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    Welcome Rushbabyrie!

    I had my normie life turned inside out in the spring of 2017 after accidentally walking into the middle of a False Flag/Hoax. I made the mistake of asking one of the players if I could please set up a charity for their cause so they didn’t need to keep making this silly PayPal appeals to their supporters….. WHOOOOOPSIE! My offer of a board of directors and financial oversight did not go over too well.

    After being accused of being an “FBI plant” sent to spy on and disrupt The Patriot Movement by members of what we lovingly refer to as The Bundy Cult and being frightened out of my mind…. I began doing nothing but research on every single “conspiracy” that was thrown at me… both by the creeps who were threatening me and the individuals who were trying to drop hints as to what was happening to me and why. One of the first calls I got was from one of LaVoy Finnicum’s body guards who told me it was a wax dummy in the coffin….. and after I figured out which actor was playing Ammon Bundy I didn’t sleep for two days.

    Many years prior I’d been exposed to the idea that 9/11 was an “inside job” and I did communicate for years with a gentleman on a community message board who would insist Sara Palin had faked her pregnancy, Sandy Hoax……and alllll kinds of things I thought to be bunk at the time. Little did I know he was telling the truth about us all being lied to.

    In my search I was referred to a site run by Ed Chiarini (who appears to play a role in The Bundy Cult as well or it’s a twin or CGI or lord knows what) and that led me down several rabbit trails, if you will. I revisited Sandy Hoax,9/11, Gabby Giffords, Moon Hoax, etc…. I also came across Junglesurfer/Nuke Hoax in my travels through YouTube as I was trying to make sense of this “Illuminati” business. Heck, I had people telling me I had to burn all of my family history to get the Freemason Curse off of my family. It was a very strange series of events…. to say the least. I found out what Gangstalking is. Oy you yoy. What a bunch of losers.

    I am just a middle aged broad who thought she was helping draw attention to a miscarriage of justice and had my entire reality flipped on its head. I was taught to respect my ancestors and now I find out they were nothing but actors playing a part. Thank about a mind bleep. I am searching for like minded individuals cuz I can’t stand living among the willfully ignorant.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Welcome whatmeworry

    I found the site today and spent about 2 hours looking around there. I like what I have found too. I have been to fakeologist once or twice before through just looking around about some story or another but today saw a link on allunreal for it. I’ve become keenly aware of the very likely huge amount of fraud in the alt-news conspiracy arena and so was seeking to see who else feels the same and is saying anything.

    As I looked over fakeologist I come upon some acronyms that are commonly used there. I have had no success in finding their definition online even though I have taken some time to so.

    Could you define them for me please?

    #HRDPAR, #NDNGH and perhaps some others too.

    Glad you emailed because I already tried to login unsuccessfully twice and wordpress is 2 more attempts from kicking me off.
    Your login only works once I approve you. Now you can login.

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    Could you define them for me please?
    #HRDPAR, #NDNGH and perhaps some others too.

    Very glad that you (whatmeworry) are critical to conspiracy culture and have familiarised with the TCC material and hope you will consider also following/participating in the Fakeologist TCC forum topic (here).

    NDNGH : Nobody Died, Nobody Got Hurt
    HRDPAR : Hyper Realistic Drill Portrayed As Real

    @Ab: Regarding the acronyms, maybe some simplification could be added to HRDPAR despite the hard work to popularise the hard-to-pronounce shortform of a valuable concept.

    HDPR : Hyperrealistic* Drill Portrayed as Real

    *Hyperrealism is a proper term and word


    Welcome Susan!

