Rocket 'Disasters' as Psy. Ops.

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    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    The idea that NASA’S space shuttle, Challenger, was deliberately destroyed is not new. I think Bill Cooper put that forward long-back. It always made complete sense to me on a level.

    When I went back to look at the footage from that event recently I clearly saw the probability that two horns were deliberately painted in the sky by the smoke trails of the shattered aircraft. If it wasn’t a devil reference, it sure looked like it. You tell me? Great trauma-based mind-control photo opportunity that it was…

    Having watched that again I thought I’d have a look and see if there were any other interesting rocket disasters.

    Well, I wasn’t disappointed. I watched through quite a few but this is the one that got me laughing. The Indian one. This 2010 extravaganza seems to ape the great US original with a bit more colour and Indian charm, plus perhaps a third prong on it’s fork in the final flourish. You see, if you have a Space Programme, you need to stage the odd spectacular. It keeps it…(dare I say?)…REAL!

    Further, let us examine the (French/European) Ariane disaster. wiki says ”As of January 2006, 169 Ariane flights have boosted 290 satellites, successfully placing 271 of them.” Well, super duper. That’s brilliant, but seeing as we now pretty much know satellites are another big lie, they might as well blow up the odd one and let us all enjoy it.

    This ‘disaster’ looked a bit like a many-tentacled beast raining fire.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I now conclude that these rocket disasters are, in fact, rare examples of rockets doing the only thing they’re really good for – exploding in the air and making pretty patterns and we should appreciate it was done with us in mind.

    How thoughtful :-))))


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