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    Here’s hoping this is actually a Hoax, but unfortunately it may well not be..

    Just lots of good memories of the young ones, comic strip, bottom, etc.

    Genuinely talented and seemed like a nice guy, will be sorely missed 🙁


    So far…TMZ report (Paul Walker hoax emerged through that site)

    Rik Mayall — a huge comedic star in the U.K. — was at home with family members when he died this morning … but his rep says they’re all puzzled about why it happened.

    We’re told the actor — who was only 56 — was not ill … but his rep added they don’t suspect foul play

    So, there will have to be an inquest.

    A spokesman for Mayall’s management company said that he died at home this morning. The cause of death has not been released.

    What absurd reporting – how can the cause of death, if there is a death, be released if there has been no PM?

    Nothng convinces me so far.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman said officers were called by London Ambulance Service to a house in Barnes, south-west London, at 1.20pm where “a man, aged in his 50s, was pronounced dead at the scene”. The death is not believed to be suspicious, he added.

    That favourite phrase….

    Tom Dalpra

    Yes, that is a favourite – ‘They’ve died, we don’t know why, but it’s not suspicious’.

    This case, at this point, however does not appear to be a faked death to me.
    Rik Mayall had a serious quad bike accident in 1998 and was in a coma for three days and developed epilepsy as a result. Having had a working life in health care, I’ve seen people who seem perfectly fit and healthy have a seizure and drop dead. It does happen.

    Although he worked again, he was never quite the same. In fact I’ve hardly heard of him in years – maybe I don’t watch enough television.

    His lack of profile makes a Rik Mayall fake death seem highly unlikely to me.
    What could be the reason?

    My friend is on tour( of sorts) with Mayall’s long-time comedy partner, Adrian Edmonson, who does music now. Edmonson and Mayall’s famous double act pretty much ended with Mayall’s accident. It would appear Mayall’s bump on the head left him unable to exert himself like a maniac as he used to.

    That and his epilepsy are enough to suggest to me that this is a real, sudden, and as yet, unexplained death of a British comedy great.



    Having just looked at his Wiki page he was still quite busy up till last year, had no idea though..thought he’d disappeared


    Tom Dalpra

    Mmm yeh. I said I thought the double act ended in 98, but they did do more together as you suggest. He wasn’t really very busy of late though as I read it. More perhaps less-demanding voice over work.

    I dunno…



    I wonder if ‘Drop Dead Fred’ really dropped dead. He was a fav of mine in The Young Ones, Filthy, Rich and Catflap, Bottom and especially his appearances in Blackadder.

    I guess whether or not he passed away or joined the DCP is no conciliation when he’s out of the public eye for good. As much as we may want it none have come back so far, unless you count Nelson Mandela or Ernest Borgnine (!).


    Either way, he’ll be missed.

    Edit: By the way he was supposed to be in the first or second Harry Potter film as a ghost and apparently even filmed the scenes, sadly they do not even appear as deleted scenes on the discs. Forshadowing… 😆


    I Cried Inside today when I heard….RIP Rik Mayal…..the absolute best….watch the first episode of the Young Ones…I based alot of must stuff on that character……


    Yikes Take 2…..I Cried Inside today when I heard….RIP Rik Mayal…..the absolute best….watch the first episode of the Young Ones…I based alot of my stuff and the way I act on that character in the Young Ones……too good he was ..too much fun…changed what Comedy meant for me …Bye Bye Rik


    Apparently, this is the last footage of Rik filming for the upcoming movie ‘The Escape’ shot a few days ago..


    This quote was widely reported from Barbara his wife:

    “But we just don’t know until the coroner’s report,” Robbin told The Telegraph, outside the couple’s home in Barnes, south-west London.

    Sometimes, an inquest takes months. Does she mean the pathologist’s report? Would the cause of death really not be known to a close relative until the inquest (the purpose of which is to determine who, where, how and when) The answers to 3/4 of those questions are already known.

    The pathologist will provide the preliminary results of the postmortem examination to the Coroner very quickly. The final written report may not be available for some considerable time because further tests may need to be carried out and these can take time to complete.

    The Coroners Liaison Officer will contact you as soon as the preliminary results are available and will give these to you. They will also tell you about any organs or tissue that may have been retained following the postmortem examination.


    I read this to mean that relatives will indeed know the cause of death before the inquest, assuming one can be found.


    Very loud warning bells are now sounding to me. If I might paraphrase radio news.
    The post mortem was inconclusive

    His wife says that he died from an “acute cardiac event” after returning from a run (not previously allueded to)

    His wife knows, the pathologst doesn’t.
    Coupled with the way oveor the top reporting of othis “comedian” be very very suspcious.
    Oh, he might also have suffered an epiliptic fit. As Jack Lee writes under that piece – comments allowed! –

    Jack Lee • an hour ago

    What an odd piece of news.

    Come on, we’re not stupid.


    His wife says that he died from an “acute cardiac event” after returning from a run (not previously allueded to)

    Hmmn, if this is some of the last known pictures taken a day before he died, does this really look like someone whose just been on a run or even going on one? convenient photographer around too..