    Anyway, my bio or whatever you want to call it is fairly brief, because I’ve never been one to just accept the B.S around me, and yes I used to believe the ‘new’s on tv etc etc, but now I honestly don’t believe anything that’s on the news, media etc…I’ve ALWAYS been a person that wants reality, and no messing about (thanks to my dad’s influence). Wow if my dad was still alive now and I was talking with him about it being an inside job etc, I’d LOVE to know what he thought about it. Guaranteed he’d start listening to me the more and more facts I gave him. My dad was from the U.S, and I remember the day it happened, and my dad was totally silent on it. He was always a VERY opinionated person, so it’d be interesting to know what he’d think now. Anyhow, enough about that…! I read a lot online, especially the whole transgender agenda page I follow on FB. A lot of these celebrities that people are talking about being that way, I have not been surprised in the slightest, I even guessed it myself years ago. I have a VERY good eye/mind for these things, and love learning and finding out what B.S I can prove/find out we’re being fed. Your site looks good for that, I haven’t delved into it yet, but look forward to doing so. I said this would be brief but it’s not really, so I’ll shut up now. I could go on all night of course…!


    Welcome Crochime! (what an introduction!)

    Oy! Didn’t we cover that? Not applying for riding’ crack gun at the Italian Job..Or am I? :o)
    (Maybe I would like a detailed description if I was running a place like this.. I probably would)

    Anyways. IT was the short and fast, unedited piece. ..
    My wife (and Dr. Niels Harrit* BTW, as a side note) insists I find some likeminded people to study these “things” with. So here U are:

    (*2014 Pre going to a presentation of his on B7, (taking my teenage daughter, after many a speculation) I made a scale model of the local observation tower 1:200 and gave it to him in order to heighten his success rate in waking the local punters.)
    (2016 i had a specific question on Building 7, looked him up and called him, we had a good chat, i got my answer (can’t even remember the question by now) , But remembering him telling me, that he still use the model)


    One night late 2013 ish.. I watched “Man on wire” by accident.. real late.. on a Danish state sub “culture intellectual” TV channel.
    And was spellbound by the Twin towers and the little Mr. petite’s happening in 74′
    Being or use2be extremely scientific and pragmatic about stuff. I wanted to know everything about the Twin Towers and their origin.
    Heck.. Google’ing various terms on the topic inevitably led me to the shenanigans of 9/11 on YouTube.. in all imaginable variations of complicity.

    I somehow always knew the Apollo Moon fiasco was a dud and pre 2012 had seen Sibrels stuff, Ralph Rene, Bill Kaysing ect.. I mean one look at the “spacecraft” and it’s components was more than enough 4 me. But the 9/11 stuff.. I shrug it off. 19 crazy Arab fundamentalists did it.
    of course they did.. because them people are crazy people….

    .. I mean I saw it LIVE on the box .. (actually I didn’t! as I was working hard that day.. but had on an FM headset.. a 110 dB environment, and a customer with a schedule plusd a wad of cash 4 me!) Wrapped the gig up late .. Hit the sack at 02:00-03:00 AM .. thrashed.. Never thought anything more about it… for years THE Event of my lifetime.. I def. bought it hook line and stinker. Never thought about it could be a false flag/hoax/LIE ect. Never heard of terms like “False flag ops” “psy-ops” nor “Zionists” for that matter. As we are very secular Christians over here.. No traditions beyond Coca Cola Christmas ect.. (at least from where I hail) Churches is a place U go and get your kid baptized, the kid will frequent building again as 13-14 year old for “konfirmation” .. Grow a little, join the monay race. And then usually visit again for the first coming burial of an old relative. later in life if all goes according to plan. That’s it. (I was raised by a couple of hippie kids, very young parents, so I was never baptized until just bf the “konfirmation” and could skip all classes in religion.. and I did.

    Future fast forward the Zionist Angelo American Breakdown: I’m pretty sure I’m streetwise galore and never took “No” or anything else, for an answer and paid the prices. Taking care of my own ass from a very young age, and never looked back. Not your average fuckin pampered fool ok. But.. 9/11

    It took about two weeks (nights) studying N.Y pre construction of the towers, Yamasaki, radio row, the tub and battery park. .. And one night, in a flash, it was just obvious them damned things exploded .. right in front of me!
    Choked on the blueprints and .. had a drink I’m sure.

