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    Here’s a great into from TylerWat:

    Hi Ab,

    Greeting from across the pond in the enchanted land of Ohio. Actually, it’s not nearly as enchanted as all that but I kinda like it. The only other place I’ve lived for any length of time is Oklahoma. Believe me, Ohio is Shangri-La compared to OK. Besides Niagara Falls, I’ve only been to Canada once – a fishing trip. Wow! what a beautiful country. We ended up on a gorgeous lake in a majestic setting in Quebec and stayed at a lakeside cabin that we affectionately named Chalet-Du-Shithole. The fishing was just okay but the people were outstanding.

    So I came to fakeology in a roundabout way I suspect. Here is the short version. As a child I had a very unforgettable UFO sighting. No details unless you want them to hear them. I have always been deeply interested in the subject so when smart phones became a thing and I eventually was able to figure out what a podcast was and how to listen, I was so glad to be able to hear other people’s stories. I listened to a lot of UFO podcasts.

    After years of hearing thousands of stories (I drive a lot and listen to almost nothing but podcasts) and learning almost nothing other than the enormous role that our consciousness plays in our perceptions of reality, I began to tire of them. So my interests began to steer away from UFOs and toward understanding reality. Follow that trail far enough and you end up finding fakeology. My current podcast Rolodex includes yours, of course, The Higherside Chats, Hoaxbusters, Not another Fake Newscast, Philip & Frederick, Freeman, Our interesting Times, Radio Misterioso, Skeptiko, Where Did the Road Go? etc….

    Here’s where I stand on some of pertinent subjects relating to your site.
    – 911 was a demolition (possibly utilizing cruise missile-type aircraft) pulled off by the MPME (the military-political-media empire – my acronym), there may have been some “accidental” death but nowhere near the official numbers.
    – Flat earth is a psyop – I know satellites are real because the dishes and receivers work exactly as they should. I have extensive knowledge about them because it used to be my job to use them to find and mitigate terrestrial interference from a potential satellite receiving site. There is a lot to know and I’d be happy to share.
    – EGI, well it’s funny I guess? Sad in a way. I can’t believe anyone even cares. I wouldn’t spend two minutes researching it. I understand your concerns about the garbage being taught to our children and such, but I see that as a separate issue.
    – Best guest ever: Rollo lol

    Anyway, great job on the podcast. I like your understated manner and clear logic. Keep it up!



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