    Well, i still remain skeptical on this one, whatever the case i hope he’s having the last laugh..



    Is this where the phrase ‘Pathological Liar’ came from?

    I wonder how Eddie Hitler is doing these days too…

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    Tom Dalpra

    My good friend Greg who I shall be working with at his record curating business, this afternoon will have just finished doing a gig with Aid Edmonson last night. – He’s DJ’ing his classic old records as a support act for Edmosnson’s band.

    I wonder what the vibe was…I’ll let you know…



    Let’s just wind back a bit to June 11th:

    The sudden death of comedian Rik Mayall is to be investigated as a post-mortem is authorised by a coroner, it has been announced.

    A pathologist is to conduct the post-mortem following the death of the 56-year-old, who had suffered seizures as the result of a head injury he received 16 years earlier.

    Mayall’s family have not yet been made aware of the cause of death, with his wife Barbara saying “we just don’t know” what happened.

    Mr Chinyere Inyama, a senior coroner for the London Borough of Richmond, has now authorised a post-mortem to investigate what happened, due to be carried out this week.

    The results are not expected to be released before Friday, when the coroner will decide whether to order an inquest.


    Who else might conduct a post mortem? A comedian? A journalist?

    But it’s no longer a cardiac event, according to the experts (his wife) but an epileptic fit –

    His wife, Barbara Robbin has suggested that an epileptic fit could have been a possible cause of death.

    Speaking outside the couple’s home on Monday she said: “We don’t know yet what happened. He had a strong heart, so I don’t think it was a heart attack. But we just don’t know until the coroner’s report.”


    Now, we learn that the pathologist, assuming there was one involved, cannot find a cause of death. A few days ago, Barbara didn’t know the cause. Now she does, but the pathologist, allegedly, still doesn’t. Go figure.

    Tom Dalpra

    Mmmm…as I mentioned, a good mate (two mates as it happened) did a gig with Ade Edmonson and his band last night.

    He told me the first thing Edmonson said to the crowd was ” There’s no point avoiding it, everyone’s thinking it. Rik died. Although I don’t know, last time he died he came back three days later…” – this referring to Mayall’s previous quad bike accident and coma.

    I thought, three days?… ‘Jesus...no, surely not that old play again?’ 🙂 🙂

    At the end of the night a guy came to the backstage door and asked ”Is Aid about?”. Edmonson, with no effort at disguising his voice from round the corner said ”No, he’s not!”

    As the bloke turned and left Edmonson said ” No, I don’t want to sign your cunting C.D!”

    Haha! Vivian was real! I just thought that was funny.

    I’m not sure we can tell much from that! But it just shows it’s a small world really. I could meet Ade Edmonson if I wanted to. If Rik’s death was faked would he even know if I asked him?

    Rik came from a family of actors…mother and father…he was a mainstream alternative hit.

    That coma? Michael Schumacher’s case is making me wonder, as you do…

    You never know.



    Apparently, this is the last footage of Rik filming for the upcoming movie ‘The Escape’ shot a few days ago..

    Ah, let me see…De Ontsnapping (that’s Dutch for ‘getting away from it all’)…guy is ready for his retirement…tired of doing the same old same old…kill the character…remove the persona…I say DCP…and good on him!

    The Young Ones…there goes my youth…sigh.

    Have a good rest of your life, Rik.


    Rik Mayall’s Message from Beyond: ‘Being Dead is Absolutely Brilliant’

    In one of his last pieces of work, created just months before his death at the age of 56, comedian and writer Rik Mayall made light of death in a surreal cartoon. “Don’t Fear Death”, made for Channel 4, features the voice of the funnyman espousing the benefits of being dead, including: “You’ll never have to waste one more single soul-crushing hour in your mindless dead-end job. Fashion, extreme diets, make-up: they’ll be a thing of the past!”

    Towards the end of the cartoon, which can be seen on YouTube, Mayall makes a final rallying call on behalf of the grim reaper. “So, you see? Death is not the curse that it used to be. It is your passport to complete and utter freedom. No pulse! No responsibilities! Just you, your body and an endless stretch of glorious unfettered time to do whatever you like in whenever you like!”


    Tom Dalpra

    Carys posted:

    ”Rik Mayall’s Message from Beyond: ‘Being Dead is Absolutely Brilliant’”

    mmm…well…there…Channel 4…mmm…you know I said my hunch was he probably wasn’t DCP at one point…can I change that to ‘ He probably IS? ‘



    Rik Mayall’s widow: He would say ‘thanks very much all of you … now f*** off!’

    Rik Mayall’s widow Barbara has thanked the public for their support following his death, but gave a cheeky nod to her late husband while doing so.

    “I would also like to thank the press for their discretion at this time and for all the wonderful coverage that you have given Rik. It would have made him very happy.

    “I am sure that you all know Rik’s response would be something along the lines of, ‘Well thanks very much all of you … now f*** off!'”


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