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    Finally a member who can give an email handshake!
    Welcome Erik!

    Hi I’m Erik from Norge or Norway as you foreigners learn the name of this Place is.

    So you have to exscuse my bad English.

    To say it bluntly I feel stupid to go along with this kind of written test to be accepted to your fakery site.

    And yours is the second test EVER I participated in online, as it’s a kind of profiling that I don’t agree with.

    My main reason for doing this now, is only b’cus I found that your zapruderfilm in it self is a hoax, or rather a bad version.And you should be glad if I in some future tell you why, so you very quickly remove it from yours existence and webpage.

    But I can tell you as much about myself that the 11 of september 2001 went to the cours in networking, building Networks With cisco routers, a 2year study with aprox 29 other students.

    As we began school around 12 o’clock that day of the week and I was charmingly late as usual the other students was sitting watching war of the worlds online.

    You can call it synchronicity if you wish, but I had just viewed some yt video about physics about how soft and hard objects reacted while beeing flung at each other. And I also for some sync reason knew beforehand that the buildings was made from 50×80 cm hard steel.

    So when I saw the planes cut nicely into the buildings, my only rection was: Thats impossible. And I imediately had 29 guys and a teacher telling me I was mad.

    I told them I have no other explanation than: that is impossible.

    From that moment they treated me as an oddball. Wich was a normal situation for me, and still is.

    So I was probably one of the absolutely first persons in the world debunking “something” about 9/11.

    How’s that ?

    Same year, we had to take an IQ test online, and as my score was pretty high, I also can tell you that when that happens, mensa will call you, and offer you to take their test. wich I did just for fun. Same result.

    But to my dissapointment I took a phonecall to and asked what they did that day, and they told me that they had a day with pizza and playstation gaming.

    They never heard from me again.

    And from that day I for the first time in my life suspected that it was a matter of intelligence that separated me from so very many others in my life.

    By some sync I was lucky to be introduced to Gurdjieffs teachings by some friend, and he also introduced me to Nexus magazine wich I enjoyed. Not so much for their UFO inclinations asfor the letters to the editor, wich I found much more interresting.

    When I found JLB online I never struggled with that info. Just found it refreshing even if he tend to repeat himself as if he talks to minors. But i can live well with that, if he can 🙂

    Also, his drinking habits is’nt any proof that he stands out in any way.

    As Gurdjieff so well put forth: It’s not your best actions that portrays you, It’s your worst doings that really tells you who you really is. And someone should tell JLB that.

    I wish you all would stop using the term “normies”. As the correct distinction is ordinary-normal. “Stupid” people is ordinary. And People capable to think for them self is normal. As the creator created the human.

    Make an note that I don’t use the word God, or god. Big difference.I believe we are created. but the religions thinks there is some god/God taking care of just THEIR buisness.

    I can’t tell you anything about minihoaxes that i never believed in, as I don’t care for keeping such records. Or, my mind works in mysterious ways that i don’t struggle against.

    Another thing. I heard that some guy,maybe JLB critizised Jan Irvin for “his” Trivium.

    But that is a mistake, JI’s interp is incomplete, but not therefore mistaken.

    I can tell you that I had a terrible experience With Mr Jan I. B’cus I wrote him only to tell him that if he put up a paywall to his older stuff, i couldn’t use his work as a referencepoint to my friends.

    He ended up calling me a commie, like 15 times in his written replies to me, and he just couldnt get out of his modus of insulting me even if I tried to just make that one point Clear to him. That didn’t result in me stopping viewing his chanel b’cus he also put forth information about stuff that saved me 100ds of hours or Research.

    And the same goes With JLB’s paywall. He should try to find some paid work, and tear Down his paywall. My god it’s just information that should be free. It is JLB’s weakness that he can’t tackle idiots spewing out idiocy.

    And that is JLB’s MAIN OBSTACLE IN LIFE, that will guarantee him to never Reach godhood, and keep him as a mere human (in the eyes of both ordinary and normal men) all his life.