    Then the all too familiar route: Loose Change… at least a LIHOP was born .. uhh we got an activist on our hands..Not quite.. I never bought in to activism as I was busy collecting paper, sorting out my head from various demonic shit in the luggage. (But i did wonder every time i saw sites like ect)

    In 2013 I’d been busy running my own company for years.., A small successful construction/renovation shack specialized in flooring. Construction from scratch & Renovation, Sanding/coating..vinyl, linoleum.. Anything floored! Delivered faster – better and then some! Many hours – lots of bills.. Stressed, dirty, noisy enterprise, molded into a well oiled machine with a couple of trusty henchmen on the payroll.. 300+ days pr. anno.. But my own boss. “freedom”

    2014-15 ish slowly started to pay more attention.. but never had the I rigged my Squeezebox server with podcast from VT, Renegade, Brother Nate, FAKEOLOGIST ..every conspiratorial show whom touched on 9/11 I could get a hold on, I subbed. Listening at night headphones on (10 hours of headgear protection .. and then 5 hours sleep listening with plugs..No wonder I’m half deaf ) while reading a lot of dif forums.. esp. Phil Jayhans and followed a few interestingthreads and players there. But everywhere only lurking at this point. Still got an ol Jailbroken ipad 3 with 100’s of the nightly found interesting links.

    2016. Came to a turning point hence several body parts “worn out” due to structural failure…And the company had to go away. At first I just couldn’t do it anymore at the lightning pace I myself had introduced in the business. Then suddenly I could not do anything at all, like I used to. Strange zappin significant streaks of severe pain poked every joint esp. my hands. Knees suddenly just went MIA and decided to “collapse and vaporize” under me. Just turning my head came with a lottery ticket of crackin sensations in the back of the neck every odd time. “Backed” by Full spectrum osteoarthritis, fractured vertebras, Modic changes.. Every Fuckin thing one could imagine from 15 years daily physical overload performed at a demonic speed. Not that i hadn’t noticed .. but running yall own shit becomes a lifestyle over time. Your boundaries for ex. working in pain or when feeling sick moves all the time untill their gone. And I’m known as a self made man, a tough customer fueled by anger and certainly not a victim. I had one period of sick leave over a 15 year stretch while working 2.5 jobs: a 2 week forced hospitalization due to deadly blood poisoning.. under protests naturally.. As i had customers waiting..

    Now I had more time on my thrashed hands, (and free server space) to take the ticket 2 Zion via Rome, Egypt, Langley, London and back twice.. at least..You know the drill.. 200+ books articles, 2TB 9/11 footage later and i did..
    Tragedy and hope….I read a lot and i read fast + after 15 years hungry for time to enjoy literature I dug in.. Iran Contra.. ww1&2, 1776 Weishaupt, 1917, Tsar/commie coup madness. Sutton and the like. ..Kevin McDonald, Michael Hoffman, Bernays, Le Bon, Gary Webb, MS King, Vic Thor, William F Engdahl, Robert Fisk, David R. Griffin A.H Carrington, Eustace Mullins, Michael Collins Piper, Perkins, Weir, E. Michael Jones, Irvin, Masud & Meyssan, Peter Dale Scott, Juri Lina, Hersh,.. the lot..

    Watched everything YouTube from MCP, Barret, Bollyn, Huphsmidt, DBS, Jack Bloodstein and their various drama’s. Dawson, O’ Connel, Fetzer, Rense, Igan, Gardner, Ken O Thief and their issues…Alienscientist, Paulstal service dude, Adrian Moneghan, Kevin Ryan, Steve Jones, Charles Upton, Killtown, The Tim Kelly’s & Joe Atwill’s you name ’em..
    And eventually ended learned a lot on history and Judaism The secular Jews of course.. and the Christian Zionist, Christian Zionists, Zionist mason Jews, Masonic Jews, .. :o) and all the other Jews, Jesuit royal mason pappa mundi illuminated freaks..Any combination..And the plain ol jew who is just as much Jew as I was Christian. And the haunted and hijacked Muslims .. the whole Wahabi ruse.. of Arabia.. In retrospect I learned NOT so much on 9/11 shenanigans, But I could easily applied for a conversion to Judaism .. :o)

