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    Welcome Flabbergasted!

    Hi Ab and fellow fakeologists,

    I have in a certain sense been a “revisionist” my entire adult life. But to do “revisionism”, amassing information is not enough. Borrowing Hoffman´s words, one also needs to acquire “the art of discerning fraud and the courage to publicly strip illusion, even when the whole world is clamoring violently for it”.

    I have been a member of Cluesforum since 2012 under the name Flabbergasted.

    Flabbergasted is how I feel when I see butter airplanes melting into steel buildings or bubbles coming out of space helmets.

    My time is limited but I hope to be able to contribute useful comments to some of the many thought-provoking topics addressed on this forum.



    Welcome Dean!

    I didn’t know what I could know
    I had suspected hoax
    I overcame inhibitions brought on by academia, too much mass media and disinfo
    to finally realize my suspicions of hoax in 9/11 are true
    Now I am reeling from the dominos I see falling in other events
    Clues pointed the way here

    Thank you!


    Welcome ElectricCity

    I first caught on there was something going wrong
    when I was about 7 years old
    My parents were seperated but technically married
    Broke but didn’t qualify for the dole
    I watched my mom work so hard and never get ahead
    Started to realize it wasn’t a problem with us but with the system instead
    As a teacher she helped us grow our minds
    Taught us to question what we didn’t understand
    Like the time we saw Bill Clinton in Air Force One
    Leaving his vacation to go bomb Afghanistan
    The newspaper was my link to the world As I grew up without a T.V.
    Used to read each and every article The words were like friends to me
    Felt well prepared to not be scared by the time Y2K came around
    Saw a million dollars cash incase the banking system crashed
    But we all know how that went down
    I started to disbelieve for real with Florida and the 2000 election
    Electoral College seemed so old a system that needed correction
    Was a freshman in high school come 9/11
    We turned on the closed circuit T.V.’s
    Watched the video on all day long then went to see Rat Race…appropriately
    “George Bush had fore knowledge of this attack” I rattled off endlessly
    But my friends didn’t want to hear that; they labled me conspiracy
    I was scared to look up information gotta admit the Patriot Act worked on me
    I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life as an unidentified Guantanamo detainee
    So I started buying books in person, caught a ride with David Icke
    But his shape shifting reptilian theories made me fucking sick
    I didn’t know the media was fake but I knew that it couldn’t be real
    Once I realized that money was just debt and everyone was trying to steal
    Buy certain headlines and surely pay to keep others off the press
    I found that about the news the media so called culture I couldn’t care less
    Whitey Bulger Osama Bin Laden Alex Jones and Edward Snowden
    Are all just creations of the government just like space travel and voting
    A year and a half ago there was a traffic accident that ended up killing my employer
    But that drunk man hasn’t spent a day in jail yet cause he used to be a state lawyer
    So the papers can choose what to cover or not and the drones in the sky can as well
    I choose to believe in Fakeology and not in the liberty bell


    Welcome Truthseeker!

    A close friend referred fakeologist to me, I’ve learned the expression many years ago, “believe half of what you see, and nothing that you hear.”
    I am well aware of the role of main stream media. A favorite movie of mine is “Three days of the Condor,” this sums it all up in my opinion.
    I was a fan of the “Jaws” movie, in the 4th production, it is clear how much we the public are insulted, by this I mean, the shark followed Ellen Brody to the
    Bahamas, Ellen flew to the Bahamas, now how the fu#@ did the shark know where to find her? In addition, why would a shark seek revenge? How did the shark know who the family members were, etc, etc?


    Welcome Jiller!

    Hey, Ab. To begin with I’d like to correct/change my user name for your site. I decided I don’t want to use my real name but not because I’m afraid of anything, I just decided to change. I’m going to use ‘jiller’…the name of my long ago deceased cat. Best pet I ever had and I’m going to honor her…just so happens to have two towers in the middle of it too. Anyway, I assume if I am approved and you post my intro you won’t post this paragraph, although I guess if you do it doesn’t make a difference.

    I found through a mention by Simon Shack on Clues Forum in April of this year and have been an enthusiastic reader ever since. I somehow stumbled across Clues Forum in September of 2011. Just the month prior I clearly remember watching the falling man video on Judy Wood’s site (so you know my mindset then) and crying my eyes out…seriously, crying. Like everybody else, finding September Clues was my transformation. I never cried again for anything relating to 9/11. Well wait, I take that back…when I watched that video about the magic desk that saved the man, who as the airplane was smashing into his office in the WTC, dove under it and survived…I laughed so hard I did cry then.

    Before September 2011 I felt there would be only doom and gloom for the rest of my life and worse, my daughter’s life. But the time since September 2011 has been the most satisfying of my life and not because my social situation has changed but because inside I feel so lucky to be able to see this side of life that so many others cannot. I think it was best said by the poster (on a different site) togetherwestand when he said (and I’m paraphrasing)…their only hold on us is our ignorance of them.

    Thanks Ab for this site. Both sites, yours and Clues Forum, are so utterly fascinating…a concave earth…that’s fascinating to me. I never would have thought of that on my own and yet it makes so much sense. Learning…that’s what keeps life interesting for me now.


    Welcome Paul!

    OK, here is my intro:

    I started at The more I listened, the more uneasy I became that the host insisted that the moon landing was real and that a plane hit the pentagon. I kept scanning the net and finally found Fetzer, who made me feel better by insisting that the moon landing was not real and that a plane did not hit the pentagon. It was Fetzer’s mentioning of Simon Shack and the no-plane theory that led me to this site, which led me to listen to Fakeologist Radio, with which I have now become fascinated.

    I guess you could say that I am an academic and an artist, not very successful at either enterprise, but maybe that’s a good thing.

    So in a nutshell: whatreallyhappened—>fetzer—->fakeologist


    I will be happy to write more if necessary, but it seems that is pretty clear and fits the pattern of intros in your email.


    Flabbergasted, Can’t wait to chat with ya. You Clues guys are all so different. It’s fun to compare your writings with your emerging personalities.

    K Ham

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