    And therefore he exhange a handfull of dollars each month from reaching his full potential in his life. But what do I know, maybe he will copy Jan I in calling me a commie.

    So that’s it. Enough about me. Am I in or out, you decide.

    Anyways I wish you the best for trying to spread some reason above the ordinary.

    And again pls excuse my bad English.

    Erik from Norge.


    I was charmingly late as usual

    I love this guy.

    Get him on, Ab!

    Mer enn velkommen!

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Welcome taggiemac

    In my youth I served as a soldier in the British Army, but was medically discharged after a disabling injury left me unable to walk properly ever again due to the severity of the wound

    (My left foot was hanging off). They were able to reattach my foot, however it’s still as useless now I’m 50 as it was when I was 22. After several other severe injuries (Not military connected) I am all but used up; physically speaking.

    Due to this I have spent most of the last 25 years in front of a computer screen learning anything and everything I could. I was discussing the moon landing with a veteran friend of mine approx. 15 years ago, and he was the first person to vocalise to me that the moon landings were all faked.

    I myself thought “He simply has to be wrong”… why would NASA fake and lie about something so massive and so important; so I began to research everything I could on the subject. To my deepest surprise, and shock, I found many of the things my friend told me actually held water!

    That was it… I was down the Rabbit hole in every sense of the word! I found absolutely overwhelming evidence that ALL trips to the moon and even trips into space were as bogus as a £7 note! Being disabled and unable to work a normal job, I could dedicate the time needed to do in-depth research.

    Once it had dawned on me that NASA was completely full of shite and everything they said was utter crap, it open my mind to the possibility that other subjects that I and the majority of the human race took as gospel could possibly also be misinformation or out and out lies.

    My mind was now completely open to the possibility that everything I knew to be fact could all be wrong!

    It is amazing what you can learn simply by having an open mind, and NEVER take for granted that something is the truth… I took on the philosophy of ‘Believe nothing, research everything’

    Then I researched 9/11 and WOW, was I shocked at what I found! Yet again, I found that everything the people believed was completely wrong; it was all lies, cover-ups and disinformation, and very probably a false flag attack.

    I NEVER listen to mainstream media as that is all propaganda and lies… I agree completely with Mark Twain’s quote “If you don’t read the papers you’re uniformed, if you do read the papers you’re misinformed”…. You bet your arse we are!

    When YouTube remove a so called nutty conspiracy theory video from their website, which made me think why? If these videos being removed actually show people as nutters, they would leave them there as it bolsters the idea as they are in fact deluded or crazy… The only reason to remove a video would be to sensor the subject, as it had to contain some facts that the powers that be do not want the people to know.

    I now download and save absolutely everything I can, because invariably if it does hold water and contains verifiable facts it’s removed…

    Now I am fully down the Rabbit hole, and one invariably leads to another and then another… I will never surface again as I am now fully aware that virtually EVERTHING we know and believe to be true is wrong; even the possibility that the heliocentric universe and globe earth we have all been taught since children is a lie… this is my current research project, and I truly am up to my ears in this one; and once again there are a great many supposed fact that are easily debunked by the layman with the use of mathematics.

    The eyes are useless in the mind is blind.


    Fascinating,i would to hear /read more of you




    On discord( since I don’t know if you are using discord ,I will publish it here.)
    The user @exoterick64 (Rick) wrote:
    “A mate of mine in royal marines and 22 sas and royal bodyguard for ten years so i m interested in your story”


    Hello Alex!

    Hi Ab

    Can I have a login to your excellent site? I’m long time listener, and have enjoyed many of your podcasts.

    I have to say, I’m prompted to login to comment on the last one. Gaia was awful! I mean, worse than usual. Screaming like a demented incoherent Dutchman (which he is) at someone who makes a valid point!! I know you say ‘passionate’ which is charitable, but really it’s very uncomfortable to listen to. Worse, he can’t acknowledge that a mistake was made but doubles up in the comments.

    Anyway, all the best from me, and sorry to make first contact with you on such a negative note.


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