    Couple of years on Israel did 9/11 Mossad Zakheim express,…reinforced drones hit MY towers.. and shit ..ect (did see clues though.. fezzin up..OK with only one eye open..)
    Killed the box though. We still got like six sets.. one in the master bathroom 2.. tub yes yes..But their all off by the sockets. Period. But i do Enjoy an NHL game with Danish participants.. in solitude on winter nights (here)

    Another important event happened. During an annual party with some of the good old lads. I had the pleasure of being completly wasted ‘n’ pissed way to early.. aware of my demons and NOT practicing the fine art of fuckin up good peoples parties when this shit happens. I decided to walk home..YES! 8 miles in piss pot rain.. long story short.. I eventually got home, rode it out only to discover my fucking iphone was missing. it contained 1200+ contacts from a life hustling. No “Find MY device” hence the tracking issues. So.. weeks came and went.. It just never reappeared.. And I found myself strangely free..not having the daily 25+ interruptions, I discovered that I actually had been hating the damned thing for years. I never looked back.. A bit like quitting smoking .. It’s first later on you’ll recognize the sheer amount of time one put’s into that habit on a daily basis.
    (I got a landline, which only a few are aware off)

    Early 2017. I survived a high speed car crash, (highly tuned up van) doing approx 110 mph i fronted a crash barrier on my local highway exit, barrel rolled flying 100 meters (straight in to the ground is what i remember seeing, while yelling F…)
    All Blacked out SMACK open eyes: horizontal view back to normal, engine running and i’m at the very top of the exit ramp, just where I would have supposed to be if none of this had happened. I blinked left and started the last mile home, through the main road in town i realized all kinds of people signaling me, cars with headlights,
    a lot of pointing pedestrians, one jumping on the road sporting very big hand and arm gestures, while miming to me., Open gate, in, engine off , but still noise.. there i sat staring blank for 2 min.- 1 hour? when the police launched themselves over our wall and two medics showed up via the garage roof.
    In the vacuum, I’ve ridden the familiar route home, in a skewed and totaled van with a big broken/no windscreen, spraying glass, both headlights gone, 4 smashed fog projector lights dangling in their wire harness underneath. Driver side/corner smashed in, as well as diagonal back corner, on three 245/19/40 blown tires…thrashing the alloys..sparks flying The doctor ruled momentarily blackout due to stress as the main culprit. Knocked out a tooth while bending the A post with my face, and had a small scratch on the elbow. I’m fuckin alive.. (use them seatbelts!)

    But something in my head had changed.. and I sat in a chair, staring blank bulbs, thinking for two months.. (growing a quite magnificent beard unintentionally in the process) And there’s still some issues about that shit.

    Late 2017 happened to be by my pc in the shop/garage when Stephen Paddock allegedly lost his cool in Vegas.
    And it reeked BS! For some reason i sprung into action.. I went deep in to the Vegas Dosie doodle happening, found me some Video editing software to crack, (yes in 2017!) and cooked up a little dilettante video series.. for YouTube. (I had a channel for 10 years for music at the shop) A surreal twisted based miniseries from the veins off Hunter S Thompson .. some music and skewed wit. (a very small audience bought into it and totally dug it.. and they understood.. (all 45 ish of them..) Seems a bit naive now in time, but at least i got the shit of my chest and I think I nailed it pretty good.

    But on 9/11 I had to run the track 6 times..but that’s probably by design-.. or I’m thick.. could very well be the latter

    Some months ago. in sheer frustration qua the lack of new /old/any information on 9/11
    (hence I’d downloaded and scrutinized ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on 9/11, anything But No-plane B.S) I must have twisted my search terms and Stumbled on Brian Staveley’s essay “Therealtrut….” Seen it before in 2015 I guess it was.. tossed aside as no plane BS..
    hehe classic mistake..
    AND quite foolish, since waking up in 2013 the first thing I did was make the promise to myself: “You’ll look at it all, as a child first!” And on the positive note i stated if they lied about 9/11 anything could be possible! We might live forever, we might not, I dunno. But i DO KNOW these cunt’s. are pulling a fast one the entire world. Somehow they got me tucked back to blundering.. forgetting that simple rule and statement.
    Gate keeping in various formats…Confirmed! It do work.

