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    Welcome Prescient:

    Hi Ab

    I am Prescient – Richard – from Cluesforum.

    Probably like everyone else who questioned the official account I was truly “stuck” until I saw nosed out.
    On 9/11 I was visiting my ex in Copenhagen. That morning we went shopping and I never forget walking past the huge TV shop (Fona?) with lots of people sat down on the floor watching the wall of TV’s showing the “events”. Little did I know how that scene would prove so prescient…

    I’m 46 and currently based in Cheshire UK with my girl and my dog.

    Disclosure. I currently work 3 days/ week for the BBC in MediaCity Salford. I am technical tester working on the ios/android mobile iplayer app. Thankfully I don’t have much to do with Media types – most of which appear to be based in London. I have nothing to do with the news or any other part of this very compartmentalized organisation.

    Previous to returning back to the UK I have lived in both Denmark (96-00) and The Netherlands (00-04).
    In Denmark I use to work for NOKIA testing mobiles- so I can without a shadow of doubt say those calls on 9/11 are 100% fake. But you knew that anyway.

    I chatted with Hoi, K and farce value from CF on Saturday night / sunday morning for the next Clues Chronicle.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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