me many years ago and was a keen supporter of my September Clues research – I still have the e-mail record of his August 9, 2008 donation of 25 euro. Since i questioned him about the alleged 9/11 victims, things have not been so rosy, though. Of course, Richard Grove’s main claim to “9/11 truther/ whistleblower status” are emotionally supported by his alleged 295 deceased fellow Marsh Mc Lellan co-workers – whose offices were all apparently located on the exact floors of the “FLIGHT 11” impact…


    Oh man, the gold bricks story is from Richard Grove?

    Wow, I have been hanging on to that one for a long time. Re-thinking this, the 911 psyop doesn’t need the gold brick story, as it and all the other financial scandals are just detractors and rabbit holes. Just another lie from Richard.

    Having been involved in local politics and local issues (the last bastion where citizens can make a difference), I noticed some patterns with local liars and imported shills. These people invent a new reality and make up facts in presenting their case.

    We have come out on top on several city projects by using the liars and shills own story against them. By making them defend their own story with known facts has proven quite effective.

    A liars story is most often contradictory, so showing how the liars stated facts can’t all be true at the same time has also shut them down, and exposed them as frauds. Thankfully, we had a city council and city workers who wanted the best for our city, and so were willing to see the errors, which isn’t always the case.

    Of course, Richard Grove has shown that he is incapable of defending his own story which is why he stopped communicating with Simon Shack.

    K Ham

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