    Speaking of mistakes. When I started out watching and dwl only the newest 9/11 stuff i could dig up hence i wanted to on top and up to date. (btw. Never watched more than 20 seconds A.J at one time- qua the audio part.. He literally makes my ears hurt, and comes off way to brazen for me) But by now i realized the 9/11 truth movement had been controlled from the get go. I order to study and understand that fact, and discover the early Birds whom figured out the media fakery from start. I went in hard on YouTube/Web to get the really old stuff, of course a lot of it, simply isn’t there anymore.. Grr..But hailing out of Rock/Metal guitarist mindset. (Collected Rock/Metal Bio’s forever and pack a solid library from all over the world. Enter Mark Devlin – David Mcgowan ect..
    ) I was glad to find Warren Cuccurullo. Snatched up all with him. (which isn’t that much)
    Btw there’s a Fetzer show from 20’th April 2009 i’ll like to hear. (i does not work on Mr. Fetzer’s own site. So if anyone got that lying around….) ..Maybe i’ll try reach Fetzer about it..
    I Picked up on all 9/11 shows from Brian’s Staveley & his gang within a week, Crude primitive shit. But the guy is a ballsy chin up dude, and i have only a few, minor details not worth mentioning to disagree upon. Then I went back into some of your stuff. Interviews with S. Shack/ Hoi ect. Took on Clues in a serious manner, Found the JBL guy from down under who’s got sorta, a dunno a strange positive refreshing take on all these things..I found early punters like Gerard Holmgren, Paula Gloria, Ozzy Bin Oswald et al. even though there’s not a hell of a lot to choose from on this particular shelf, I’m sure there’s more to dig up. There always is.

    It’s all a bloody show. Sure the Zionist power structure is at full steam.. Fuckin around with the prophesies but there’s so much more to it.
    It’s all theater.. A freakin’ mega multi layered illusion. . And now, for me
    The “no one died” on 9/11 fits hand in glove. It makes totally sense.
    And no. We do not need chasing the minutia from that day like maniacs. A healthy stance for me to adapt I figure… (I know that Mrs. Crochime would be thrilled if I made this announcement to her, believe me)

    I recently heard your story on waking up, on one of your shows: SIX WEEKS! I must be retarded..

    In a strictly fear based reality – Mundus Vult Decipi .. And oh boy..

    As mentioned i’d only read biographies, and used to watch Discovery and NatGeo ONLY!
    Ww2 Nerd ALL them DVD sets “battle of.. everywhere .” Always had a thing for the Nuclear Bomb.. Watched all. And read a lot on the Manhattan Project, Bohr, Fermi, Oppenheimer Vs. Teller, Hans Bethe, Rosenberg’s, Klaus Fuchs, And them dudes who were “rattling the snake..”
    Pranced around in vanity, i guess, strutting all kind of rote technically learnings on my friends and family at the odd occasion .. and location.. For instance during an London UK trip with a buddy , catching an NFL game on Wembley in 2015, walking past Russell Square I “lectured” the poor fella in the Leo Szilard story, on how he realized Einstein’s theory could be explosive .. “on this very spot” .. Yawn.. and cringed toes.. yes yes smash two uranium rods together and you’ll get a yield bla bla * 299 792 458 squared (in a vacuum filled space?) Big boom .. sure..

    BUT realizing that the basic term we’re are given in this world, when all cut to the bone, is that we as human species is controlled by FEAR!
    Everything is based on fear.. of dying, of war, nuclear holocaust, loosing job, cancer, not makin “it” ect…That made me go back to Los Alamos (and Hiroshima in particular) with a whole new set of eyewear. The “inventors” shares some key features.. (and remembering Stalin vs. Japan 1945) Again a topic with a very narrow pack of researchers to choose from.. Jesse Vaugn? i think the name was.. later i heard him on a Fakeologist podcast?, the ReRevisionist fella whom somehow high jacked his stuff, , Anders Bjorkman-Heiwaco.. By now there’s more though.. but still a fairly small pack.
    Then i found this book: “Death Object exploding the nuclear weapons hoax” by Akio Nakatani which i highly recommend. That combined with my history research and added the fear factor sprayed with just a little common sense convinced me that a nuclear war as propagandized is NOT to worry about.

    Even though i resonate more on radioshows/podcasts when diggin deeper into stuff. My own small contribution in waking people consists in short satire YT flicks/memes delivered in sarcasm & irony (Danish irony… Thick as a .. NO one is spared!) Little mash up’s of A/V footage.. creating oxymoron’s, awkward angles on the people and topic in question.
    Getting more advanced on the editing learning curve all the time.
    All in the vain hope of making people smile .. and think 4 themselves ..Hence the tough job it is trying to wake others up to this mess. As i’m sure you know it’s a disaster with “conventional tools and arguments.” most often leaving one frustrated…. and wearing a shiny hat of airplane wing material.

    I like poking those who seem to be a little too uptight about their roles and history in this world.
    No matter their clan, race religion, color nor sexual orientation.. I never gave shit for authority in general .. a natural result of leaving home early in disgust and figuring out everything out on your own I guess. And i’ll take the raps.

    I don’t give a hoot about politics and it’s players. Mocking them in my video’s is what they serve me.
    I haven’t voted since i woke up and I probably never will again. I do not follow any MSM news, Alt News, Alt-Alt News..ect.
    I’ll rely on the “quasi awake” Mrs. Crochime and the Iphone that’s somehow morphed into being her right hand on getting informed on what the flavor of the week is in “the race”.
    “Honey, My god! did you see what that stupid clown Trump just did/said?.. .. … No baby..and I don’t.. (phone already in my face” .. And even though i find it annoying, more than once it’s given me an idea to do a fast sarcastic video..
    Working on a more serious (some would say mature) movie project regarding the Nuke hoax.
    Naturally that’s a another ballgame regarding the production time.

    On 9/11 I find great comfort in the (few) words of Steve De’ak. I may or may not agree 100 % percent with him on every single aspect, but i do NOT have to. Not anymore. His approach on the fake war on terror is right on. I dig this dude especially qua his knowledge on the Twin Towers (construction wise) is where I hailed from initially. And I do like the apt, calm, manner in which he’s presenting himself and his stuff. An approach I know my nature would never allow me to showcase.

    I took a blow for sleeping on the Bollyn/Israel/”Jews did 9/11″ train to nowhere..near the whole truth on 9/11.
    And i think that’s healthy to recognize. (even though the Jew/Zionist cabal needs to be mocked for being such a bunch of whining victimized hypocrites about just anything)
    But of course TPTB had a compartment ready for everyone.

    For now i wish to excel my truth game to a more ….relaxed, spiritual & philosophical level in lack of better words.. And in that process expand my circles.
    Hence this banging on doors.. BTW I have zero experience on broadcasting my lingo online.
    But hey U never know.. (at least i got the framework to the story on my awakening in written format)

    Peace out from Denmark
    Land of the Fee – Kingdom of Tax.
    Best regards Crochime.
    [kro-crow minus W – Chime-(like as a bell)]


    Welcome Anthony!

    Hi there! Came across your site through my recent following of John le bon. I have been at it since I first heard David Icke back in 99 when I first read Children Of The Matrix. I am dealing with MS so its hard to see and type smoothly. I had much difficulty trying to activate my account due to my inability to put in my password you just sent. I have begun seriously questioning history, also listening to a lot of Crrow777 on youtube. Hope I have demonstated my worth. Peace, Anthony

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